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"You sure this is a good idea, Mato?" Yomi asks as she glances over what is written down.

"We deserve to know something about them. I mean they attempt to protect us." Yomi says. At this moment she, Yomi, and Yuu were gathered in Crimsin's classroom. The otherself casts a confused glance at the three humans before going back to her paperwork.

"You do realize you are making things harder on me…" Crimsin says. She sighs as she walks up to the girls.

"Sorry but none of the others were willing to help. The first thing we want to know is what each prefix on a name means." Mato says.

"Check part two of Azony's notes of classification…" Crismsin says. The humans look at her in confusion.

"What?" Mato asks. Crimsin sighs before producing a packet of letters and notes. She drops it on the table. "This is in latin…"

Crimsin sighs before picking up the packet and putting it away.

"In short each color represents a feeling or thought…" Crimsin says.

"Oh similar to the book!" Mato yells. Crimsin sighs.

"Oh any higher power that's listening please help me. I don't even care if you use Sing to do it…" Crimsin whimpers. She then sighs. "I'm not going to be allowed to not tell you are I?"

"Nope." Yomi replies.

"Can I bargain?"

"Nope." Mato replies.

"Can I do anything?"

"Nope." The girl at the door says. Crimsin throws an eraser at her.

"Go away Sing."


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The actual notes of classification Azony made were originally parts of this story.