PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season One

Episode Three

Doomsday Disaster

By Cole Bezotte

"This is David Jaffe, and I am here with my partner T.J. Fixman. Today, we are discussing something extremely important that has been going on lately. Ever since the Doomsday Cult had returned to Midtown, Los Angeles has been losing some of the greatest scientists. There is obvious evidence that each scientist has written a farewell note that says that they are defecting to the Doomsday Cult. So far, five of them went to join the cult within the past month. Government officials are unable to explain these sudden defections. However, the F.B.I. is working day and night…"

At the mansion of the League of Heroes, Ratchet listened in on the entire report on his radio. "Missing scientists… This could be an opportunity for me to spring into action. I'd better see Commander Mason; he's probably over at Washington right now. I remember last time I encountered the Doomsday Cult, their leader betrayed them and was killed. Only a sudden spark of evil could have reformed the group, and it must have been Needles casting a spell on them. Looks like they've got themselves a new John Doe as their leader now. I must defeat them!"

Soon, Ratchet was in the office of Commander Mason, U.S. army intelligence. He was ready to consult him of the problem and tell him of his plan. "I want to set myself up as bait…" Ratchet told him, "…by claiming that I've invented a new weapon in biological warfare. Maybe THEN I can learn how the cult is making our scientists defect."

"Are you sure you want to make it that simple?" Mason asked in reply. "There's hardly any action in it."

"I'm sure it will work. Besides, I know what I'm going to do once the time comes."

"I hate to say this, but I'll buy your plan. It better work!"

Once again back at the mansion, Ratchet pretended to embark on a secret project in order to get the Doomsday Cult's attention. Soon, newspapers were printed, telling about what Ratchet had been doing lately.

And so at Midtown, the new John Doe had read the headline: "RATCHET DEVELOPS NEW VIRUS FOR GERM WARFARE!"

"This seems interesting…" John thought as he read the details. "This Lombax could be another useful scientist for our cause."

The following day, Talwyn knocked on Ratchet's door and introduced him to a bulky figure holding a camera. "There's a photographer here to see you," Talwyn said as she walked away.

"Maybe this is it…" Ratchet thought as he saw the photographer. "This could be what I've been waiting for…"

"I'm from a national magazine," the man said. He was actually one of John's commanders in disguise. He wore a hat to hide his bald spot, and he wore a neat suit to look surely. "We're doing a story on your new biological weapon and I've been sent to take some photos of you."

"Fine," Ratchet replied. "I'll be glad to oblige."

"I know you're busy, so I'll do this as quickly as I can." The man held up the camera and aimed it straight at Ratchet. With one press of a button, the fake camera released a cloud of emerald-green gas that engulfed Ratchet. Before Ratchet could act, the strange fumes entered his nostrils and immediately took effect. "It worked!" the man thought. "The gas has hypnotized him, just as it did all the others."

His will overcome by the gas, the helpless Lombax followed the commands of his captor. He was forced to write a farewell note, saying that he was defecting to the Doomsday Cult and leaving Los Angeles for good. The man led Ratchet out the back door so no one could see them, drove him to Midtown, and locked him in one of the cult's prison cells.

A few hours later, the hypnotic trance finally wore off, and Ratchet found himself in the cell along with a few captive men.

"How do you do, partner?" one of the captives asked. "We're scientists like yourself. The Doomsday Cult abducted us, but they made it appear as if we defected. They want us to do scientific work for them. So far, we've refused. But they're making it rougher on us. I don't know how long we can hold out."

"Phase one of my plan is completed," Ratchet thought after hearing everything. "Now that I know the true reason, it's time for phase two: freeing these innocent people."

Suddenly, the dungeon floor opened, and some ominous figures entered. Three guards escorted the captives to various other places. "We are placing you in separate cells," one of the men spoke up. "MOVE!"

"There is psychological strength in unity," another guard said. "Alone, you will be less able to resist our 'persuasion'."

Infuriated by such attitude towards free men, Ratchet forced himself out of the cell and ran down the hall. Many other guards tried to chase him, but Ratchet was able to retrieve his Omniwrench from one of them and fought them all with it. After they were all knocked unconscious, he continued running.

Ratchet rushed along the tunnel of the fortress, unwittingly passing an electric eye beam. The instant the beam was severed, it triggered the release of a trap door. Ratchet fell through it, landing into a giant pool of man-eating sharks. "I can't fight them all at once!" Ratchet thought. "But there is only one way to beat them!"

Ratchet turned on the "helicopter mode" on his wrench; the faster it spun, the stronger a whirlpool was forming. "It's working!" Ratchet thought. "The sharks are being drawn into it!"

He made his way back up to the surface and out of the water. "By the time the whirlpool spins itself out…" he thought, "…those man-eaters will be too dizzy to menace anyone else."

Ratchet quietly crept back to the prison hall and found the cells in which the scientists were kept. "Hey guys!" one them called out. "Look! He's come for us!"

"Shhhh…" Ratchet shushed them. "I want to get you safely out of the fortress before the enemy finds out."

Ratchet used the end of his wrench as a key to unlock the cell doors and let out the captives. He led them to a secret underground tunnel where the cult kept all money and treasures; it was also a way to leave Midtown. Once Ratchet sent the scientists to safety, he raised his wrench up in the air, catching the shining reflection of the bright-shining moon. That was a queue for Commander Mason's squad of U.S. soldiers to sweep in and take back Midtown.

"Just remember…" Ratchet announced to the freed scientists, "…even in a slave nation, the spirit of freedom never dies!"