Anne Bonny was dangerous, perhaps the most dangerous person on Nassau. Most assumed it was Eleanor with the power she held over the island's trade or Vane because he'd come back from death and disgrace but Max knew better. While every pirate on the island was preoccupied by the thought of pussy or plunder, Anne always had something else on her mind. Most ignored her, she was a woman whose cunt wasn't for sale so she had no value to them. Max could see that she was always planning something, evaluating each man as he went about his business.

Anne had orchestrated the murder of her entire crew. Most credited Jack for that but she'd learned that nothing motivated Jack besides money. He had a great mind but it was always Anne that galvanized him when the reward didn't involve plunder. It was almost funny that Jack was constantly harried into his most impressive endeavors by his broody girlfriend.

When you were the subject of Anne Bonny's brooding, you didn't live long. Max wasn't stupid, she caught the lingering looks, felt the tension growing between her and Jack. That was one of the biggest signs that Anne was plotting something or preoccupied by it, the arguing. Anne wasn't a talker so when she wasted her breath on Jack's pettier remarks there was an underlying irritant.

The last few weeks the tension between them had built quickly with Jack dealing solely with the 'crew killer' yoke and Anne's frustration. They would argue loudly for hours until Jack stormed out or Anne threw him out of their room. Jack disappear for hours with a bottle and return drunk and bloody, even bitterer. Anne was too distracted by her brooding to be of any help to him beyond threatening to kill every pirate on the island. She knew it was only a matter of time before Anne would end the brooding and take action. Any action on Anne's part would be bad for her, so she resolved to take action of her own. She positioned herself on the balcony while Jack and Anne were enthralled in another argument, waiting for the words that signaled the end of discourse between them. "Get the fuck out then!" Anne snarled.

"Alright! Fuck!" Jack acquiesced, heading for the door. He stepped out onto the balcony, spotting Max and pulling the door closed behind him. "You have absolutely nothing to worry about," he began as he approached her. "But I would recommend avoiding her for a while," he gave a humorless chuckle and moved past her.

She listened to his fading footsteps for a few seconds, trying desperately to calm her fluttering heart. She took a breath and moved to the door, opened it and paused half way through the threshold. Anne was seated at the desk, her back facing the door, slouched over the surface. "Get the fuck out!" She ordered angrily. Max felt her breath hitch. Anne Bonny was a dangerous unpredictable woman, especially when she was angry, even more so when you were the cause of her ire.

She was dancing on the blade of a knife. She cast her eyes downward and took the final step into the room, pushing the door closed. She willed the fear out of her voice as she crossed the room. Anne could be impulsive, was quick with a blade but she wasn't unreasonable. If she could dispel her murderous urge by the time she was within stabbing range, she would live, there would be peace between the two of them. "If we are all going to make something of this place, perhaps it is best that you and I find a way past all of this. Past your anger towards me." She paused at the edge of the bed.

Anne glanced back at her. "Not gunna warn you again." She said gruffly.

"Your anger, it is understandable. You killed your own crew to free me, you suffered indignity in my defense. Perhaps that is enough to warrant your feelings." She paused again, took a breath and steadied herself. "But perhaps there is something else underlying it." She took a tentative step forward, continuing toward Anne. "Something hidden in a place even you can't see. Perhaps we would do well to bring it into the light." She placed a hand on Anne's shoulder.

Anne's chair crashed to the floor "The fuck do you think you're doing!" Max found that her hair was in a tight grip, pulling her head back to expose her throat. She felt the dagger's edge pressing into the vulnerable flesh there. Her vision focused and she saw the grimace on Anne's face, but in her eyes confusion swam. Their faces just inches apart, Max fought her panic, fought the urge to pull back. Now she was truly dancing on a knife's blade. She didn't speak but pushed herself incrementally closer, a direction Anne was not prepared to resist. The pressure of the metal at her throat eased, allowing her to move closer. Anne's fury had faded to complete bemusement and then as Max inched closer her eyes flooded with desire. She let their lips meet for an instant, pulled back just a bit, and then let Max bring them together again. The hand in her hair loosened, the pirate didn't respond to the kiss for a moment but as Max pulled back Anne followed her and deepened the kiss. The dagger at her throat clattered to the ground.

Max took the opportunity to pull Anne closer, one hand settling on the curve of her bottom. The other woman stiffened for a brief instant before melting back into her embrace. The hand in her hair tightened again but the pressure was pushing them together rather than restraining her. Anne broke the kiss a few seconds later, her eyes still shining with desire but a frown was pulling on her lips. Max knew the look well enough, she'd seen it on the faces of many lovers. She wanted to touch back but she didn't know how. Anne was the one dancing on the blade now and it was clearly a position she was unused to.

She extended her free hand toward the one hanging limply at Anne's side, encircling her wrist between a thumb and forefinger and guiding the hand to rest on her shoulder. Anne lead them into another kiss, this one bruisingly hard, her tongue darting out and dominating Max's. After a few passionate moments Anne pulled back and pressed a brief chaste kiss on the hollow of her throat before sinking her teeth into the dark skin of Max's neck. Max whimpered, her fingers digging into Anne's bottom. The pirate pulled back with an apologetic look. "It's what I do for Jack." She murmured nervously.

"I'm not Jack." Max answered breathily. "Let me fuck you, then we will learn what I like, okay?"

Anne looked unsure for a brief moment before nodding. Max pressed her lips to Anne's once again, relishing in the feeling of kissing another woman. She was indisputably dirtier than Eleanor, her breath was redolent of rum and rotting teeth, and her lips seemed perpetually chapped but Anne was at least a woman. The fact that she'd developed a bit of affection for the rough and tumble pirate didn't hurt.

She knew Anne wasn't one to appreciate preamble so Max stepped back and undid the fastenings on the back of her dress, letting it fall to reveal her naked body. Anne let her eyes wander up and down Max's exposed form for a few moments before stepping forward and pulling Max into another kiss. Max was beginning to form the impression that Anne had not spent much time kissing anybody in her life. She wasn't a bad kisser, at least not in the way a drunk man is a bad kisser, she had finesse at least. She was good at varying the pressure against certain points of Max's lips, her tongue skillful but she was very forceful, not demure like Eleanor or shy like other girls she had fucked. Her lips pressed hard against Max's, her teeth nipping whenever possible and usually hard enough to draw tiny droplets of blood.

Despite the aggression in her kisses, Anne was capable of gentleness. Whenever Max an audible whimper would escape Max as Anne's teeth caught at her lips, the pirate would pull the affected lip into her mouth and suckle gently on it for an instant. They kissed until Max was light headed before breaking apart and gasping for breath. Max leaned her head on Anne's shoulder, exposing her throat again. This time Anne ran her cheek along the flesh there, pausing only once to place a kiss on the spot she'd bitten before. They held that positon for a few moments before they'd regained their breath.

Anne settled her hands on Max's ample hips. The pirate's gaze steadied on her breasts and desire clouded her eyes even more. The pure want in those eyes made Max's loins tighten. She scolded herself before pushing her libido to the side and focusing on Anne. She raised her eyes to meet Anne's, bringing a hand to her shoulder to pull her closer and lay a gentle hand on her cheek again to ensure she couldn't move away. The pirate nearly flinched away from the gentle contact. "How do you like to fuck, ma Cherie?" She intoned purposely hooding her eyes. Anne blushed and looked away for a few seconds before pulling half of her bottom lip between her teeth.

"I like just 'bout anythin'." Anne finally admitted. "S'long as it doesn't involve my ass." Max kissed her again, chastely this time before leading Anne to the bed by the hand. Anne stopped at the edge of the bed and turned her back to it to face Max, dragging her closer to kiss her once again. Max shoved her back so she stumbled and fell back onto the bed. Anne fixed herself into a wide legged sitting position, leaning most of her weight onto her palms. She looked up at the over woman expectantly.

Max was stuck looking down at Anne. In the lamp light she was really quite striking. Her long hair was thrown behind her, catching the light in a flattering way giving it the appearance of amber, her eyes were the most vibrant blue she'd ever seen. They were clearer than a cloudless day, more vibrant than the water of a shallow reef. Eleanor's eyes were green-blue, dark and beautiful but they could not compare to Anne's. "What'cha waiting for then?" Anne demanded after half a minute had passed. Max hid her embarrassment by slipping back into her alluring posture, she hadn't been caught staring in years. She sauntered forward, watching Anne's eyes follow the movements of her breasts. She straddled the pirate's thighs and leaned forward to kiss her again. After a few gentle kisses she move her attention to Anne's neck, placing fluttery kisses just below her ear. She earned a pleased groan in return and soon felt Anne's hand coming up to her breasts.

"You needn't be shy ma Cherie." She murmured between the kisses she was pressing to the underside of Anne's jaw. The encouragement gave Anne a bit of confidence, leading her to actually find and tease Max's nipples into small tumescent peaks. Max worked her way down the pirate's throat, occasionally pulling back for Anne to reciprocate with a few breathy kisses of her own against her pulse point.

She was just coming to the tight muscle that ran between Anne's neck and shoulder when she felt the other woman begin to squirm under her. "M'hm going to soak my trousers like this." Anne complained, placing her hands behind her and leaning back on her palms. Max looked into her eyes and found pools choked with desire gazing back. Anne was struggling to form sentences and they'd hardly even begun yet.

Wordlessly Max skillfully undid the lacings of Anne's trousers with a few sharp tugs. Anne lifted her hips just enough to shimmy the garment down to mid-thigh. The pirate spread her thighs as much as the restraint would permit, allowing the potent heady smell of her arousal to waft upward to Max. Anne smelled unlike any woman she'd ever encountered. Where most were sweet with perfume or sour with sweat, Anne was salty with the aromas of leather, fire, iron and the sea rolling off of her. A glance told her that the fiery nest of curls at the juncture of her thighs were already soaked.

The pirate glanced from her own sex to Max's before flicking her eyes up to meet her gaze questioningly. "We are not all as enthusiastic as you, ma Cherie." Max chuckled. "You may feel if you do not believe me." Anne fisted the sheets in her hand and shook her head. Max brought her hand to the hem of Anne's shirt, preparing to lift it but she found a hand restraining her own.

"I keep it on." Anne explained, one of her prominent fangs digging into her bottom lip.

"Of course." Max conceded, dropping her hand to Anne's thigh. "You are okay with us moving forward?" She asked. Anne rolled her hips in response. Max captured Anne's hands and brought the left to her bottom and the right to her shoulder. "If I-"She began.

"I can dump you off my lap if I don't like it." Anne said firmly.

"You might try using words first." Max replied playfully before capturing Anne's lips with her own. She trailed a hand down Anne's abdomen, feeling the hard muscle there. The pirate tilted her back exposing her throat for Max to assault with her lips and teeth.

Max laid her open palm against the skin of Anne's thigh barely an inch from her sex. She could feel the heat rolling off of her cunt. Anne jerked, rolling her hips forward in an attempt to get contact where she desperately needed it. Her grip on Max's ass and shoulder tightened, her lip slipping between her teeth again. Max moved her hand to cup Anne's sex, letting the wet head heat effuse into her palm, smiling at the pirate's barely swallowed gasp.

Max pressed the heel of her palm hard against the apex of her sex, drawing forth a groan and another roll of Anne's hips as she attempted to keep the pressure on the jewel of her oyster. She leaned forward, catching Anne behind her ear with a few more kisses while she lined her index finger up with the entrance of her cunt. Max curled her hand forward slowly pushing into Anne. The pirate pushed her hips forward, her mouth falling open, and her grasp with her fingers slackening. Another gush of arousal pulsed around Max's fingers and onto her hand. Silky walls clung tightly to her, Max rocked herself forward, using her body weight to drill into the spot she knew would make Anne melt. She was rewarded by the pirate's inner walls clamping around her immediately and another surge of wetness soaking her palm.

Anne was breathing heavily, struggling to remain upright, her hips rolling, jerking and pushing forward uselessly to try to meet thrusts that Max alone was in control of. Despite the fact that she was holding onto her composure by the tips of her fingers Anne's eyes were still open, hooded but open. Max slid closer gaining more leverage and foiling any attempt on Anne's part to control the pace. A small noise broke in the back of Anne's throat, then another until a small strangled moan escaped her.

Max closed her mouth on the tip of Anne's ear, nipping lightly to accentuate her thrusts against the pirate's front wall. Anne apparently gave up whatever fight she was putting up and crashed back onto the bed, her hands falling once again to her sides and clutching at the bed clothes. Max followed her down, slipping partially onto her side to preserve her thrusting motion. The move cost her leverage but judging by the contractions she was coaxing from Anne's cunt and the flood of arousal that had soaked her hand to her wrist, it was unneeded. She found herself focusing once again on those large expressive eyes watching them glaze over and clear in cycles as the hot sex slickened velvety flesh around her clamped down and released with each movement of her hand.

She was truly surprised by that. Most woman needed contact on their clitoris to experience orgasm but Anne seemed to already be hovering at the edge of her pleasure. Max made a note to explore Anne's other oddities later on, for she was sure that whatever Anne harbored for her was not going to be sated in the morning. She sealed their lips together for a final time, mostly to contain the sounds Anne was bound to make as she was already struggling to contain low groans and small whimpers anything louder was bound to draw Jack's attention. A quick adjustment of her fingers and the pattern she was tapping out with in Anne was all it took to shove the pirate over the edge. She let out a few whimpers into Max's mouth, her cunt squeezing almost painfully for a few seconds at a time before relaxing, quivering, and squeezing again. Max decided to be ruthless, letting the contractions begin to die down before stoking them again with a few harsh thrusts. Eleanor had called the experience 'swimming with mermaids' because it was fun at first but after half a dozen it became agony, abdominal muscles cramped, breath came short and the throat became sore from crying out. Max had usually stopped after forcing Eleanor over the edge three or four times because she became irritable from the pain for a few days afterwards but Max had once made a girl lose consciousness. She was determined to11 repeat that feat with Anne.

Anne held out for a score before her muscles began to strain and her moans fell to the level of whimpers. Her teeth caught savagely at Max's lips in protest but she persisted even through her cramping wrist and burning forearm. By the second score Max had pulled away from her mouth because Anne was struggling to get enough air, her cunt had lost some of its vigor, spasming and clamping down nearly randomly with her arousal barely trickling out in the occasional spurts. Max pulled back, stretching her burning muscles as she leaned in and sprinkled kisses to Anne's soaked brow. "Rest now, ma Cherie, there is the morrow for talk." She soothed as Anne worked her mouth around sounds her throat could not produce.

Eyelids slid over lapis orbs and Anne was asleep in seconds. Max thought about making more concerted effort in concealing her presence there but decided it was unnecessary. She threw a blanket over Anne and gathered her dress and slipped out of the room, shutting the door behind her.