Not So Dead After All

When Deep Blue was killed, and it became known that he was evil, most of the Cyniclons rejoiced when Kisshu, Pai and Taruto came back with the news that he was gone and they could restore their planet.

However, some of the Cyniclons, albeit a small number, were furious with the outcome. They had wanted Earth, the planet they had dreamed of for thousands, if not millions, of years. Even the three brothers' explanation of what had happened to Earth did not deter them from wanting it; they had believed Deep Blue's rhetoric. They believed that Earth was their rightful place and Deep Blue was their savior. Unfortunately for that small number, they had to hide their opinions while among the vast majority of the population. They were the minority; almost everyone was applauding Kisshu and his brothers and their heroic return.

Those of the Cyniclons who believed in Deep Blue began meeting, even as their planet and situation became better and better.

One day they were joined by an unexpected ally; Nishimura Kasumi. She was the leader of the fan club that had originally formed around Kisshu, but had branched out to include his two brothers. She believed that Mew Ichigo had somehow brainwashed Kisshu, and that was the reason he didn't love her back. It was clear to the leaders of the group that she was delusional, but she might be able to rally more people to their cause.

As time went on, the group formed a plan. They didn't have very many members, but from what they'd heard, they would only have to get rid of the Mews to take over. Their plan was to revive Deep Blue, and help him take over Earth. After some careful research, they discovered that the only way Deep Blue could die was if both he AND his human host were killed. Since Mew Ichigo had saved his human host, he wasn't truly dead.

Little did the members of the rebellion know, they had a spy in their midst. Shimura Chikako was a teenage girl who had been in the 'Kisshu Fan Club', but didn't feel as strongly about Kisshu as most of the others did. In fact, she had been bullied into joining the fan club, and hated them. She only stuck around so she could warn Kisshu if they ever got out of hand. When Kasumi contacted her about the rebellion, she decided she was going to get back at the girls for their treatment of her. She joined up- and took all the information she learned in the first meeting straight to Kisshu. Her mother was friends with his aunt, who had raised him after the death of his parents. Chikako went with her mother to the Ikisatashis' mansion the day after the first meeting she went to with Kasumi, and promptly told Kisshu everything she had heard the day before.

Much to Chikako's family's dismay, Chikako offered to spy on the meetings and send coded messages to Kisshu through her mother. Kisshu accepted her offer, and Chikako took up the job of spying on the rebellion. None of the members suspected a thing, either; Chikako disguised the coded letters she sent to Kisshu as love letters. Another thing that helped her was that Chikako was a small, unassuming girl with a shy personality. To those who actually knew her, she wasn't really very shy, but she had developed the shyness as a coping mechanism when she was forced to join the Kisshu Fan Club. Now it was second nature for her to slip from being a confident young woman to being a shy, withdrawn girl.

Two years after the planet was restored, the rebellion was ready to move. Chikako sent their plans to Kisshu, who arranged for her to seemingly come down with an incurable disease. Since this particular disease was contagious, the rebellion would have to leave without her.

Kisshu took all Chikako's findings to their real leader, Hideki-sama. Pai, meanwhile, had contacted Keiichiro, who agreed to bring the girls together and tell them about this.

Kisshu, Pai, and Taruto were sent back to Earth, along with Chikako. Chikako was disguised as a human, and would be going to school with Ichigo so she could protect her, as Kisshu's appearance was too striking. The humans there would probably make the connection between him and the alien attacks two years ago, so Chikako would be going in his place, while he, Pai, and Taruto worked on strategy with Keiichiro. Keiichiro had informed them that Ryou was in jail; apparently he had tried to brainwash Ichigo into going out with him. Kisshu was pleased that Ichigo wasn't with Aoyama anymore; they had broken it off after Aoyama decided to study in England. He was coming back soon, according to Keiichiro, so they'd have to be careful, since the members of the rebellion would doubtless try to get their hands on him.

On the way to Earth, Kisshu filled Chikako in on Earth and the humans. The talk eventually turned into a discussion about why Kisshu loved Ichigo so much, and why she hated him. When Kisshu mentioned that he had called Ichigo a toy in the past, Chikako said, "That was probably a huge part of the problem. It's only logical that she wouldn't appreciate you trying to kill her boyfriend and calling her a toy- I don't know anyone who would go out with a guy who called her a toy."

"I understand that she didn't like me trying to get rid of the competition, but what does calling her a toy have to do with anything?" Kisshu asked, puzzled.

"Toys get thrown aside after a while, and forgotten," Chikako said bluntly. "My guess is that what Ichigo got from you calling her a toy is that you thought she WAS a toy- either that or she thought you thought she was worthless. Calling someone a toy is a great way to lower their self-esteem, by the way."

"She just got angry, though," Kisshu said.

"Men aren't meant to understand women," Chikako said cryptically, smirking.

"I think you've been spending too much time with Taruto," Kisshu commented dryly. "That's the exact same face he makes when he's being mysterious. Except you're better at it than he is."

"I don't spend much time with Taruto, actually," Chikako said. "Out of the three of you, I spend the most time with you. And you smirk all the time."

"Mmph," Kisshu said sulkily.

Chikako snickered, and then the ship started slowing down. It landed a few minutes later, and Pai and Taruto came in as Kisshu and Chikako got up. "We're teleporting to the Café, I called ahead," Pai said.

"Okay," Kisshu said. He took Chikako's shoulder, and teleported to the main room of Café Mew Mew, followed by Pai and Taruto.

They found the Mews and Keiichiro waiting, and when they landed, Keiichiro said, "Welcome, and thank you for coming. I was going to suggest we talk in the basement, since it's a more secure location."

"That's fine," Kisshu said. "Oh, and this is Shimura Chikako; she's helping us."

"Nice to meet you," Chikako said. The Mews and Keiichiro echoed that sentiment, and they headed for the basement.

When they were settled around the table Keiichiro had set up, Keiichiro asked, "Can you tell us more about what we may be dealing with?"

"I'll let Chikako do that; she knows the most about their motives and plans," Kisshu said.

Chikako nodded and said, "There's twenty members of the rebellion; they tried to get more people on board, but considering most of us regard Kisshu, Pai, and Taruto as heroes, they didn't succeed. Their goal is to first bring back Deep Blue, and then help him take over Earth."

"I thought Deep Blue was dead," Ichigo said, puzzled.

"They discovered that unless both he AND his human host are killed, he can't actually die," Chikako said. "Since his human host is still alive, he could come back, though I'm not clear on exactly how they're planning on bringing him back. I got the information, but that's really more Pai's area of expertise than mine."

"Can you tell us more about the people involved?" Keiichiro asked.

"Yes," Chikako said. "They only managed to get five warriors among our people to join the rebellion; everyone else has little to no talent for fighting. Five of the members are healers, another five have been designated as undercover agents, and the remaining five people are the leader of the rebellion, and his four strategists."

"What abilities do the warriors have?" Zakuro asked.

"Kenji specializes in sword fighting, and he reached Level 5 a month ago," Chikako said. "Our warriors have skill levels, in case you're wondering; 1 is the worst and 6 is the best." She paused, then said, "As for the others, Takamaru specializes in archery, and is at Level 4. Akihito uses mainly shuriken, and he can charge them with electricity. He's at Level 5 now. Hisao specializes in hand-to-hand combat, and doesn't use weapons. He does, however, have the ability to shoot fire blasts at people, though he doesn't use it often. He's at Level 5. Aika, the only woman in the group, uses a whip and her hand-to-hand combat skills. She's at Level 3. She's also a hot-headed jerk, so she shouldn't be too hard to take down. And aside from Aika, they all can create Chimera Animas."

"You mentioned undercover agents," Keiichiro commented. "Can you tell us more about that?"

Chikako nodded and said, "Five girls from Kisshu's fan club, including the leader, joined the rebellion under the delusion that Mew Ichigo brainwashed Kisshu into loving her instead of them. The leader of the rebellion is going to try to use them to get close to the Mews." She looked at the Mews, and said, "You all should be wary of any new students in whatever schools you go to; the plan was to find out where you all go to school, disguise the girls as humans, and send one to each of your schools."

"What are these girls' names?" Keiichiro asked.

"Nishimura Kasumi, Fujimori Keiko, Takahashi Rin, Sato Naomi, and Ichikawa Hanako," Chikako said. "Kasumi is by far the most dangerous, simply because she's insane and actually believes that she's the only person in the universe who deserves Kisshu. She doesn't seem to understand that he hates her, and had hated her before he met Ichigo. She's also unfortunately the one who's been tasked with taking out Ichigo. The other girls aren't really good for much, but Kasumi is ruthless when it comes to taking out things and people she sees as obstacles."

"Any suggestions on what to do about this?" Keiichiro asked.

"Kisshu suggested that I disguise myself as a human as well, and go to school with Ichigo," Chikako said. "I'm trained in hand-to-hand combat. I just need a cover story."

"And a different name," Kisshu added. "Kasumi is definitely going to know it's you if you use Shimura."

"So we tell everyone she's my cousin," Ichigo said. "Chikako is a pretty common name; she can just use Momomiya instead of Shimura."

"Your parents know, right?" Zakuro asked.

"Yup," Ichigo said.

"That sounds like a good plan," Chikako said. "I was thinking of saying I've been homeschooled, but I don't know much about Japanese history."

"We should work that out with my parents; they're going to have to sign you up," Ichigo said. "I'm sure they won't mind you staying with us, either. And my school friends know about me as well, so I guess I'll have to tell them ahead of time. They know all my real cousins are either little monsters or juvenile delinquents."

"Do I get to stay with you too?" Kisshu asked hopefully.

"My dad's home," Ichigo commented.

"Okay, never mind then," Kisshu said.

Chikako looked confused, and Ichigo said, "My dad hates boys- especially boys who want to date me. I don't think he'll have a problem with you staying though."

"Is that why Kisshu's scared of him?" Chikako asked.

"No, I'm scared of him because he has shark teeth and this weird and creepy death aura!" Kisshu said. "Not to mention his sword….."

Ichigo started laughing. "Where'd you get the idea that my dad has shark teeth?" she giggled.

"I was spying on you one night, and your dad was on the phone, and he had shark teeth and a creepy-looking death aura!" Kisshu said. "Damn was that scary."

Ichigo just laughed harder, and Kisshu started sulking.

Unlike many others, I do plan to continue this story. I thought I'd try something where Kisshu and Ichigo don't get together right away. I hope it works out, and that you all like it! Please review!