Kit: Hey guys, so this is going to be a short mini fic series. I've no idea how many chapter's there'll be, but it won't too long I should hope. Mainly because I'm still working on the next chapter of Full Moon, that and it's been forever since I last posted something. So this idea, Rosalie's Revenge is going to be about Rosalie helping Bella getting the revenge she never got from when Jacob forced that kiss on her. Once that happened, I lost all respect for Jacob for committing the actual act, on Charlie, Bella's father! When he even encouraged Jacob, he of all people should've known something was wrong. Not only as a father but as a cop. Bella is an optimistic pacifist. So for her to suddenly be yelling all these insults and death threats and punching a boy she's good friends with, should've had some bells ringing in Charlie's head.

So because of that in my mind, Charlie isn't even father material. Bella even tells her dad Jacob basically assaulted her and what does he do? He say's "good job son" or some shit like that. That is super not okay and really pissed me off that Bella not only DIDN"T get her revenge, but ended up FORGIVING HIM for assaulting her. So this is me taking an initiative to give Bella that justice she deserves, starting with this chapter.

Also, there will be torture in this. However I've never actually written torture scene's before, so everything I end up writing is all thanks to T.V. and books and other forms of media that gave me tips and idea's.

I don't own Twilight or anything else concerning the books or movies. They all belong to what's her name...Stephanie something...I forgot her last name. Anyways, hope you enjoy.

WARNING: Story includes mentions of rape, torture and justice for all.

Part 1-Rosalie's Offer

The sound of Edward and Bella entering the Cullen Mansion is immediately known. However the vampires in the house can all hear the soft, angry growls coming from Edward. When Bella and Edward enter the living room, the others immediately catch the way Bella's holding her right hand. It's right against her chest, cradled in what looks like a protective manner.

"So what happened Bella? You trip again or something?" Emmett jokes.

"No Emmett. I punched a shapeshifter in the face...lot of good that did..." the human grumbles sarcastically.

"Badass" The large male vampire grins.

"No not really, considering the circumstances." Bella mumbles, aware the others can still hear her.

Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Emmett and Esme wonder what the human means. However before they can ask her, Carlisle comes zooming to the living room. He'd been in his office when they got here and heard everything.

Bella jumps and moves away from Carlisle, something she's never done before. They all watch as she even moves away from Edward; another thing she never does.

"May I have a look? I want to make sure you're hand isn't so badly damaged." Carlisle asks Bella.

His voice is soft and a bit fatherly. The small human gives a hesitant nod, allowing him to lead her to the couch beside Rosalie. When she's settled, the blonde doctor rushes upstairs, grabs his medical kit and rushes back downstairs. Once he gets to work, Rosalie watches Bella. Something about the normally happy-go-lucky human girl is off. It's obvious she's upset about something.

Looking closely Rosalie sees something's similar to Bella's demeanor. Something that's actually very familiar to the blonde beauty. She watches as the younger girl folds in on herself, as if trying to hide from something...or someone, Rosalie thinks. Her golden eyes move to watch the human's brown ones. How her-Bella's-eyes shift from Carlisle to Edward, to Emmett and Jasper before repeating.

Bella seems to hide away as much as she can in this moment. Hiding it seems from the males in the room. Seeing Bella so defensive around men she's never feared before-even Jasper after the birthday incident-has alarms ringing in the blondes head.

Bella is acting the exact same way Rosalie did right after Royce and his friends gang raped her.

"You're right Rose. Thank God Jacob only forced a kiss on her though, and didn't force her completely." Edward growls softly and at a speed that Bella can't hear. At this every vampire in the room growls out, causing the human girl to jump, trying to pull her arm from Carlisle.

"Bella, I'm only trying to help you. Your arm needs to be in a brace." Carlisle says gently.

"L-Let go of me!" She panics.

"Carlisle do as she says." Rose commands.


"Do it Carlisle or I'll remove your arm for you." She cuts him off with a threatening growl.

Both in shock and fear of the threat of Rosalie's torture for not doing as she says, the vampire doctor does as she commands. Once she sees she's free, Bella bolts off the couch and runs out of the living room and out the front door. They all hear her running, sobs breaking out of her lips as her heart rate skyrockets.

"I'll talk to her." Is all Rosalie says before following the brunette out of the mansion, grabbing the girl a long trench coat first.


"S-Stay away from me!" The younger girl whips around, glaring darkly at the vampire. If the situation weren't so troublesome, the blonde beauty would've been impressed by the normally shy girl's show of courage. Sadly this isn't the time to think on such things.

"Bella, all I want is to give you this coat. You must be feeling pretty cold out here without a jacket on. It is pretty cold out tonight." She says softly. Even though the weather doesn't affect her anymore, she can still feel how cold out it is.

"Why?" The younger girl asks, her voice coming out almost like a whimper.

"Because with the way you've been rubbing your arms since I came out here. That and this will cover you better" the female vampire finishes with a knowing look. At this Bella freezes before widening her eyes as far as they can go in fear.

"No...why are you...being so nice to me...?" The brunette beauty clarifies.

"Because...I know exactly what it is you're going through. Fortunately for you, he didn't force himself on you...the way that my attackers did..." Rosalie trails off, her voice almost cracking. "Trust me when I say you'll feel better being fully covered up." She adds, holding the long trench coat towards the other teen girl.

Bella seems to hesitate-which is understandable despite Rosalie being a woman as well-before quickly snatching the coat and hurridely putting it on. She buttons it all the way, pops the collar and moves her hair so it frames her face and covers her chest. Then she wraps her arms around herself and seems to relax interceptively.

"Thank you..." she sighs softly.

"Why don't we take a walk and I'll tell you my story." The blonde offers gently.

The younger girl just stands there, holding herself as her doe eyes water with unshed tears. When Bella blinks, fat, thick tears roll down her cheeks endlessly. The blonde vampiress waits patiently. She knows not to rush the younger girl. Since right now Bella's fight or flight instincts must be ringing at an all new high. She can tell by the way the other girls eyes keeps shifting from side to side as tears continue to fall.

The two stand there for a while. Neither move and seem to barely be breathing. Inside the house Rosalie can hear Edward, demanding she bring his girlfriend back inside. However she ignores him knowing that even though he means well, he won't be able to help his young fact she has a feeling it'll only make it worse.

She ignores his growls of warning and gives Bella her full attention when the human brunette gives a slight nod.

"Okay...lets take a walk..." she whispers brokenly.

With that Rosalie starts walking, with Bella walking a foot away from her. She's still hugging herself and her golden eyes spot the mild tremble in the other girls body. She looks away, knowing Bella won't like it if she catches the other girl staring. When Rosalie is sure they're out of Edward's mind reading range, she slows her pace. This causes Bella to slow hers as well.

"It was 1935 and I was living the fairy tale life..." Rosalie begins.

Rosalie then tells Bella her entire life story. She starts with some of her upraising and what it consisted of in that time period; and what became of girls and women and all the duties they gew up learning for when they reached adulthood. She then moved onto meeting Royce, the long steady courtship and how he was the son of the bank owner her father worked for.

She told her of her best friend, Vera and the man she married and their son Henry. She described how foolish and shallow she was that she felt so insecure by her best friend having such a beautiful son. She talks of her walk home, how scared and paranoid she was and how she hadn't refused Thomas'-Vera's husband-offer to walk her home safely.

She had refused his sweet offer. A refusal which will cost her everything after that night.

Rosalie brings up seeing Royce and how he and his drunken friends had...played...with her. How they humiliated her as they ruined her, and violated her in the worst way possible. How they left her, naked, bleeding profusely in the gutter as if she were nothing more than trash. How once they finished with her, they went to go find some other poor girl to defile.

How Carlisle found her sometime later, picked her up and took her back to his and his wife's place. He dressed her after cleaning her and bit her. Despite begging to be killed, Carlisle ignores her and lets the change continues. Then finally, the burning sensation is over and she can finally breathe. Carlisle then explains who he is-now herself-and how they now live off the blood of humans or animals.

When she saw herself and the incerdible beauty she now has, she felt unstoppable. Sure she was in pain from what happened to her, but she knows how to handle it. Rosalie will use her new supernatural abilities on Royce and his friends. She'll make them feel what she felt, helpless, weak, and destroyed.

She killed them off one by one. She locked them in the basement of Carlisle's home, torturing them, huting them. Then she stripped the men until they're in their birthday suits and snapped their necks. She didn't want their blood. She didn't want their blood to fill her being. Then, she placed the bodies in places where they'd be seen easily.

When all the men were dead, she went for Royce next.

The night before she went to kill him, she sneaked into her human home and stole the wedding dress she was to wear. She put it on, adding make up and doing her hair before using the veil to cover her face. After that she went to the bastard's home. Everyone in her way was knocked out, or she managed to avoid. Going through his mansion, she found him in his study.

When she came inside to say he was shocked was an understatement. When she lifted the veil, Royce actually pissed himself. She smirked but frowned when he started begging for mercy. She knocked him out and bound and gagged him to his chair. She ripped his clothes off and started mutilating his body. Words like 'Rapist' 'Monster' 'Possessive Bastard' 'Mysoginistic' and other horrible things she could think of.

Once Royce came to she let him see her work, only for her to snap his neck. She had twisted it at a sickening angle. When her work was complete she grinned and ran off into the night.

"After that I stayed with Carlisle and Esme, having nowhere else to go. Even though Carlisle never did anything to hurt me...I was very uncomfortable around him. I had been ruined, violated in the most way and I feared...I'd never love again. Three years later we moved in a bit of forest area outside of Gavelston. I was out for a run, enjoying being out in the sun without fear of being caught. That's when I smelled it; I could smell fresh blood coming from the south.

I immediately went straight towards it. It was probably a dumb move on my part, since I knew it was human blood. But something about that scent brought out my protective instincts. I didn't want to kill this human, no, I wanted to save this person.

It didn't take me long to find him. He was human at the time-obviously since I've mentioned his blood. He was being mauled by a bear. He had both his arms over his face, like a big X to try and protect his face. Once I got a good look at him...I was so reminded by Henry-Vera's son. Curly brown hair...sweet dimples even though he was grimacing.

The smell of his blood, and his reminders of me...I had to save him. I killed the bear immediately and looked him over. He was covered in so much blood, but it didn't affect me in the sense I wanted to drink from him. Like I said earlier, my instincts to protect him far outweighed my thirst. I knew the only way to save him would be to turn him.

He'd lost too much blood to survive a trip to the hospital. So I picked him up and carried him to Carlisle, demanding he change him. Three days later and it turns out Emmett and I are soul mates. Emmett became my everything after that. I told him about myself and felt so much shame...instead of trying to touch or hug me, he said he was sorry.

Even though we're soul mates...didn't mean we got together immediately. He was so patient with me after that. He always waited for me to come to him, never pushing me for anything I was never ready for. He also helped me, talked to me about that night. Emmett helped me understand that what happened to me, wasn't my fault. That it happened because Royce...he was...he felt entitled to anything and everything just because of his background. Unfortunately this meant-in his mind-my virture was included.

It took me six months to let him kiss me. It took another me another six months to move into the same room as him. Then it took me a whole year to make love with him. The whole time Emmett...never brought it up unless I did. It took me a long time to heal, even with Emmett's help and support." Rosalie finishes.

"Why are you telling me this?" Bella asks softly.

"Because, I know what you're going through. While I admit I don't particularily care for you, I will NEVER wish such an act upon another person. No matter how much I dislike them. Bella, I will help you through this, if you want that is." The blonde vampiress offers.


"By giving you the revenge you deserve." Rosalie states.

Bella just stares at her in quiet contemplation. Her mind spinning and swirling in a chaotic storm, from all she's learned tonight. She hugs herself tighter, thinking of what Jacob did; of how her father encouraged Jacob, no matter how much Bella protested about the "innocent kiss." Thinking on both these thoughts, she wants revenge on both men.

While she doesn't want Charlie in physical pain, she wants him to know what his rejection did-and is still doing-to her. She wants him to see just how badly he fucked up by encouraging Jacob. For Jacob...she wants his blood spilt. Like how Rosalie tortured and killed those men who wronged her.

"Okay." Is all Bella says.

"Okay" Rosalie repeats.

With that, the blonde vampiress and brunette human set off towards the garage; where Rosalie keeps her special tools.