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-=El Search Party, Lu and Ciel=-

After two days of being stuck in Fiore, the Elgang and Fairy Tail hardly knew a thing about eachother, and the butler/queen duo Lu and Ciel were wondering about something.

"Hey, Ciel. How do you suppose we get out of this world and back in our own?" The Noblesse asked the Royal Guard.

"Not sure... It was because of Pesops' (Pesops = Noface.) alchemy work. Do you think there's anyone here who's able to use the same kind of alchemy or whatever?"

"I know this one blonde, short guy with a metal arm and le-"

"Lu, not that kind of Alchemist."

"Oh. Yeah. Right."

"Still though, What is it that could bring us back to our world?"

"The folks here in Fairy Tail probably have some way that can send us back..."

"Like what?"

"Magic? Who knows, just hope they do."

Then, a (shirtless,) man approached the two, which the air around Lu and Ciel got colder the closer the man got.

"Hey, uh... are you two with the red-haired kid- what's his face?" He asked. From what the two remembered, the man's name was Gray Fullbuster.

"You mean Elsword? Yes, we are." Ciel replied.

"Well, he just got himself into a fight with Natsu, you know, the fire breathing pink haired guy, and now they're probably gonna murder eachother..."

"What? Why?"


...Five Minutes Earlier...

"Hey! You! Fight me!" Elsword shouted while pointing at Natsu, both standing in the middle of the Fairy Tail Guild Hall.

"Wha- why?"

"Simple reason! You look strong and I wanna prove I'm stronger!"

"Sorry, kid. I'm on my way for a job." The Dragon Slayer walked away until Elsword pokes at Natsu's nerves.

"Or are you just scared of a kid?"

"What? No! Don't be ridiculous, I ain't afraid of you!"

"Then why don't you fight me?!"

"Because I got a job and it rewards tons of jewels; I told you that already!" Or more like, Jewels that Lucy needed for rent. That I hardly get any of... Natsu continued walking.

"Or what, does that pink hair of yours make you a coward?"

That got to him. He turned around. "What color did you just say my hair was?"

"Pink!" Elsword repeated in a taunting voice, with a smartass grin.

Then, a small blue cat (Or, Exceed in the world of Earthland), whose name was Happy, walked up to Natsu and tugged on his shorts. "Hey Natsu, are we gonna go or what?"

"Not now Happy, I need to school a kid..."

"Wha-?" Natsu paid no more attention to the Exceed, and directed his attention to Elsword.

"Listen, kid! My hair is Light Red! Not pink!"

"Meh, I dunno. It looks pink to me."

"What?! You're really picking a fight with me? Right now?!'

"Damn skippy, pink hair!"

"Arrgh! You're getting on my nerves, man!" Natsu angrily stomped continuously with an angered expression wide on his face.

Elsword snickered. Maybe one more, and he'll fight me! He shouts, "But in all seriousness, is that hair pink because you used permanent hair dye with the wrong color? Or what, do the curtains match the drapes? Blanket match the pillow? Or is it pink because you want it to, you scaly-ass freak?"

The entire guild suddenly got quiet from Elsword's last comment. Nearby guild members had looks of disbelief on their faces, including Gray and Happy (Gray's face was speaking for him, as if he was saying, "Did he really just..?", and Happy's eyes were wide open), as well as the standing-by Aisha and Raven, one with their jaw dropped, and the other's face was entirely shocked.




"And that's what happened before Natsu violently attacked Elsword. They brought it outside; the master doesn't like it when the guild gets wrecked."

"So that's what that silence was..."

"Huhu, what a reckless idiot~." Lu commented.

"Should we do something, Lu? I mean, they could end up killing each other."

"Nope, let us allow them to fight. I wanna see how it ends. Huhuhuhu!"

"I'll kill you for mocking my hair, redhead!" Natsu had been struggling using his Fire Dragon Slayer magic, but to no avail, due to Elsword's ability to deflect magical projectiles, an ability Aisha is far too familiar with.

"Yo, both my sister, your friend and I have red hair, too! You got somethin' 'gainst red heads?" The redhead on topic pokes even further at Natsu's anger.

"You know what I mean!"

"I really don't." Elsword had another clear grin of a smartass.

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHH!" Realizing his mistakes, Natsu continues his assault using his own fists, boosted with flames. Elsword swung his flame powered sword, as Natsu swung his arm.

Their strikes collide together and create a loud explosion of flames. Elsword takes his weapon advantage and puts it to use by smashing the Dragon Slayer's head to knock him down with the butt of his hilt. "Explosive Fist!" The Rune Slayer covers his hand in flames, and strikes Natsu's face, causing miniature chain explosions. However, he was shocked to realize the fire was shrinking, rather than burning out, and stream theirselves from explosive attacks, into... ChompSlurpGnawChewSwallow.

Natsu's meal! Elsword's eyebrows were raised, and had a shut guilty mouth. He then blurts out, "Is it too late to say sorry?"

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" *Boom!*

Elsword was blown back, rolling on his sides, and quickly recovers from the attack. As he sees Natsu charging towards him, he releases a magical blade from behind him. "Wind Blade!" Natsu narrowly dodges to the left, and uses his right knee to strike Elsword's stomach, and send him flying with a swift uppercut. However, from midair, Elsword sends downward a large, blue, magical blade from a rune, towards Natsu. "Luna Blade!" Unlike from before, Natsu could not dodge the high speed blade and was struck through the stomach, then shattered in mana and magic energy. Fortunately, it did not create any deep wounds.

"Guh, what was that thing? It feels like my magic power just got drained a whole lot!"

"That's just what Luna Blade does to a guy."

"Fine, play it your way," The Dragon Slayer's arms were engulfed in flames,

"And I'l play it mine! Fire Dragon Wing Attack!" Natsu struck Elsword downward, with both flaming arms...

"Oh shi-!"


*BOOM!* And he was thrown back, crashing into the wall of the Fairy Tail Guild Hall.

Elsword, recovering from the crater placed into the wall, and spits onto the ground, grinning. "Alright, totally fine with me, but this is 'cause you asked for it." Elsword, rushing quickly up to Natsu, swings his sword up, throwing the dragon slayer toward the air.

"Storm..." A large magical blade bursts upwards from Elsword's body. As Natsu falls down towards the ground, he fell to Elsword's massive blade, but just narrowly avoiding it.

"Hah! Missed, jer-!"

"...Blade!" a large array of slightly smaller blades burst from the larger blade, and spun around violently, cutting up Natsu, unable to escape. "Gaah!

Once the assault of blades ended, Elsword jumped and swung Natsu down from the air, using his own physical sword.

Standing up, Natsu chuckles, "Heh... you really are strong, Elsword. But now, I'mma get serious Try and keep up." Natsu was suddenly surrounded in Fire and Electricity. "Lightning Flame Dragon Mode!"

"Don't you worry; that'll be too easy for me. Natsu." Elsword himself was surrounded in an intense red aura. Awakening!

Both fighters began their own most powerful skills.

"Lightning Flame Dragon's..." Natsu began to channel Lightning Dragon Slayer and Fire Dragon Slayer Magic within his mouth.

"Shining Rune..." Space above Elsword began to ripple, and crimson Luna Blades and runes ready to explode floated above him.



Both attacks were suddenly stopped, as both of them were interrupted by their own terrifyinng, older, female companions. Erza Scarlet, Natsu's friend in armor, and Rena, Elsword's Elven friend.

"That is enough from both of you!" In unision, the frustrated women had both struck their respective teammate with a punch to their heads, canceling their attacks, as well digging their faces into the ground, nearly knocking the two unconcious.

"Elsword, we are in their world, and in their territory! Respect them! Because if you don't, then I will make you suffer!" Rena threatened, as Erza warned, "Natsu, they are guests here! You should not fight them, even if they insult you!"






From afar, Add muttered, "For the love of the El Lady, those two are so similar... It's bad enough I have to put up with Elsword, but now there's that... "Dragon Slayer". Ugh, I hope that paper-faced scientist finds some way to get us outta here. ASAP. Or we could at least manage to get one of these wizards to help out in some way... Which, somehow, I don't understand, with all this magic bull s**t." Add had an emphasis of disgust towards the word, Magic.

The nearby duo heard this, and Lu responds. "Oh come on, it's fun to watch them bicker. Isn't it, Ciel?"

"They could at least pipe down. They're incredibly noisy."

"Perhaps. But they'd make excellent mid-meal entertainment."

Add covered his ears as the tortured screaming becomes louder. "Kugh! They're both screaming in agony at frequencies only a mutt should hear!"

"Then send them to some other place in time." Ciel suggested, as he ducks from a broken table leg that had flown towards their direction. Lu, noticing this, shouts, "Rena! Erza! Try not to hit them too hard with the table!" She then takes a moment to think...

"On second thought, hit them harder!"

...Moments Later...

"So. Have we learned our lesson?" Rena glared down at Elsword, literally put down into the ground and ruthlessly punished, bruised and shivering head.

"Well, have you, Natsu?" Erza held the same threatening gaze towards Natsu's steel-planted face.

"Yes... Ma'am..." They were literally crying!

However, from across the guild hall, the Guild Master of Fairy Tail, known as Makarov Dreyar, seems to have an important announcement.

"Attention, Fairy Tail! I have recently received recent news from the magic council!

All over, not only Magnolia, but Earthland itself, has reported that several portals, similar to the portal which the group from Elrios came out from, are popping up out of nowhere, and creatures, believed to be demons, are crawling out from them. I wish to talk with the 'El Search Party', about such ocurrences."

Rena pivots towards the Fairy Tail building, "What? The dmons found their way to this world..?"

"Demons?" Erza turns her head to Rena, (as she cannot pivot, herself, with one foot on Natsu's head.) "We have heard of those, but I assume the ones we've heard of are different from what's coming from those portals."

"Wait, the demons are here?" Elsword speaks, with a struggling voice, as his baggy ass had been planted firmly into the ground.

"Demons?" Natsu questions, as well, with a garbled voice, from Erza generously rubbing her cold, metal boot in his face.



"That's 'Yes, ma'am'!"

"Oh, please, whatever gods are up there, make it stop!"

Rena smirks. "We'd love to..."

Erza finishes, "But you really deserve this!"

Meters away, Raven gleefully watches this comedically painful scene unfold and chuckles, however interrupts. "C'mon, Rena. We have to see their Guild Master. But I'm totally fine with leaving Elsword seeded into that ground, like that."

"Raven, save me!"


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