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Emmy Falcon

-Year 2005, Home of The Hallows-

Harry laughed as Artemis ran after Gabriel who had some femur in his hand of something that Harry didn't want to know. He was glad they were all finally getting along and getting to know one another. He closed his eyes and gave a soft sigh but his rest was cut short at the howls of all four hellhounds who were now racing for the doors, "Looks like Crowley is home Gabe darling"

He stood and stretched but was not surprised when a wisp of red smoke appeared and pulled him into a seat of strong warm arms his mouth being sealed over in a demanding kiss. He moaned lightly and ran gentle fingers through the short hair and enjoyed the taste of expensive cigar and whiskey. "Welcome home, what kept you?"

Crowley gave that handsome devilish grin, "Well you know Hell Darling, always full of fools and power seeking idiots. I got some news, tortured a few souls, reared a new hell pup, and then decided to come on by and see my two favorite lovers in all the realms"

Gabriel laughed and stepped over to them, "Favorite lovers? Are you cheating on your two beautiful and trusting husbands?"

The demon laughed and flipped the feathered one off, "I would never cheat on sweet Harry, you however, well that had yet to be decided" there was pouting and more fingers.

Soon the ex-wizard was laughing and rolling his eyes, "Both of you just can't help but take jabs at each other, it's a wonder how I ever put up with it. I think I deserve better I swear" then screeched when Gabriel began tickling him mercilessly while Crowley stepped away to pour himself a nice glass of his favorite brew. He wasn't going to get involved in some silly tickle war.

Soon though the three found themselves on the couch in front of the warm fire talking softly about the news and things they had heard. It wasn't until Crowley finally revealed his news did things get more serious, "The winchester boys have gotten back on the road, apparently the father skipped town and now they are hunting wildly for him. Have been even. I am not sure how long they have been at it now but honestly I could careless. Last I heard they were fighting native american spirits and curses."

Harry nodded, "So… the wheels have been set in motion. It is time to keep an eye on them more, and to keep an eye on everyone else. It means none of us can afford to let our guard down."

Gabriel nodded, "Which also means none of us can let our outward personas be put into questioning. It means we all have to work even harder to keep up appearances."

A grim look came across all three as they all let it seek in.

-Three months Later-

Harry looked around him as he tried to concentrate on the ones in front of him. Apparently being Master Of Death meant that now Reapers could come to him with their problems, issues, concerns, and well everything. This made his life a lot more interesting and harder all at once. He could feel Gabriel in the corner trying not to laugh and as normal Crowley was gone… the demon was gone a lot these days but always returned to their bed as often as possible to show he loved them. It did not help Harry's thoughts however.

He looked up to the female reaper who was telling her plight about why she should remain a reaper. Turns out the woman had been lenient on the souls she was meant to pass over into the next life, even giving a few people their lives back. He sighed and listened to her ramble on and on about the good she was doing. He lifted a hand to silence her then touched the ring on his finger and watched her wither and fade into dust. "Enough… you have done enough he leaned forward and picked up her book and looked through it carefully before looking at the last three Reapers. "Anyone else have any complaints? Concerns?"

One stepped forward, "Master, I know this may not be the best news but a reaper has gone missing. Some of us went looking for him but have been unsuccessful until recently. Turns out he was summoned and bound by a man who runs this cult. He is using the reaper to heal the dying and killing the living in exchange."

Harry growled lightly hearing this, "I will look into it. If you discover the actual location please inform me immediately. Now… leave please unless you have anything else to discuss with me." He looked and saw all three of the remaining had already faded from sight. He groaned and looked to Gabriel, "You wouldn't happen to know why a human is using a reaper would you?"

The angel grinned at him as he sucked on his lollipop, "Not really love, other than greed, pride, fame… maybe he is also suffering an illness or someone close to him?" he got up and walked over plopping on the couch next to him, "Don't worry cupcake we will figure it out."

He nodded and curled against Gabriel waiting to see if he should act or not. At the moment he needed more information on what was going on and he also needed to find a way to reverse the damage this other reaper caused. He sighed and looked around giving a soft whistle and listened to the loud howls of the hellhounds he kept with him at all times. They had even been going on him with jobs lately. He didn't need them to fight or anything he mostly just enjoyed their company.

Standing he gave Gabriel a gentle kiss, "I should get working on this little issue. I have to reverse the damage caused by the now two rogue reapers. Be sure to let grumpy know that I will see you both soon. Hopefully this won't take to long.

The angel leaned into the kiss happily and sighed, "I will miss you my dark beauty. I will let growlers know that you will be away on business, that is if he ever shows up tonight. I may be all lonely in our big expensive bed" he gave a cute pout but knew that he two had work and things to do to uphold his title of Trickster god Loki. No rest for the wicked, not even Death's Chosen.

Three days, three fucking long lonely days he and his three hellhounds stalked the world and reversed the damage, so far he had been forced to make eight people slip into the afterlife and only one escaped his grip now. The ninth soul was proving to be difficult and was using hoodoo to keep him and the hounds out. It amazed him that the woman even knew that he had hounds and what he was here to do. She was not a witch doctor herself but obviously she either knew one or had one in the family somewhere. He sighed and looked through the woman a hand on Artemis's head stroking the large ears gently. The woman was stunning, tall thin and had that model beauty, the deep dark skin and bright eyes, even her hair had that otherworldly sheen of health and money. "What do you think Artemis? Should we give this woman a pass? Or shall I break past the charms and claim her?"

It was a hard thing to decide these days, and honestly his patience was growing very very thin. He had not seen nor heard from his two husbands… mates… in the entire time he had been searching and he had discovered that not only was he after the rogue reaper… so was the winchester boys. If he went after the reaper he risked running across them, but if he did not go after the reaper… then he would be neglecting his duty as the Master of Death. He felt the cold nose on his other hand as Hermes nosed closer and he knew Apollo was curled up behind him.

Humming gently he made up his mind and walked to the front door, flanked by the three hounds as he raised his hand and blew back the door breaking the hoodoo seal before stepping in Death's Cloak billowing about him as the hounds began growling around him. The woman screamed and backed up hitting the table. "Calm yourself, you know why I am here do you not?"

She picked up a knife and pointed it at him, "'re here to kill me! You want my soul, well you can't have it demon!" she began to chant and he heard Apollo whimper and began to hide behind him as well as Hermes. Artemis was left affected her snarls growing steadily as she heard her pack brothers being hurt.

Harry stepped forward, "I am no demon, now cease your spell before I am forced to hurt you!" He didn't want to hurt this woman, he didn't even want to be here but now she was hurting his babies and he would not tolerate that.

It happened fast, she escalated the spell and he raised his hand to counter it. Then quick as he could he summoned the elder wand and simple as that her form crumpled to the ground and he sighed closing his eyes and whispering a soft prayer to whatever deity listened. He was not religious, but he did know that this woman had a reason to do what she did, but she had also broken the rules. She had tried to escape death and another had died because of it. He felt her soul move on and then he turned and kneeled down to pet the three head hounds who now seemed to be doing a good bit better. He was curious though about how this woman had known such a spell, he would have to look it up and see if there was a way to protect his pups from it, "Come on everyone, let's go home"

Little did he know he wouldn't make it home that night...