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Jack stopped at his lake for a minute in his flight to get something. It was a rusted blade that was hidden in one of the surrounding trees. He smiled up at the moon. Jack rolled up his sleeves and slit his wrists, just to show Manny he didn't care anymore and that he was tired of everything. The voices were telling him to slit his wrists deeper. Just then Manny had a moon beam on Jack and made Jack pass out, his staff on the ice for later.

Manny didn't want to risk the safety of the children, nor of other spirits. He turned Jack human again, took all his powers back for the time being. He sent Nightlight to carry Jack to the Burgess Asylum for the time being.


When Jack woke up he was strapped to a bed, but not like before, he had his arms and legs bound so he couldn't move them. Just then a doctor came in. He had this smile that was kind, too kind.

"Hello," he said with the same smile. "Now, what's your name?"

"Why does it matter?" Jack sneered.

"It matters because I can do whatever I want to do to find out."

Jack's eyes wide. He knew he couldn't get out of this one without getting hurt, but why should that matter? Jack just wanted to clutch his head, so many thoughts, so many voices in his head.

"So," the man said. "I'll ask one more time; what is your name?"

"Jack Frost," he told the man.

"Okay," the man laughed at this and wrote something down on a clipboard.

"Why am I here?"

"You were dropped off by a young man. He just said he found you and that you were talking about voices."

Jack glared at the man. "Let me go!"


The man walked out swiftly after that and slammed Jack's door. Jack just laid there, trying to think of a way to escape. Then, another doctor came in.

"Time for your meds," he said.

"No," Jack said plainly.

The doctor glared darkly at Jack and hit him. "You will take your meds." The doctor forced them down Jack's throat. "Good."

The doctor quickly left the room, not looking back at Jack. Jack suddenly felt like he was going to die. His head was spinning. The voices didn't quiet, they only worsened. Jack cried out in pain as the medicine took affect. What happened next scared Jack the most. He started to have a seizure.


At the pole the Guardians sent out search parties for Jack, as they had not been told by Manny yet that he was now human. Suddenly there was a women yelling at the Guardians.

"How could you!" Mother Nature said.

She was a tall woman with black hair and a nice tan. He hair flowed perfectly, with a few natural curls here and there. She wore a light blue dress that ended at her knees. She was beautiful, yet she wouldn't take anyone.

"What did we do?" North asked.

"You let my baby boy get hurt," She told him, right in his face. "He's not here, I know that, but you shouldn't have let him be hurt in the first place. He's a child!"

"He broke loose," Bunny informed her. "I tried to stop him, but he froze me."

"Why are you all standing around and not searching for him? He needs to be found-"

Before she could finish a moonbeam went through the window in the roof of the Globe Room, making everybody shut up.

"Settle down," Manny said softly. "I have taken care of Jack."

"What do you mean?" Mother Nature was scared for her Little Winter.

"I have turned him human for the time being. Nightlight brought him the Burgess Asylum."

Tooth gasped. "He can't be there!" She protested.

"Why not?" Bunny asked.

"It's horrible there! There are no windows, but my fairies can still get in there and get children's teeth. The workers, they abuse the patients. It is barely up to code."

Mother Nature's eyes widened at that. "I have to get him back!"

"No," Manny told her. "He has to be there for the time being. I will send Nightlight in to watch over Jack. He will wear one of the amulets under his clothes so he can be seen."

Mother Nature glared at the moon. "If anything happens to my Winter I will personally kick your ass. You have to send me with him. I need to be with Jack. I can help!"

Manny stayed silent, but instead Nightlight appeared. He had two amulets instead of one. He gave one to Mother Nature. Then they both put them on.


Jack was laying on the bed he was 'given', listen to all the voices in his head when the door flew open. It was douche number one.

"Let's have some fun," he said as he knocked Jack out.

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