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"Now come the days of the King, and may they be blessed while the thrones of the Valar endure!" said Gandalf as he set the White Crown of Gondor atop Aragorn's head.

All the people of Minas Tirith and all the Men of Gondor and Rohan looked on from atop the city walls or the wide fields of the Pelennor in awed silence. For it seemed now that they saw him for the first time and could recognise his Kingly stature. Near as tall as the Kings of Númenor of old with strength and wisdom laid in equal parts upon his brow.

Then Aragorn, the King Elessar came into the City at last and his standard was hung from the highest towers and the stars shone atop the White Tree renewed. His reign would return to Gondor the days of its highest glory. Arnor would be reborn from the ashes of its death at the hands of the Witch King and the Reunited Kingdom would rule all of the West in peace and prosperity.

In time many came to pay their respects to the new King. Among them was one whom he had long awaited, Arwen Undómiel came to the City in the company of her father and she was to be wed at last to her long love. Then a mere Chieftain of Rangers, now King of Gondor and Arnor Reunited and the first of the House of Telcontar.

So too did Harry stay within the city with Éowyn for a time. She had been roused from her deathly slumber in moments by his touch and voice at her side.

Even in his state of complete undress none contested when he appeared in their camp and went straight to her side, knowing with utter certainty where she was to be found. He entered the building where she was being treated and went immediately to her side. He ignored all attempts to keep him from her by those who did not recognise him and grasped her hand in his.

He leaned down and laid a soft kiss upon her forehead and called to her and her eyes fluttered open in an instant. Warmth returned to her body as is kindled by Harry's own and she looked up at him in wonder and with love in her eyes.

"You returned to me?" she murmured in awe, her eyes becoming wet.

Harry smiled his own damp smile. "I said I would not leave you, my Lady." he said.

She reached up and ran her hand over his face as if to assure herself that he was truly there. "I did not believe, I thought you lost to me," she said as a shadow of the loss crossed her face.

"I would never leave you," said Harry as he leaned down again and hugged her gently, mindful of her injuries. "And you will never have to fear for me again, I promise you."

She had taken grievous injury in her contest with Sauron at Mount Doom and with his wand now lost to him her road to full health was much longer than Harry would like.

To his great relief her recovery was entirely without issue or concern. Within a month she was returned to her old strength and vitality. That time they made best use of to spend as much time together as possible.

Often could they both be found walking the City or the fields and woods beyond its walls for in that time they could not be separated from each other. Two months passed between the crowning of King Elessar and his wedding to Arwen and through all that time the Lords of Rohan remained at Minas Tirith.

Éowyn was treated with the most absolute respect, for Sam had told everyone of her defiance of Sauron with but a melted and broken blade in her hand. So too was Harry held in highest esteem for his actions though ever when he was thanked for his effort he would demure and say that it was the work of Sam, Frodo and Éowyn more so than he. He had been saved by them, he said. Frodo had been the one to bear the Ring to it's doom and had withstood it much longer than Harry could. And had it not been for Éowyn's desperate fight then surely he could not have broken free of the hold of Sauron to do what he did.

Shortly before all were to depart to Rohan Harry was approached by the Kings of both realms.

"Harry, your service to Gondor and all the free peoples of Middle-earth is without compare," said Aragorn. "I would see you rewarded for that service."

Harry prepared himself to politely turn down the offer for he felt he had no need of such rewards but Théoden cut in.

"You no longer have the full use of your magic," he stated firmly. "You will be in need of a means of support if in time you wish to ask me for Éowyn's hand in matrimony."

Unexpectedly Harry did not find himself embarrassed at the suggestion. By now he and Éowyn had known each other for many months and he felt he could happily spend the remaining years of his life with her. It would be some time before he intended to marry, of course but it felt to him merely a matter of time.

"What did you have in mind, my Lords?" he asked with a wry smile.

"I would make you Captain of Anórien and grant you land between Minas Tirith and Rohan for you to develop as you would see fit," said Aragorn much to Harry's surprise.

"But my King, Anórien is ruled from Minas Tirith , is it not?" asked Harry in confusion. "It is administered by the Steward."

"Faramir has no want of staying in the City, long has he laboured against Mordor in Ithilien and he says there is no land more fair," said Aragorn. "I will name him the Prince of Ithilien and he will remain my Steward but his lands will be to the East of the river, not West."

"Then surely the command of Anórien will fall to you, my King," said Harry, still reluctant.

"I will be travelling to the Northern part of my Kingdom in the months to come," said Aragorn. "I will see Arnor restored, I will have quite enough to command there and a city to rebuild."

Harry then looked at Théoden for his opinion on the suggestion. "I believe it to be a worthy offer," he said. "I would not deny you the hand of my daughter even if you were to turn it down nor even if I knew she would abide by my wishes." He smiled fondly at the thought of her. "Yet it would soothe my heart to know that she will be kept to a standard befitting her fair stature."

"Have you spoken to her of this?" asked Harry as he attempted to gain some idea of how much choice he yet had.

Théoden smiled again, something he had been doing much of of late. "We did, she told us only that the choice would be your own," he said.

Harry smiled and lowered his head in acceptance. "Then I would accept your offer. Éowyn deserves much more than I can currently give her, this would go some small way to achieving what she is owed."

Both kings smiled to hear that Harry would take their offer. For Harry, though it drove home the thought that he and Éowyn might soon be expected to marry. It was a strange thing for him as he had thought that they would have much time together before such thoughts needed to be considered.

In the end it was decided that they would marry at Meduseld before Aragorn, Gandalf and the Hobbits continued North to Arnor and the Shire. It was Théoden who suggested it to them and both agreed heartily with the suggestion. It was a short betrothal and their courting had not been all that long and yet it seemed the last years of the Third Age were to be filled with marriage and joyous joinings and so Harry had no argument. He remembered the beauty of Meduseld and could think of no better use for it than for it to be the place of his final marriage to his Lady.

It seemed when they travelled North that all the Lords of Gondor came to Rohan with their King. Many brought their families, wives, daughters and sons with them as they came and so it was that a great host of near five thousand descended upon Meduseld.

Great feasts were held in remembrance of the victorious dead and stories were told of the valour of all who fell at the Walls of Minas Tirith and outside the Gates of Morannon. It was not mourning for among the Rohirrim the mourning period was not long. Instead those who died in such heroic and glorious fashion were remembered in deed and in song and all the happy days of their lives were remembered. A celebration of life and valour was the way of the Rohirrim, they did not dwell overlong on the loss for all would one day do to the Halls of their fathers and be again reunited.

Despite the presence of all the lords of the land the wedding of Harry and Éowyn was a much simpler affair than that of Aragorn and Arwen earlier that year, the people of Rohan were less given to such extensive pomp. Yet for Harry it would forever remain one of the very best days of his life. The sight of Éowyn in a magnificent dress and with white flowers laced through her hair of spun gold was breathtaking and in that moment he had never loved her more.

Not only the Lords of Gondor had come to the weddings, indeed so too had the great Lords and Ladies of Elvendom. Among them were Galadriel and and Celeborn, the grandparents of Arwen. Harry had overheard an argument between Éomer and Gimli on who was more fair to look upon; Galadriel or Arwen. He could see the beauty in both yet to him there was none so beautiful as Éowyn as she stood before him in Meduseld clad in gown and flowers of purest white. None in all the world could compare to her and if he was to fight Gimli over it then he would and he would be glad.

They were joined by Aragorn, the King Elessar under the golden boughs of Meduseld and Harry would feel a joy unlike any he had ever known when finally he placed a ring of gold and mithril upon her finger. The ring was a gift from both Legolas and Gimli, the combined crafts of their people brought together in a gift to the one who had ended the power of the greatest of all Rings.

Soon, though, the time came for all to part ways. Harry and Éowyn were to remain at Edoras for a time while a home was build at Cair Andros upon the Anduin. Aragorn was to go North to begin the reconstruction of the Kingdom of Arnor and he would be joined by Gandalf and the Hobbits who would return to the Shire.

Éomer took his leave at that time to follow the Prince of Dol Amroth to Belfalas. He claimed it was to look at their horses and breeding techniques though Éowyn whispered to Harry that Lothíriel, daughter of Imrahil, had caught her brother's eye. Both were happy for him and in time Éomer too became married and Lothíriel returned to Edoras at his side.

Faramir returned to a quiet life of scholarly pursuit among the green boughs of fair Ithilien. Just a year later another wedding was held, this one between a daughter of Hirluin the Fair of Green Hills and Faramir, Prince of Ithilien.

So the year was passed in happiness and light. Harry kept his promise to those whom he had wronged in his folly with the Ring. He made sure that all the families of those lost at the Battle of Morannon would be welcomed and made at home at Cair Andros. Anórien was a rich and lush part of Gondor, even after large parts had been burned by the fires of Mordor in the war, and it had more than enough to support the few hundred families that Harry asked to join him there.

A town was created upon the island and formed an important trading link between Gondor, Rohan and the freed lands to the East. It became rich upon trade and the lands of Anórien were lush and plentiful in harvest. Even at the end of the Third Age it was one of the most heavily populated parts of Gondor, it soon came to eclipse even Dol Amroth in wealth.

Shortly before two years had passed it was discovered that Éowyn was to have a child and much joy and celebration was to be found at Cair Andros. Not a week after the announcement Gandalf the White came there and presented Harry with his staff.

"Gandalf," Harry said in awe when the Wizard offered his staff to him, "I cannot accept this, this staff is yours and yours alone."

"I have seen all the use of it that I may," said Gandalf firmly, "I am to sail into the West and I would have you take this as a final gift and thanks to you."

Harry nodded and when he grasped the staff he felt a warm fire spread through him such as he had not felt in years. He had made do without his wand, able to perform simple magics and Apparition in its absence. The staff was greatly different to his wand yet over the years he came to appreciate its power. It could not form the same detailed spells he had used with his wand yet he was still able to bring about many of the effects he wished for.

When Gandalf left from Cair Andros after his short visit he went then to the Grey Havens upon the Gulf of Lune and there, alongside Elrond, Galadriel and Frodo and Bilbo Baggins sailed at last to the West. His task finally complete within Middle-earth he would return to his old life amid the gardens of Irmo in Valinor after an absence of an age of the world.

With the staff of Gandalf Harry was able to form protections about Cair Andros and raised towers higher than any seen since the days of Gondolin in the distant first age. The city and keep of Cair Andros became a bastion to compete even with the White City and with Harry and his family residing within none would ever assault it openly throughout its long history.

The rule of King Elessar was one of peace and prosperity. No great battles came and never did Harry or Éowyn have to ride forth from their home at Cair Andros in wrath. Soon the first child was born, a boy with his father's black hair, to be called Fastred by Éowyn. His eyes took on the appearance of both his mother and his father and were the pale green of the pools of Cair Andros. His joyous laughter brought smiles to all parts of Anórien and so he came to be called Merlîn by the people of Gondor. Pools of Joy, in the tongue of the elves.

Before another five years passed another child was born to Harry and Éowyn, a daughter who somehow claimed the beautiful dark red hair of her grand-mother yet it shone like her mother's. Though many considered it a strange choice Harry named her Lily after the one from whom she took much of her looks and she was the apple of his eye. For her hair she was named Iavasriel, maiden crowned in autumn, in Gondor and in time would come to be regarded in Gondor as a beauty beyond any other.

As the children grew up Harry discovered that both had some ability with magic and so he took to training them in what he could of his craft. He had not the ability nor resources to create wands for them so the learning was limited but Gandalf's white staff would one day come to be the heirloom of his house. His son, Fastred Merlîn would in time come to master the staff like none before and his works and deeds would pass into legend that would be remembered even beyond the edge of night. His teachings and writings would be recovered in later ages and those who still held the blood of Gledfréa would look to them as their greatest treasures.

Not only did his line bear the mark of magic, but also of Éowyn, the shield-maiden of Rohan. All learned to ride in their earliest years in the tradition of the Rohirrim and even the girls were instructed in the art of the blade for though the peace was to be one longer than any previously known Éowyn would not have any of her children unable to defend those they loved. In the wars in the far future ever would the line of Gledfréa stand steadfast against the darkness and beside their family. None would ever balk from their duty.

When Fastred was just 9 years old Théoden, now known as 'The Old', passed on finally into the embrace of his ancestors and was succeeded by the man whom all knew to be his son in truth. Éomer ascended to the Kingship of Rohan later that year and the peace of Rohan continued for all his life and through the life of his son, Elfwine the Fair.

In the 31st year of the Fourth Age another great wedding was held, this one between Eldarion the firstborn son of King Elessar and Lily Iavasriel the daughter of Harry Gledfréa. Once again all the Lords of the lands came to Minas Tirith to see them wed, even the Lords of the North, the old Kingdom of Arnor came and it was a grander affair than had ever been seen before or would ever be seen after.

Thereafter every now and then a daughter would be born to the royal house bearing the hair of Lily Iavasriel and ever would they be beautiful and pursued by all the young Lords' sons for their wit and beauty combined. So too was the power of magic passed into the House of Telcontar and the secret of its practice passed down through the line, not to wane until it finally the line became lost after years uncounted.

For seventy years Harry and Éowyn lived happily at their home in Cair Andros, occasionally venturing forth to wander through beautiful or distant lands together. Finally, though, the weight of years began to catch up with them. Éowyn felt their influence more than Harry whose lifespan was extended almost to the length of the dúnedain. Éowyn became bowed and old as the years continued to fall upon them both yet she lost none of her beauty in Harry's eyes.

No longer was she crowned in gold, but in shimmering silver. No longer was the light of the sun in her hair, but the light of the moon. She entered the evening of her life but still Harry would never love her less. His own hurt was the thought of her loss when finally age became too much to bear.

In time though she passed on and Harry was left without her for the first time in decades. By now Cair Andros was populated with three generations of his family with a fourth on the way and he was no lonely but he longed to see Éowyn again and his heart wept at her lack.

He stayed in Cair Andros another five years before, in the the 73rd year of the Fourth Age he granted to his son his staff, said his goodbyes to his family and went travelling.

What happened after that is debated among the scholars. When he left he was no longer a young man in appearance yet he still had the vitality of youth such as was granted to the noble men of Westernesse. Some say he still walks the lands of Middle-earth, alone and lonely, aged and bent, ever searching for a way to rejoin his beloved in death.

Others say he travelled to the North and to the last Elf Havens at Lindon and from there boarded a ship into the Undying West.

Yet sail to the West he did and there he lived out the last his extended days in the Gardens of Lórien until finally he passed on into the embrace of Eru and the waiting arms of his beloved Éowyn. When finally he passed into the arms of Eru he found all his family long lost waiting him with joy upon their faces and love in their hearts.

His sons and daughters all shared in his extended lifespan and most of his line shared also in the gift of magic. Over long years his blood did become thinner in their veins and yet still their lives did not wane line those of Númenor and they continued to live to great ages even as the world fell to age and disrepair and the valour of the far off history was forgotten to all but song.

The family of Gledfréa remained upon the island of Cair Andros until the very breaking of the world and never was his line broken or did it ever fall into strife. When the fifth age of the world came at last only one story of the third and fourth ages would be remembered.


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Also, the mentions of Merlin and such can be considered to be nerd wank from me. Tolkien's work is meant to be a legendary history of our world. Not necessarily a true history, but one which could be true if you wished. By throwing in a bit of magic and a few references to Merlin (Sindarin!) I figured it would make this Middle-earth match up more closely to HP-Earth. Also, I was reading a Sindarin dictionary (normal people do that right?) and saw it was possible. So it had to be done.

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