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As he lay on the soft grass, Sora pondered about Kairi. "I wonder what she's doing right now." Thoughts of her standing at the beach keeping an eye out of the horizon ahead plagued Sora's mine.

"It's time to go Sora!" Donald jumped up and down. "We need to find King Mickey!!!" Donald waved his arms furiously, but stopped to notice Goofy just lying on the grass sleeping with his hands behind his head. "Goofy! Wake up!" Donald finally became impatient and raised his hands in the air. A thunderous lightning fell from the heavens above, electrifying its target known only as Goofy.

"Yeeeoooww!!!" Goofy exclaimed in pain from the discovery of sleeping on the job. "Sorry Donald." Rubbing his buttock, he continued "Gawrsh. I never knew that sleeping hurts so much.

Sora chuckled to the sight of Donald and Goofy's antics. "Donald you need to learn to chill out!" Sora pushed of the ground with his elbows, and stood up. "Take me for example." He started to walk ahead cocky as ever. "I don't worry about every little thing. I just go with the flow." As if on cue to his clumsiness, Sora failed to notice the tree in front of him and walked straight into it. After colliding into the tree, Sora fell back and landed on his rear end. "Ow." Sora said rubbing the back of his head.

Donald bursts out with laughter and points at Sora, laughing at his misfortune. "Go with the flow right?" Donald laughs louder yet.

"Uh, Sora you okay?" Goofy extended his hand, as he stood over the embarrassed boy.

"Uh yea." Sora ignored Goofy's gesture to help him up, and stood up all by himself. Wiping the dirt off his red shorts he continued. "Whatever, I still say you should chill out a little. What'll Leon say if you're still uptight?"

"Nothing." Donald crossed his arms. "Leon is back at his world. Now the only questions is, what world are we in now?" Donald's arms hung in the air.

"Oh don't worry so much about it Donald. Ah hyuk! I'm sure we'll find out soon. We'll just keep on looking." Goofy spoke positively.

"Yeah! I'm sure we'll find Riku, and King Mickey. Just a matter of time right Goofy?" Sora stretched as well as, yawned. "We'll find our friends in no time."

Donald turned away from both of them, giving the two his back. "Well we won't find anything, if you both are just going to goof off!"

"Remember what you told me Donald?" Sora walked up to the white-feathered grouch, and patted him on the back obnoxiously.

Donald's hat popped off his head, and fell to the ground. "What?" Donald said picking up his hat angrily, putting it back on

"We have to smile!" Sora placed both his fist on his hips, and spread his legs. "See!" He gave Donald a huge clumsy grin. "I'm smiling!"

"Yea Donald lets just smile!" Goofy gave a dumb grin to Donald. "See."

Donald tried to contain his laughter on how they both looked with their stupid grins, but failed miserably and dropped to the ground rolling in laughter. "You both look like idiots." He continued to laugh.

"Come on Goofy. We should continue our search." Sora said.

They smiled to each other, and left the obnoxiously laughing duck rolling on the ground. After awhile Donald jumped up noticing they left him, and ran in their direction. "Wait up!!!"

They walked for an hour, before they finally found a small town.

"Look!" Goofy said in his accent pointing to the town. "Maybe we could find out there."

"Sure! Why not?" Sora scratched the back of his head. Turning to Donald, "What do you think Donald?"

"I don't, but lets find out." Donald marched on ahead of them.

Sora and Goofy looked at each other and shrugged, and they followed him.

Sora missed Kairi, and thought about her on the way to the town. He missed how they used to just talk for hours. He wished he could be with her right now. Thoughts of how Riku and himself used to race, and how Kairi would referee the race, plagued his mind. Hope to once again be with them, and return to their childlike fun, etched itself into his soul. "I'll find you Riku. Kairi, I'll come back for you." Sora smiled to himself, and felt the warmth of happiness surge through his veins. "And I'll finally share the fruit with you."

Even though they never admitted it to each other, Sora and Kairi had feelings for each other. They cared deeply for one another, and now longed to be reunited again. But who knows when they will see each other again.

Thoughts of all the friends he made along the way, poured in front of his eyes. If only he could see Leon, Aerith, Yuffie, Aladdin, even Beast. He missed all his friends. He didn't know if he could ever see them again. One thing is all he knew for the moment. He had to find Riku, and King Mickey. Release them from the darkness that has ensnared them. The only other thing Sora could ever possibly believe he understood as well is that he will see Kairi again.

Sora sighed as he nearly reached the town. Donald and Goofy already went in. Sora stopped and looked up the walls of the buildings. Sighing he began to walk into the town.

Who knows what will happen? Who knows whom they'll meet? And, Who knows if they will ever find their way to their friends? All they know is that they must, and that they must is all they know.

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