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Summary: He is outgoing and pretty nice, but can be an arrogant bastard within a blink of an eye. She is shy with a protective cocoon surrounding her and mixes with only certain people, but can be downright bitchy when her buttons are pushed the right way. When paired to work together, he tries everything in his power to coax her out of her shell and mix in, but what he didn't expect was to find, fall and lose love, all in the same year.


"James! An owl for you!" yelled James Potter's mother up the stairs. He woke up with a start, but when he processed the words, he decided that the owl could wait and returned back to his warm bed.

"James! Get down now!" he heard his mother yell again. Whatever it is, it must be important, because she never wakes him from his slumber, especially for a letter from an owl. But then, owls deliver mails, and that means-

"Mother, did you go through my mail?" James called from the crack of his door, now wide awake with fear.

"I might have. If you want to know, get down here now," she replied.

"Ah, bloody hell!" he cursed as he quickly pulled on his robe and made his way downstairs. He entered the kitchen to see his school letters strewn all over the island and his mother's eyes glistening with tears of joy.

"Did something happen that I'm not aware of?" James asked tentatively. He looked around at the island and something metallic caught his eye. He picked it up and saw a brand new badge with the words "Head Boy' on it. He picked up the letters and quickly scanned the letter. All he caught was 'Congratulations, Head Boy, extra duties, assistance from Head Girl, good luck'.

He looked up at his parents who were positively beaming and slumped into the nearest chair, groaning.


Lily Evans looked up from her book to see an owl outside her window. It was tapping her window softly. She bit down on the piece of French toast that she was munching on and opened her window. The owl flew in and Lily relieved it of its burden. With a hoot, the owl swooshed past her and flew out into the horizon. She picked the letter up again, musing that it was thicker than usual. She slit it open and a badge fell out. It read 'Head Girl'. She could scarcely contain her joy as she took the letter out.

She read it, and summarized that her workload would be more, but at least she would have help from the Head Boy (it didn't state who, though) and the prefects.

She ran downstairs to the living room where her parents and sister Petunia were watching TV.

"I'm Head Girl!" she said excitedly, waving the letter and badge in the air.

"Congratulations, honey! I knew you could do it!" her mother exclaimed, getting up from her seat and hugging her tight.

"Good going, kiddo! We're so proud of you!" her father said, grinning.

"Minus me," Petunia muttered. She glared at her younger sister, who was the total opposite of her.

 Ever since Lily got the acceptance letter, their parents had fussed over their youngest daughter. However, they were quite reluctant to let her go off so far, but respected her decision to enter that school. Soon, they found out that sending her to that school was the best mistake they did. Lily was shy by nature, so even though she did make a few friends, she learnt a lot concerning magic.

"I have to go to Diagon Alley, though. I have to pick up some stuff. Do you mind if I leave now?" she asked her parents.

"Not at all, dear. How are you going?" he mother asked.

"I'll Floo over. I'll set up the fire, don't worry," Lily said, walking over to the fireplace. She took her robes form the stand, which already had her wand, check that she had Floo powder and stood in front of the grate.

"Incendio!" she said and fire burst before her.

"Bye. I'll be back before dark," she told her parents.

"Have fun, dear. Don't talk to strangers and don't do anything I wouldn't!" her mother reminded her. Lily had to smile.

"I will, I wont and I wont again. Bye!" she said before throwing Floo powder into the fire. The fire roared higher and turned emerald green.

"Diagon Alley!" she said, stepping into the fire before whipping out of sight.


"Mother! I'm off to Diagon Alley!"  James yelled from his room. He hurriedly dragged a comb through his hair but it did little justice. It still looked messy and bed-headed like.

"Alright. Don't go wondering around. Stay safe, have fun, be back by 8, or I'll have you head on a silver platter," his mother said as she entered his room.

"Yes, mother," he said as he placed a kiss on her cheek. He rushed out of the room and went to the fireplace. He threw some Floo powder into the fire and stepped into it.

"Diagon Alley!" he shouted and he was off. Moments later he was blinking in the bright sunlight of Diagon Alley.

He walked out of the grate and shook off the excess soot from his dark blue robes. He walked around from a while and stopped outside Quality Quidditch Supplies. He entered the shop and looked around for a while when he decided that he didn't need anything at the moment. He walked out and wandered around. He decided against going to Florean Fortescue's Ice-Cream Parlour, thinking that he could go there when he was finally exhausted after walking around.

After he left Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions, he blinked to get readjusted to the glare after being in the dark shop. All of a sudden, he felt someone bump – hard – into him. He turned around and in turn knocked the person down.

"Oh, sorry," he said as he helped the person up. He couldn't help but notice that the offender had a small build, maybe around 5'4, maybe 5'5. And quite slim hands. A girl had knocked into him?

He offered a hand and helped the offender up. He, or most probably she accepted his hand. Now he was sure that the offender was a girl; she was small built and the robes that covered her clung to her curves just right. She brushed off dirt from her robes before looking up at his face.

"Sorry," she apologized quickly. He saw a glint of striking emerald and a strand of fiery red hair under the hood that covered her head before she turned around and left him gawping. He recovered his senses too late to realize that she was gone. The only thing that lingered was her scent. He couldn't place a finger on what it was, but it was uplifting. When he realized he was holding up the crowd, he hastily moved away form the scene. He wondered of it was the last time he would see those beautiful green eyes.

Little did he know it wasn't.


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