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~Lost... again...~

Captains Log, supplemental.

"I don't know quite how to say this, so I think I should start from the beginning. It all began a few hours ago, when I was planning the away mission to the gray planet beneath us. I had chosen myself, T'Pol and Malcolm. All I needed was one more person... Before I could chose, Trip was in front of me, his eyes at full puppy-dog blast.
"Can I go Cap'n?" he begged. I knew I should have said no, there was no need for him to go...

(A pause, footsteps can be heard as Archer paces back and forth.)

I was still going to say no, I swear! But then he started to pout and before I knew it some... other force had taken me over!
"Okay. Trip you can come." I said. I could have sworn I heard Trip mutter;
"Jedi trick's work every time" but I must have been mistaken. After all I would know if Trip was a Jedi... not that there are any such things as Jedi anyway.

(Another pause.)

Anyway we all went down to the planet... I knew something would go wrong! I just knew it! But did any one listen to me? Noooooooo! I'm only the captain why would anyone take the blindest bit of notice over what I say? So we went down to the planet. Like I said before... That's when the trouble started. Computer end log.


Lt. Malcolm Reed's personal log.

09:00: Started shift on bridge. No enemies, no need to use weapons. Nothing to report.

13:00: The Captain made me take a brake and eat something from the mess hall. No hostiles between the bridge and the mess hall. Nothing to report.

13:20: Back on the bridge. Had Eggs. No invading aliens while I was gone, so no need to use weapons. Nothing to report.

15:00: Reached Tenuis 5. Gray planet with no human like life forms, just plants. Guess that means little chance to fire at anything. Nothing to report.

15:30: Briefing. This away mission may not be as boring as I first thought. Commander Tucker is coming with us and the man is a magnet for trouble so I may get to do something. No sudden weapons blast by a clocked ship during the meeting. Nothing to report.

16:00: Went down to the planet. Foggy. Kept an eye on the Commander but nothing seems to be happening. The the Captain sent me with T'Pol to check out a cave. No hostiles of any kind. Nothing to report.

16:01: At last! Something to report! The Captain is calling a high voice. I wonder if some sort of three legged alien kicked him in his privates?

16:02: No, that didn't happen.

16:05: I don't bloody believe this! Commander Tucker has got lost... in the bloody fog! And do you know how?! Archer ran away from him! Now I've got to go and find him.


Sub-Commander T'Pol's log.

The Commander got lost in the fog. When we found him, he had broken both his legs, with bruising all over his face and was delirious. He claimed he had been gone for days and was beaten. The Captain is beside him self with guilt saying he will never let the Commander out of his sight again. I wonder how long that will last?

(Note to self: ask the Commander what the "Aliens" who kidnapped him looked like.)
Why is it always the Commander?


Commander Tucker's personal Log.

.. Oww... every part of me hurts. Parts of me that I didn't even know where parts of me hurt. I have bruises... and bruises on top of the bruises... and bruises on top of them. Well you get
the picture.
I know T'Pol will be over in a while to ask about my kidnappers. They were strange and they just giggled... about talked of things I didn't understand, such as;
"Trip-Angst. Jon-guilt. T/Tu shipping." Maybe it's a new language.
Why is it always me?


Captains Personal Log, Supplemental.

Note: Get Trip a bell and a collar so we can always hear him.



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