Pokémon Unova Journey VOL. 1

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Chapter 1: The Brotherly Aura

In the Pokémon world, in a region called Unova, there was a town called Nuvema Town. At one of the houses, an eleven year old boy was sleeping in his bedroom, a very clean one, to be exact. A Pokémon named Riolu was sleeping besides him, cuddling close to him. The boy's name is Takeru Yamada.

Takeru's dark brown eyes opened as he sat up from his bed. He rubbed the back of his head, looking back at his Emanation Pokémon. Riolu was still sleeping, tossing and turning. Takeru let out a smile, deciding to wake his little friend up. He gently shook Riolu. "Hey, Riolu. Time to wake up." Takeru called smoothly.

Riolu purred as it opened his eyes and saw his human brother. "Morning, buddy. How are you feeling?" Takeru asked. "Good morning, brother!" Riolu chirped in aura, stretching his arms up high. Takeru chuckled at his pumped up Riolu. "Alright... Shall we take a walk?" Takeru asked. "Yes!" Riolu nodded with a smile.

With that, Takeru began to dress up to his outdoor clothing. His black hair with yellow bangs covered his right eye as he changed. He wore black wristbands, an Xtransceiver, white shirt, gray sweater, black shorts, and into gray sneakers. Takeru sighed as he headed downstairs. Riolu followed, while looking at the boy curiously.

Takeru looked around at the living room. It was quiet, and clean. Too quiet, it had seem. The Nuvema boy just shook his head and headed outside with Riolu on his shoulder. Outside, the air was fresh. Wild Pidoves were flying around the town, with citizens and their Pokémon taking walks or doing errands.

"Morning, Takeru!" One man called. Takeru smiled as he gave the greeting back. More people greeted him in "Good Morning". Just then, a ringing sound was made, coming from Takeru's wrist. He took out his Xtransceiver, and picked up the call. The screen showed a woman's face, someone that Takeru knew very well.

"Good morning, Takeru. I hope that you are well?" The Unova Professor, Prof. Juniper asked, smiling at the boy. "The same as usual, Professor. What's with the call?" Takeru asked, in a bored voice. Prof. Juniper smiled apologetically as she explained her reason for the sudden call.

"You see, someone is coming to Nuvema Town tomorrow, you see. He's from the Kanto region, and I want to give him a warm welcome." Juniper answered. "A person from the Kanto region? Why come here?" Takeru asked. "Yeah. Why is he coming to Unova?" Riolu asked, poking his head out to see the Unova Professor.

"Well you see, a friend of mine, Professor Oak is coming by to study the legends of Unova with me. He's bringing in a trainer of his. I want you to let you know, if you're interested of seeing this trainer." Juniper explained. Takeru rubbed the back of his head, and looked at his partner. "What do you think of this, Riolu?" Takeru asked.

"I think it's a great idea!" Riolu answered in aura, nodding with a grin. That made Takeru smile and nod in agreement. "Alright then, Professor. I'll come by to the Lab tomorrow then. I guess am kind of curious to see who this new trainer is." Takeru answered. "Wonderful! I'm sure that this trainer will be happy to see you as well!" Juniper giggled.

With that, the watch had shut down. Takeru lowered his watch and smiled at his partner. He rubbed Riolu's fur, causing him to purr happily. "Looks like we're going to meet someone tomorrow, Riolu. Let's just hope that he's friendly to the region, okay?" Takeru asked. "Sure, brother!" Riolu chirped happily, nuzzling against Takeru's cheek.

(Pokémon: BW Best Wishes Opening: Be An Arrow! (English Subbed))

(Ash, Takeru, Cilan, and Iris are running with Pikachu, Riolu, Pansage, and Axew, with colorful arrows flying above them as they ran to a light!)

One swiftly running arrow!

(A blue pillar and orange pillar appears, showing Ash and Pikachu, with Takeru and Riolu)

One supple arrow!

(A purple pillar appears, showing Iris and Axew)

One thinking arrow!

(A yellow green pillar appears, showing Cilan)

That's us now!

(Ash, Takeru, Cilan, and Iris stand together as they move towards the air together)

Cross the green mountain, remove the white clouds

(The Japanese opening appears)

Let's colorfully push through the wilderness, become an arrow!

(A group of wild Pokémon from the five regions run or fly along)

Even if we suddenly turn around, twist, and shake

(Ash, Cilan, Takeru, and Iris are running alongside with the Water Type Pokémon on the sea)

(Meloetta suddenly appears, snatching Ash's hat from his head)

There's no way that we'll get separated!

(In Prof. Oak's laboratory, all of Ash's Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh were there; Charizard gives a thumbs up to the screen)

Sometimes I can no longer see the road, and don't know where to go

(Ash and Takeru were stopped by giant pillars, blocking their way)

But you will always be by my side!

(Pikachu and Riolu appears, with Pikachu using Thunderbolt, while Riolu uses Aura Sphere)

(Both trainers and Pokémon smile happily at each other)

Even the bright sun is hidden by the clouds sometimes

(Keldeo, Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion stands together on top of an ice)

(Kyurem appears, turning into either Black or White Kyurem)

But meetings will always bring light!

(Cynthia and Alder smile at the four trainers standing at the bottom)

(Hikaru and Dawn comes by, with Infernape using Flamethrower, as Piplup uses Hydro Pump)

(Jessie, James, and Meowth let out evil smirks)

One too hot arrow!

(Stephan and Sawk pose together, standing together)

Two competitive arrows!

(Trip and Servine appears together after the dust clears)

Three helpful arrows!

(Bianca comes by with Pignite, as the two fall together)

So the heart will never break!

(Trip, Dawn, Hikaru, Iris, Ash, Takeru, Cilan, Bianca, and Stephan stand together with their Pokémon partners)

Aim forward as an arrow!

(Everyone shoots in the air, towards the sky)

Shine greater than even now as an arrow!
Thrust toward your dream!

(Everyone combines together, creating a huge arrow, shooting towards the building)

(Takeru, Ash, Cilan, and Iris all stand together with all of their current Pokémon)

(Ash: Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig, and Pidove)
(Takeru: Riolu, Pidove, Tepig, and Joltik)
(Iris: Axew and Excadrill)
(Cilan: Pansage)

Takeru smiled at his little Pokémon brother. He rememebered the first time he had met with Riolu. It was about two years ago, when he was living alone, during the winter.


Takeru was walking home in a snowy day, having all the supplies he needed to cook himself for supper. He was a nine year old, who was taught how to cook, thanks to Prof. Juniper. He shivered by the cold wind and the freezing snow. He was nearly home, when he heard a weak cry, and a weak voice. "H-Help..." The voice pleaded.

Takeru stopped abruptly and turned around, looking to see who the voice belonged to. Suddenly, as he looked around, a weak aura struck into his mind, telling him where the voice is. "Please... Help..." The voice pleaded again. Takeru then headed towards an alley between the two buildings.

The boy widened his eyes of what he had saw. It was a Riolu, a little one, lying in a pile of snow, shivering. A small growl sounded out. Takeru knew what the problem was. Riolu was very hungry, and was too weak to move. He was also cold, which was obviously explaining the shiver he's having.

"Poor Riolu..." Takeru whispered. Then, an idea came to his mind. He walked over to the hungry Emanation Pokémon and picked him up. He then tucked the Riolu inside his thick winter jacket, trying to make Riolu comfy and warm. "Shh... I'm here." Takeru whispered, trying to soothe the Riolu.

"So warm..." The voice again came to his mind. Takeru rapidly looked around to see who the voice is. "Big... Brother..." The voice murmured, sighing happily. The Nuvema boy finally figured who the voice belonged to. He looked down at the a Riolu who was snuggling on his chest. Takeru smiled as he carried the Riolu and his food supplies back home.

Later, Takeru arrived at his home, placing the food supplies bags on the couch. He placed the Riolu on the sofa, placing a blanket over the Fighting Type. The Riolu cuddled close to the blanket. Takeru chuckled at the Riolu's comfiness. He took out the ingredients he needed in order to make supper.

As the Nuvema boy began to cook up the food with the ingredients mixed together, a delicious smell began to waft in the air, catching the Riolu's attention. The Emanation Pokémon opened his eyes, and got out of the sofa quickly. "Food! Food!" Riolu exclaimed happily.

Takeru laughed at the excited Riolu as he took out the soup he made with the ingredients. "Would you like some?" Takeru asked, politely. "Yes! I'm starving!" Riolu exclaimed, bouncing up and down. Takeru smiled as he poured the soup in a bowl, handing it to Riolu. "Careful, it's hot." Takeru warned. Riolu nodded as he waited for the soup to cool down.

After some time, the soup was ready to eat. Riolu then began to slurp the soup down, eating happily. The Nuvema boy laughed at the Riolu's silliness in eating. He began to eat some of his own soup, careful not to spill it. "Could I have more?" Riolu asked in aura. Takeru widened his eyes, turning to see that Riolu already finished his bowl.

"Are you really that hungry?" Takeru asked, surprised. "Yes, brother!" Riolu nodded in a happy way. Takeru cocked his head a little. "Brother?" Takeru repeated. "Yeah! You saved me when I was cold, and you kept me warm! You're like a big brother to me!" Riolu explained. Takeru smiled and rubbed the Riolu's head.

"Alright then. I'll get you some more." Takeru answered. He poured some more soup into the Riolu's bowl, who immediately began eating. "By the way, my name is Takeru." Takeru explained, introducing himself. "Thank you... Big brother Takeru!" Riolu giggled happily. With that, the two began their meal again.


"I'm so full..." Riolu moaned happily. "I'm glad that you're happy." Takeru chuckled, ruffling the Riolu's head. The Emanation Pokémon then yawned, showing his bare, small fangs. "Would you like to stay here for tonight?" Takeru asked. "Yes... Big brother... Um." Riolu started, then stopped. "What is it?" Takeru asked.

Riolu blushed lightly as he snuggled into Takeru's chest. "Can I live and stay here with you, brother Takeru?" Riolu asked, hugging him. Takeru grew surprised, but gave a sigh with a smile. He gave a warming hug back and gave the answer. "You can always stay here and live here, little brother." Takeru answered. "Thank you... Big brother..." Riolu yawned again.

The Fighting Type fell asleep on Takeru's chest, snoring. Takeru picked up the Riolu and carried him to his room. He quickly changed into his pajamas, then laid Riolu and himself into the bed. "Sleep tight, Riolu." Takeru whispered, smiling at the purring, yet sleeping Riolu.

"Big brother, huh? I guess I do look like an older brother figure to this cute Pokémon..." Takeru thought, as he secretly felt happy for being called as an older brother figure.

End Flashback

Takeru looked up at the sky, smiling lightly of the memory that he and Riolu had. "Is something wrong, big bro?" Riolu asked, tugging onto Takeru's shorts. Takeru snapped out of his trance and looked down, smiling at his Pokémon brother. "Nothing. I'm just happy that we're together as a family." Takeru chuckled, ruffling Riolu's head.

"I'm happy too, brother." Riolu said happily, nuzzling onto Takeru's cheek. The Nuvema boy chuckled at the affection, before turning back to where his house would be. "Let's head back home. We should prepare for tomorrow." Takeru suggested. "Right!" Riolu barked out in agreement.

With that agreed, the two headed back to the house, preparing for what's about to come tomorrow.

The next day...

Takeru was dressed in different clothes that was a bit more stylish in outdoors. He wore a black shirt, a white jacket, red sneakers, dark blue jeans, the Xtransceiver, and the same black wristband. Riolu was in the same healthy state, walking besides Takeru. "This is it, Riolu. Prof. Oak and a new trainer is coming by. Let's get over to the Lab now so we can meet them!" Takeru called.

"Okay, brother!" Riolu barked happily. With that, the two ran for the Unova Pokémon Research Lab. As they were running, the two saw a familiar boy that they were familiar with. He hand dirty blond hair, white pants, black shirt, orange jacket, and a cool look on his face. "Trip? Is that you?" Takeru asked.

The boy turned and widened his eyes of seeing Takeru and Riolu. "Well, if isn't Takeru and Riolu. You guys alright?" Trip smirked, smiling at his childhood friend. "That's pretty basic. Of course we are." Takeru replied with a small smile. "That's right!" Riolu agreed. Trip let out a small laugh as he placed a hand on Takeru's shoulder.

"So, you heading out on your journey?" Trip asked. "Actually, I was heading to the Lab to see someone, who is a friend of Prof. Juniper." Takeru explained. Trip grew a little surprised, but accepted it. "Oh well, I was on my way for my journey, which is pretty basic." Trip explained in his situation.

"I see. Well, since we're all here together, why don't we head there together?" Takeru suggested. "That's fine. I can deal with it." Trip agreed. The two boys and Riolu then began their way to head to the Research Lab together. "So, Trip. Decided on which starter you're gonna get?" Takeru asked, curious about Trip's choice.

The boy shook his head and gave a sigh. "I'm going to have to take another look at them to make my choice." Trip explained. He then faced Takeru and grinned. Takeru smirked and they both said it together. "Of course, it's pretty basic." The two replied together. They laughed it out a little, before continuing their way to the Lab.

"Big brother... Aren't we gonna go on a journey?" Riolu asked, hanging onto his partner's shoulder. Takeru looked at Riolu for a while, before smiling. "I'll think about it, Riolu. Just give me a bit of time to think." Takeru answered, rubbing Riolu's head. Riolu purred happily as he hung tight onto Takeru's shoulder.

"We're almost there. It's just over there." Trip reminded. Takeru nodeded as the two began to head there, until they heard rumbling. "What was that?" Takeru asked, looking around. "It's a storm coming, that's what!" Trip answered, looking up. Both Takeru and Riolu looked up to see lighting and dark clouds rumbling.

"What is this? There has never been any weather report about a storm coming by!" Takeru exclaimed, bewildered of what's happening. Even Trip felt bewildered as the two watched the lightning flashing in the dark sky. "Thou art I... A strong desire... A strong will... A strong ideal..." A voice said darkly. Takeru perked his head up and looked around.

"Who's there?" Takeru called. "Yamada, who are you talking to?" Trip asked, saying Takeru's last name. "Hey, Trip. Didn't you hear that voice?!" Takeru asked. Trip seemed confused of what his friend was saying. "Voice? What voice?" Trip asked. Takeru widened his eyes, realizing that Trip couldn't hear the voice.

"Big brother... Are you okay?" Riolu asked. Takeru looked at a Riolu at his shoulder, who was looking at him in concern. The Nuvema boy figured that even Riolu didn't hear the voice. "Who is this...?" Takeru thought. He waited for the voice to say something again, but only heard the strong wind and rumbling of the clouds.

"C'mon! Let's get to the Lab! We can be safe in there!" Trip called. He pulled Takeru's wrist and dragged him to the Research Lab. "Hey! Slow down, Trip!" Takeru called. But to his dismay, Trip just picked up the pace, pulling poor Takeru quickly into the Lab.

Later, the two boys and Riolu arrived at the Nuvema Town Research Lab as they panted from all the running they had to do. "That was a close one." Trip panted. "I suppose so..." Takeru agreed, wiping his sweat away. "Ah. Trip and Takeru. You both came!" A researcher called.

The two turned to see Prof. Juniper's assistant walking to them. "Is Prof. Juniper here?" Trip asked. "Sorry, not yet. She was on her way to pick up an old friend of hers." The assistant explained. "An old friend?" Trip repeated. "You'll see. It's someone from another region." Takeru chuckled, placing a hand on his childhood friend's shoulder.

Trip gave a sigh, then took out his camera. "Do you mind if I take pictures in here?" Trip asked. The assistant grew a little confused before agreeing. "Um... Sure. If it's really that important..." The assistant agreed. She then turned to Takeru. "Professor Juniper will be here soon. So, please wait until we call you, okay?" The assistant explained.

Both Takeru and Riolu nodded in agreement. "Alright." Takeru replied. "Sure!" Riolu agreed, although the assistant didn't understand him. While Trip was taking pictures of the lab, Takeru and Riolu sat down on the chairs, with the Nuvema boy having some thoughts.

"What was that voice now? It said... 'Thou art I. A strong desire. A strong will. And a strong ideal.' What did that voice mean? Does it anything to do with me? Plus, there wasn't any news report about a thunderstorm coming by... Was it all a huge coincidence? I... I just don't know anymore..." Takeru thought, sweating.

"Big brother. Are you okay?" Riolu asked. Takeru turned to his Emanation Pokémon before smiling. "I'm okay, little buddy. Had some thoughts about the storm." Takeru answered. Riolu nodded with a happy chirp, before Trip made a call. "Hey, take a look at this, Takeru. The huge thunderstorm is over!" Trip called, much to his surprise.

Takeru ran over to check the window and gasped. It was true. The storm and the dark clouds was really gone. It was like as if it had never happened. "What could this all mean?" Takeru thought again. The voice from the thunderstorm... It seemed dark and commanding, as if it was like a god was living in the clouds.

It was a strange beginning of the adventure for both Trip and Takeru. First, there was a thunderstorm, without any news of having one. And, only Takeru was able to hear the strange voice. What surprising things could come for the new hero in the story?

To be continued...

Takeru's Team:

Riolu: (M): (Force Palm, Blaze Kick, ThunderPunch, Dig)

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Prof. Juniper: Hello, Trip! Takeru! I'd like you two to meet Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town of the Kanto region!

Ash: Nice to meet you guys! I'm sure the two of you couldn't wait to go on your own journeys!

Trip: Kanto? Pallet Town? Heh... Another hillbilly coming from the boonies? Completely lame.

Ash: Hey! What do you mean by the boonies!? Pikachu and I are strong for sure!

Takeru: To have so much energy, both you and Pikachu... That's pretty inspiring.

Trip: We'll see who's more inspiring... Once I beat you and your Pikachu in a battle!