PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season One

Episode Six

Return of the Grotesque Grimm

By Cole Bezotte

One night, at the mansion of the League of Heroes (I'm getting tired of the same intro), Talwyn Apogee became wrapped in her own thoughts, unaware of the lurking menace which came ever closer. She thought very hard about what she desired, but sudden doubts began to cross her mind as well.

"If know my feelings for Ratchet are in vain—and yet, my heart can't forget him," she thought as she silently lied on the couch. "I feel he loves me, too… But there seems to be some terrible secret which he never dares speak of…but which will eternally keep us apart…"

But little did Talwyn dream, a new menace would appear, a menace grave enough to make her forget her romantic longings.

Out in the downtown area of Los Angeles, a man wearing a skull as a helmet came walking down the streets. "Ratchet does not suspect what happened last time we met," Mr. Grimm thought as he hid in a dark alley. "He does not suspect that I am still at large after what seemed like that goddess' victory. Now I know how delicious a goddess really tastes; I can't wait to dig in once I kill Neptune…if I CAN, that is.

"After I got away from those heroes, I returned to my ship and escaped Veldin. I made it back here to Earth, unnoticed, and knew that my mission was a failure. But now that I'm no longer with the Polygon Man, I am free to do whatever I desire! And as my first wish, I seek revenge on Ratchet!"

Back at the mansion, Ratchet was alone in one of the upstairs bedrooms, locked in and standing in complete darkness. "What the heck is wrong with me?" he thought silently, not making a single sound. "I slaughtered so many people recently, along with letting Arboc Thatcher fall to his death! This is not like me at all! Maybe there IS a split-personality controlling me! Perhaps I'm thinking too much of myself as something different! But I mustn't worry; hopefully Talwyn hasn't found out about what happened. I'll try to pull myself together and act like a REAL Lombax would!"

Suddenly, Ratchet heard a crash from the room down the hall. Then he heard a gruff voice shout: "Take me to Ratchet at once!"

"That voice!" Ratchet thought as he headed to Talwyn's room. "It CAN'T be!"

Once Ratchet saw who it was in that room, he got a nasty surprise. Mr. Grimm had come to fulfill his revenge just like he promised.

"Ratchet!" Talwyn exclaimed in panic. "I wanted to warn you—but he didn't give me the chance!"

"Silence, woman!" Mr. Grimm exclaimed. "It is too late for words! My moment is at hand! You thought you had gotten rid of me last time we met, Ratchet! It's time that the tide will turn for me!"

Quickly, Ratchet attempted to grab his Omniwrench and use it against his opponent. But Mr. Grimm was too fast for him; he caught him in his act. "Fool!" he exclaimed. "You think you can save yourself by grabbing that wrench of yours!"

Before Ratchet can wield his weapon, Mr. Grimm pushed him out the nearest open window. "I didn't mean to finish you so soon," Grimm said as he pushed him out, "but it's your own fault!"

Ratchet fell down the many stories of the mansion, about to hit the ground with full impact and die. While inside the room, Talwyn recoiled in shock at the sight of the man she loved, plummeting to certain death through the open window. "RATCHET!" she screamed. "NO!"

To silence her, Mr. Grimm smacked her on the head with his scythe and brought her down to the floor. "Now that she's out…" he thought, "…I can perform the next part of my plan. What could be more fitting than for the one who vanquished him to take Ratchet's money, his papers, and the results of his lifetime of research and study! It is only fitting that I should gain by Ratchet's death! And now, my revenge is complete!" Mr. Grimm used an axe to smash through Ratchet's private wall vault door and began to steal the very important things that he could get his hands on.

Meanwhile, outside the building, Ratchet continued to plummet toward the ground. "Only one chance…" he thought as he desperately used his wrench to break his fall. He turned on the "helicopter mode" of his wrench and began to glide safely down to the ground. "What a happy landing!" he thought as he looked all the way up at the roof. "I could have died from there! But now, Talwyn shouldn't worry. I'll call her and tell her I'm okay. But most importantly, she should never know about what I did the other day. I don't want her to think I'm a murderer."

At the nearest phone booth, Ratchet made his call and ensured Talwyn of safety. "I'll be back in a little while," he said as he carried on with the conversation. "I promise I won't get into any more trouble."

But once he hung up the phone, his mind was drawn to something else: "I'll have to attend to the mysterious Mr. Grimm first. Now I've got a score to settle with HIM."

Meanwhile, in another part of town, Mr. Grimm gloated over his false victory and began to plan something new. "Now that I have had my revenge on Ratchet, I can concentrate on my plans—plans for committing the greatest crimes of the century! With my taste of living flesh and my soldier tactics, I can never fail! The money I stole from Ratchet is but a pittance to what I soon shall possess. It is no more than a symbol—a symbol of my power—my destiny!"

But a radio report he heard revealed that Ratchet survived the fall and had returned to the mansion. Grimm became very angry once he heard everything. "Then my revenge is not complete!" he exclaimed in anger. "No matter how strong he think he is, MY strength will match his! And I shall have the advantage of surprise—for Ratchet, in his arrogant self-confidence, cannot suspect that I am capable of defeating him—until it is TOO LATE!"