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A gentle tap on his glass gets the room's attention and he hopes no one can tell his heart is racing and his palms are sweating.

'Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am grateful that you are all here to join me for this very special opening night. It's been my dream for a long time now to open my own restaurant and I am very fortunate that tonight marks the moment this dream has become a reality. I'd like to thank all of you for coming out tonight, as well as those who spent long nights and weekends helping to patch this place up. It may look great now but there was a time when the paint didn't match and the dining chairs had zebra patterns on.' The room of guests laugh and Killian relaxes slightly.

'But above all I'd like to thank the woman who made this all possible. She's believed in me and supported me for four years now, picked me up and kept me going when I almost gave up on this dreams a few times. I know that without her I would not be standing here tonight, so please join me in celebrating the love of my life and my wife, Emma Swan.' Killian looks over to his right where Emma is making her way towards him, the colour of her cheeks matching her red dress. Her green eyes are sparkling when she reaches him and his heart picks up just as it did the first time he saw her.

The audience in front of them cheer and raise their champagne glasses and Emma curls into his side with embarrassment, although a soft smile curves her lips. The guests soon settle down into their seats and the first course is served around the restaurant. Killian looks over at Henry, who is enthusiastically digging into to his food at the table with Mary Margret and David, little Ava sitting beside her parents and her baby brother Leo in his high chair.

Emma steps forward to join them but Killian pulls her back to him, silently nodding towards the exit. She frowns in confusion but follows him as they quietly slink away from the celebration and out into the warm evening breeze on the beach.

She takes off her heels and retakes his hand before they walk onto the sand. He hears the music and buzz of chatter and dishes fade as they walk away from the restaurant and he stops suddenly. The orange tint of the sunset is just fading on the horizon and he takes it all in.

'You didn't have to thank me in there you know. Honestly you worked so hard for this that I barely had anything to do with it.' Emma shrugs and her words remind him of how she used to be when they first met. Things had changed over the years; she had become more open with him and accepted his love and praise, but the doubt in her voice concerned him.

'You had everything to do with it. If I hadn't met you I would probably still be working at that supermarket, alone and my dreams unaccomplished. I love you Emma, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.' He sees her look down at the rings on her hand and his heart warms.

'You could bend a piece of grass and present it to her and her answer would still be the same.' Henry sighs impatiently as Killian scans the jewelry displays for the seventh time.

'Well the ring isn't meant to persuade her, I just want it to be perfect. None of these are right for her, they're too big or too ugly with too many diamonds that she'll call obnoxious.' Killian replies hopelessly. He's refused the jewelers help twice now, knowing he'll only try to sell him the expensive rings and not find what Killian is actually looking for.

Killian makes a face at the same large ring that he notices as he passes the display case but then he sees the one beside it and stops. It's small and far classier than the one next to it. There are small diamonds along the thin band of the ring and a reasonable sized square one in the middle. He knows just by looking at it that it would look even more beautiful on Emma's hand and he smiles as he requests to see it.

'I never told you this but the night you proposed I went into the bathroom and cried.' Emma says quietly and Killian lifts his head quickly to look at her. He thinks back to that night in confusion, wondering what she's talking about.

Her eyes are closed as she soaks in the remaining heat from the sun before it sets and he marvels at how she is much like the sunshine herself.

'Everything is so perfect right now.' Emma sighs contently and Killian feels his stomach drop. This is it.

He takes her hand and kneels down on one knee, not caring that he was getting sand all over his pants as he finds the small box in his breast pocket and opens it.

'Emma, you're the light of my life and you've brought me a special kind of happiness that I never knew even existed. You've made me want to become a better person, to work harder, to love more and to cherish everything I have while I still do. I see no future without you in it, so Emma Swan, would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?'

He had been nervous ever since he had started planning this proposal, ever since he had picked out the ring with Henry and decided on the perfect moment. The past few weeks he had been a wreck, trying to keep this a secret until now, wondering if this was something Emma even wanted despite their frequent discussions of their future together. But looking at her now, with her eyes glistening and her red lips curved in a wide smile, all his nerves are gone.

'Yes.' She breathes shakily, and he gently slides the ring onto her left hand before she's crashing her lips against his.

'I love you.' Emma sighs against his lips when they take a moment to breathe and he cherishes those words even after all their time together.

'I love you too, my future wife.' He chuckles and Emma hums happily.

'We'd talked about our future together a lot but words and reality were two different things. Some part of me kept thinking 'when will this end, when something bad happen' and it never did. Ever since David and Mary Margret got married I'd been dreaming about our day. I never did that as a little girl. I never heard the story of my parents getting married and I was never the little flower girl at a relative's wedding, dreaming that one day I would be the bride. Weddings were for people who were loved, and I never felt that, until you. It felt like a dream that day you proposed, I was just overwhelmed and I guess I broke down. I didn't want you to know back then, I'm not really sure why.' Emma sniffs and he gently lifts her chin to look her in the eye.

'None of that matters now. It was very much real and still is. I love you even more than I did that day I proposed and the day we got married and even more than I did yesterday.' Killian reassures her and her smile is soft and warm and genuine in response.

'Come on, let's go get some champagne and food because I think we deserve it.' Killian adds with grin but Emma hesitates.

'Perhaps I should hold off on the champagne.' She says with a tilt of her head and he frowns before shooting his eyebrows up.

'Are you…?'

'I'm pregnant.' Emma smiles and he feels his heart hammer and his stomach drop and his face warm all at once.

'We're having a baby.' Killian whispers and Emma nods. He picks her up and spins her round, laughing as he kicks up the sand beneath his feet and watches her smile above him. Once he puts her back down she guides his hand to her stomach. It's still flat and she must only be a few weeks along but his heart is beating so fast the baby may as well being coming right now.

'This is really happening.' He exhales as he rests his forehead on hers. She hums in response and puts her arms around his neck.

'I think it will be a boy.' Emma says a moment later and Killian laughs.

'Hmm, I think we might be having a daughter actually.' He says confidently.

(And when their baby with a headful of dark hair and bright blue eyes is born Emma is too in love with her son to be smug about being right, at least at first.)

Killian stands in the doorway of the nursery, watching Emma as she bounces Liam on her hip and sings to him softly. Her hair is pulled back in a loose braid and he can faintly smell her vanilla perfume from where he stands.

'Dada.' Liam coos and Killian smiles as Emma turns, only just noticing his presence. Liam's first word was 'dada' 3 weeks ago and his heart still leaps when his son calls for him.

'Daddy's home now, Liam. We've missed him all day haven't we?' Emma asks (rhetorically of course, the child is only 11 months old) and she passes him over to Killian, who cradles his son affectionately in his arms with a smile.

'Did Henry get away okay?' He asks and Emma leans on the side of the crib and exhales.

'Yeah, he's already set everything up and he's out having dinner with his new roommate.' Emma answers shakily and Killian looks up at her, the sight of her watery, red eyes and pursed lips making his heart break.

'Emma, it's okay to be upset. Henry's all grown up and going to college, it's a scary time for any parent let alone one with a baby to look after as well.' Liam gurgles at that and Killian rocks him soothingly until the little lad's eyes start drooping. He can hear Emma crying and he kisses Liam's head softly before lowering him into the crib and rearranging the blanket around him.

Once Liam starts drifting off Killian pulls Emma into his arms and she buries her head into his neck.

'He's all I had for so long, and it just feels weird not having him in the house anymore. I know I can't hold on to him forever, but I miss him.' Emma cries, and Killian gently unravels her braid, brushes his fingers through her hair and kisses her temple.

'I know, lass.' He whispers until she calms.

'It's so quiet.' Emma murmurs a while later and Killian lifts her head from his shoulder and kisses her softly.

'I suppose we'll just have to expand our family even more until the house is full of noisy children then.' He laughs, coaxing a smile out of Emma as he softens the worried lines on her face.

'I like the sound of that.' She replies quietly.

(And 9 months later when their twin daughters are born and Liam is crying over them being girls and Killian promises him a younger brother someday Emma thinks back to a time when everything was quiet and she knows no matter how terrible her headache gets she would never trade in her family for anything.)