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Hallmark Holiday



Three years later

"Dada, Dada, Dada," my son chants.

I look up in time to see Cabe, my fourteen-month-old boy waddling through my office door.

I slide my chair back a little and open my arms for him. He giggles picking up his pace to get to me.

"Dada, Dada," he babbles again. This seems to be his favorite word at the moment.

"Hi," I say picking him up.

"Hi, Dada," he replies.

"Where's Mama?" I ask.

"Mama, din din blu pop."

I chuckle as he babbles away to me. "Really, what else happened?"

Cabe puts his arms up dropping them as he babbles again.

"Hey," her voice calls. I look to my office door to see my beautiful wife standing there.

"Hi," I smile at her.

"Hey, you ready to go home? I sent him to get you."

I stand up with Cabe still in my arms. "I know, he was just filling me in on what you two have been up to," I say kissing her lips.

"Love you," we both say at the same time.

I pick up my jacket before the three of us walk out of my office. We take the elevator to the car park. I put Cabe in his carseat in the back of my car, as Bella slides in her own seat. I look to the side of my car seeing Buster. Every time I see him, I remember the smile on Bella's face when she saw him fixed up.

Garrett had called me one month after he picked up Buster saying he was all done. I went to look him over and was really pleased with the results. I got Garrett to deliver Buster to our home. Later that day when we got home, he was waiting there in the driveway for her.

I stopped when I was about five minutes away and blindfolded Bella. I helped her step outside my car and got her in the right spot before taking the blindfold off. Bella started to cry right away. Garrett had restored Buster to the natural red color, removed all the dents and fixed the inside. Before Buster would only drive at about forty-five miles per hour, but afterwards it could do seventy easily. It no longer made noises or broke down on her. As a thank you that night, she blew my mind in all kinds of wonderful ways.

A lot of people thought I had lost my mind paying the amount of a new car to fix something that was below the value, but for me, seeing the smile on my girl's face, knowing that sentimental value was so much more than the cost of a new home.

"How was your day?" Bella asks and I turn glancing at her.

"It was okay – I'm missing Alice," I chuckle never having thought I would say that.

I gave Alice a promotion last year, and now have a new PA. Alec is not bad, but he doesn't buy me shirts, or spend my money like Bella eats chocolate and he's certainly no Alice. "But, I miss you more," I tell her.

Bella pouts at me a little. "I know there are days I miss working here, too."

When Bella found out she was pregnant with Cabe, we talked it over and came to the decision that after he was born, Bella would sign off work, for three years to look after him. During her time off work, she's doing online college courses to finish her degree.

"You know you have a job to walk right back into?"

I know that the board said I couldn't personally deal with Bella, but fuck it – she's my wife and a damn good worker. I told them to go fuck themselves, when it comes to Bella, she's first. They huffed and puffed about it. Even Emmett and Jasper did, because when they tried the same stunt with their wives, I put my foot down. Jasper and Emmett's work ethics and mine are quite different, and they both had PA issues. I told them when I could see they would put the company before their personal feelings, worries or wants, they could have the same level of say as I do, until then, they had to suck it up.

It only took Jasper five months after that talk to fire Tia. Sadly, it took Emmett almost eight months to let Jessica go, despite the fact she was bullying Bella, and tried to start a hate campaign against her.

I was just grateful that most of the staff at Cullen Incorporated seemed to like Bella, and were grateful to her for her work.

I pull into our driveway and smile at our home, which looks so much different now.

Bella moved in with me right away. We would spend a few hours each day picking things out for each room. We had started in March, and by October our home was done. It felt so much more like a home, not because of the furniture, it was all Bella.

I get out the car and open Bella's car door for her, before getting our son out of the car. I hand him to Bella and open our front door.

"Cabe, you want to play with Dada while mommy makes dinner?"

"Pay, Dada," he says clapping his hands.

I take him from Bella and walk with him to Bella's and my bedroom. I quickly get changed before taking Cabe to his playroom. Almost right away he runs to the ball pit. Every time I see those colorful balls, I snigger about the prank we pulled off.

The return pranks did not start until after Paul was arrested and sentenced to six years for his harassment of Bella. After the trial, Emmett, Jasper, Alice and Rose decided that was a good time for a payback prank. That prank of filling our yard with a ton of crap and putting up garage sale signs all over town was pretty good, but it led to a prank war. A war that's still ongoing, so far Bella and I are winning.

"You gonna be good for granny Esme and poppy Carlisle?" I ask him and he bobs his head.

"Lilly, Lilly," he calls.

I nod laughing. Unlike me, my son has a thing for older women, and one of them just happens to be my step-sister Lilly-Ann.

Lilly-Ann was a little upset about Bella and I at first, but Bella was able to win her over by doing sister stuff with her. Now they spend one afternoon every week together painting their nails and talking about boys.

"Hey boys, dinner's done," Bella calls from the door.

Cabe gets up and wobbles over to Bella; she picks him up kissing his cheek. We make our way to the dinner table and she puts Cabe in his highchair.

"Did you get your assessment done?"

"Yeah, I took it over to old Murphy today. I still think he hates me."

I chuckle but carry on eating.

"Maybe I'm wrong after all; when I was talking to him his eyes were on the girls."

I stop eating and look at her to see she's looking down at her plate.

"Mouse?" I say hastily

"Come on, it's not like I can hide these," she says pointing at her fantastic rack. Between having Cabe and then breastfeeding him, she's increased her cup size.

"Did he stare at them?"

"Sort of, but he's more of an ass man."

I drop my fork and Bella chuckles a little, winking at me.

"He likes looking but doesn't touch me, and that's probably the reason he hates me. The other girls all show him a little more leg, boob, flesh," Bella says waving her hand around her body.

"Isn't he old?" I ask.

"He's fifty, so I'll let you decide that one."

"I'm only forty-six, still a long way off." I pick up my fork looking at her. "Do I need to pay him a visit?"

Bella shakes her head. "He knows just like every other man I meet, that I'm yours."

I hum and go back to my meal.

"Dada, al du."

I look at Cabe and smile. "You are all done – well done, buddy," I say giving him a big smile

"Cho … te," he says excited.

I shake my head a little over the fact our son has picked up his mother's love of chocolate.

"Wait until Momma and Dada are done first," Bella says and he pouts at her.

"Have you told Dada about feeding the ducks?" Bella asks wiping Cabe's mouth clean.

"Quack, quack!" Cabe shouts and he wiggles from side to side.

"That's right, and we also went to the park, and then we went to see Aunt Rose and Noah."

Rose and Emmett welcomed their first child just five months ago. Bella and Cabe meet up with Rose and Noah four to six times a week.

"Alice called and Rose was acting funny and brushed it off as pregnancy information."

Alice and Jasper are due with their first child in four month's time. The closer it has gotten the more worried Alice has become.

"I think they're planning stuff again," Bella says placing Cabe's chocolate cake down in front of him.

"Mine, mine," he squeals as he starts wolfing it down.

"I'll keep my ears open," I tell her and she nods.

I take Cabe for a bath, and relax time before reading him a story. This is our time together—me and my son—and I love it.

I walk back out to see Bella is almost done cleaning up.

"Hey, baby," I say kissing her neck.

She turns around smiling at me. "We need to wait for a little bit, Daddy, just to make sure Cabe's sleeping."

I give her my sad face but know she's right. All too often, Bella and I have just been getting to the good part and Cabe will start crying. Now, I love my son, and want more babies, but I do at times miss Bella and I being able to fuck each other whenever and wherever we want.

We still make love as often as we can, and throw in some kinky stuff from time to time, so it's all good.

I kiss Bella just as Cabe starts to cry. "I'll go and deal with our little guy; you get ready for Daddy, Mouse." I kiss her again before leaving her.


There's a soft knock on my office door; I glance up to see Bella walking in. She places a bag on my desk.

"Cabe's all settled at Esme and Carlisle's," she says walking around my desk and sitting on my knee.

"I miss him," she whines.

I laugh and kiss her pouting lips. "Me, too, love, but we haven't spent any alone time since Cabe's been born. This is just for the Valentine's weekend."

Bella groans, she still hates Valentine's Day.

"Fine, not for the Valentine's Day, but because it's our second anniversary," I say kissing her quickly.

"That's much better," Bella says kissing me back.

Everyone who knew Bella and I were stunned that we chose to get married on Valentine's Day, but it just so happened to be the day that the reverend who married Bella's parents and baptized her had free. I know it was also the fact we both wanted to mark the day we got together.

I look Bella over, seeing she still has her coat on. "Come on, love," I say getting up.

Bella and I haven't planned to go anywhere, but just wanted some alone time and I'm eager to get her home. I head to the main door.

I groan seeing the keypad is missing AGAIN.

"The fuckers have locked us in again," I yell grabbing my cellphone.

"No, they haven't."

I turn looking at Bella and she undoes her coat, and I swallow seeing she's dressed like a secretary.

"Mr. Cullen," Bella stops and bites her lip. "I'm almost done with those papers, but I just wanted to check something."

I smile for a few seconds knowing Bella wants to play a game. Lucky for her I love playing the hard ass boss, who sexually harasses his sexy, but shy secretary.

I take the papers seeing there's a few obvious errors jumping out at me.

"Is this your best work?"

"Eh … n … no, just … the numbers … don't add up," Bella stutters out and I move toward her.

"Just get it fixed."

I watch her walk away looking very much like a librarian.

"Miss Swan," I yell and she stops.

"You are aware of the fact that we have a dress code here at Cullen Incorporated?"

"Yes, Sir," Bella answers pulling at her sweater sleeves.

"That skirt doesn't match our standards," I say and she looks down at it.

"But ..."

"It's too long and there's really no need for the sweater. Remove it and get a shorter skirt. Come back to my office when you are appropriately dressed."

I make my way to my office and sit at my desk doing some work. I stop when I see Bella left a bag here. I look in to see a real short skirt and crop top. I smirk as there's soft knock on my door.

"Come in my office, Miss Swan."

Bella walks in with a skirt, that's now above her knees.

"Shorter!" I say and Bella looks at me.

"How short?" I jump up taking the bag as I walk to her.

Bella gulps as I loom over her.

"Do I make you nervous, Miss Swan?"

"No," Bella says in a shaky voice.

"Go and put this on, then get your sweet ass back in here. Go now!"

Bella grabs the bag and runs out.

Bella knocks before coming back in, and I run my eyes over her body. I love the outfit she brought, so much.

I walk to my desk sitting back down. "Please sit down, on one of those chairs," I say pointing.

Bella walks to the hard chair across from my desk.

"Now, I was thinking about you doing some extra work, to gain some extra pay."

"What kind of work did you have in mind, Sir?"

I flick the papers Bella gave me so they fall off the desk.

"Oops, pick them up." Bella nods standing up and bending at the waist to pick them up.

"Drop them," I yell and Bella drops them looking at me.

"You know what I want, now pick them up the right way."

What a great way to start the weekend.


I have Bella up on the counter as she shaves me. I move forward kissing her making sure my shaving cream goes on her face. She giggles smiling at me.

"Edward," she says softly and I hum. "I think I'm pregnant again."

I freeze as she carries on shaving me.

"What?" I ask after some time has passed.

"I'm over a week late, and my breasts feel tender."

I place my hand on her flat tummy and smile. "I'll call Carlisle and see if he can fit you in."

"Okay," she agrees.

"I know I said this like an hour ago, but I freaking love you," I gush out. "You're the best thing that ever happened to me."

"I love you, too, and this is the best Valentine's Day gift I got, except for the day you married me."

I nod my head at her. "I agree, love."

I walk Bella down to where buster is, helping her in.

"Come in for lunch with Cabe, and I should know what time your appointment is."

"Okay, I'll see you soon."

I watch her go, before heading back up to my office.

"Hi, Edward."

I look up at Emmett and frown over how happy he is.

"Hi," I say looking back down at my work.

"So …" he trails off and I sigh.

"Emmett, Bella and Cabe are coming for lunch. I would like this done so I can have the full hour with them."

My cell rings with Bella's song and Emmett giggles like a little kid.

"What's he done?" I say instead of hello.

"He's gift wrapped our entire house."

I raise my eyebrows at him and he giggles again.

"With big freaking red and pink hearts. Cupids, and all kinds of Valentine's shit! Our fucking house looks like the Hallmark Holiday puked on it! You can tell him I'm gonna kill him!"

"Will do, love, do you need me to come home?"

"No, I'll be okay. I opened the garage door and the paper ripped off it, so I can get inside. Esme is bringing Cabe home in an hour. I'll call back if the inside is not okay. Can you send over Jared and the cleaning crew?"

"Okay, I'll do that. I'll see you at lunch time. I love you," I say.

"Love you, too."

"This is getting old," I say as I end the call.

"Only because you're losing again."

I roll my eyes at him. "Get to work," I say with authority making him leave.

As Emmett leaves, Bella texts me a photo of the outside of the house and tells me the inside is fine. I call Jared and get the cleaning crew out there, and they agree to go immediately.

I look at the photos of my wife, son and family around my office. I smile feeling truly happy. My family is becoming bigger, but we are all closer than we've ever been before. I know the bond we all share will never be broken.

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