Hanabi Hojo Chapter 5 Defense of Totomi

After the battle with the Takeda and the Imagawa there were now peace between the peace did not last after the Battle of Okehazama Yoshimoto was slain by the hands of Nobunaga oda soon after many who once serve the Imagawa revolt under Ieyasu Imagawa sought help from the Hojo Ujiyasu which agreed to help though Hanabi didn't want anything to do with Imagawa but didn't want to say no to her the Hojo went to the Imagawa before they are wipe out from the Tokugawa.


After entering Totomi Ujiyasu accompanied by Hayakawa,Kai,and Hanabi headed to the castle as they approached the castle,more and more Tokugaw flags came into view in the distance.

"Looks like things could get bad for my wife's family"said Ujiyasu as he was seeing the amount of Tokugaw forces surrounding the castle,

"Father Naotora li from the Imagawa has come out to meet us" said Hayakawa

"Naotora li?What a fine masculine name!"said Kai as she was daydreaming about Naotora li being a strong and handsome man

Just then a girl in her twenties with long ponytail wearing thin and short armor and a headband with flowers on soon she said "I'm Naotora li" which cause Kai to gasp and then she scream out "You're a woman!"

"Um...I-I'm sorry.I'm not sure why but I'm sorry"said Naotora li who was very confuse.

"Kai would you stop scaring her"Hanabi ask she then to Naotora li "So wants our next move?We are going against the Tokugawa who owes much to the Imagawa."

"Well...to answer your question we will fight until we die!"

"That's good um I have a second question how are we going to get in with out getting detected from the Tokugawa."

"There a secret passage to the castle just follow me"

The Hojo forces follow Naotora li though the secret passage once inside the Hojo forces began to make preparations for the army were making preparations the Hojo family went up stairs to meet with the new head of the up stairs they heard Ujizane he was rude,selfish,and care nothing for his people and right he was shouting "How dare they!They dare go against me I am from noble blood!"he then notice Ujiyasu and his family entering the room "Oh Uncle you made it just in time" Ujizane approach Ujiyasu and his family "With you here the Tokugawa will be eliminated!"

"So want is the plan to defeat the Tokugawa?"ask Ujiyasu

"The plan is...um..No need to talk about that my commanders will take care of things now then if you don't mind I'm going to take a little nap" Ujizane then left the room and headed to his bed room.

The Hojo family were shock on what they saw Ujizane the new head of Imagawa just walk away not caring about the army around his castle or the lives of his men.

"They got themselves completely 'll take some skill to shake them off."said Ujiyasu he then to his family,Kotaro,and Naotora li "Alright Hayakawa Kai you two head to the center but be careful some of the Imagawa officers might turn to the Tokugawa" Hayakawa and Kai nodded and headed to the center"Hanabi Kotaro head to the east make sure that our food supplies is secure and watch for enemy ninjas"Hanabi and Kotaro nodded and headed to the east"Naotora li you and I shall head west and-"

"If you don't mind Lord Ujiyasu I would like to go alone"ask Naotora li

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I know every corner of this castle and you need to stay to keep Lord Ujizane safe."

"I guess but if you need any help my men can help you"Naotora li nodded and headed to the west.

As everyone was getting into positions Ujiyasu took out his pipe and took a smoke "Well it your move now Ieyasu"he said as he was finishing his smoke

{Outside of Totomi}

As the castle were making the defenses the castle was soon surrounded by many warriors that was all holding the same banner the Tokugawa.

"My lord rumors had spread that the Hojo are in the castle as well"said a scout

The lord that is leading the invasion was wearing gray armor,a tall hat,and holding a giant spear his name is Ieyasu Tokugawa the Daimyo of Mikawa.

"It doesn't matter tell the archers to give the signal" the scout nodded within minutes the archer fire there bows and soon the castle gates were half the castle and half of the Imagawa army belong to the Tokugawa.

{Hanabi and Kotaro}

As the two were fighting against any Tokugawa soldiers that got in there way just then they notice a few of the enemy soldiers were heading to where the food supplies they reach to where the enemy were headed they saw that the enemy had taken over the storage that the food was being held.

"Alright take these supplies to Ieyasu before the enemy-"the enemy officer couldn't finish what he was saying because he was killed by then charge at the enemy they try to defend themselves however they were no match for her and they were Hanabi was finishing up Kotaro came out of no where with a grin on his face.

"What with the grin?"ask Hanabi

"There were some unwanted guest coming thought a secret passageway and I went to say hello."said Kotaro

With in minutes the food supplies were retaken by the Hojo and the remaining Tokugawa forces fled to courtyard to regroup or fled out of the castle.

{Kai and Hayakawa}

As the two were heading to the center they notice more and more Imagawa officers had defected to the enemy.

"What's going on?Does the Imagawa men have no loyalty!?"ask Kai as she blocking an attack

"It takes more than loyalty to survive these troubling times.I can't blame them."said Hayakawa who was killing a enemy officer

The two rush upstairs but completely stop on what they saw dead Imagawa soldiers covering the room.

"What happen to them?ask Kai

"I don't know,,,,but the way there faces are making they look surprised?I really have a bad-"just then a small weapon came out of nowhere and was about to hit Kai luckily Hayakawa block the attack.

"Kai are you alright!"

"Yes thank to you,but what was that?"Kai then notice the object that was about to hit her it was a ninja throwing star Kai only knew one ninja that would gladly serve the Tokugawa just then she heard someone said "Fade into darkness"Kai quickly turn and then dodge the attack when she regain her footing soon Kai and Hayakawa saw who kill the Imagawa soldiers he wore a black shinobi shozoko (that's the name of what the ninja wear) and holding a Kusari-Kama (it's a small scythe)with a chain that was attached to it,this is Hanzo Hattori.

"So the Hojo has come to save the fool"said Hanzo as he swung his weapon towards Hayakawa she quickly deflected the attack however she lost her balance and fall over she try to reach her weapon however she was stop when Hanzo's weapon press against her neck.

"Fade into darkness"said Hanzo as he was about to strike luckily Kai stop him by punching him and send him a cross the knew he didn't have enough energy to fight the two Hojo warriors he needed to escape and quick "You won for now...but the Imagawa will soon fade into darkness" with that Hanzo disappeared into the shadows.

"Are you alright princess?"ask Kai as she was helping Hayakawa up

"I'm fine but if we do not hurry the Imagawa will be destroy"

The two continue there way they were taking more and more from the Tokugawa however many officers defecting to the enemy it's a matter a time before the end of the Imagawa clan.

{Naotora li}

Naotora li rush thought the castle trying to avoid any fighting.

"Got to hurry!Got to hurry!Once I finish here I can be done with this day"she repeatedly said to herself

"Hey isn't that one of the Imagawa general"yelled a Tokugawa officer

Naotora li turn around and ran to the enemy and kick in him and crack his neck thus killing him.

"Sorry but you left me no choice"she said as she countine to run however she was stop again this time was from a arrow that almost hit her.

"How shot that!?"

"That would be me"she said she wore a sliver armor a headband with the Tokugawa symbol on it and holding a bow this was Ina daughter of Tadakatsu Honda and officer of the Tokugawa.

"Lady Naotora please lend us your strength for peace in Enshu!"said Ina

"Thank you for thinking of ,the li family strictly forbids switching sides in battle!"said Naotora as charge at Ina then kicking in the stomach and sending her into the wall.

Ina slowly got and arm her bow and began firing at quickly dodge them and went a fighting pose however the fighting soon stop when Hanzo appeared in front of Ina.

"Hanzo what are you doing!?"Ina ask

"We need to regroup the Hojo are more powerful than we thought"

The two Tokugawa officers retreated to the part of the castle that the Tokugawa took over.

Naotora li just took deep breathe and continue on her path.


While everyone was fighting the Tokugawa Ujiyasu was protecting his foolish nephew.

"Report we have taken back the food supplies back from the enemies"said a Imagawa scout

"Report a group of our skill officers has just been kill by Hanzo"said a sceond Imagawa scout

"Report most of our army had just join the Tokugawa"said a third Imagawa scout

Ujiyasu thought to himself that if this going on the Imagawa would be then he felt something wrong he quickly raise his sword and in seconds a group of Tokugawa ninjas came out nowhere ready to kill.

Ujiyasu just took a quick smoke and then said "You three scouts go wake up my nephew"the scout ran towards Ujizane he was alone he made smile "Alright who's first."

One ninja charge right at him however he was kill by a sword piercing through the heart.

A second ninja was about to attack from the back Ujiyasu turn around and cut the ninja head of.

Soon many Tokugawa ninjas charge right at me no matter mow many there were Ujiyasu kill anyone who dare try to hurt his after the fight Ujiyasu's boots and sword was cover in blood just then he heard a familiar voice."What going on I was trying to sleep" Ujiyasu turn his head and saw his nephew Ujizane just waking up.

"Uncle what's going on?"

"Oh nothing just the Tokugawa mostly have taken over the castle!"

"What!?I inherited this domain from my father I can't be one who lets it fall apart!"said Ujizane as he grab his sword and was about to eneter the battlefield.

"The boy has loss his head" Ujiyasu said under his breath "Oh well better stop him." Ujiyasu slowly approached Ujizane and knocking him out he then carry him to his room.

{Center of the castle}

As the fighting countine the group had reunited in the center of the castle.

"Sister I'm glad you and Kotaro are safe what happen so far?"Hayakawa ask

"Well you know a bunch of guys thought to grab some stuff that weren't there so me and Kotaro went and teach them a about you?"Hanabi ask

"We fought our way thought the enemy but we found many of the Imagawa were slain by what happen in your part pf the castle?"

"The Tokugawa general Ina led an attack I mange to stop the attack but She got away."

"AH!If we don't something quick the Tokugawa will take control of the castle!"Kai yelled

"Not to worry." Everyone turn around and saw Ujiyasu walking towards them.

"Father are you alright!"ask Hanabi

"I'm fine some ninjas thought they could kill me how wrong they are."

"Um where is Lord Ujizane?"ask Naotora li

"Don't worry he's we need move before Ieyasu realize he been tricked."


{Westside of the Castle}

Many Tokugawa soldiers that were led by Tadakatsu Honda were heading the west side of the castle the reason why they were going there is because there scouts told them that Ujizane was escaping though a secret passage.

"Hurry before Ujizane escape!"yelled Tadakatsu they ran as fast as they could until they reach Ujizane however the Ujizane they saw was a fake and was surrounded by explosions thet try to run away but it was to late the explosions went off killing most of the Tokugawa army the rest had no choice but leave the castle unless they want to be prisoners of war.

{Eastside of the Castle}

Ieyasu was alone thinking of what is taking is men so long,that ended when heard someone say "Looks like your all alone"he turnaround and saw Ujiyasu pointing his sword at brought his spear up and yelled "You will face men of Mikawa!"

Ujiyasu just blow on his pipie and said "Men?I only see a traitor"

With that there weapons clash both were determine to win.

"Why you fight against me you know that Imagawa are done!"

"Says the man who was save from the Oda,you were there prisoner for many years but the Imagawa was determine on saving you and this how you repay them by attacking them!"

"I am determine to win so that mine clan can have more power!"just then the top of Ieyasu spear open and fire a cannon at Ujiyasu.

Ujiyasu quickly dodge the attack he then run straight at Ieyasu "While you are determine for power,I am determine to project my family!"Ujiyasu launches his sword into Ieyasu's shoulder.

"Let that be a lesson not to mess with me."with that Ieyasu fled and the Tokugawa was defeated.

{Hours later}

The Hojo was was helping what left of the Imagawa to rebuild the that was happening Ujiyasu was on the wall looking at sun setting,

"Father battle is over and there is now peace in these lands"

Ujiyasu turn his daughter Hanabi he didn't give a response

"Is something wrong father?"

Ujiyasu didn't response until he said "It's finally maybe not...There's still a shady old man lurking in the land of Kai"he soon went back to looking at the sun set knowing that Tiger will come very soon.