Author Note: With a new love for Ghost Hunt (both manga and anime) and an old (and still growing) love for Danny Phantom, seems fitting I combine them.

Title: Spiritualist
Summary: After an experience that nearly cost him this half-life, Clockwork sends Danny and Dani (known as Ellie) to a different dimension. While this one still had ghosts, at least they were better than the ones they were used to dealing with. Now a bit older and known as a popular Spiritualist/Ghost Hunter, Danny finds himself joined with a ghost hunting team called SPR.
T for mentions of death, death, mild language, and mild gore throughout the fic
I do not own nor claim Ghost Hunt. I do not own nor claim Danny Phantom
Notes: Dani will be younger (about five to six) and is known as Ellie. AU in both verses.

This fic does include spoilers for Ghost Hunt


Third Person

Danny thought he could trust his parents… He was wrong. He was very wrong because the first chance they had, they betrayed him. Jazz was no where to be found- he suspected that she locked in her bedroom with no hopes of escaping or maybe she didn't know about the experiments? Maybe they told her that Danny was simply missing? Sam and Tucker hadn't shown up yet. He wasn't sure if they had betrayed him as well or if they didn't know either.

It didn't matter. He was still strapped onto an operating table with anti-ghost straps with no hope of escape. The people who captured him? His parents. His very own parents were towering over him with surgical equipment and a mad scientist grin. His mother had on her surgical mask, a scalpel in her hands and an impassive expression on her face. His father stood near the table that held other sharp surgical equipment- most seemed to be a various type of knife that had a faint glow around it that hinted that they were anti-ghost weapons that were sure to cause wounds that would not heal quickly.

Danny's chest tightened and he could feel the tears streaming down his face. This was what he was scared of. It was what he was always scared of. His parents putting science above him, above everything.

"I'm your son," Danny pleaded, "Please! I'm your son!"

"You're ghost scum," Maddie spat, "You are no son of ours."

He never stopped pleading, begging, for them to realize what they were doing, to realize that he was their son, to stop… Even as they cut him open, making fine cuts down his chest to his naval. They never stopped as he screamed, as he cried, as he desperately sobbed for them to stop. Even when the pain was becoming too much to bare, he still was able to find his voice to scream.

"Your son…" Danny said weakly, "…I'm your…son…"

"We don't have a son," Jack said with narrowed eyes, "Our son died. You are a ghost."

With each vicious word said, Danny winced and his heart seemed to break… He wasn't their son in their eyes. He was just a ghost, a freak… I am more than just a ghost, Danny thought fiercely, I am a human too.

Flames. That was all he saw when he managed to weakly open his eyes. He just saw the flames making their way into the lab. He tugged his wrists, trying to get free, but it was to no hope. He closed his eyes, ready to accept his fate. He was going to die. If he was meant to die today, after such a long time being tortured, then so be it. His wounds were still partially opened and the anti-ghost knives had caused a lot of damage that weren't healing. The anti-ghost restraints on the table were keeping him trapped with no hope of escaping.

He could still see the amount of blood and ectoplasm- his blood and ectoplasm- on the floor in puddles and he could feel the amount of blood still on his body.

His parents were already consumed by the flames- their bodies were burning in the corner, the smell of their flesh was a change from the smell of ectoplasmic blood that he had gotten used to. It was only a matter of time before the flames reached him. He briefly wondered what would happen if he died. Would he become a full ghost? Would he ascend or descend? He closed his eyes- the heat from the flames were getting closer. His body was starting to burn… Then there was nothing. No pain. No heat. Absolutely nothing. Did the blood loss kill him before the flames could?

He opened his eyes, wincing that everything still hurt. His whole body was burning with pain, but when he looked around he saw that he was no longer in the basement. Instead he found himself in a very familiar ghostly lair. Clockwork, Danny thought, Should have known… He collapsed onto his knees and grabbed his side as he hissed in pain. The ectoplasmic blood was still pouring out from the wounds, but he had to admit that it wasn't as bad as before. He looked down, a bit confused as he saw that he was only in trousers with bandages covering his whole torso and other multiple wounds over his body.

"Clockwork," Danny realized, he helped me…

"I am here," Clockwork announced as he entered the area, "I wished I was able to act sooner. The Observants had held me back… I did, however, bring someone over…"

His cloak flowed behind him in an imaginary breeze. Danny looked at him a bit confused- who did Clockwork bring with him? Sam? Tucker? Danny received his answer as a small form ran from behind Clockwork and tackled Danny.

"DANNY," a cute little voice cried out, "Danny! Danny!"

Danny winced at the pain that the hug was causing, but he didn't have the heart to push the small five year old away from him. Danielle, or better known as Ellie as it was a less confusing name for her, was hugging him tightly with no indication of letting go. He relaxed into the hug and put his arms around his 'little sister.' A wave of relief washed over him seeing her- confirming that she was indeed safe. It had been too long since he had last seen her as she had been with Frostbite in the Ghost Zone for the past year.

"Thank you," Danny whispered weakly as he looked up at Clockwork, "Thank you…"

It was two weeks before Danny had completely healed. The wounds left deep scars over his body, but they no longer caused him pain. It was in those two weeks that he learned more about himself than he thought possible. Meditation had helped him retain his sanity. Clockwork had taught him much, including how to morph his two forms together. Doing this allowed his body to heal faster and better as well as strength his ghostly abilities. The only side affect of doing this was that it changed his appearance, resembling a mix of both his forms his hair had gotten a few streaks of white and his eyes had turned a mix of blue and green. He didn't mind. In a way, the new appearance helped him overcome the painful memories associated with both forms.

He stood by the window of Clockwork's lair and watched as the green and purple swirls of the universe moved. Physically, he was healed. Mentally, he was slowly reaching there. Clockwork had informed him that his sister had died in the fire. Sam and Tucker believed him to be dead. Maybe it was better that way. Maybe if they believed him to be dead then they could live normal lives. With Vlad believing him to be dead, then he wouldn't have to worry too much about the fruitloop finding him.

He looked down at the books in his hands. The books were given to him by Clockwork, who stated something about how they would help him in the future. Clockwork told him how he was needed in another universe- a different dimension actually- one that was different from his home world and different from the Ghost Zone. He said something about how ghosts from the Ghost Zone are reaching there? Or will reach there? It's a bit sketchy on details… But how different is it going to be? He wasn't sure, but he suspected the books in his hands had information on the new dimension. According to Clockwork, the new dimension was similar to his world, but just how similar was it? Were there even ghosts there?

"Have you done your reading, Daniel," Clockwork asked as he appeared beside the halfa.

Danny gave his mentor a sheepish expression as he scratched at the back of his neck. The motion alone was enough to tell Clockwork the answer. Clockwork let out a sigh, expecting as much. Danny gave him a cheeky grin,

"Look at it this way, I may not have done the reading yet, but at least I got my bags, and Ellie's, packed!"

"Good," Clockwork gave a curt nod, "Then I suspect you are ready for your journey?"


Danny reached a hand up and grabbed the strap of his backpack a bit tightly as if double checking to make sure it was there. The backpack held more books, all given to him by Clockwork and Ghostwriter (who was on good terms with the halfa after learning about what happened). At his feet there were several bags, some big and some were small, holding what little belongings he had (given to him by Clockwork) and Ellie's belongings as well.

The journey was necessary. He needed a change of scenery and it would be dangerous to go back to his world. Besides, like Clockwork had said- he was needed elsewhere. Taking Ellie with him was just a precaution as he didn't want anyone hurting her while he was gone and he had to admit that he did miss his clone/little sister. The little girl in question was standing beside him, looking at him questionably. She had also joined her forms together (with difficulty but she was determined to 'look just like big brother'). Unlike Danny, her hair had stayed black while her eyes had turned the mix of blue and green.

Danny used his telekinesis to lift all the bags up, causing Ellie to giggle. She gave Clockwork a big grin and a quick hug. The ancient ghost tensed up slightly before he relaxed and hesitantly hugged the small girl back. Danny covered his laugh with his hand but he didn't miss the minor glare Clockwork gave him for laughing. Since Ellie had spent her time in the Ghost Zone under the care of both Frostbite and even Clockwork, she had grown rather attached to the elder ghosts.

"Bye-bye, Uncle," she said sweetly before she returned to Danny's side.

Danny held his palm out and Ellie took the hint. She grabbed onto his hand as Danny gave a small nod to Clockwork.

"Thank you for everything, Clockwork… I hope we'll see each other again soon."

"Sooner than you may think, Daniel," Clockwork said vaguely, "But we will meet again when the time is right… I wish you luck on your journey."

With a swish of his staff, Clockwork created a portal that would lead them to the other dimension. Danny and Ellie stood in front of it, watching how the different colors seemed to swirl endlessly. Danny gave Clockwork one last look over his shoulder and a small thankful smile before finally, he and Ellie stepped through it to begin their new lives.