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A mistake had been made. The fire marshall had investigated the fire safety of JAG Headquarters. A rookie had been assigned the task of posting the new signs. The problem was that he didn't know where certain signs were to go. He had posted one such sign in the break room. This was the cause for the celebration that took place later that morning.

Tiner was the instigator of the party. He was the first one in the breakroom. He decided to check to see if the sign was correct. He hopped up on the counter near the coffee pot. The next one into the break room was Mac. Noticing Tiner's weird behavior she gave him an odd look. He pointed to the sign. Understanding dawning on her, she filled her coffee cup and hopped up on the counter next to him. Sturgis was the next customer. He walked in on the happy duo who pointed at the sign. Willing to play, Sturgis filled his coffee cup and took a seat on the counter next to Mac. Soon Bobbi Latham came looking for Sturgis. She stayed also. This scenario played out as each new person filed in. Bud, Harriet, Gunny, Manetti then Harm. Some came looking for coffee or tea. Others came looking as more and more people disappeared and laughter could be heard down the hall. Visitors joined in the fun as the break room began to resemble the game of Sardines. Soon the room was filled with the whole gang.

Finally, the Admiral went looking for his staff. The office was deserted but he could hear the laughter in the break room. He went down the hall where he could hear a count being taken...37, 38, 39, 40, 41..."Hey," shouted Harm, "we only need one more! Anyone pregnant?"

"No," said several of the women.

"I wish," said Mac staring at Harm.

"Not yet," sighed Harriet.

"Maybe after today," laughed Meredith winking up at Harm, who gulped convulsively.

The Admiral looked in the doorway to see the breakroom filled with people. "What is going on in here!" He bellowed.

A shout went up as the SECNAV grabbed the Admiral's arm and pulled him in. He was quickly pushed to the center of the room. "I still don't understand," he said a little more calmly, eyeing the SECNAV. Everyone pointed at once to the new sign above the door that read, "CAPACITY 42."