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Spoiler: The Sandman Cometh

A/N: Okay so in my story "The Half Breed Lives" the final chapter mentions that Amy Dawkins aka Amy Landers went through some of the adventures with Tommy Lori and Merton, but which ones? Here is her POV on them.

A/N: Warning this will follow quite a bit of canon…coming up will be exact lines from the episodes mentioned…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Since living with the Dawkins, my life has not been dull. There has been one supernatural and creepy adventure after another. For example…

I went to sleep like I normally would and almost automatically dreamt of myself in the town square.

"Miss?" a man coming out of nowhere said.

"Yeah?" I replied, a little freaked.

"Do you like One Republic?" he asked me.

"They're my favorite band."

"Well good news, you have just won a personal concert with them as well as a dinner date."

"Seriously?" I asked. I couldn't believe it.

"Yes, all you have to do to collect this prize is dig for sand." Suddenly a shovel appeared in my hands as well as a miner's helmet on my head.

'Okay' I thought, 'A little weird, but why not?'

Then as I started to dig, I saw Merton.

"Amy…Tommy? What are you two doing here?"

"John Elway promised me Super Bowl tickets if I helped him dig for sand."

Then Lori popped up behind Merton, "Hey, have you guys seen Ewan McGregor anywhere? He asked me to help him dig for sand."

Right then I realized something was wrong. Merton did too…for about a millisecond. Until he saw a white-haired chick dressed in black. A few moments later I woke up tired as hell. I had slept plenty but was not rested, not to mention the dream…weird.

I use to own this town

Now it's all turned upside down

I wish I could figure out

Do you think?

It's just a phase I'm going through

It's just a phase I'm going through

(Wolf howls)

Tommy's POV

Have you ever gotten a great night's sleep but the next morning you wake up all tired? Well this was one of those mornings…

Amy's POV

"Hey Tommy…hey Amy," Merton greeted us.

Tommy spoke to Merton, but I didn't catch what he said. I had my eyes closed and was leaning against my locker. At least until Tommy freaked out which caught my wolf senses. Merton was telling Tommy on how we both were in his dream.

Then Tommy said, "Merton, I had the exact same dream."

"Yeah, me too," I said joining the conversation. "Lori was there also."

Lori walked up to us, "I was where?"

Merton asked her, "Did you dream about Ewan McGregor last night?"

Then Lori pulled a page from my book from when I first moved here and pinned Merton to his locker. I kind of zoned out knowing Merton and Lori would argue for a bit. Just before the bell rang Merton walked off. Tommy closed his locker and I followed suit as Merton Tommy and I went to Biology.

Mr. McMurphy aka Jar-Jar droned on about something while my brother and I fought to stay awake. Sadly it wasn't meant to be as we quickly drifted off. He and I wound up back in the dream universe that I recognized from last night. Being part were-wolf and living in Pleasantville, not much scared me. But I was unnerved a bit to say the least. Tommy and I were quickly spotted by what looked to be a mummy-like horror movie reject.

"Tommy and Amy Dawkins, I've been expecting you two."

"You have?" asked Tommy. "You are…"

"I'm the Sandman. I control your dreams…and your nightmares." This last part I could swear he was looking at me when he said it. "Now grab a shovel and dig!"

Tommy got all cocky and said, "This is my dream and I work for nobody."

"Wrong kid, this is my dream. As long as you're asleep you will do as I say and I say dig!" The Sandman then hit Tommy in the stomach with a shovel.

"Tommy!" I crouched next to him, my eyes flashing as my inner wolf recognized his pain. He slowly rose up all wolfed out.

"A werewolf," the Sandman said, sounding intrigued. Tommy punched the Sandman in the stomach…well more like through the stomach. I was so freaked out I woke up my eyes flashing and my wolf threatening to come to the surface. Merton started shaking Tommy and I joined in.

"Tommy wake up!" I yelled in a whisper. Waking him up Tommy and I ran out of the class pulling Merton with us to try and figure everything out.

Later that evening…

We were at Merton's to try and get to the bottom of everything. For a second it looked like he might have a solution but… "I got nothin'."

"Well maybe seeing the Sandman was something from your subconscious imagination." Lori said.

"My imagination? The Sandman? I don't think so," replied Tommy. "Now Pamela Anderson on a trampoline maybe…"

"Eww." "Gross." Lori and I said. Then Lori and my brother started bickering until Merton jumped in, being the voice of reason. Lori decided to take a nap stating that the brain needed rest to function. I agreed, so her and I decided to crash on Merton's bed. A few moments later we were back in the dream universe.

"This is just like my dream," Lori said.

"Mine too," I chimed in. Tommy spotted the Sandman and we huddled behind a tree. "Horror movie reject," I whispered, while the Sandman was rooting about power. Tommy elbowed me.


He just shook his head. Then we saw Tim and Travis bringing the freak something in a bucket.

"Finally," The Sandman said, "The Sand of Eternal Slumber, which places mortals in a sleep state from which they never wake up."

'That's not good'

Lori rushed forward after the Sandman turned TNT into his slaves. "What did you do to them you freak show?"

"Lori don't!" I rushed forward as well, then the Sandman threw sand in our faces before we realized anything.

3rd person POV

Merton came after Lori and Amy, but before the Sandman could get his as well Tommy tackled him to the ground waking them both up. Running over to the two girls they tried to wake them up, but to no avail.

"Tommy it's no use. The Sandman put them to sleep. Forever!"

Tommy's POV

Well me and Merton got out of the dream world okay, but things did not look good. The Sandman used his special sand on Lori and my sister. We couldn't wake them up.

A/N: Okay I am fast forwarding in this episode since I don't feel like writing everything while Tommy's sister and Lori are asleep, so here is the summary. Tommy and Merton discuss how to beat the Sandman then they fall asleep. They spot Lori and Amy and figure out the Sandman's plan. Then they discover a way to defeat the Sandman and do so. Now back to the story.

I wake up to Tommy shaking me. "Hey," he said. "Are you okay?"

"I think so," I said still a little out of it. "Did we win?"

"Yeah, we won."

I nodded my head, "Cool."

"Hey," said Merton. "Want some stuffing?"