When I opened my eyes I was greeted by a very mysterious sight.

Recap end

"Well hello there, I am darkness incarnate, but you may call me Darry."

I groaned as I sat up and inspected the figure before me. He had a leathery hood that somehow managed to cover his face completely by making it pitch black inside, he had a black trenchcoat that looked leathery just like the hood. At this point I thought,

'Wow this guy must love leather.' He also had leather pants that looked like it fit him perfectly. His boots were also, as you might have guessed by now, made of leather. He also had leather gloves which isn't that big of a surprise. All in all you couldn't see a single part of his skin because his clothing covered him completely.

When I had finished my examination of him my single thought was,

'I was wrong this guy is obsessed with leather.'

"So now that it looks like you're done examining me let me tell you why you are here."

Once he had finished talking I tried to figure out where here is but apparently everything around us was pitch black with a single beam of light shining down on me and him. I turned to look at him and asked,

"Why have I been brought here?, and for that matter where is here?"

"You have been brought here because I am growing weary of being tasked with taking care of the creatures of darkness and I'm looking for a successor. As for where here is, it's not important right now. It is very tiring having to travel across time and space to either save or kill the ones who have taken to the darkness. You just happened to have the most potential."

I was very much shocked once he had finished speaking. 'Me? Become darkness-incarnate?... Yes! Finally!'

You see my whole life I have wanted to travel through time and space to visit other timelines and other dimensions but I couldn't. I always had this feeling that I would be able to someday but I usually just shrugged it off and tried to make my boring life fun somehow.

Now I was offered the chance to finally fulfill my dream and travel across dimensions and timelines of course I wouldn't turn it down. However the part where he said he had to take care of the creatures of darkness somewhat intrigued me.

"So if I were to take your place as darkness-incarnate I'd have to take care of the creatures of darkness?"

"Well in truth you don't have to lift a finger, however it's more of a moral choice and considering that some creatures of darkness might be very useful to you I'd recommend helping them, but if a creature of darkness goes rogue you might have trouble getting people to trust you if you tell them about your, 'job'."

He did have a point, I would probably not help every creature of darkness I met but I might help some of them. I would however probably have to kill a lot of them considering the dimensions I was planning to visit.

"Well I will have to accept your offer. Now how do we go about this will you just give me a title card or some thi-"

Before I had the chance to finish my sentence he had already stabbed me in my gut with his hand. My only thought before I once again lost consciousness was,

'Not again...'

When I woke up for the second time I found myself in a very unfamiliar bed. I quickly searched the room and saw that nearly everything here looked leathery which made me believe that he probably took me to his home.

He had a couch in front of a fireplace (thankfully the fireplace at least looked non leathery with it's red bricks and whatnot) two chairs at either side of a small table with a chessboard on and a painting showcasing a hooded individual that looked eerily familiar to the guy who gave me the title of darkness incarnate, however there seemed to be a slight difference but I couldn't quite make it out. Lastly there was a mirror beside the only door that seemed to lead outside.

There were however no windows but it was pretty warm and cozy since the fireplace was on. I slowly put my feet on the floor, stood up and then walked over to the mirror that was as tall as me. When I looked into the mirror I did a double take and nearly fell over. I was wearing what the strange guy was wearing before!

"What the- Why am I wearing this!? Although it does look pretty cool now that I think about it. Yeah I could probably get used to this."

After I had finished admiring myself, (I am awesome though) I decided to open the door and see what was on the other side. I slowly reached for the door knob (for dramatic effect.) then I slowly turned it and slammed the door open. There on the other side of the door was a very very and I mean very long hallway with several doors on both sides. I decided to go to the nearest door since all the doors seemed to have plaques beside them. On the plaque it said,

"Rosario + Vampire-universe, very lighthearted and pretty fun universe, however, make sure Tsukune Aono attends Yokai Academy if you plan to go there or the harem will follow you, sounds fun but it is absolutely, annoyingly, horrifingly irritating. Current timeline branches: 20."

Before I continue to tell you my story let me update you on how 'travelling' as I like to call it, since it's half-true and easier to say, is done. As some people believe, the timeline is, as the name implies, a straight line. However depending on the different stories and interferences by otherworldly powers the timeline might sprout branches.

These branches can take up any form and will differentiate from the timeline in someway, maybe for example in my dimension in one branch I didn't get my powers. This is all within a big 'bubble' I guess we could call it for now. These 'bubbles' are actually what we call dimensions and there are several 'bubbles' all over the multiverse. I hope you guys understood that because my explanation is now done.

I slowly backed away and started thinking,

'Rosario + Vampire where have I heard that before, Oh right! That's one of the anime I was gonna visit once/if I got my powers! Well I don't have to go there first considering...'

I looked around at all the other doors that were within my line of sight before looking back at the R+V door.

'I have a whole lot of dimensions to visit. Well I better get started.'

And that my dear readers of this lovely journal is how my story started. If you want to know more about my adventures you will have to find my other journals. Until then have a nice day!

ThE eNd….. FoR nOw… MuHaHaHeHeHe.