Hi everyone. This here is a Rainbow Brite Reboot fanfic I came up with after first seeing the first 3 episodes on the web. And this takes places after the Dark Princess was defeated. And the Rainbow Brite Reboot series is property of Hallmark and Feeln. Now on with the story.

The Spectra Scepter Saga, chapter 1

Return of the Grix

By Cullen Pittman

It was a peaceful day on the world known as Rainbowland. The furry creatures known as Sprites were gathering color crystals from the color caves and delivering them to the Color Castle, where the 7 Color Kids were sorting them out in their own respected colors. Wow, that's a lot of colors in this paragraph!

The first two Color Kids known as Red Butler and Lala Orange were carrying their loads of crystals back to their bases known as keeps. "I'm glad there are plenty of red crystals here", said Red, "Cherry Blossom Season is happening on Earth, so a lot of red is going to be needed."

"And I can't wait when all those tourists who visit Florida get a load of my lovely orange", said Lala.

Just then, a dark cloud came and on it was Stormy, the girl who was in charge of bringing storms to Earth. "Hi guys", said Stormy with a huge smile, "Need any help carrying those crystals? There's plenty of room on my cloud."

"AHHHH!" cried Red and Lala as they rushed away in fear. Stormy sighed a frown for she knew she didn't have a very good past reputation in Rainbowland. Some say kind of evil.

As Stormy floated her cloud over to another section at the Color Castle, she found Canary Yellow and Patty O'Green taking a snack break.

"Care for some lemonade?" Canary asked Patty. Patty looked at the glass and noticed the ice.

"Hey, that's not ice. That's some of your yellow crystals", demanded Patty.

"I know", said Canary blushing, "The lemonade I made accidentally turned out pink, so I had to improvise."

"Just remember, I do the mischief making around here", smiled Patty as she took out a pie and was about to throw it at Canary just for fun. But Canary ducked and the pie hit someone else. They heard a scream and the two girls held each other in fear as they saw who the pie had hit.

Stormy was covered in the face with keylime pie and was about to blast lightning at the two trembling girls. But then she restrained herself and tasted the pie and smiled, "Keylime. Not bad." Can I please have some lemonade to wash that down?"

Canary and Patty just screamed and ran off as the lemonade pitcher spilled onto the grass. "I guess the grass needed the lemonade more", sighed Stormy as she made a small raincloud appear over her to wash the pie off her face.

Buddy Blue and Indigo were organizing aerobics and dance classes for some of the Sprites. "Come on you slackers", demanded Buddy in a tough sounding voice, "Kick up those legs."

"And raise those legs", said Indigo in a more gentle voice. The Sprites were pouring out many different colors of sweat.

"Okay, now it's time for a jog", said Buddy. The sprites just groaned. "None of that griping", demanded Buddy, "You need to work off all that Sapphire Stroganoff you had in the cafeteria!"

"Give them a break, Buddy", said Indigo, "You've had 6 helpings of that stroganoff yourself!"

"Hey, I burn off a lot of energy", said Buddy. Just then, all the Sprites ran off screaming. "Now that's more like it", said Buddy.

"But why is my dance class jogging off with them?" asked Indigo. "Wait, that doesn't look like jogging, that's more like running for their lives."

A dark cloud covered Buddy and Indigo and they looked in fear at Stormy hovering over them. "Hi Buddy, Hi Indigo", smiled Stormy, "Can I join your classes?"

"AHHHHH!" screamed Buddy and Indigo as they ran off to join the scared sprites.

"I wish someone would give me a chance", sighed Stormy. Then she saw the last color kid known as Shy Violet walking down the street reading a book about physics. "She's my last chance", said Stormy as she floated over. "Maybe I'd better ditch the dark cloud first" said Stormy as she jumped off her cloud and made it vanish.

Violet was reading her book until she bumped into someone and fell down. She tried to find her glasses until a dark figure handed them back to her. Violet put her glasses back on and looked in fear at who she saw. "Hi, Vi", how's life in Purpleville?" smiled Stormy as she offered her hand to help Violet up.

"Oh, uh, well, uh, you see, uh, pant, pant.." said Violet nervously for she wasn't really good at talking to people. Especially to the most feared girl in Rainbowland. "Gotta Go!" cried Violet as she grabbed her book and scattered back to her keep and shut the door.

"Why did I ask her, how's life in Purpleville?!" grumbled Stormy as she made her cloud appear again. "That's so lame!" and she got back on the cloud and flew away from the Color Castle.

Stormy was in the meadow sitting on a rock thinking about how all the Color Kids and Sprites feared her. And they had every right too. For a week ago, she teamed up with an evil dark princess and her minions and together, they tried to conquer Rainbowland by draining all their colors away. And she even tried to kidnap an innocent boy from Earth twice. But now she saw the light and wished everyone in Rainbowland would forgive her and be her friend again.

Just then, a rainbow landed next to her. And down came a while stallion with a rainbow mane and on his back was the famous Rainbow Brite. The number 1 citizen in all of Rainbowland.

"Thanks for another awesome ride, Starlite", smiled Rainbow Brite.

"No problem", smiled the stallion. But then frowned when he saw Stormy. "Uh, If you'll excuse me, I gotta go. I left some hay on the burner." And Starlite galloped off in fear.

"Hey, Stormy", smiled Rainbow. "Why looking so glum? You know I don't allow glum faces in Rainbowland. Under penalty of tickling."

"Sorry, Britey", said Stormy. "It's just..."

"Let me guess", interrupted Rainbow, "Everyone's still running away from you screaming?"

"Bingo!" sighed Stormy. "You told me to give them a week and they'll eventually forgive me and start liking me again. But so far, no dice."

"Maybe give them 2 weeks?" said Rainbow, putting her arm around the sad Stormy. "I know the Color Kids and they'll eventually see the light, or else I'll make them see my light."

"Thanks, Britey", smiled Stormy feeling a little better. Then a flying bike appeared in the sky and riding it was Rainbow's friend from Earth, Brian.

"Gotta go", stuttered Stormy as she got on her cloud and zoomed off.

"Wait, Stormy!" cried Rainbow. But Stormy was out of sight.

"Hi, Rainbow", smiled Brian parking his bike.

"Brian, the Bri-Man, B-Dog, B to the R to the I..." smiled Rainbow happily as she did her trademark hyper jumping around.

"Aw, you don't need to keep doing that every time I see you", laughed Brian.

"I can't help it", smiled Rainbow. "Ever since you first came here, you've made my life so brighter. And you even saved Rainbowland many times oh great Sentinel of Light Unseen."

Brian blushed as he looked at his magic ring. "I'm not really that great", said Brian. "My Dad was probably a better warrior than I was."

"Yes, the great Krys had a history of saving Rainbowland countless times", said Rainbow, "Especially when a gross evil that covered Rainbowland happened 30 years ago."

"What kind of evil?" asked Brian.

"I don't really know", said Rainbow. "I wasn't around that time and none of the elder Sprites want to talk about it. But you're my hero, Brian. You actually defeated the feared Dark Princess!" And she kissed Brian on the cheek leaving a rainbow lip print.

"I just did what I had to do", said Brian smiling while rubbing the back of his head.

"By the way, how's the ex-princess doing in her new community service job as an Earth librarian?" asked Rainbow.

"She's doing her job", said Brian, "While scaring the students like a true stereotypical librarian. But I'm usually there during lunch to make sure she behaves. Or else she'll get my ring around her collar bone." And he polished his magic ring with his sleeve. Rainbow just giggled.

"And how about her two goons, Murky and Lurky?" asked Brian. "Are they still locked up in The Brightest Happiest Jail in All Existence?" Brian just shook his head at the name of such a place.

"Not anymore", said Rainbow, "We sent them back to their home in The Pits and put them on Pits Arrest. See for yourself." Rainbow handed Brian a pair of rainbow colored binoculars and he looked through them.

In the dismal section of Rainbowland known as The Pits. We see the short evil scientist named Murky Dismal and his sidekick the giant furry brown beast known as Lurky walking around in frustration.

"Pits Arrest my foot! I'm ditching this place and conquering Rainbowland again!" shouted Murky as he was about to set one foot out of The Pits. But there was an ankle bracelet locked on his right foot and it went off and a hologram of cute rainbow kittens started singing, "No no no! You mustn't leave! Breaking your Pits Arrest will make us weepy and grieve!"

"AAAAH!" I can't stand those pretty color kittens and that song!" shouted Murky as he stepped back in The Pits and the hologram and music stopped. "It happens every time I try to leave The Pits!"

"Aw, I love those kitties", smiled Lurky laughing, "Can you try to leave again please, Murky?"

"Why don't you try leaving?" growled Murky.

"Okay", said Lurky, but he forgot about his ankle bracelet too. When Lurky set one foot of out The Pits, a hologram of a barber with clippers, razors, and shaving cream appeared.

"Shave an a haircut, be bald!" sang the barber with a sadistic look on his face.

"No thanks", gasped Lurky in fear as he stepped back into The Pits and the barber hologram faded.

"Wow", said Brian puzzled, "Such simple, but effective ways to get two bad guys to stay put."

"Yes, we no longer have any worries or gloomies in Rainbowland", smiled Rainbow.

"Thanks again for helping me fix up my room that day Stormy and the Dark Princess invaded", said Brian, "I would've gotten so grounded if all that damage hadn't been repaired in time."

"My pleasure", smiled Rainbow as she made a rainbow shaped hammer and mop appear.

"Oh yes, I wanted to show you something", said Brian as he started searching through his backpack. "I was looking through my Dad's old closest. The one where I first found the ring along with the magic key that first brought me here to Rainbowland. I wanted to see if there was any other stuff that might be Rainbowland related and I found this." And he took out a jar with a rainbow colored lid. And in it was a small dark gray wiggly blob about the size of a housefly.

"Aw, it's so cute!" smiled Rainbow, "Small things are always cute. Except for zits though."

"I don't know what this thing is, but it looks like it might be alive", said Brian. The tiny speck did look like it was crawling around in the jar.

"I'm not really sure either", said Rainbow. "I can do a search on the Rainbowland Wide Web and find out as soon as I can."

"Thanks Rainbow", said Brian as he put the jar back in his backpack and found a book. "Dude, I forgot! This book is due today! I have to get this back to the library in a few minutes!" And he rushed back to his bike. "See ya' Rainbow! Sorry I had to cut my visit short!"

"No probelmo" smiled Rainbow, "We wouldn't want the Dark Librarian to strike you down with a fine. Smell ya' later, Bri-master." And she rode a rainbow back to the castle.

As Brian got on his bike, he felt a gush of rain pour down on him. "Stormy!" shouted Brian as he saw Stormy on her raincloud laughing at him.

"Aw, did the mighty Sentinel of Light wet himself?" cackled Stormy.

"I haven't got time for you right now!" shouted Brian as he started up his bike and flew back to Earth.

Stormy scowled as she watched the boy go. For those two had a bad history together. When Stormy had a fallout with Rainbow Brite's friendship, Rainbow found a new friend in Brian which angered Stormy. She even had Brian kidnapped a couple times and did terrible things to him like drain all of his color and yanked him out of his room in the middle of night wrecking a huge hole in his bedroom wall. Even though Stormy saw herself as one of the good guys, she still didn't care too much for Brian and wanted to torment him whenever Rainbow Brite wasn't around.

Brian had arrived back in his neighborhood on Earth still soaking wet. "Oh how I want to rain on Stormy's own parade!" grumbled Brian as he headed for the school library not realizing the small blob in the jar seemed to wiggle and grow a little. About the size of a mouse.

Inside the library, we see the former Dark Princess, now reduced to a school librarian, putting away some books while grumbling. Then she noticed a jar with a small lump of gray clay on the shelf. "Rotten brats", she griped, "Just leaving their art supplies here. It's bad enough they let those little twerps eat lunch in here and I have to clean up their leftover crumbs on the floor. I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna start an old fashioned book burning here starting...!"

"AHEM!" said a voice. The Princess turned around and saw a stern looking Brian pointing his magic ring at her.

"Uh, did I say book burning?" said the Princess smiling innocently, "I meant to say a good old fashioned book returning. A book returning party. That's it."

"Yeah, right", said Brian, "Just remember why you're here."

"So, why are you all wet?" asked the Princess, "It's a, yuck, nice sunny day outside."

"Had a run in with Stormy", grumbled Brian.

"Ah, yes. There's hope for that girl yet", cackled the Princess.

"Anyway", grumbled Brian quickly trying to change the subject, "Here's the book I checked out two weeks ago. Returned just in time."

"So it is", said the Princess checking the date. "Still, I'm going to fine for you for getting it wet!"

"What?!" demanded Brian. "But it was Stormy who..."

"And a double fine for shouting in the library!" whispered the Princess reaching out the palm of her hand.

"Okay fine", grumbled Brian as he put some money in the Princess's hand.

"Ah, it feels great when I get to boss my prison guard around", laughed the Princess.

"You're on thin ice, DP", whispered Brian in an annoyed voice as he turned around to look at some more books on the shelves. The Princess saw Brian's backpack open and saw the jar with the mysterious gray blob that was shaking around and was now the size of a bird.

"No, it can't be!" gasped the Princess, "But it is!" She turned around and saw the jar with the lump of clay still on the shelf. "What a marvelous malicious miracle I got this", thought the Princess as she took the jar off the shelf, then snuck over to Brian who was still looking at the books. The Princess reached into Brian's backpack and switched jars. Then she tiptoed off into the backroom.

"Uh oh", said Brian as he saw his backpack open with the jar he thought had the blob. "I'd better close my backpack. I definitely don't want her royal highness to find out about whatever this is." Then he left the library.

In the library's film room, the Princess was looking at the jar with the growing and wiggling blob in it. "Yes, this stuff is known as Grix!" cackled the Princess, "I remember my dear mother, The Dark Queen, telling me stories about this stuff whenever she tucked and shackled me into bed every night." She watched as the blob known as Grix started to fill up the whole jar, and it looked pretty peeved too.

"Yes, the Grix does feed on hostility and suffering", said the Princess, "Especially when Stormy soaked that brat Brian to the bone. And how I made him pay fines I totally made up. Let's see if I can feed you more human suffering my gorgeous gray Grix." She went over to the shelves of film and took out two films.

"Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club?!" gasped the Princess, "Why do I keep grabbing these films?! Even though I do like that red haired actress's performances." She put the two films back on the shelves and went to a shelf labeled, Horrible moments in History.

"Yes, these will do!" smiled the Princess evily as she grabbed the films marked, The Spanish Inquisition, The Holocaust, all the World War films, and lots of other sufferings in history that were too gruesome to mention. The Princess put the jar with the Grix in it in front of the screen and made it watch all those horrible history moments. The Grix seemed to like it all and it grew and grew until it burst open the jar and was now the size of a dog. And it even grew evil looking red eyes.

"Perfect!" laughed the Princess, "Earth is a planet filled with lots of suffering and evil deeds. The Grix can feed on here more than Rainbowland!" The Grix looked at the Princess and was about to jump on her to attack her, but she held out her palm and the gray beast came to a stop.

"That's right my gruesome Grixie!" laughed the Princess, "You were created never to attack and to only obey my royal family. The way my mother designed you. Now how about some hostility to feed on?" The Princess grabbed a nearby laptop, typed up a website, and placed it in front of The Grix. "Now I'm about to introduce you to a place filled with such hostility, suffering, and downright cruelty to all human beings", laughed the Princess, "An animation discussion forum! HA HA HA HA!" The Grix read all the nasty and hurtful comments about people's favorite cartoon shows and movies as well as insulting the fans of the shows who either like or hate them. That really caused the Grix to grow in size.

An hour later, the door to the film room burst open and a tidal wave of gray Grix goo poured out while the Princess was riding on top of the Grix sitting on a table while laughing like a madwoman. The people in the library saw the goo, panicked, and tried to run away. Some got away, but others weren't so lucky and got caught in the Grix's pathway. The poor victims came out all covered with Grix goo from head to toe and had the same red glowing eyes the original Grix had.

"Grix is the word!" cackled the Princess as she watched the now Grix covered people bow down to her. "Now my faithful Grix Grunts", she commanded, "Let's ditch this library and start Grixifying the entire Earth!"

Back in Rainbowland, Rainbow Brite was in her room typing on her computer trying to figure out what was that small gray blob that Brian showed her today. "Let's see, something about small gray blobs", pondered Rainbow, "I'll try a search train." Her Sprite sidekick, Mr. Glitters, was next to her and started making correction sounding squeaks. "Right, a search engine", laughed Rainbow. "Though I think they should call it something like a Search Express. It sounds cuter." Rainbow tried typing the words, small, gray, blob, and cute, then all sorts of words appeared on the screen like kittens, baby dolphins, but hardly anything about small gray blobs. Mr. Glitters started to squeak at Rainbow again.

"Yeah, I know I put the word, cute, too many times in my data searches", said Rainbow, "But I can't help it. Everything should be cute." Mr. Glitters just sighed and erased the world, cute, from the search engine and hit the search button again. This time, the same jar with the small gray blob appeared on the screen.

"Wow", said Rainbow, "Who ever thought not typing, cute, can find you what you're looking for?" Then she read what that the small blob was on the text below.

"Grix", read Rainbow Brite, "A gooey, disgusting, dangerous substance that was created by the mother of The Dark Princess, The Dark Queen, 30 years ago. The Grix started out small, but it grew from feeding off of hostility, suffering, and cruelty. The Grix soon became a dangerous ocean of ooze covering up everything in Rainbowland, including the citizens turning them into helpless slaves known as Grix Grunts."

"OMB!" gasped Rainbow, as she scrolled down and found a picture of her home planet covered in gray ooze like a dipped caramel apple. "This was before I existed", gasped Rainbow, "I guess I shouldn't call this stuff cute after all. How was all this Grix removed? I'd better read some more." She scrolled down some more and continued reading.

"Thankfully, the great hero known as Krys used his strongest secret weapon known as The Spectra Scepter to strike the Grix at its source destroying its power and freeing Rainbowland making it peaceful again. But unfortunately, Krys's prized scepter got lost in the battle and the Grix was reduced to a tiny little speck of blob. The mighty Krys sealed the tiny Grix in a jar and took it with him to Earth and hid it away hoping it would never harm anyone ever again."

"Oh no!" gasped Rainbow, "Brian just found that icky Grix and brought it here to Rainbowland for a minute. I gotta get to Earth and warn him about it and hope he hasn't opened that jar yet!" Just then, a beep was heard on her computer and the words, NEW DATA ABOUT GRIX ADDED. Rainbow nervously read the new data. "Grix was recently now seen on Earth conquering a neighborhood in North America." Rainbow looked at the photo and recognized the neighborhood. "That's Brian's!" cried Rainbow and quickly rushed out the door shouting, "STARLITE! We gotta save Brian!" while Mr. Glitters watched her run off while eyeing the messy photo of the Grix covered neighborhood with a worried face.

Back on Earth, Brian was in his room studying, unaware of the Grix crisis that was happening. Brian suddenly heard some rustling and nervous squeaks. He turned around and found his pet hamster, Captain Fuzz running around and acting restless in his cage.

"I know what's bugging you, Captain Fuzz", said Brian, "You're just mad that I took your "crown" away from you. But it wasn't really a crown in the first place. It was my Dad's Sentinel of Light ring and now I need it to fight the forces of evil. But I promise to make you a new crown out of something else. After all, you still are the King of the Hamsters to me."

But that wasn't what was bugging, Captain Fuzz. He could sense an evil outside the house. Brian switched on his TV and found a news bulletin. "This just in", said the newsman, "Our town is being invaded by some strange gray goo. Nobody knows what this source of toxic is, but it seems to be taking over the town and... AAAAAAH!" Just then, a wave of Grix knocked the newsman down.

"What the...?" gasped Brian as he saw the newsman replaced with a big gray ooze monster with red eyes. "This just in", said the monster in a dark scary voice, "The planet Earth has a new ruler. The beautiful and powerful Dark Princess. All Earth citizens have exactly 5 minutes to surrender themselves to the Grix and become her mindless subjects."

"The Dark Princess?" gasped Brian as he looked out his bedroom window. He became shocked when he saw the monsters known as Grix Grunts wandering around his neighborhood, grabbing all the screaming neighbors and taking them somewhere.

"This is so not good!" gasped Brian, but then saw his ring. "This looks like a job for the Sentinel of Light Unseen!" He shook his ring and suddenly found himself in his sentinel armor ready for action. "You stay here and watch the fort while I handle her royal pain in the butt and her goons." said Brian. "Here's some extra hamster chow in case I don't make it back for a long while." Brian poured a whole pile of hamster food into Captain Fuzz's small bowl, then jumped out the window to save the day.

Brian was sneaking around following the Grix Grunts who were carrying the panicked citizens and taking them to a huge river of Grix in the middle of the town. They threw the people in the Grix and Brian became horrified when he saw those poor people get turned into helpless Grix Grunts. Brian became even more heartbroken when he saw his two friends from school get thrown into the Grix and the same thing happened to them.

"That's enough you monsters!" shouted Brian as he rushed over and shot laser bolts from the cannons on his armored arms. The Grix Grunts got sealed in crystal prisons, but they easily broke out of them like it was rock candy. Brian tried to increase his lasers to destroy, but then realized these were innocent people underneath those gross monsters and couldn't risk hurting them.

Just as the Grunts got closer to a nervous Brian, a familiar scary voice shouted, "Hold your ground, Grunts!" The Grunts just stopped, turned around, and bowed down as a giant Grix hand came sailing through the Grix. It was carrying a throne, and on the throne was The Dark Princess wearing her old black Princess uniform. "Ah, it feels so good feeling like royalty again", laughed The Princess, "Now if I can only get that irritating Dewey Decimal system out of my skull!"

"What have you done?!" demanded Brian.

"Actually, it's what you did", laughed the Princess, "You brought me my mother's long lost secret weapon, The Grix, into my life!" And she took out a broken jar that looked familiar to Brian.

"What?!" gasped Brian, "How did you get that?!"

"Let's just say I switched something gray with something clay when you weren't looking", laughed the Princess.

"You mean you turned that tiny little blob into this big evil mess?!" gasped Brian.

"Actually, it's only medium sized right now", laughed the Princess, "No, make that below medium. But I plan to make it a lot bigger. Big enough to cover and rule the Earth! HA HA HA HA! Grix Grunts, go back to subduing the so called Sentinel of Light and make him one of you!"

"I caused all of this?" whispered Brian, but then came back to his senses as he saw the Grunts coming at him. Brian created a crystal wall with his lasers hoping that would defend himself. But the Grunts just easily smashed the wall down. One of the crystal shards hit a nearby telephone wire above and it landed on one Grix Grunt setting him on fire. Brian watched horrified as the Grunt just easily patted off the fire for obviously, Grix Grunts were fireproof.

"How do I stop these things!" thought Brian as he slowly backed into a dead end brick wall. He watched nervously as the army of Grix Grunts slowly making their way to him. He tried to activate his cannons again, but suddenly, the cannons disappeared and Brian found himself back in his civilian clothes. "Don't do this to me now, ring!" Brian shouted as he tried to shake the ring to activate it again. But then he saw he was standing in a small puddle of Grix that oozed from the bottom of the wall. The Grix had completely covered up his feet.

"Oh no!" cried Brian as he saw no way out of becoming another Grix Grunt. Just then, a rainbow colored lasso snagged Brian by the torso and he got lifted up into the sky. Brian found himself sitting on a rainbow with Rainbow Brite and Starlite standing next to him.

"Brian, are you all right?" asked Rainbow as she released the boy from her lasso.

"Look at his feet!" cried Starlite. The Grix that covered Brian's feet was now slowly oozing up his ankles and then to his shins. Brian went into a state of shock.

Rainbow quickly shot some rainbow ribbons from her fingers and wrapped them around Brian's Grix covered legs and the ribbons hardened into rainbow colored plaster casts stopping the Grix from rising even further. Then Rainbow pushed Brian onto Starlite's back and got on too. "Back to Rainbowland, Starlite!" shouted Rainbow.

"You don't have to tell me twice!" shouted Starlight as he galloped off with his two friends while the Dark Princess watched from below.

"Aw, I'll let them go", laughed the Princess, "I already took out the Sentinel of Light Unseen, so there's nothing Rainbow Brite can do about it now. Come my beautiful Grix and Grix Grunts, we have a world to make yucky!"

Back in Rainbowland, the Color Kids and the Sprites watched as the rainbow pathway appeared and they stepped outside the Color Castle to meet Rainbow Brite while Stormy watched behind a nearby tree.

"Rainbow, what just happened?" asked Red as he and everyone else saw Rainbow get off Starlite and set Brian on the ground of the entrance of the castle.

"What happened to Brian's legs?" asked Lala.

"Color kids, we got a code gray emergency!" panted Rainbow.

"What happened to you, Bri?" asked Buddy as he waved his hand in front of Brian who just sat there and said nothing.

"He's in shock after what he just went through", said Starlite.

Indigo rushed over and placed her ear against Brian's chest, "His heart's not beating", gasped Indigo as she took out a cellphone, dialed it, and said, "Hello, We need a stretcher, pronto!"

"Let me try something", said Rainbow as she leaned Brian flat on the ground. She made two glowing stars appear, rubbed them together like electric paddles, and placed them on Brian's chest. "CLEAR, as a bright blue sky!" shouted Rainbow as she shot some rainbow energy into Brian's body.

"What just happened?" asked Brian who came back to his senses then found his legs wrapped in rainbow casts, "Did I just break my legs?"

"No, nothing that bad", said Rainbow trying to make a fake smile, "Your legs are just enslaved in Grix."

"WHAAAT!" cried Brian as he looked at the beautiful casts that actually concealed ugly messy Grix on his legs.

"Calm down, Brian", said Rainbow as she hugged her friend, "You're safe here in Rainbowland."

"But what if I turn into one of those Grix Grunts and end up hurting all of you?" cried Brian.

"I won't let that happen", said Rainbow, "Those magic casts will keep the Grix from spreading to the rest of your body, until we can find a way to cure you."

"But what about my friends and family?" stuttered Brian, "Along with the rest of Earth?"

"I'd better check and see", said Rainbow as she pushed a button on her rainbow cuff and a film projected into the sky. The Grix was now spreading all over the Earth. The rainforests of South America and its creatures became the victims of Grix. And so were the living creatures of Africa. Places in Europe like England, France, and Italy got the Grix treatment too. Not even the Great Wall of China could block away the Grix. And Australia now had Grix covered kangaroos and Antarctica had Grix covered penguins. Rainbow increased the film and everyone became shocked and horrified as the entire Earth was now a Grix covered mess. Even worse than the photo of the time Rainbowland was Grixified. And the gloppy covered Earth suddenly grew a pair of evil red eyes.

"NOOOOO!" cried Brian as he passed out just as two Sprite orderlies came with a stretcher.