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"Chapter Six: What is to be the First of Many"

~ Previously ~

"I'M A WHAT?!"

A wizard, Harry. The male counterpart of a witch; both of whom are capable of using magics of all sorts. Though lately I've been seeing far more squibs popping up in numbers. Thanatos explained patiently, though the last bit he said a bit more thoughtfully as he lifted a finger to his chin. (Or perhaps where his chin might have been from underneath the hood on his cloak.) Scone?

"What? Oh, no thank." Harry responded, politely declining the scone which rested upon a small serving plate.

The reaper merely shrugged and said, Suit yourself. Before tossing the pastry into the endless darkness underneath his hood.

Harry starred for a minute then remember what Thanatos had said originally. "So magic is real then?" Harry asked some-what incredulously. When Thanatos nodded in response, Harry continued by asking, "How though? Uncle Ver-"

But the reaper cut Harry's sentence off. I think that by now we can conclude that whatever your... Step-aunt and uncle said is completely false.

"Oh, okay..." A timidness crept back into Harry's voice as he spoke. One that Thanatos noticed. He sighed in exasperation and dragged both of his hand down the sides of his hood. He should have looked harder for his grandson... If Harry's behavior was anything to go by then Petunia and her family had been... Neglectful at the least. He'd have to look into it after he was done here.

Harry I don't know all to well what you had to deal with when you lived here with Petunia... But I'm here now and I will do all that I can to make things better. So if you need to talk to me about anything, anything at all, I will always listen. Thanatos promised.

Not knowing how to respond to this Harry just nodded and mumble another 'okay'.

Death himself nodded too, thinking if there was anything else that needed to be said on the matter. When he thought of none he decided to see if Harry had any more questions that needed answers. So anything else you want to know?

Still a bit surprised about the open attitude in regards to freely asking questions, Harry mumbled something while trying not to look directly at his newly discovered grandfather. I'm apologize Harry, could you repeat that? You really should face someone when talking.

Swallowing back nerves Harry repeated himself a little bit louder, but still in a timid whisper. "C-could you do.. Could you show me some.. M-magic?" Harry asked hopefully.

Surprise flashed across Thanatos' feature (or would if he had any that were visible) but was soon replaced by amusement. Sure. What do you have in mind? Is there something specific? Thanatos asked who Harry could tell was amused by something. (I.e. Harry's request.)

"Could you... Make my eyes better?" Was Harry's timid answer.

This caused Thanatos to tilt his head in both confusion and concern. Your eyes? What wrong with them?

Fitgeting for awhile, Harry said in a whisper. "Before I woke up here... Before Uncle Vernon left me... My eyes sight has been gotting worse, most things are just blurs of color now... And I was just thinking that maybe-"

Of course magic can fix your eye sight! Thanatos, in all his grim glory, exclaimed. The magical folk within their little wizarding communities have long since created a potion the you can drink or apply to eyes like eye-drops that will fully heal and repair them. There are even some rarer potions that will double your eye sight similar to what a hawks' would be like (or similar to some other animals'), but in addition to being rare those particular potion are also quite expensive.

Harry's eyes widened in awe. "Are potions a type of magic?" Harry asked eagerly. "Could they really fix my eyes sight? What else can 'potions' do?"

Chuckling Thanatos said, Curious little thing, eh? Well Harry, while potions are not really considered much in the sort of 'magic', they can have 'magical' effects. In addition to being able to fix your eye sight, different kinds of potions do different things. Some can mend broken bones, while other can change your hair color, and there's even one that supposedly makes you lucky. A stretched out exclamation of 'wow' could be heard from the ebony haired child at this.

Because even though Harry was still very young he could still understand what most people were saying around him. It was one of the many things that he learned to do in order to avoid punishment from his uncle, or step-uncle as Thanatos was now called the oversized walrus. For many times before Vernon had sometimes used big, long words that would fly right over the heads of most little boys and girls, thinking that Harry would then mess up and the vile man could punish him on the excuse that Harry hadn't done something that Vernon had asked for. And it was when remembering those bleary times that the Harry was thankful he had actually read the dictionary he used to stand on while making breakfast for the Dursleys. (Instead of just using it to stand on.)

Now I do believe this- Thanatos paused briefly to pull a small phial, with some see-through greenish liquid out of his sleeves, which he then hand over to Harry. -should correct any problems you may find with your vision, sweet child. But a word of advice: Wait until later to drink it as it will cause you to temporarily go blind while the potion heals your eyes.

"Thank you..." Harry said and he placed the phial down onto the low circular table. He then decided to grab a chocolate biscuit to nibble on while they continued their talk. "So is it normal for wizards to be told that they have magic this way?"

Thanatos shook his head. No, Harry, it is not. Normally a child such as yourself would've have grown up in a magical family; where you would learn all the things you needed to know, that almost every magical child should already know by your age. But because of events that took place four years ago you were cast out from the british magical world and placed among mundanes. Something of which should have never even happened.

"You mean I wasn't meant to go to my aunt and uncle when my parents died?"

Yes, that is exactly what I mean. You see child, in the wizarding communities you are some-what similar to royalty. You are the heir and last remaining member of a very old and very rich family. And when your parents died you were supposed to go to your godfather, who would have been able to teach you the ways of being a Lord to the house of Potter. But again because of events that took place four years ago, none of that was done.

Harry sat silently as he registered all the information he was just given. Apparently, he had a godfather, which sounded nice to him. It would be wonderful, Harry thought, to have a godfather as well as a grandfather. But at the same time he felt uneasy. For if for all this time he had a godfather available, then why hadn't he gone to him instead of the Dursleys? Thanatos had mentioned that due events four years ago, in the year that he was born perhaps, that those ideas and plans were held back. Said events might also have had something to do with the fact that Thanatos hadn't been able to find him until now.

The next part was that apparently he was seen as royalty in the wizarding world, something like the Queen of England. And that there were things about being a lord that he was to have already known about, but again was held back for the same reasons that he did not go to his godfather. Which made Harry ponder about what exactly those 'events' would have detailed, but Harry had the feeling that whatever had happened was something big and very serious, the kind of seriousness the his uncle often displayed when dealing with possible clients at dinner parties that Harry had once in awhile catered to. This was most certainly a revelation on Harry's part. All in one evening and he already had almost everything he had known about his life thrown straight out an open window.

Which finally that lead to the last part and next question:

"What is there to be done about now?" He asked, looking to Thanatos for the answer. After all he did seem to know a lot, it was only natural that the grim reaper would know what to do. Thanatos observed the child for a good and long time; The Reaper really hadn't expected for his grandson to be so... Uninformed about these sort of things. It seem the Thanatos, that he had a lot of work cut out for himself.

What is there to be done about now? Nothing. Currently there is something more important that needs to be dealt with. But at some point I will have to find a way to get you to the magical shopping center in London. There at Gringotts, which is a wizard bank run by goblins, where we can sort out all this mess about your titles and inherence. Then we will just have to deal with anything else that may pop up afterwards. Now I believe that it's about time you woke up, child.

Though Harry just tilted his head in confusion. "Wake up? Do you mean that this is all some kind of dream?" He asked.

But Thanatos merely shook his head, er... Hood. Not quite Harry, to put it in a simple way... Your soul has, one way or another, become separated from your body. Again let me assure you by saying that you are by no means dead. You're probably just in a coma; but this is nothing really big to worry about since it happens from time to time with people who get caught in extreme accidents... Here I'll show you. With a wave of his hand the pristine garden that once belonged to the Dursleys suddenly blurred and zoomed away at a dizzying speed that made young Harry scrunch his eyes close as the wind picked up into a whirlwind of movement.

And then everything was still and when Harry slowly opened his eyes he let out a gasp of surprise. For they, including the three chairs and afternoon tea setup, were no longer at Number 4, Privet Drive. Instead they were located in what looked like the dimly lit wing of some hospital with what appeared to be many empty beds, that is, all except for the one closest to them where numerous repetitive beeping sounds were coming from. Harry stood up on his comfy chair to get a better look and almost feel over in fright. For laying on this bed with many unknown machines hooked up to him was none other than Harry himself.

Ah, here we are... And there you are Harry, see?

Shaking, Harry sank back down into his chair. "I-is... Is t-t-that really m-me?" he stuttered out terribly. It might due to the shock of seeing a double of himself deathly pale as a corpse. Though if if it wasn't for the slow rise and fall of his chest, Harry would have swore that the look-a-like was his corpse and that he was some ghost cursed to walk the planes of existence forever!

Well I guess you couldn't blame the kid for having such a large imagination.

Uh yeah, dear fates, it looks like you've been out of it for a while. Thanatos said standing up from his seat and walking over the occupied bed. This... Is not really good. I think we spent more talking in that garden then I had originally thought and... Oh dear, what is this?

Stepping closer towards Harry's temporarily soulless body, Thanatos sense something abnormal from within the empty shell. It seemed that the Reaper of Death had a lot a catching up to do in the realm of the living... Starting with the last wizarding war and the reason behind his Daughter and Son-in-law's murder. But first he'd have to get his grandson back into his body.

It's time I left now Harry, Thanatos spoke then, but do not worry. This won't be that last time you see me, after all there are still many things we must do... Though it may take me a while to be able to physically come and see you I'll make sure to send you letters.

Harry nodded, he didn't really want to leave, but deep down he knew what Death said was true and that this was only the first of many encounters yet to come. So with a final little tap on Harry's nose, Thanatos and the surroundings of the hospital wing faded to a blinding white.

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