Chapter 5

Journal entry:

I believed that I and the good Reverend were the only ones in the area that knew about the Reckoning. Turns out I was wrong….

James was headed back into the small town when, he saw a large house in the distance. The sounds of children laughing reached his ears and drew him to the large building he saw in the distance.

He approached the building to see some children playing outside, and some adults watching them. Or it appeared that they were paying attention. A young colored woman stood on the porch with two other adults, but they were looking out to the horizon. This made James wonder what exactly they were looking at.

As he approached, the young colored woman looked at him, and smiled.

"Can I help you sir?', she asked.

"Yes. My name is James Williamson. I'm here with the U.S. Marshall Office. I'm here to investigate the deaths going on."

The one adult female looked over at him. "Your investigating my sister's death?," she said looking out to the distance.

'She's blind', he thought. "Yes ma'am. We're having something similar to it in Chicago and I was asked to come up here and see if it's the same person."

The woman turned to the young colored woman. "Hester Sue, please call the children in. Adam and I will join you in the parlor."

The young black woman called in the children just as the other two walked into the house. Before James could walk in, he heard a voice coming from behind him. "Those folks aren't too keen on what's really happening in this town, sir. Not like you and I are."

James turned around and saw an older colored man standing before him. He was dressed in simple clothes, and had his head shaved. His smile and features told James he had seen enough of the world to know what he was talking about.

He held out his hand "Name's Joe Kagen. And from your manners I take it you're a Union man?"

"Yes I am. I'm with the Agency. You know what's going on around here?"

"Seen something like this years ago on my old Master's plantation. We had an overseer that was mean as the devil. Me and a bunch of others had decided one night to take care of him. We found him coming out of one of the girl's house one night and he killed him. About a couple of days later he reappeared. There was a hellish glow to his eyes and he began to go about killing everyone. I had found my way to the Master's house, and found one of his pistols. The family was dead, and they didn't mind too much. I found the overseer in one of the houses, getting ready to kill some more people. I took the gun and shot it in the head. He fell straight to the ground and didn't move. Some of the other slaves that were killed started moving about. I didn't have enough bullets, so I ran from there. I know that little girl is back alive somehow, like the overseer. A bullet may put her down, but she's after something. Or someone."

James listened to all he had to say. "You're thinking that this is connected to the Olson girl?"

"Wouldn't doubt it. That girl is mean, but she is hiding pretty good."

"I think it might be time to draw out the creature and put her down."

James thought for a moment. "You know where she's hiding?"

"Only one place she could be. Her pa's barn."

James looked over at Joe. "Mr. Kagen, I would appreciate your help in putting down this creature. If she's hiding in the barn, we have to draw her out. And I think I know how to draw her out. Can you meet me at the church in 2 hours?"

"Yes sir I can. Let's hope your plan is a good one."