Author's Note: This story is based upon the book Peter Pan, by J.M. Barrie (or rather, J.M. Barrie's vision of Hook and his pirates). I have never seen the Disney film, but what I know of it disgusts me, for the desecration of a previously enjoyable dark and subtle narrative is one of modern times' greater tragedies. If all you know of Peter Pan is through Disney, be it their cartoon film adaptation or their early nineties series "Peter Pan and the Pirates", I suggest you abandon that treacle-sweet world for a few hours and read the book. Had I children I would never let them read Peter Pan, but the fact that it is classified as a children's book makes the read all the more delightfully sinful.

I have taken the fact that many have come to learn of Peter Pan through Disney into account, and though I do not hold it against whomever might be suited to this category I do strongly suggest reading the original book. As it stands, I have added excerpts from the text to further illustrate the character of Captain Hook. These are written as subnotes at the bottom of the page; during your read you will find that superscript numbers are occasionally placed after a word, indicating that it is adapted from the book's version of James Hook, which I feel is worth elaboration. Scroll down in those instances for textual support.

Disclaimer: I do not own most of the characters used in this fan fiction; only a few random pirates of my crafting. The characters herein do not in any way belong to Disney, either. They belong to J.M. Barrie, O delightfully somber man; may I do slight justice to his brilliance.