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Summary: He is outgoing and pretty nice, but can be an arrogant bastard within a blink of an eye. She is shy with a protective cocoon surrounding her and mixes with only certain people, but can be downright bitchy when her buttons are pushed the right way. When paired to work together, he tries everything in his power to coax her out of her shell and mix in, but what he didn't expect was to find, fall and lose love, all in the same year.

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The next morning…

Lily woke up with a start to the bright sunrays gently filtering through her Gryffindor-coloured drapes. She groaned as she sat up and slowly processed the facts that were swimming in her freshly awoken and utterly confused mind: She was back at Hogwarts, back on her last year, still a prefect (thank goodness for that, she muttered) and that she was Head girl… who was bound to work with James Potter for the rest of the year. She groaned again as she threw herself backwards towards her fluffy pillow and warm bed. She lay like that for another 10 minutes, until she heard her friends rousing form their sleep.

She drew back her drapes and found her friends in various states of awakening: Mike, being the ever-responsible one, was already getting out of bed. Liz was still sitting in her bed, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Cody, however, was a different case. She was still snoozing happily, not giving a care to what was happening around her. Lily grinned at sight that was unfolding before her eyes.

It was damn good to be back


Lily yawned as she made her way down the stairs leading to the Common Room. She arrived at the landing to find it completely devoid of students. She decided that they must already be down in the Great Hall eating breakfast. She sat down in a comfortable chair and faced the window. She looked out the glass to see the sun peeking through the clouds, just to paint the sky with brilliant shades of purple and magnificent myriads of red, orange and flecks of gold. She waited patiently for her allies to show up. What she didn't know was that someone behind the scene was watching her, scrutinizing her.

"Morning, Evans," a lazy voice drawled behind her. For the second time that day, she sat up with a start. She turned around to see James Potter grinning at her.

"Morning to you too," she said. She turned around again in her seat to watch the sun ascend into the sky.

"What are you doing here?" he asked her, pulling up a chair beside her. She stiffened considerably.

"What I do does not concern you," she retorted. She was putting up her defenses without her realizing it. Not that she couldn't control it; it just came to her naturally after years of teasing and verbal abuse. The only people she didn't put her defenses up with are her best friends.

"Really? Well then, I can't let that happen," he said with a slight smirk in his voice. He turned to face the window. He saw her reflection bounce off the shining glass and noticed that her jaw was tightly clenched. Maybe he shouldn't have been to forward with her. He was about to say something else when he heard footsteps bounding down the stairs. He knew it was the rest of the Marauders, as girls don't really come down the stairs like that.

"Oh Jamsie!" a voice called out into the semi-darkness. By the way the person said his names, he knew it was Sirius.

"What is it Padfoot?" he asked, irritated at the sudden intrusion of privacy.

"What are you do- oh, I see. Fast worker, Prongs, my friend. I'll leave you two alone. Remus! Are you coming?" he yelled up the stairs, after giving James a devilish smile that clearly stated 'Go get'er!'

"In a moment, Sirius. You should learn to be more patient around me. I thought you'd know that after knowing me for 6 years," he said mildly. Sirius merely shrugged. When he caught Remus's eye, he nodded towards James who were looking at them apprehensively. Remus saw Lily, gave a knowing smile and steered a babbling Sirius Black out of the Common Room.

"Well, were alone again. Where was I?" James said, grinning while absent-mindedly running a hand through his already messy black hair.

"Not very far," Lily muttered under her breath. She looked outside and saw that the sun had truly risen. Where were her friends, for goodness sake? Where were they when she needed to be bailed out of an uncomfortable situation? Where were they when she truly needed to get out of things like this? Where were they when-

"Lily! Where are you!" came Cody's chirpy voice that floated form the girl's dorm stairs. Finally, Lily thought. She stood up and walked to the foot of the staircase. When the rest of them were finally down they left the room together, Lily with one last look at James, who just stood there. When they finally left, she sat down again with a groan.

What a year was about to unfold.


"So, what were you doing at the common room with the infamous James Potter, huh Lily?" Cody asked Lily with a sly smile as she spooned porridge into her bowl during breakfast in the Great Hall. She was

"Nothing," Lily said nonchalantly as she stirred her own bowl of porridge.

"Are you sure? I mean, he was pretty chummy with you jus now, you know," Cody said, teasing her slightly.

"Yes, I'm sure," Lily said, still stirring her porridge.

"Really?" Cody tried again.


"100 percent sure?"

"110 percent. Now would you leave me alone, please?" said Lily with a slight edge in her voice, sending a withering glare to her best friend's way.

"110 percent sure about what?" came a new voice. It was Liz. She sat down next to Lily and opposite Cody and set a piece of buttered toast on her plate.

"Nothing," Lily said, sending another glare at Cody that clearly said 'Keep quiet'. Cody just smiled back innocently.

"So? Are you going to tell me or what?" Liz asked again.

"Tell you what? Is it not good enough for me that you want to tell Liz only?" Mike said in greeting, sitting next to Cody. She started putting jam on her toast as she looked expectantly from one face to another. Lily was still glaring at Cody who was still smiling innocently. Liz looked at Mike and shrugged. Mike looked back at Lily and Cody.

"Well, one day you will tell me," Mike said, shrugging her shoulders too.

"Yeah, give or take a century, I'd say, with their stubbornness," Liz said.

"Hey! I take that as an insult! I'm not stubborn!" Cody exclaimed.

"Yeah, and I'm the Queen of England," Mike said with a smirk on her face. Liz laughed and they high-fived each other. Cody had a sour look on her face.

"Fine, whatever. But I'm not the one keeping a secret, so there," Cody said. She had a triumphant look on her face when Mike and Liz exchanged a look.

"You wanna tell us something, Lily?" Mike said smoothly. Out of the three, Mike was the only one who could pacify Lily perfectly. The rest could, of course, but not as good.

"No," Lily said simply. But at the look on her face, Mike knew that she would tell her when they were alone. Lily was always like that. She'd never tell them anything when they're all together. She preferred to tell them one by one, or just tell one of them and the subject would be taboo after that.

"Okie dokie," she said. What followed was companiable silence, with and occasional cough or an unsuccessful attempt at trying to hide a smirk from Cody. Whatever she was thinking about, God help her with that. Finally, Lily pushed away her uneaten but well stirred bowl of porridge towards the center of the table after looking up to see some of her least favourite people at the moment. She hurriedly gathered her books and left rather quickly with a shout goodbye to her friends as she left the Great Hall.

"What was that all about?" Liz said in an undertone, taking her fourth slice of toast.


Lily ran through the corridors to her first class of the day, Ancient Runes. Her hair was thrown in a simple bun that morning, but it was haphazardly coming out of her simple hairdo due to her running for class. Truth was, she wanted to get away from James who had strutted into the Hall for breakfast earlier. She still wasn't exactly thrilled at the fact that she has to work with him. Maybe she could resign, but that would mean leaving the post she was after for so long. Damn to hell and back! The fates were conspiring against her when they wrote down that she was to work with him. Damn to all!

A little out of breath, she took a seat upfront of the class. She was mildly surprised to see some students already there. But then, they were the kind of people that she used to be a couple of years ago. She thanked her lucky stars for Mike, Liz and Cody, but she cursed the fates again when she saw James and Sirius walk into class. With a slight grin carved into his face, James walked past her but not before letting a slip of folded parchment flutter onto her desk. She opened it up and found it void of writing. When she was about to crumple it up, words were scribbled on it, as if someone invisible was writing on it.

'Miss me already? I'm sure you do, after leaving me behind not once, but twice this morning. Wanna make it up to me?'

It was written in James rather neat scrawl. She turned to see James sitting behind her and waving innocently at her and gave her one of his trademark smiles, complete with dimples and dazzling white teeth.  She growled low in her throat as she turned back facing the front. The writing was now cleared from the parchment, expecting her to write back. She dipped her quill violently into her inkbottle and scribbled back in her tidy cursive writing.

'You wish.'

She crumpled the parchment and lobbed it over her head towards James and Sirius. She heard them trying to smoothen the paper and heard a 'That's all she wrote?' from Sirius and a 'Shush' from James. She then heard the scratching of quill against paper and the crumpled paper appeared in front of her again. She picked it up and read it.

Too bad. You have absolutely no idea what you're missing out on.

The nerve of that boy! She scribbled again on the paper when the writing disappeared again (Oh, my bad, isn't it?) and once again she lobbed it over her head. And again, she heard the exact same response from the both of them.

'Most girls would die to spend time with me, you know' he wrote back.

'And I would die before I spend time with you, Potter' she wrote back.

'Spitfire, aren't you' he retaliated.

'You know it' she shot back.

'Well, let me know when you change you mind. The offer still stands' he wrote, getting the last word in as she read the letter when the professor stepped into class. She tore the letter into shreds and threw the remnants back into James's face. She was distracted for the next hour, learning new ancient runes and laughing when Liz tried to reason with the normally hard-to-reason-with teacher as to why she was later for class.


After class

"Hey Evans, wait up!" James yelled at her as she left the classroom with Liz. She stopped and turned to see James and Sirius running towards them.

"What is it now, Potter?" she asked, annoyed.

"My offer still stands…" he trailed off, a half-smirk on his face. Lily groaned and used every bit of self-restraint she had to stop herself from either punching or hexing him. Her tightened knuckles on her wand meant that she was goaded and he was quick to notice this.

"Alright, alright. What I meant to say earlier was that Dumbledore wants to see us in his office at 8.30 later tonight. That's all," he said.

"That's it?" she asked incredulously, a fire igniting in her eyes. Why didn't he just be straightforward with her just now?

"That's it," he said. He saw her slowly suck in her breath and letting out again gradually. She regained her composure and straightened out herself.

"Thank you. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get to my next class," she said. She tucked her book in the crook of her elbow and started to walk off to join Liz who had backed away to give her some space. 

"Wait, one more thing," he called out.

"What?" she said. He strode over to where she was standing.

"My offer still stands," he whispered and walked off, milling in with the crowd and getting lost in the sea of faces. She stared back at his retreating back and her mind just went blank for a moment.

He sure was on hell of a persistent guy.


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