"I'll be home at six, love you!"

That was the last thing Danny said to Clara but he wasn't home yet and she was scared.

"Maybe he couldn't find a cab or maybe the Parent Teacher Conferences ran late." She kept telling herself.

Clara sat on the couch clutching the throw pillow praying for some sign that he was alright.

Suddenly she heard a door knock and her heart dropped. Clara had a feeling this wasn't good.

She reluctantly opened the door and two officers; a male and female stood there looking grim.

They flashed their badges and the man spoke first. "Mam, I'm Sgt. Jones and this is my partner Sgt. Dawson."

"How can I help you?" Clara said worried.

"Are you Clara Oswald?" Sgt. Dawson asked.

Clara just nodded.

"Do you know Danny Pink?" She asked.

"He's my fiancé." Clara's voice wavered.

Sgt. Jones sighed. "I'm sorry to tell you this but Danny Pink was found dead late this evening."

Clara stared at them stunned. "No, y-you're wrong!"

"I'm so sorry but we're not." Sgt. Dawson replied.

Clara didn't want to believe them. "They have to be wrong!" She thought.

But deep down she knew they weren't and felt her world ending as she fought back tears.

"Mr. Pink was found a few miles from the school in a wooded area unresponsive. We did everything we could to revive him." He replied sadly.

"Please!" Clara choked back a sob.

Her legs felt weak and she nearly collapsed; Sgt. Jones caught her in time and Clara sobbed in his arms.

After Clara composed herself she sat in a dining room chair numb and staring at the carpet.

Sgt. Dawson sat in front of her and began asking questions.

"When was the last time you saw him?" Sgt. Dawson asked.

"Today at the school; we're both teachers there."

"Did he have any enemies?" She asked.

Clara shook her head.

"Was he in the military?" She said.

Clara arched her eyebrow. "Yes."

"Did you notice if he ever seemed troubled or depressed?" Sgt. Jones asked.

Her head shot up and she frowned. "Of course not, why?"

"Well, an empty pill bottle was found near his body and we believe Mr. Pink committed suicide."

Clara scoffed. "Seriously? How dare you say that!"

She sighed. "I know this is hard to understand but the evidence speaks for itself."

Clara glared at her. "Get out!"

"Miss Oswald, be reasonable." Sgt. Jones said.

"We're only trying to help."

Clara shook her head. "Don't you dare come here acting like you care then accuse my Danny of suicide!"

Sgt. Dawson cleared her throat. "Well, obviously you're upset so we'll be in touch."

"Just get out." She said softly but firmly opening the door.

As soon as they were gone she slammed the door and sank to the floor crying feeling hurt and angry.

She glanced down at her engagement ring and kissed it.

They could intimidate her with theories all they wanted but Clara knew Danny did not kill himself and one day she would prove it even if it took a million years she would prove it.