Hello to everyone who made it this far! I'm adding this chapter more than two years after posting the epilogue to let anyone interested know that there is a sequel in progress. At the start of this year, another user (FollowedByArmedLunatics) asked to continue this story seeing as I ended it quite morbidly—understandably, a lot of people were eager for a nicer continuation!

I've been in contact with FollowedByArmedLunatics off-and-on throughout the past eight or so months, mostly attempting to answer questions about a story I could only vaguely remember, and can say for certain that she's a person deserving of your nice comments. She knows Three Wise Monkeys better than I ever did. If you even slightly enjoyed Three Wise Monkeys, please go over and check out Overheard:

Sequel to Three Wise Monkeys by pale-blue11. One thing remained of the homunculus trapped in the Gate. A last broken-hearted wish to be reunited with his brother.

Overheard is in progress here on and also on Archive of Our Own under the same name. FollowedByArmedLunatics is on Tumblr as relatablepicsofedwardelric and sometimes posts about her fic on there.

FollowedByArmedLunatics is a very talented writer and a lovely person. If you're interested in a more optimistic renewal of the terrible story you just finished, please do read the first chapter of Overheard and leave her a comment.

Thank you for reading this far :) Hope you enjoyed this mess!