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Four long springs have passed yet none appear colorful to her eyes. It all seem sad as the flowers grow beautiful and then die when the season was over. It reminded her how everything had an end, how all the wonderful and beautiful things finish dying away into only memories that were stuck inside your head forever. Those images from the past were more like a nightmare that, no matter where she try to escape, they were always hunting her day and night, reminding the decisions she later regret. All nigths she would wake up, scared, afraid to live once again in her head what happen four years. It was still fresh; all the stares shared, the words thrown at each other, their skins rarely rosing at times, it was all clear still inside her.

Jae Kyung was breathing heavily while laying down on her bed. She was asleep. Little groans and unclear words came from her mouth as she try to fight back another nightmare. At this point she was covered in sweat for the adrenaline her heart was feeling and how scared she seem.

"Jae Kyung!" someone shouted. This woke her up immediately. Eyes widen as she sat quickly on her bed taking a deep breath. One of her hands touched her chest trying to calm down her agitated heart while the other one took the sweat away from her forehead.

"This is happening every night. I'm getting worried about you" the same person that woke her up sit beside the bed and took a towel from her drawer to clean her face from the sweat.

"I'm fine" Jae Kyung lied.

"Is this fine?" the woman stop and look at her very serious in the eyes. "It has been like this since you came to live here. Four years, Jae Kyung, four years. That's not possible" from the look in her eyes the woman seem tired and worried. Right under her eyes there were little dark bags hanging from endless nights of waking up to rescue the girl that was supposedly promise not to disturb her life.

"You can't continue like this" she looked like her mother talking and she hated that. After four years, she still couldn't forget the decision her daughter took right when her life was about to be more miserable than now. Jae Kyung disliked the idea of seeing her face, her mother would constantly remind her of the past and the supposedly mistakes she made and how immature she acted. There was no doubt at all that she still loved her, that her mother treated her like an actual princess, but now everything is different. Every time she would hear someone talk like her or even saying something she would say it will break her heart to remember there was no good relationship between them now.

"What you want me to do- I can't control this" Jae Kyung said with an agitated voice.

"You could change this" a slight voice of hope appeared as the woman lean closer to look at her in the eyes with sadness. She knew what she was talking about. Jae Kyung shook her head fiercely and covered her ears with the hands. She still behaved like a little girl sometimes.

"Jae Kyung-" the woman's hand slowly went to touch hers and made her lay it down. "-don't you think is time to face your fear?" the monkey girl soften her face into realization; her cousin was right. She couldn't get away from her past forever. Running seem worthless as there was no way to escape, she would came back to where she started.

"Look, I love you and I want the best for you. That's why I think that the best thing for you now is to return to Korea and face everyone you left behind" there was no secret Jae Kyung would hide away from her. Her cousin knew it all from the beginning until now.

For a moment she felt how the sadness was taking control in her mind. There was no other way to describe how bad she has been to everyone that worried about her. Countless of times the two commoners, her only friends write to her letters of how much they miss her presence, of how everything has changed without her being right there with them. Both of them would tell her everything that was happening in each one's life, except, that none of her letters mention for a single time the Don Juan. Jae Kyung wonder if he separated from everyone, or maybe the girls thought it was best to leave him out the message. Although everyone thought it was best for her, she was the only one who wanted more than anything to know how he was doing. Questions always stood in blank as she never wrote back to them. She was afraid, scared to tell the girls why she ran away, why she moved far away where no one could find her. How could she write back now out of nowhere when it has been four years of absence? They stop, they completely stop sending letters to her. Maybe they were tired, maybe they thought Jae Kyung wasn't interested, and that made her sad, even more when she would come to the house and no one would say she received a letter. She missed them more now as she didn't knew about their lifes.

"I will think about it" those were the only words she said before laying down once again on her bed, sending the message she wanted to be alone now. Her cousin stood there for a second, just looking at her with a sad face. After that, she didn't say anything else and got out of the room without saying a word. This was something new to her. For the first time in four years she was going to think about it.

"Why this woman is taking so long?" he looked at his clock just to check if he was at the right time to pick her up. He was. Impatience was growing on his nerves as he try not to get out of the car and see what was the matter. For a moment, he regretted accepting four years ago to this kind of job where no one even pay him for this. Again, this was now part of his daily routine and there was no way he wanted to break that. Even when he could get cranky and impatient sometimes, it still made him smile to see the only one that stick to his side all this time. She was the only girl that was there for him, the only one who would now know when he wasn't feeling well in his heart.

The car door open and she sit down quickly. "I'm sorry. I couldn't leave with one of my kids still there" she said with a small smile on her face. She looked very tired, and no wonder why; working with hyperactive kids almost all day could be one of the most tiring works.

"Don't worry, country bumpkin. I understand" after that he drove away. It amaze him how time made everyone change so fast and even more Ga Eul, who had grown in every way a man would love. He needed to be more protective than ever, she was getting the attention of everyone without her even having a slight interest on them.

Four years have passed and she has grown to be like a sister to him. The only one he could wish for. The only one that understood him perfectly and that knew how it felt to not have that someone in their life right now. But of course, her case was different. So Yi Jeong was obviously going to come back. The one he once loved was possibly never going to see his face again. Dang! he cursed under his breath for how he was still thinking about that monkey girl.

Woo Bin try to hate her, but he couldn't. Resentment was all he could feel inside his heart at this point. He try to forget about her and in some way it was working; his full-time job as a business man and mafia leader consumed the time he had to think of anything else. There was now no time in his mind and no space in his heart to think or feel something for her. Believing every feeling had died and gone away for good, he felt happy about it and less stressed. Also, even when he grow to be a man, he still carried the title as a Don Juan, but there was no proud anymore on that. He would go out from time to time with someone but it wasn't the same. Woo Bin was getting tired of that lifestyle and leaving it behind soon was the best. Not any of his friends would act like before, everyone changed for good, even Gu Jun Pyo. Now it was time to change and forever.

"How was work today?" Ga Eul would ask as always.

"Good" he only said. The only secret that he kept away from her was that he belongs to the mafia. In fact, he was to become the leader soon.

"How was yours?" asked the Don Juan taking a glimpse of her face before fixing his eyes again to the road.

"As always; two scraped their knee while playing, one vomited on his clay and another one kept following me around" she was literally counting with her fingers how many incidents happen for the day. Gladly, it wasn't much trouble as the other days.

"Why the boy kept following you around?" Woo Bin asked a bit curious.

Ga Eul covered her mouth for the smile she was wearing of happiness and a little laugh she was letting escape. "He was giving me flowers, telling me that I was the most beautiful girl he has seen" her eyes went to look at his expression for any funny reaction. Woo Bin sighed and shook his head a bit serious.

"Yah! Ga Eul, not only man but kids. Aish! You need to stop" he said trying to sound serious, but after the country bumpkin gave him a slight push on his arm he smiled back.

"Now I have to talk to that kid seriously" he said emphasizing the last word.

"He is just a kid" her voice sounded a bit annoying every time he said that. She really felt like a little sister being over protected.

"Well, Yi Jeong didn't give me a specific age. He just told me to protect you from every male. And that my friend, includes that little guy" he smiled at her and she kept quiet for how stupid he could act sometimes. It was funny, though. There was not even one time where they wouldn't share a laugh and tease each other about anything.

"Talking about that, do you miss him?" he asked very serious but to her eyes and mind it seem like a stupid question to ask. It was simple and obvious the answer. She stood quiet and instead looked at him with an obvious glance.

"Tell me, do you miss her?" if he was going to make such dumb questions, she wanted to do it too. Yet there was another reason behind this sudden question that made his eyes open wide by the simple fact she mentioned the word 'her'. Ga Eul wanted to discover even by the facial expression what his reaction could be and even more for the response that it could be given.

Woo Bin coughed a bit with furrowed brows before glancing coldly to the road. "I don't know who are you talking about" a sudden tense filled up the space between them but the country bumpkin try to ignore it.

"Of course you do" she try to play it cool and sweetly smile at him, but he wasn't glancing anymore to her. "Why every time we touch this subject you-?" she was abruptly interrupted by him.

"Can't you understand she became my past, nothing more than that?" his voice was agitated at this point. Ga Eul hasn't seen him before like this.

"I don't want to talk about her. She is nothing to me. Period" he stood silence after that. Ga Eul was afraid at this point to even apologize at this point for how he became explosive for such question she didn't find he cared to answer. In fact, this question has been asked before and in none he acted like this; agitated and angry.

Woo Bin thought about how it annoy him every time anyone would ask about her. It was such a long time he try not to explode like this, but the questions kept going and the anger kept accumulating inside of him until he couldn't resist anymore. It wasn't Ga Eul's fault. No one knew about what happen back then and even now as he kept it as something worthless to say. Everyone wonder what happen between them but the Don Juan would never show interest to answer truly to those questions.

Now that he was getting close to where Ga Eul lives, he started to regret of how he acted. The country bumpkin look scared and upset at the same time, not even responding back to him when he say goodbye to her. It was obvious he needed to apologize to her, but his anger was still there, unable for him to even say another word.

Driving away he decided it was best to head home and do nothing for the rest of the day as he was tired after working. He sighed lots of times inside the car. Memories came back and this is what he hated when someone talked or asked about her, that the same pain he felt when she left was still there, fresh like it was yesterday she decided to leave him. Woo Bin replayed all the scene over and over again, every hurtful word they threw at each other. He regret it. He terribly did now. Why he couldn't stop her? Why he acted so cold, heartless and careless?. Suddenly, he hit the steering wheel with all his strength, like that could take away everything he was feeling, but it only made him worse. Trying to resist the urge to cry, he slapped himself once before coming out of his car and entering as fast as he could to the mansion. Tonight it was another night where the alcohol was going to take control of him. That's how he could forget for a moment everything.

Suddenly, before he could run into the kitchen, his majordome stop him and handed him a letter. It was an official letter from...

He couldn't believe it.

Waking up now from a night full of scary nightmares, she sighed and felt happy that everything was over for now. Cleaning the side of her mouth for how much she drool last night, she made her way to the kitchen where she could already smell the delicious breakfast that was being made.

"Good morning, sleepy head" her cousin said with a loveably smile on her face while tasting the pancake mix. It was fascinating to have someone like her. Most of the people who were related to her couldn't cook at all as they would always have someone to do that job. Also, she was the only one that wasn't one hundred percent korean, so that made her cooking skills more amazing as everything wasn't korean style like she was used to.

"I am starving" she complained while laying her head on the counter and holding the fork with her hand.

"So-" her cousin sounded unconvinced of herself if to ssk now or later, but she was one of those person that couldn't resist to wait much. "-did you thought about it?" she asked and look carefully to any reaction that Jae Kyung could give. None.

"So that makes it a no?" she asked again confused. Jae Kyung started to play with her fork like she hadn't hear anything, making airplane sounds.

"Oh- You received mail today. Here it is" she went to look for it forgetting about the awkward situation and handed the letter to Jae Kyung.

At first she wasn't very interested to even look from who it could be, but then she realized that the letters she only received were from her only friends in her life. Straightening quickly on the seat she took ripped the envelope without even looking the name of the sender. Her eyes started to rapidly read everything until she stopped at some point. Uh oh...

She couldn't believe this.

"Geum Jan Di and Gu Jun Pyo are getting married?" that's what both asked to themselves when reading it. It was an invitation to their wedding. Her heart stopped as she kept reading the personal message the commoner left for her. She stood frozen. There was no way she could be one of the maid of honors. That meant spending time in Korea, something that she was escaping from.

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