PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season One, Episode One

Merciless Savages

By Cole Bezotte


Welcome to the new series!

I thought that I would be done after Ratchet's adventures against the Dark Knight, Billy Ray Stillwell, and Mr. Grimm. But I was WRONG!

So many other ideas came pouring into my head like a raging flood. I guess this IS NOT good-bye. This is the start of a new series, beginning new adventures with Ratchet, Pupuru, and the League of Heroes as they battle evil psychopaths like Needles, Mr. Grimm, and the Doomsday Cult!

Now, as you read on, you will begin to notice that some of these stories are parodies of some other works (but those works are not by me). And if you have forgotten the full guide of the CANCELLED series, go back to "PlayStation All-Stars: The Movie" and go through the introduction again.

But anyway, ENJOY!

Merciless Savages

One summer evening, at the mansion of the League of Heroes, a very happy time was going on in the backyard. A bonfire blazed furiously as its brightness gleamed where it stood. Many of the heroes stood around, chatting, and cooking marshmallows over the crackling flame. Though things were going swell, Captain Qwark was accused of eating most of the marshmallows.

A short distance away, Ratchet stood silently and glared at Talwyn Apogee, whom he had known for a long while. "Talwyn is so beautiful," he thought to himself. "If only I could tell her how much she means to me. But I daren't… For a girl so lovely would never marry a short young man. And if she KNEW I loved her, she'd probably quit and move out. Then I would never see her at all."

As the party went on, Sackboy threw a bundle of used newspapers into the fire to keep it burning bright. But suddenly, he came across a headline that caught his attention. The headline read: "FIGHTING CONTINUES IN MIDTOWN!"

"What is this all about?" Sackboy asked Ratchet as he showed him the article.

"It seems like a revolution has broken out in Midtown," Ratchet replied, reading through. "Two factions are battling over for power. One faction is Republican, the other is called 'Doomsday'. Its leader is a ruthless warlord known as John Doe (that's the title of the leader, not the name). I've heard of him before, but I've never actually known that someone would go this far as to bring an apocalyptic party."

And as fate would have it, certain members of the League of Heroes attended a meeting at Washington. They agreed to serve as certain ranks of the army that was planned to be sent to Midtown, where the merciless John Doe and his army invaded and made their base.

John had his own unique way of handling his army: every single man was to be shaved bald so easier movement was possible. Some were given a black glass eye to mark the rank of either a captain or a commander. The leader would bear the name of John Doe and show his rank with the correct tattoos (ones that show deadly style to be exact).

But there was to be a very severe punishment for failure; whoever slipped in his work would face the penalty of death. For instance, at that very moment, John sent one of his failed soldiers to the wall to be shot by the firing squad.

"No!" the failure cried as he was being dragged away. "Spare my life!"

But it was too late; he was shot by four men of the firing squad. Some of his blood spread on the wall, which was soon to be cleaned to wipe the memory of that man away.

"Listen well!" John announced to the rest of his men. "I want those heroes to be killed before they step foot here in Midtown! If you fail, YOU ALSO shall face the firing squad!"

All of John's soldiers acknowledged and moved on with their mission. But one man stopped by and gave him news of the League of Heroes: "Word has just arrived; the heroes have come!"

"That's nothing to fear!" John replied. "We will drive them back before they can even shoot at us! Do not dare fail!"

About two to three hours later, John came walking down the hallway of the base with a female captive. Talwyn had been captured due to thorough scavenging around the area, and John's soldiers caught her in the act of sabotage.

"This girl…" John whispered to one of his commanders as he walked her along, "…she is quite a prize. Such lovely eyes… She is beautiful…"

"Just as YOU are ugly!" Talwyn snapped at him.

"Don't snap at me already, lady! You'll be thanking me one day for sparing your life."

Before Talwyn could do anything else, she suddenly saw a shocking sight. Ratchet had been captured as well, with a captain pointing a pistol at his head. "We caught this creature prowling outside," the captain spoke up, showing him to his master.

"You've no right to hold her!" Ratchet said to John. "Release her at once!"

"So, you dare command ME!" John barked in reply. "We will test your courage as you face my firing squad!"

"No!" Talwyn whimpered in panic. "Don't shoot him! You mustn't!"

"You like him, eh?" John replied. "Tell me what you would do to save his life? Would you marry me?"

"Yes, I'll marry you! Only spare him—please—!"

"No!" Ratchet thought as he slowly walked towards the wall. "I cannot allow Talwyn to sacrifice herself for me! But I'm helpless as well…" He turned to face John again, shouting at him: "You're a lily-livered coward! If you weren't, you'd fight me man to man!"

"And perhaps you WILL!" said a voice from above the wall. It was Clank, coming to return to Ratchet his weapon. Dropping an Omniwrench down, he flew through the row of soldiers and snatched their weapons from them. "I'll take those toys, thank you very much!" he teased as he flew by.

Having caught his wrench, Ratchet prepared himself to take on John and his evil cult. "Now, John…" he taunted, "…it's time we wrap up this battle MY way!"

"Bah!" John retorted, turning to his men. "He is but one man! He cannot oppose an entire army! Destroy him!"

But, before the troops can act, Ratchet hurled his wrench at a nearby supply tent. As the wrench returned to its master, it pulled the great tent back with it, dropping it on the troops who have been ordered to attack Ratchet.

At Midtown's entrance, the League of Heroes had finally arrived to destroy the Doomsday Cult once and for all. "I think we've used our cloaking device long enough," Nathan said as he and the others made themselves visible to enemy eyes. "Let's charge right at them!"

John's soldiers saw their opponents and were filled with fear. "It is the enemy!" one of them shouted. "They are on the march!"

"We are not prepared to engage them in combat!" said another one.

Suddenly, in all the confusion, John began stealing all the money from his army and tried to escape the chaos.

"Look!" one of his men said and pointed at him. "The fool is fleeing with our money!"

"HE is the cause of our downfall!" exclaimed another. "And now he tries to DESERT us!"

"He must PAY for his failure!" said a third.

Right then, everyone agreed to shoot John down and end his life… and his reign of terror. After his death, there came another one of his soldiers who exclaimed of his betrayal: "He BETRAYED us! It is the HEROES who are truly our friends… not those how would plunge us into war!"

And so, ironically, the man who caused so many others to perish in front of the execution wall, is himself its final victim.

From a distance, the FBI agent known as Nick Ivo (as introduced in previous adventures) saw what had happened. "The army is crushed!" he thought proudly. "It's the end of the Doomsday infiltration in our city! We owe our victory to that fantastic Lombax fighter! What a soldier he is!"