PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season One

Episode Seven

Shocking Showdown

By Cole Bezotte

Note from the author: Sorry things are going so dull so far. I promise that things will get better once season two rolls around.

The day after the big accident, Ratchet sat on his bed, minding his own business. Suddenly, he saw Talwyn walk into his room, wearing a fancy black dress and high-heels. He could already tell that she had pretty makeup on. This could only mean one thing:

"There you are, Ratchet," Talwyn spoke up. "For a moment, I thought you had forgotten your promise to take me to dinner tonight, on my birthday."

"I had forgotten…" Ratchet thought silently, "…because of my problem with Mr. Grimm! But I can't disappoint Talwyn…"

Ratchet finally spoke up: "Of course, Talwyn! I've been looking forward to it all week! I'll bring you to the Ritz Terrace at eight."

"The Ritz Terrace!" Talwyn exclaimed in reply. "It's the most glamorous place in town! I'm so thrilled!"

But other ears had also heard that brief conversation—the ears of the mysterious Mr. Grimm. "The Ritz Terrace, eh?" Mr. Grimm thought as climbed down from the mansion's roof. "Well, Miss Apogee… you will be even MORE thrilled than you expect!"

That night, a few minutes past eight, at the Ritz Terrace, a cute couple enjoyed the dinner music as they prepared to order. Ratchet and Talwyn sat at their table and became amazed by what seemed like the greatest wine they ever tasted. "It's so wonderful being here with you like this, Ratchet," Talwyn admitted.

"Talwyn…" Ratchet thought to himself, "…if only it could be this way forever. And yet, there is something big I don't want to reveal. If you found out what I did the other day, then I'm a goner!"

Ratchet replied to Talwyn: "You look beautiful tonight, Talwyn. It's always heaven being with you."

"I just wish I could forget about that horrid Mr. Grimm—the way he broke into mansion and attacked you. What if he should ever return?"

"Try to put it out of your mind, Talwyn. I'm sure we've heard the last of him."

Suddenly, a voice spoke from next to their table: "I'll take your order now, sir."

Ratchet and Talwyn turned to see Mr. Grimm pointing a pistol at them. "YOU!" they both exclaimed.

"Do as I say and I may let you both live a while longer!" Mr. Grimm said to them. "Get out of here and get into your car!"

"We can't reason with him, Talwyn," Ratchet said as he got up. "We've got to obey."

As the three walked towards the car, Ratchet complained: "Why do you keep hounding us this way? What is your purpose?"

"You'll find out soon enough!" Mr. Grimm replied. "Now get into your car and drive where I tell you to!"

Ratchet drove to where Mr. Grimm directed him to, with Talwyn sitting with him in the backseat. "Drive straight up to the top of that hill!" Grimm commanded. "That old deserted castle is my home."

As Ratchet parked the car at the deserted house, he thought secretly: "The fact that he lets Talwyn and me see his hideout is proof that he expects we'll never be able to tell this to anyone."

Mr. Grimm forced his two captives out of the car and guided them inside the house. "Why have you brought us here?" Ratchet continued to complain. "What do you plan to do?"

"Walk!" Mr. Grimm snapped in reply. "No one questions me! I shall explain everything to you in my own good time."

They were forced into a very dark room, where Mr. Grimm moved on to the next part of his plan. He first tied Ratchet to a pole so that he would not do any danger to ruin his scheme. "You are so frail and weak that you might injure yourself if I let you run free," Mr. Grimm taunted as he secured the bounds.

"Don't…" Talwyn pleaded. "Don't hurt him! I beg of you! He has done nothing to you!"

"That's what YOU think!" Grimm replied to her. "There was more to our battle on Veldin than you think! Now, before I go, I shall arrange this time bomb here. It is set to go off in exactly twenty-four hours. Only I know how to stop it from exploding. So, if anything happens to me within the next twenty-four hours, you are doomed, Ratchet!" He adjusted the controls on his time bomb and set everything as he wanted. Then he said to Talwyn: "You are I are leaving now. And if you defy me, or if any harm comes to me… it will be the end of Ratchet!"

"I must do what he says…" Talwyn thought as she walked out with Mr. Grimm, "…for the sake of the man I love!"

After driving for a short time, Mr. Grimm and his reluctant captive came to a stop before the east river naval yard.

Note from the author: Who knows if this place can be Death Port from Twisted Metal: Lost?

"This is where I shall execute the crime of the century," Mr. Grimm exclaimed. "And you, Talwyn, will bear witness to it!"

"What do you plan to do?" Talwyn replied.

"What no other living being would ever DARE attempt! I am about to steal a Polaris Submarine!"

"You're mad! It isn't possible!"

"Mad, am I? You shall see that anything is possible for me!" Mr. Grimm forced Talwyn out of the car and pushed her towards the dock. "Once the sub is mine, I shall roam the seven seas like a king… and you shall become my queen!"

Meanwhile, back at the lonely castle where Ratchet was imprisoned, the Lombax finally broke free of his bonds with his fierce anger. After all those times his rage got the better of him, he did not seem to notice at all. Now he was COMPLETELY angry!

At the dock, pandemonium reigned as Mr. Grimm pointed a pistol at Talwyn's head, threatening the security guards. "Back, you helpless fools!" he threatened them. "Do not come a step closer to me if you value this girl's life!"

"Hold your fire, men!" one of the guards commanded. "That character doesn't look like he's kidding!"

Another guard placed a secret phone call, hidden at the end of the dock. "Hello!" he said. "Put me through to Washington! Grimm is more than we can handle! This calls for the military!"

Finally, Ratchet came to the rescue and arrived at the submarine to stop Mr. Grimm in his scheme. "Incredible though it may seem…" Ratchet thought, "…he is attempting to steal a Polaris submarine, single-handed! With his strength, using Talwyn as a hostage, he seems to be on the verge of succeeding!"

Mr. Grimm turned and saw Ratchet approach him, after he shoved Talwyn down into the submarine. "So!" he exclaimed. "You still dare try to foil my plans, do you? Well, this time I'll make sure I stop you for good! This time you're not scaring some puny soldier… you're tackling with the all-powerful Mr. Grimm!"

Ratchet's anger got the better of him once again, and so he lunged out in full attack. Talwyn watched as he swung his wrench in every direction imagined, constantly hitting Mr. Grimm on the head and breaking his skull helmet. After seeing so much torment come to the villain, Talwyn finally felt the need to step in and stop Ratchet from fighting.

"Stop!" Talwyn exclaimed. "Don't kill him!"

"Get out of the way!" Ratchet snapped in reply. "He's had this coming for a long time!"

"No! Let him go!"

Mr. Grimm saw this as the perfect opportunity to escape. "Thanks to the witless female, I shall make good my escape!" he thought as he took off his broken skull helmet. With one big dive, he plunged himself into the deep waters below.

"Look!" a security guard said as he ran inside the sub. "It's Grimm's skull-mask! Do you think Ratchet…KILLED HIM?"

"No…" Grimm thought as he swam on. "He didn't beat me… and neither did I beat HIM. But next time we meet, it will be a different story!"