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Amaryllis was quick to realise a major flaw in her plan to give Frodo her mother's locket, the magic in the locket had been supressing the effect of the Ring. With that layer of protection gone the Ring began to whisper to her in the dreadful black speech of Mordor, though what surprised her the most was the fact she was able to understand it. It was a secret she told only to Gandalf, who surmised that her constant run-ins with dark magic in her world had made her more in tune with it on Middle Earth. Gandalf was also more worried about her being possessed by the Ring, for she had been touched by the darkest magic in her world a magic that was so similar to that which the Ring was made from. She began to regret giving away the locket, though one look at Frodo's happy demeanour had her immediately banishing the thoughts.

"What ails you lassy?" Gimli asked as they settled by a rocky outcrop, Legolas was on lookout, Merry and Pippin were taking lessons from Boromir as Aragorn watched on with occasional input. Gandalf sat with Frodo and Sam discussing what road they would take.

"I am afraid Gimli," she openly admitted, her hand running through her hair, "I fear what would happen should I be overcome by the Ring. It cannot fall into my hands Gimli, if it did then there will be no hope for anyone. I think I should have stayed in Rivendell," with Glorfindel and Arwen she added in her mind. She missed her friends dearly.

"Nonsense lass, I've been watching you and I've never seen anyone with as pure a heart as you," he told her gruffly, feeling oddly embarrassed at having to comfort the girl. "The Ring will not hold power over you, you're too tough an egg to crack under its falsities. You're place is right here not with those pesky elves."

"In case you hadn't noticed Gimli," she smiled, feeling comforted by his words, and leant down to whisper, "there is a pesky elf in our Fellowship."

"Aye and he's the peskiest of them all," he responded a lot louder than necessary and Legolas shot a nasty glare towards him.

"Oh my if looks alone could kill," Amaryllis laughed.

"Pah! Like that arrogant elf could ever harm a dwarf of my stature," Gimli defended sharply.

"Oh of course, if it came down to it I'm sure you would win against him," she smiled secretively, "how could one pesky elf ever hope to overcome such a handsome and strong dwarf?"

"Exactly! I am glad you understand lassy," Gimli smiled though there was a pinkness to his cheeks, "excuse me a moment, I must speak with Gandalf about our path I believe we should go through the mines of Moria."

"I will talk to you later then," she nodded and watched him leave her, her mind mentally counting down from five and by the time she got to one Legolas was beside her.

"You don't really think he's handsome do you?" he asked her, his brow furrowed lightly as if he couldn't quite work out her words. She had stumped him with her joking.

"Why do you care who I find handsome?" She asked amusedly.

"I don't," he answered far too quickly, "I mean… I was just curious."

"Has anyone ever told you that you are far too curious for your own good?"

"Many times," he told her cheekily, bumping his shoulder against hers.

"I suppose everyone in this Fellowship is handsome in their own way, aside from Gandalf of course he just looks like an old man too me but maybe some old lady would like him," she told him with a nonchalant shrug. "The hobbits are so very adorable and cute, Boromir has this sad warrior puppy dog thing going for him, Aragorn has this rugged attractiveness and Gimli is all gruffness until you talk to him and realise he's a big softie."

"And what about me?" he asked when she made no reference to him.


"Yes," he leaned closer to her, his heart pounding rapidly inside his chest as a longing to hear her answer filled him. "Am I handsome?"

"Going from what I've seen, all elves are attractive," she laughed but it fell short at seeing a hurt look swim in his eyes before a mask of indifference was put up. He drew away from her and made to stand but she quickly grabbed his arm, "I'd have to be a fool to not notice how good looking your race is Legolas, but I don't care for looks. I've seen handsome men and they were the cruellest of all," Tom Riddle in his youth was a prime example of that. "What I like about you isn't the way you look so much as the way you are. Who you are. I like that you always ask questions and want to know about my world, I like how you always look at the stars at night, how you make sure I'm warm when you think I'm sleeping. I like it when you tell me of your home and teach me to use my bow. I like you Legolas, not because you're a good looking elf, but because you're my kind and attentive friend."

She felt somewhat foolish for revealing the truth to him, her comments on the men around her were harmless but she didn't want Legolas thinking she was some vain whore, he was her friend and he meant a lot to her. The beautiful smile he gave her had her re-thinking the whole vain idea, because she found her heart fluttering wildly in her chest. Has there ever been a more beautiful sight? She swallowed thickly, a blush rising to her cheeks unwanted, and from the way his smile went from pure happiness to an amused smirk he noticed.

"So," he leant forwards once more, a playfulness in his eyes, "since my friendship means so much to you, can I assume I am your favourite?"

"Would you be disappointed if I said no?" she responded, her own playful nature rising with his.

"Very," he responded quietly, "it would break my heart if you said no."

"Then I guess I have no choice," she faked a heavy sigh, "yes, Legolas, you're my favourite."

"It gladdens my heart to hear such words fall from your lips," he told her with that smirk. A smirk that makes Malfoy's look childish and petty, she thought, absently biting her lower lip in an effort not to give into the urge to laugh at the comparison. He noticed the movement, his gaze drawn towards her lip and she noticed the heated look enter his eyes. She had seen it before with Glorfindel, just before he had kissed her, she found herself wondering if Legolas would kiss her. She turned away from him, guilt playing heavy in her mind at her remembrance of Glorfindel's kiss.

"What is that?"

The question had Legolas standing fast and looking towards where Merry and Pippin were looking. A frown on his handsome face as he studied the small cloud-like shape moving towards them. She stood when she realised it was not a cloud, a realisation Boromir can to as well for he noted a loud that it was moving against the wind. "Crebain from Dunland," Legolas called and Gandalf quickly ordered them to hide.

Panicked she looked around her wildly until a hand wrapped around her wrist and pulled her into a small space between the rocks, her green eyes met the blue-gray gaze of Legolas and she relaxed. He gave a comforting smile and as the Crebain flew overhead he pressed closer to her. He's protecting me, she thought with a wild blush, her ears filled with the terrible squawking of the giant crows. Her fingers wound into the fabric of his tunic, clinging to him, as she felt the brush of dark magic against her own. It was as cruel as it was inviting, tempting her as the ring did. A woodsy smell filled her nose, and it took her a moment to realise she had buried her face in Legolas' tunic and it was him she was smelling. He smelt of the forest, of fresh grass and rainstorms, and she felt warmth build up within her. Legolas made her feel safe.

The thought startled her so much that as soon as it was safe she was pushing away from him and out of their hidden space. She did not listen as he called after her, only continued walking towards Frodo and Sam.

"Do not worry my friend," Aragorn came up beside Legolas, patting him on the shoulder. "Human women are troublesome creatures, quick to shy away from their own feelings. She likes you, as you do her, but she will not realise it for quite some time I fear, she is more oblivious to those sort of feelings then most women."

"She is not human though," Legolas responded, feeling both hurt and confused at Amaryllis' behaviour.

"Perhaps not entirely, but she isn't elf-kind either, she was raised as a human child would be though. Elves are freer when it comes to those they love. Just give her time."

"I do not love her," Legolas responded, walking away from Aragorn.

"I have to walk up that!" he turned to watch as Amaryllis gawped up at the mountain of Caradhras, "I'm not built for snow, honestly, I suck at climbing too, maybe I can just take this Gap of Rohan road and meet you on the other side. I'm a big girl, I can do it alone." Her hopeful smile turned into a whimper of dismay as Gandalf shot her down.

He sniggered and looked away, only to smirk at the fond and adoring look Legolas was giving the girl. Not in love indeed, it seems you are as oblivious as she is my friend, he shook his head, perhaps this journey could benefit from the purity of love. I wonder how Glorfindel will feel once he finds out about their budding romance. Somehow the thoughts did not thrill him, it was rare for him to see the warrior elf so interested in someone.


She trailed behind the Fellowship but somehow that didn't surprise her, she wasn't big and bulky like the men nor was she as lithe and nimble as Legolas. She cursed as she lost her footing once again, plummeting into the snow beneath her, she coughed and spluttered as she found a mouthful of snow to greet her decent. The day had started out bad, what with Frodo losing his balance and tumbling backwards into Aragorn, only for the Ring to try and escape into Boromir's hold. As soon as he picked up to silver chain the bracelet she had given him began to glow, her magic fighting that of the Ring's, evidently her magic won. But it was a struggle that she wished she hadn't witnessed for if her magic struggled against the Ring what would it be like against Sauron?

Her mood had rapidly declined the higher they climbed, she was sour, cold and worried. This journey was going to age her a thousand years she just knew it. All she could do was move along, her head bent to try and shield herself against the blizzard.

"There is a fell voice in the air," Legolas' voice echoed, carried by the wind to her.

"It's Saruman," came Gandalf's reply.

She couldn't help but pity Gandalf, to have a trusted friend turn on you was unthinkable, she could never picture Ron and Hermione doing the same to her. They would come face to face on opposite side of the chess board sooner or later.

"He's trying to bring down the mountain!" Aragorn yelled, "Gandalf! We must turn back!"

Yes, let's turn back, to the warmth of the ground and away from the anger of Caradhras, she thought wistfully, but knew that Gandalf would not turn back unless there was no other way. He proved her right by denying Aragorn and raising his staff, chanting unfamiliar words into the wind, she felt the magic though. Gandalf's light magic clashing against the dark magic of Saruman, as her magic did against Voldemort's once upon a time.

She watched as lightning hit the crag above them and was feeling grateful for all her stumbles when the others of the Fellowship were covered in snow. She was just outside the range and escaped the thick of it, though her ankles were covered. She didn't know what was said after that, the wind carried the words away from her this time as it constantly changed direction. All she knew was the others had turned around and she found herself at the front of the line. Legolas joined her, saying nothing only patting her on the head and giving her a small smile. Snow clung to his hair and clothes and she couldn't help the laugh that bubbled from her throat, he only rose an eyebrow and walked off in front, his steps barely denting the surface of the snow.

The trip down the mountain was far smoother, it seemed Caradhras was content to sleep once more now the intruders were leaving. She found out from Aragorn that they were to take the path through the mines, a thought which didn't thrill her but the mood around them all prevented her from joking about it. Gandalf took the lead, knowing the path best, though once they reached the walls he took Frodo aside. She stepped past them, a feeling of foreboding rising within her the more she stared at the walls. Gimli passed her by, muttering in awe of the walls, and tapping them with his axe. She missed what was said as she tried to figure out what was wrong with the place. She sat on a large rock as Gandalf tried his hand at opening the starlit doors.

"Death," she finally said out loud, "the mine feels like death."

"Indeed little one," Mandos said as he stepped from the shadows.

"I'm dreaming aren't I?" she asked as she realised the Fellowship had gone, though she still sat on the rock by the wall. "Why are you here?"

"Because if I didn't," he told her gravely, looking far more serious than she had seen before, "then you would interfere, and that would ruin everything."

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