My Family

Summary: So here I am getting any book that you would need in years 1-7 from Diagon Alley when all of a sudden, a bright white light surrounds me and my things and I'm transported into the Middle Earth. While there, I'm found by two men with pointy ears and taken to a place called Rivendell where I find out that I'm actually from there and the people who sacrificed their lives for me, and thought to be my parents aren't. Long story short, I, Arianna, the Girl-Who-Lived, finds out I'm the daughter of Lord Elrond.

DIsclaimer: I do not own Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. But I love both stories!

"Elvish talking"

"English talking"

Chapter One: Good Merlin!

So here I am, Arianna Potter, fourteen year old witch and the Girl-Who-Lived, walking around Diagon Alley with my beaded pouch that has an Undetectable Extension Charm and Weightless Charm (a gift from Mrs. Weasly) buying books of any kind. Some of them are meant to be textbooks for year 1-7 at school, even books of spells that aurors use and some advanced books. I just bought them because Hermione got me hooked on reading anything else to study. I even got a few cloaks and robes, prank stuff for some of the times with Fred and George, candies, and my Firebolt broomstick.

I have all the things I want in my bag, I've been shopping for three hours. Just as I exit Gambol & Japes. I feel a tingling in my body and see a bright white light zurround my body. I look down at myself and see me changing. My hips turn into a hourglass shape. As my hair falls over my shoulders as I look down, I see that it becomes from a messy rats nest to silky strands of smooth black hair that goes to my waist. I feel a tickling on my ears. Touching them, I feel that they became pointy. I look around and see everything become bigger, I realized that I became shorter. Like the size of an eight year old.

The white light shines brighter and I feel myself disappearing. I hear gasps come from the other witches and wizards in the alley. Then everything disappears around me and goes black.

I wake up with a groan and rub my eyes. I find that I'm on jagged ground. Opening my eyes, I find that I'm in a forest. I look down and around, two feet away from me is my beaded bag. Quickly, I grab that and put it in my jacket pocket, then I pull out my wand from the holster on my right arm, which is hidden under my sleeve, and grip it tightly at my side.

This place looks brighter and more natural than the Forbidden Forest, so I couldn't be near Hogwarts. Turning at every which way, I try to see if there is any sign of civilization.

"Hello?" I call out. "Is any one there?" I hear a twig snap and quickly point my wand up to where the sound came from. Out of the bushes comes nine horrible looking creatures, taller and more muscular than men. They have huge fangs in their mouths and their skin is raven black, so is their hair. In their hands are sharp, rusty, and bloody swords.

"Fresh meat." One of them says growling and smirking evilly. I'm so scared, I can't even say a simple spell right now, all I can do is back away a few steps. But I trip on a branch and fall on my arse. I back away from the in fear. One of them comes closer and brings his sword up. I scream out as he begins to swing it. I wait for the sword to come down, but it doesn't. All I see is an arrow fly by and hit the creature in front of me, killing it.

Then two men with long hair, pointy ears, bows and arrows, and swords come out and start to fight the creatures. All I can do is crawl away from the fight. Nearby, I find a tree with the bottom inside hollowed out. I crawl into that and curl into a ball, wrapping my arms around my legs, putting my head on my knee and rocking back and forth.

Outside, I hear the fight has ended and the two men talking. Then I hear their footsteps near the tree I'm in. I back away further into the tree and wrap myself up tighter, wishing for the ground beneath me to swallow me. Peeking through my now long and silky hair, I see two brothers. Twins to be exact. Both of them were very handsome. Something about them seemed to glow in their beauty.

I'm too scared right now to bask in their beauty. I just curl up further into a ball and hide my face, rocking back and forth.

"It's okay, we're not here to hurt you, child. I'm Elrohir, this is my brother Elladan." One twin, Elrohir said. Elladan waved and said 'hi' with a gentle and kind smile.

"I'm Arianna." I whispered, but they heard it.

"That's a beautiful name, Arianna. Elladan and I used to have a sister named Arianna, but she disappeared from the Middle Earth." Elrohir said with a sad look on his beautiful face.

"Middle Earth?" I asked confused.

"Yes, that's where we are now. But we live in the elven city Rivendell. Come with us and we'll help you get home." Elladan said holding a hand out. I look to him and Elrohir to see if there is any evil in their eyes. There isn't, just a kind look. Hesitantly, I take his hand and let him help me out. I clutch my wand in my right hand like a sword. Elrohir sees this and looks to it curiously.

"What is this, child?" He asks pointing to my phoenix wand.

"It's my wand. I'm a witch." I said shyly. They looked shocked but smiled to me.

"That is amazing-" Elladan exclaims.

"The only magic users-" Elrohir exclaims. Than they go back and forth.

"Are the Istari-

"Five wizards-

"You are the first witch-

"In the Middle Earth!" They exclaimed simultaneously. They remind of Fred and George. I miss them already. I put my wand in the holster.

"Come along, Arianna. We better bring you to our Ada (Father) so he can check you for any injuries." Elrohir said holding my left hand, Elladan takes my right hand.

"Definitely, we don't want you hurt. You're too young to go through a fight with orcs." Elladan said. And together, the three of us walk to where the twins popped out to fight the creatures, orcs I learned them to be.

Looking over to the battlefield, I see that all nine of the orcs are dead and turned into a pyre. The corpses turning into ash. I turn away quickly, not wanting to look at the horrible beings that almost killed me.

Walking through the forest, we come across two horses, both beautiful and have pure white manes. They both have saddles and scabbards for swords. Elladan and Elrohir sheath their swords in them. Elladan lifts me up on his horse and mounts on behind me, putting his arms around me to secure me. I see Elrohir mount his horse and nod to his brother. Then we were off to Rivendell.


We come across a huge beautiful stone arch that has vine designs expertly chiseled into it. Beyond that archway was a stairway that led up to an elegant palace surrounded by trees and tall buildings.

I look up the stairs to see a man and woman walking down. The man and woman both had dark hair, the man looked older and the woman younger, but very beautiful. Elladan and Elrohir dismount their horses, Elladan picks me up and places me on the ground, taking ahold of my hand.

"Ada, we found this girl almost killed by nine orcs. We stopped them before they could." I heard Elladan say in a different language. Surprisingly, I understand it perfectly. The man looks to me and smiles. Shyly, I hide my face in my hair and squeeze Elladan's hand.

"Welcome child to Rivendell. I am Lord Elrond, this is my daughter Arwen." I looked to them, Arwen and Elrond both gasp when they see my face. Elrond looks to be in tears right now. So does Arwen, she puts a hand to her mouth and tears slowly fall down.

"What is your name child?" Elrond asked.

"Arianna, my lord." I say confused. He puts a hand to his heart and stumbles back a few steps.

"What is it Ada?" Elrohir asked. Elrond looks to me and smiles sadly, a few tears fall from his eyes.

"My daughter, my Arianna has come home. How did you two not recognize your own sister?" Elrond said looking to his twin sons. The three of us were shocked, the twins looked to me with wide eyes.

"Our sister? But you said she disappeared from the Middle Earth." Elladan said.

"She did. But I asked that Mithrandir do a spell that would bring her back someday. Two-hundred years I have waited for this day, and she is finally home." Elrond said. Arwen looks about ready to burst into sobs and hug me senseless.

"But I was always thought to be born in Earth as a human, or witch. I thought my parents were Lily and James Potter, who sacrificed themselves to save me from a Dark Wizard." I said. Then I looked to Elrond, Arwen, Elrohir, and Elladan. "I have a family." I whispered then walked up to Elrond. He kneeled down to me and we just stared at each other, then I jumped onto him and hugged him with all my might, wrapping my legs around his waist. He hugs me back just as much.

I feel another pair of arms around us, I look up from Elrond's shoulder to see Arwen. I throw an arm around her neck and hug her too. Then Elladan and Elrohir join in for a group hug. I feel tears fall on my clothes and hear sobs from Arwen and I. I have a family.

"Ada… Arwen… Elladan… Elrohir…" I manage to say in between sobs.

"Arianna." I heard Arwen say. We all pull away, me still in Ada's arms sitting on his hip like a baby. I smile and sniffle at my brother, my sister, and my father.

"Welcome home, my daughter." Ada said. Ada walks up the stair with my siblings following behind.

"Ada, can you please check to see if Arianna has any injuries and requires any medical attention?" Elladan asks.

"Of course." Ada said. Arwen opens the door to a room with a bed and a table of bottles of liquids and bandages. He sets me down on a bed and tells me to lay down.

He checks me over for injuries of any kind. The results were okay on the injuries, but my health, not so much. I sit up once he's done.

"Arianna, you have suffered from malnourishment and abuse from the fading bruises that I can see. What has happened when you lived on Earth?" Ada asked. Arwen, Elladan, and Elrohir look to Ada shocked and then to me worried. I look down at my hands in shame, and try to blink the tears away.

"After my adoptive parents were killed by the Dark Wizard, Voldemort, I was sent to live with my adoptive mothers sister. Her and her husband, Petunia and Vernon, hated any magic users, so they treated me as a slave. Their son, Dudley, was a bully who beat me up whenever. If I even did the slightest thing wrong, Vernon would beat me until I was unconscious. Then he would throw me into my 'room', a cupboard under the stairs.

"As for the malnourishment, they would feed me only three times a week and they would be very small portions. When they didn't want to see my ugly face, they would lock me in the cupboard. The longest I've been there was about two weeks." I said. Tears fell like a waterfall from my eyes. I heard footsteps near me and feel arms wrap around me. Arwen.

"My sister. I am so sorry you had to go through that. No one deserves that. I promise you, you will never have to go through that again. Do you understand me?" I nod into her shoulder and wrap my arms around her waist.

"And don't you dare call yourself 'ugly', child. Have you seen yourself?" Elladan asked. I pull away from Arwen, but her arm is still around my shoulder. I shook my head. Elladan goes to a drawer and pulls out a mirror. He kneels in front of me and holds it up. I gasp at my looks.

My skin is still pale, but it has a glow to it and it's smooth. My hair is no longer frizzy and matted. It's now longs, silky, and shiny. I now have chiseled cheekbones and natural red lips. My once light green eyes are now bright emeralds that could outshine a diamond. My ears were pointy and showing through my hair. I touched them and gasped at how sensitive they were.

"Is that me?" I said looking to my family. They smiled and nodded.

"You said you could do magic? May you show us?" Ada asked. I nodded and pulled out my wand and pouch. I looked around the room and spotted an empty bowl on the bedside table. I pointed at the bowl.

"Aguamenti.." Water shot out of the tip and landed in the bowl. They all gasped, but smiled. Elladan and Elrohir smiling wider than Ada and Arwen.

"Amazing." They exclaimed jumping up and down. I giggled at my brothers antics.

"What of the bag?" Arwen asked. I opened the drawstring bag and reached in till my whole arm from wrist to shoulder were inside. I pulled out everything in my bag and laid them out on the bed. Books, prank supplies, my broomstick, my robes, my street clothes, candies, my peanut butter jar with a few spoons, and a bunch of other things.

"Extraordinary. How did all that fit in there?" Elrohir asked.

"Magic. It has two different charms. And Undetectable extension charm and a weightless charm." I said.

"So where did you learn to do magic, my child." Ada asked. Then I went on and explained everything.

Hogwarts, the teachers, everything we learned, my friends, our adventures, how I was the Girl-Who-Lived, Voldemort, Diagon Alley, then I explained how I came to the Middle Earth.

"By the Valar, my sister defeated a dark wizard at age one. I'm so proud of you." Elladan said picking me up and twirling me in the air. I giggled and let him have his fun.

"I still have a lot more to learn. That's why I bought all those books, to get ahead of my education and my classmates at school. Plus I love to learn different things." I said.

"Well you're in luck. Since you're an elf, you must learn archery, swordsmanship, etiquette, and anything required in elves life." Ada said. I looked to him excited to learn something new. I saw Ada look out the window and then back to Arwen, me, Elladan, and Elrohir.

"It is getting late, my children. We should rest. Tomorrow, Arianna, your brothers and sister will show you around Rivendell so you can get familiar with your home. I will show you to your room." Ada said. I got up from my seat and waved my wand, making all my stuff float in the air and go into my bag.

Once everything was inside, I grabbed it and took Ada's hand. Then he led the way to where I would be staying. We went down a few halls until we got to a door. It had my name on it.

"This is the room we made for when you grew older. It hasn't been touched since you disappeared. Now you can finally stay in your room." Ada opened the door to reveal a beautiful room fit for a princess.

The walls were a periwinkle. There were three windows on one wall, each of them had pearl white curtains and they overlooked Rivendell, the mountains, and the night sky. The bed had professionally carved vine and leaf designs on the headboard, bed frame, and footboard. The sheets were a pearl white like the curtains, but the blankets were a sky blue. There was a bedside table with a candelabra and candle. On the other side of the room was a vanity, a desk, a wardrobe, and a bookshelf. At the foot of the bed was a trunk made out of white oak. Carved in what I learned to be Quenya (the elvish language), was my name.

"I love it, Ada. Thank you." I said smiling to him. He smiled back.

"I'm glad. Now, I must bid you goodnight my child. My room is right across the hall if you need anything. Sleep well, Arianna." He said kissing my forehead and exiting my room, closing the door. I smiled to myself.

I put my beaded pouch, wand, and wand holster on the bedside table. I went to check the wardrobe and saw that it had some nightgowns and elegant dresses my size. I took one of the nightgowns and changed into it, folding my other clothes and laying them on top of the trunk. I slipped into bed and looked to the ceiling smiling.

I have a family. A father, an older sister, and two older twin brothers. I love them already. I have a home, even though it's in another realm. Could this get any better?

And with that, I fell into a sleep filled with dreams of learning to fight with my brothers, dressing with my sister, and being with my Ada.