It was midnight and everyone in the Hyuuga house hold were all gathering to see the birth of Hiashi second child while everyone was looking over the mother of the child Hiashi was in his study looking over some a servant came in telling him that his wife gave birth to his daughter but there were bad news his wife has die while giving birth this just shock him just then he saw his new born daughter and his shock turn into anger his daughter has cat ears no human has cat ears he was about to kill the demon that took his wife but was stop by the Hyuuga elders.

They told him that for sparing the demon they can use her for a weapon for the clan if they under attack Hiashi agreed.

{Three years later}

Under the Hyuuga household was a small prison and in that prison was small girl with long black hair torn up, clothes and cat ears this was Hanabi Hyuuga second daughter to Hiashi and secret weapon for the Hyuuga. During the years of her life she beaten,almost starve to death,and many other things by her Father Hiashi and sister Hinata the only thing that is keeping her alive are bugs.But she doesn't eat the bugs for reason unknown they bring her crums for food and small drops of water for her to survive.

Today was different for some reason a member of her clan came to her cage.

"Alright demon there a cloud ninja here go and kill it"said the Hyuuga

"Of course there a cloud ninja here Konoha and Kumo

made a alliance this morning"said Hanabi which cause the Hyuuga member to yell into her ears "YOU LITTLE BRAT THEY ONLY DID IT TO GET TO OUR EYES NOW GO AND KILL HIM YOU BAS-."He suddenly stop taking for some reason just then foam came out of his mouth and collapse Hanabi didn't know what's happening until she saw a scorpion crawling on top of the Hyuuga grab the keys crawl into Hanabi cage drop the keys and ran into a cave."Um thank you"she said as she grab the keys unlock the cage and bolted until she was in the middle of town.

Hanabi was outside of her cage of the household she saw the stars buildings that she never seen before the night sky and so much more she was so happy but that turn into fear she saw a group of Hyuuga members all holding weapons she ran as the others ran after her.

Tears form around her eyes she doesn't want go back she wish that someone could save her just then she slam into something when she look up saw a man in strange armor he has gray skin red hair and red marking on his face Hanabi thought this man was trouble but then she heard a voice "Hey Kotaro what's the hold up" a man walk up this man had a jacket with symbol on the back a headband smoking out of a pipe holding a cane and wearing some strange armor he then saw small girl crying "Did you scared the little girl" just then the group of Hyuuga appeared the two men didn't know what's happening but before anything happen the girl rush behide the man who was wearing the jacket and and burst into tears and said "Please don't let them take back to that hell hole I don't want to be a weapon" and more tears came

"You outsider!"the two men saw the group pointing there weapons at them "You give us the demon wh,,," he soon stop talking when he saw puff of smoke coming the man mouth he then said "Kotaro take the ones on the far ends I'll take care the ones in the middle"

"As you wish my lord" said Kotaro as he disappeared five second later he came back but there was blood on his look up and saw that some of the members had just die before anything else happen the other man slowly walk to the group revealing the group that his cane is also a sword the group was going to attack but failed and died the man turn back and walk back to the other two he then kneel down to the little girl.


"No you have a name?"

"My name is about you two?"

"Well the guy over there is Kotaro Fuma {Kotaro nodded} and I Ujiyasu Hojo"