Pokémon Unova Journey VOL. 1

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Chapter 1: The Brotherly Aura

In Nuvema Town, there were many citizens walking around, with children playing with a few of their Pokémon friends. Some were Trainers that wanted to battle against each other with the Pokémon they had with them.

Others preferred to bond with them and consider the Pokémon as a member of their family. One of them was in one of the houses in this town. At that house, an eleven year old boy was sleeping in his bedroom, lying on his bed, sleeping like no one would be able to disturb him.

Right next to him, was a small blue Pokémon that was sleeping besides him. It looked like a serious Pokémon, considering the way it could fight if it were to be put in a Pokémon battle despite of its small size.

It looked to be like a small, blue, canine Pokémon. It has black legs and torso, a blue tail, and a yellow collar. It has rounded bumps on the backs of its forepaws. It has a black "mask" and red eyes. It stands on its toes instead of its entire foot. This Pokémon's name was Riolu.

And the boy that slept with the young Fighting Type had black hair with yellow bangs. As he stirred, he slowly opened his dark brown eyes, allowing him to see that it was morning as he yawned, before he slowly stood straight on the bed he had slept on.

Rubbing the back of his head, he turned to where Riolu had slept next to him, causing the young boy to let out a smile. Shaking his Fighting Type gently, the boy called out to his little Fighting Type, causing the Emanation Pokémon to stir before he yawned, revealing his small canine fangs.

"Morning, little bro. Did you sleep well? You looked like you did." The boy asked softly, causing Riolu to rub his eyes and sleepily grin at his human friend, who he considered as his human brother.

"Mm hm... I slept okay, brother. I should be asking you that, though... Your face and hair looks a bit messed up!" Riolu explained, before he pointed out to the messy appearance his human brother was in, causing the boy to blink before he sighed.

"Huh... I know, Riolu. You don't have to rub it in." The boy said sheepishly as he stood up from his bed and washed up in the bathroom. He then changed into his outdoor outfit, which were black wristbands, a Xtransceiver, white shirt, gray sweater, black shorts, and gray sneakers.

Leaving the room, the boy headed downstairs with his Emanation Pokémon following him as the two headed to see that downstairs was quiet as usual. No one else lived in the house besides them, ever since...

The boy shook his head, his frown appearing as he tried to shake away the memory of his family going away.

"Brother...? Are you feeling okay?" Riolu asked, as he tugged onto his human brother's shorts, causing the boy to look down at his concerned Emanation Pokémon with a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry. I'm fine. I just had some thoughts, that's all. You want to take a walk outside? Looks like it's a bright day today." The boy asked, causing Riolu to blink before he gave a small nod of approval.

With that agreed, the two headed outside to head to where they could greet their neighbors.

This boy... the boy that was about to discover his destiny today... His name... is Takeru Yamada.

(Pokémon BW Opening (Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Opening 4 Lyrics) (English Subbed))

(Many Pokéballs pass by, coming from the bright light)

Now is the time, hold up your trump card.

This future is yours to take!

(Takeru catches one of them and summons his Pokémon)

(The Best Wishes opening title shows with Takeru, Ash, Iris, and Cilan's four faces showing)

Burning brightly.

Like you're still watching an unending dream

(Takeru walks on a path at night with a serious expression on his face, with Riolu at his side)

Your body yearns for it.

A place where those who are strong are.

(Ash stands at a battlefield, with Pikachu on his shoulder, as they prepare to face their opponent)

Shaky, wavering.

What you're looking for it nowhere to be found.

(Cilan and Pansage are preparing supper, until they see a shooting star up on the evening sky)

But you're still seeking it.

A place overwhelming with power.

(Iris and Axew watches the forest on a high branch of a giant tree)

The next battle is waiting for me.

(Team Rocket and Team Plasma stand in opposition, ready to fight)

(Jessie, James, and Meowth stand above the Team Rocket organization)

(Aldith and Barrett stand above the Team Plasma organization)

(Giovanni and Ghetsis stand big and tall as each organization's leader)

I can hear the sign of new days coming.

(A hooded boy turns, offering a hand, with his silhouetted Pokémon behind him)

(Takeru, Iris, Ash, Cilan, and three unknown Trainers prepares to fight against their enemies)

(Riolu, Axew, Pikachu, Pansage, and three other Pokémon stands behind their trainers)

Now is the time, hold up your trump card.

This future is yours to take!

(Takeru summons all of his Pokémon; Riolu, Pidove, and Joltik)

(Ash summons his Pokémon; Pikachu, Pidove, Tepig, and Oshawott)

Whether your smile can shake this world is all up to you.

(Iris summons her Pokémon; Axew)

(Cilan summons his Pokémon; Pansage)

Write a new chapter in this story.

After all, aren't you the hero?

(Zekrom and Reshiram roars together in opposition)

(Takeru and Zekrom merges together, making Takeru a different person)

(Takeru, Ash, Cilan, and Iris all stand together with all their current Pokémon)

(Opening ends)

The duo walked together across town as they greeted their neighbors whenever they passed them. The Nuvema boy was known around in town as one of the strong Trainers that makes surprises when he battles against his opponents.

The Nuvema boy had to thank the Battle Club for the training it gave him, as it made both him and Riolu even stronger so that they would be able to challenge the Trainers that start on their journey or when neighbors challenge them to a battle.

Takeru and Riolu together were close, so they know what they needed to do to win the battle together and on how to anticipate the opponents when they attack or try to come up with a clever strategy that even Takeru could have trouble spotting, even with Riolu's strength.

Nevertheless, the duo were known to be good friends and partners together as the neighbors treated them as such.

As both Takeru and Riolu walked together across the streets in Nuvema Town, there was a ringing sound heard from the Nuvema boy's wrist. Alerted by the sound, Takeru realized that it was his Xtransceiver as he picked up whoever was trying to call him.

The screen revealed a woman's face, someone that Takeru knew very well as the caller greeted him with a smile.

"Good morning, Takeru. I hope that you are well?" The Unova Professor, Prof. Juniper asked, smiling at the boy.

"The same as usual, Professor Juniper. What's with the sudden call?" Takeru asked, his tone sounding a bit positive, yet a little bored. The Unova Professor smiled apologetically as she explained her reason for her sudden call.

"You see, a friend of mine is coming to Nuvema Town later this afternoon, you see. He's from the Kanto region, and I want to give him a warm welcome." Prof. Juniper answered, causing both Takeru and Riolu to be interested with this.

"A friend from the Kanto region? Why come here?" Takeru asked, his curiosity getting the better of him, as Riolu wanted to know as well.

"This sounds good... Who could it be?" Riolu asked, his tail wagging from excitement as he poked his head up on his human brother's shoulder to greet the Unova Professor, who smiled at his sudden appearance.

"This friend of mine, you see... His name is Professor Oak. He's coming to visit here to help me research something, as he seemed interested in studying the parts and legends of the Unova region." Prof. Juniper explained, causing Takeru to blink in recognition.

"She must be talking about the Professor that works at the Kanto region... The Professor that also talks about Pokémon poems..." Takeru thought as he sweat dropped at the idea of the Professor speaking a poem about a Unova Pokémon.

"He even told me he was bringing a Trainer with him since this boy has never been to the Unova region before. So... I was wondering if..." Prof. Juniper started to say, only for Takeru to finish the words for her.

"You want me and Riolu to meet with that Trainer and the Professor and see if we could get along with them. Isn't that right, Professor?" Takeru asked, causing the Unova Professor to smile in affirmation while nodding back in response.

"If you would, then that would be great!" Prof. Juniper answered back, causing the Nuvema boy to rub the back of his head. He turned to his still smiling Emanation Pokémon, as he wanted to hear his opinion what they should do.

"What do you think of this, Riolu?" Takeru asked, as Riolu smiled back brightly.

"I'd like to meet the newcomers, too! They could have Pokémon that I've never seen in the Unova region!" Riolu answered brightly, causing Takeru to nod before he turned to the Unova Professor to make his decision.

"Alright then, Professor. I'll come by to the Research Lab later in the afternoon, then. I'll admit... I'm kind of curious to meet the Professor and see who this new Trainer is, since he's from the Kanto region and all..." Takeru admitted, before he earned a grateful smile from Prof. Juniper.

"Wonderful! I'm sure that the Professor and the new Trainer will be happy to see you as well! I'll see you later then, Takeru!" Prof. Juniper giggled before she said her farewell, causing the call to end.

With that, the Xtransceiver had shut down, causing the Nuvema boy to lower his arm and sigh.

When it came to the Unova Professor, she always had surprises for him, no matter how hard he tries to know her. The Nuvema boy smiled at his Fighting Type partner, who still smiled at the thought of meeting new friends tomorrow.

"Looks like we're going to meet someone special later this afternoon, Riolu. Let's just hope that he's friendly to the Unova region, okay? And that goes for us, too. We better make sure that the newcomers feel welcomed to our home." Takeru said softly.

"Of course. I just hope that the newcomers later are friendly, too." Riolu chirped happily, as he nuzzled into Takeru's cheek.

At the affection Riolu was giving him, Takeru couldn't help but chuckle at his little Fighting Type brother. He remembered the first time he had met with Riolu on one fateful day. It was about two years ago, when he was living alone, during the winter.

The Emanation Pokémon left a big impact onto his life when the two met together.


Young Takeru was walking back to his home on a snowy day, having all the supplies and ingredients he needed to cook supper for himself.

Despite of being a nine year old, the young boy was taught how to cook simple dishes and soup, thanks to the Unova Professor's help. He began to live alone, ever since his mother was put into a hospital after some unknown incident.

His father went missing during that time, and his sister was taken to someplace where she would be taken care of. His eldest brother on the other hand, was reported abducted by an organization that sought him out for their own reasons.

It's as if the Yamada family was destined to be torn apart, with their own reasons for being gone. And ever since the Nuvema boy was left alone, Takeru felt nothing but emptiness in his heart, as if he had lost his reason for wanting to know why he lived.

He believed that his father and elder brother wasn't dead, but something in his heart told him otherwise. His eyes showed no emotion and he didn't have the strength to even crack a smile on his face.

But as he was walking, a cold wind from the snowy weather blew, causing Takeru to shiver from the wind. He picked up the pace, as he was near his home. It only took a few minutes to reach to his home. But just as he was about to make his way, he heard a weak cry.

"H-Help... Please help..." The voice pleaded.

Takeru stopped abruptly and turned around, looking to see who the voice belonged to. His eyes were no longer emotionless, as they widened in alarm.

"W-Who's there...?" Takeru asked cautiously as he tried to listen for the voice again. Nothing came to him for a moment, until he heard the weak plead once again.

"Someone... Help..." The voice called out, as if it was desperate for something. Takeru bit his lips, feeling a bit frightful of what he was hearing. But just as he felt like he was going to reject the voice, something struck into his mind as he widened his eyes.

"This feeling... What exactly am I feeling right now...?" Takeru asked himself as he began to walk into a different direction, to where the woods were! Takeru blinked as he was surprised with himself moving towards the woods.

"My body... It's moving on its own? It's... wanting to help the mysterious voice!" Takeru said to himself as he kept running, as he dropped his supplies and ingredients before running into the woods, trying to find where he could've heard the voice from.

As the Nuvema boy ran around, trying to find the source of the plea, the tension he felt from before became stronger as Takeru widened his eyes, before he headed to another direction of the woods, continuing to try and find the source of the plea.

As he reached into the forest clearing, Takeru widened his eyes in surprise and gaped to see something lying on the snow in front of him.

"A Riolu...? How...?" Takeru breathed out as he slowly walked over to it, and checked its condition. Placing a hand on its chest, the Nuvema boy could feel slow heartbeats, causing him to narrow his eyes and lift the Emanation Pokémon into his arms.

"Are you the one that called out to me...?" Takeru asked before he ran out of the clearing and back into the woods, heading back to where he had came from so he could get to home fast.

At Takeru's home...

After arriving home, the Nuvema boy laid Riolu onto his couch and tried to keep him warm by starting a small fire on the fireplace and by placing a warm blanket over the Emanation Pokémon's body to keep it warm.

Once that was done, Takeru began to cook up some small soup to make the Fighting Type feel better, despite of his age. As he was cooking, he felt something stirring behind him as he turned to see Riolu grunting and moving a little, causing him to turn his attention away from his cooking.

"Ah...! Riolu?" Takeru asked as he stopped heating the soup before he ran over to the Emanation Pokémon, who groaned before it shook its head.

"Mm...? Where... Where am I?" Riolu called out, catching the Nuvema boy by surprise. Recognizing it as the one who called out to him, Takeru sighed in relief before he explained.

"You're in my home. You were in trouble in the woods so I brought you here." Takeru said, catching the young Fighting Type's attention. At seeing Takeru, the young Fighting Type yelped in surprise as he nearly fell off the couch before he tried to get himself calm.

"W-Who are you...?" Riolu asked nervously, causing Takeru to frown as he understood the reason for Riolu acting cautious around him. Clearing his throat, the Nuvema boy introduced himself, slowly and calmly so that he wouldn't scare Riolu any further.

"My name... is Takeru. What's your real name?" Takeru asked softly, causing Riolu to slowly calm down before it tried to remember what its true name was.

"I... don't remember. I'm a Riolu, but I can't remember my name..." Riolu explained sadly, causing Takeru to widen his eyes in surprise before he came to a realization.

"Amnesia? What could've happened to him to make him look so cold and beat up? I mean, that's what it seemed to look like before I saved the little guy here..." Takeru thought before he heard a growling noise.

Riolu flushed in embarrassment, causing Takeru to chuckle and realize that it came from the Emanation Pokémon's stomach.

"Looks like someone's hungry for some food. You looked like you really needed some help when you were lying on the snow." Takeru chuckled, catching Riolu by surprise as he watched the young human prepare the soup.

Smelling the delicious aroma in the air, the Fighting Type couldn't help but drool a little at the smell before he watched the Nuvema boy pour some of the warm soup into a small bowl. Then, bringing the bowl over with a spoon, Takeru was ready to feed the Emanation Pokémon carefully.

"Here... Eat this. It's hot, but it should fill you and warm you up." Takeru said softly, causing Riolu to slowly nod before he let the young human spoon feed him as he slowly took the soup into his mouth, giving it a taste.

At the warm, yet spicy taste of it, the Emanation Pokémon smiled a little as he was eager to eat more.

"Could I have more...? It tastes a little spicy, but it's really good, too." Riolu asked eagerly, causing Takeru to smile back in amusement before he gave a small chuckle.

"Of course. That's what I made this for." Takeru said softly before he continued to feed the now happy Fighting Type.

With the soup all eaten, the Emanation Pokémon sighed in content, feeling full with the contents he was able to eat tonight.

"I can't believe you ate it all... You must've been really hungry if you ate every part of the soup that I made..." Takeru said, as he was a little bewildered with how well Riolu ate, despite of the spiciness he had made with the cooking.

"Well... It tasted really good. And like you said before, I was really hungry. Thanks for treating, brother..." Riolu started to say gratefully before he paused when he mentioned the word 'brother'. Takeru also blinked before he pointed to himself in question.

"Brother? You mean me?" Takeru asked, causing Riolu to sheepishly smile as he slowly nodded in affirmation.

"Ha... yeah... I mean, you're the one that saved me and fed me when I was really hungry. For some reason, it just popped out of my mouth. You didn't need to care for me, but you did... just like a brother would to his sibling..." Riolu said sheepishly.

"Like a sibling, huh... I guess that's true." Takeru said silently before he smiled at the Emanation Pokémon.

"If it makes you happy for you to call me brother, then you can call me whatever you'd like, Riolu. In the meantime, you want to stay here? The winter can be harsh, even for a strong Pokémon like yourself." Takeru asked.

"Oh... Um... About that..." Riolu started to say, causing Takeru to look at him in confusion.

"Would... Would it be alright if I stay here and live with you... big brother?" Riolu asked, his hopes raising up. Takeru blinked in surprise before Riolu started to explain.

"It's like I said before... I think of you as my brother, and with the things I had to go through, I don't really remember much on what happened to me. So, if I could... I was hoping to stay here and live with you... so I can make new memories here." Riolu explained.

"He's willing to forget his past even though he just lost his memories by amnesia? That's kind of crazy, but still..." Takeru thought before he came to a decision.

"All right, then... I'm happy to have you here. You're always welcome to stay and live here... little brother." Takeru said softly, causing Riolu to look up at the young human by surprise before he smiled brightly, before he jumped up to hug his new human brother.

"Thank you... big brother..." Riolu said happily as a strong bond tied both him and his human brother together.

End Flashback

Takeru looked up at the sky, smiling lightly of the fond memory that he and Riolu had together when they met for the first time.

Ever since that day passed, the two continued to become close to one another, and when Takeru wanted to train himself in case of something bad were to happen, he and Riolu were always welcome to head for the Battle Club to train themselves for the battles they might encounter and involve themselves in.

As he continued to remember the memories he shared with his Emanation Pokémon, he felt Riolu tugging onto his shorts, causing the Nuvema boy to snap out of his trance and look down at his young Fighting Type.

"Is something wrong, big bro?" Riolu asked in concern, causing Takeru to shake his head in denial and explain to his Pokémon brother.

"Nothing. I'm just happy that we're together as a family. I'm glad that we met together on that cold night..." Takeru chuckled, ruffling Riolu's head.

Accepting his human brother's words, Riolu nuzzled onto Takeru's chest, wanting to show his affection back for the affection Takeru has given him just now.

"I'm glad that we met too, brother..." Riolu said softly as their bond strengthened a little from the moment they had together.

As they released each other, Takeru sighed and looked up, seeing the sun shining still on the sky. The Nuvema boy chuckled at the affection, before turning back to where his house would be. "Let's head back home. We should prepare for tomorrow." Takeru suggested. "Right!" Riolu barked out in agreement.

With that agreed, the two headed back to the house, preparing for what's about to come tomorrow.

Later that afternoon...

Takeru headed back home to dress a bit more differently in case if he was asked to do something during the time when the newcomers visit. He was dressed in different clothes that was a bit more stylish in outdoors.

He wore a black shirt, a white jacket, red sneakers, dark blue jeans, the Xtransceiver, and the same black wristband. Riolu was in the same healthy state, as he walked besides his human brother once they got back outside.

"This is it, Riolu. It's almost time to meet the visitors from Kanto. Professor Oak and that new Trainer should be coming here by now. Let's get over to the Lab now so we can meet them and Prof. Juniper!" Takeru called.

"Right... I'm right behind you." Riolu barked softly. With that being said, the two ran for the Unova Pokémon Research Lab.

But as they were running there, the two saw a familiar boy that they were familiar with. He had dirty blond hair, white pants, black shirt, orange jacket, and a cool look on his face. At seeing the boy, Takeru called out to him.

"Trip? Is that you?" Takeru asked. The boy turned and widened his eyes of seeing Takeru and Riolu, before a small smile rose up on his face.

"Well, if isn't Takeru and Riolu. What are you two doing out here?" Trip asked, smiling at his childhood friend and rival.

"I should be asking you the same thing. What are you doing here? You look like you're ready to begin a journey or something today." Takeru asked back, causing Trip to smirk before he explained.

"That's just it. I'm beginning my journey today. I was just headed to Prof. Juniper's Laboratory to pick out my starter Pokémon. It's basic stuff for Trainers that are starting out on their Pokémon journey." Trip explained coolly.

"Basic stuff..." Takeru repeated dryly. When it came to Trip, this friend of his would always believe he would become better as a Pokémon Trainer as he studied hard to become the Trainer that he was going to be today.

"I see... Well, since we're all here together, why don't we head there together?" Takeru suggested, causing Trip to lose his arrogant attitude as he nodded in agreement.

"That's fine. I can deal with it." Trip agreed. The two boys and Riolu then began their way to head to the Research Lab together.

"So, Trip. Decided on which starter you're gonna get?" Takeru asked, curious about Trip's choice. The boy responded by shaking his head and as he sighed.

"I'm going to have to take another look at them to make my choice. Out of the three, I'm only going to get one so that other Trainers would be able to get the other starter Pokémon. It's basic stuff." Trip explained, causing Takeru to raise an eyebrow.

"What about you? Are you starting your journey today? You might start out strong, thanks to the training you did back at the Battle Club with Riolu." Trip asked, causing Takeru to blink before he gave a sheepish smile, as he wasn't sure on what he wanted to do truly.

"I... haven't really decided yet. I'm still pondering over it, really." Takeru explained, earning a raised eyebrow from Trip, before he shrugged, not wanting to bother his rival and childhood friend anymore.

"Big brother... Does that mean we're not gonna go on a journey?" Riolu asked, hanging onto his human brother's left shoulder.

Takeru looked at Riolu for a while, before smiling as he reassured the young Emanation Pokémon on what he will do later.

"I'll think about it, Riolu. Just give me a bit of time to think." Takeru answered, rubbing Riolu's head. Riolu smiled happily at the affection given to him as he hung tight onto Takeru's shoulder.

"We're almost there. It's just over there." Trip reminded, pointing ahead to where the Research Lab was.

At seeing the Lab up ahead, Takeru nodded as the two began to head there, until they heard rumbling coming from the sky.

"What was that?" Takeru asked, looking around before he looked up to see gray clouds gathering in the sky.

"It's a storm coming, that's what!" Trip answered bluntly, as he looked up, too.

Both Takeru and Riolu looked up to see lighting and dark clouds rumbling.

"What is this? There has never been any weather report about a storm coming by!" Takeru exclaimed, bewildered of what's happening. He checked the weather on the news yesterday, and there was nothing about a storm coming by on a day like this.

Even Trip felt bewildered as the two watched the lightning flashing in the dark sky. As the two watched the storm get a little stronger, a voice rang into the Nuvema boy's mind, causing him to widen his eyes and tense at the deep tone.

"Thou art I... And I am thou... A strong desire... A strong will... A strong ideal..." A voice said darkly. Takeru perked his head up and looked around, trying to figure out where the voice came from as he remained cautious..

"Who's there?" Takeru called out cautiously. His act seemed to confuse Trip as he looked at his rival in confusion.

"Takeru, who are you talking to?" Trip asked, causing the Nuvema boy to look back at his childhood friend.

"Hey, Trip. Didn't you hear that voice?!" Takeru asked. Once again confused, Trip just shook his head and frowned, as he was a little confused of what his friend was saying right now.

"Voice? What voice?" Trip asked. Takeru widened his eyes, coming to a realization that Trip couldn't hear the voice.

"Big brother... Are you okay?" Riolu asked. Takeru looked at a Riolu at his shoulder, who was looking at him in concern. The Nuvema boy figured that even Riolu couldn't hear the voice as he frowned in both confusion and worry.

"Who was that? Who was calling out to me just now...?" Takeru thought in worry. He waited for the voice to say something again, but only heard the strong wind and rumbling of the clouds.

"C'mon! Let's get to the Lab! We can be safe in there!" Trip called. He pulled Takeru's wrist and dragged him to the Research Lab.

"Hey! Slow down, Trip! You don't need to drag me there!" Takeru called. But to his dismay, Trip just picked up the pace, pulling poor Takeru quickly into the Lab.

Later, the two boys and Riolu arrived at the Nuvema Town Research Lab as they panted from all the running they had to do.

"That was a close one." Trip panted as he stood straight up again.

"I suppose so..." Takeru agreed, wiping his sweat away as he stood straight again.

"Ah. Trip and Takeru. You both came!" A researcher called out, catching both boys' attention.

The two turned to see one of Prof. Juniper's assistant walking to them, as if he was expecting the boys to come today.

"Is Prof. Juniper here?" Trip asked, as he sounded eager to begin his journey right now.

"Sorry, not yet. She was on her way to pick up an old friend of hers back at the Nuvema Harbor." The assistant explained.

"An old friend?" Trip repeated in confusion, as his face showed annoyance for the Professor's current absence.

"You'll see. It's someone from another region." Takeru chuckled, placing a hand on his childhood friend's shoulder.

Trip gave a sigh, then took out his camera as he turned to the assistant.

"Do you mind if I take a few pictures in here?" Trip asked. At the request, the assistant grew a little confused before agreeing.

"Um... Sure. If it's really that important..." The assistant agreed. He then turned to Takeru with a reminder.

"Professor Juniper will be here soon. So, please wait until we call you, okay?" The assistant explained.

Both Takeru and Riolu nodded in agreement, as they were willing to wait for the Unova Professor to come see them herself.


"That's fine." Riolu The two agreed together, allowing the assistant to nod before he took his leave to join with the other assistants and researchers in the lab.

So, while Trip was taking pictures of the lab, Takeru and Riolu sat down on the chairs together, with the Nuvema boy having some thoughts.

"What was that voice now? It said... 'Thou art I. A strong desire. A strong will. And a strong ideal.' What did that voice mean? Does it anything to do with me? Plus, there wasn't any news report about a thunderstorm coming by... Was it all a huge coincidence? I... I just don't know anymore..." Takeru thought, sweating.

"Brother... Are you feeling alright? You looked like you've seen a ghost..." Riolu asked in concern. At the question, the Nuvema boy turned to his Emanation Pokémon before smiling in reassurance.

"I'm okay, little buddy. Had some thoughts about the storm." Takeru answered. Riolu frowned a little until he felt his human brother rubbing his head, causing the young Fighting Type to smile, before the two heard Trip call out to them.

"Hey, take a look at this, Takeru. The huge thunderstorm is already over!" Trip called, much to his surprise.

Takeru ran over to check the window and gasped. It was true. The storm and the dark clouds was really gone. It was like as if it had never happened.

"What could this all mean?" Takeru thought again. The voice from the thunderstorm... It seemed dark and commanding, as if it was like a god was living in the clouds.

It was a strange beginning of the adventure for both Trip and Takeru. First, there was a thunderstorm, without any news of having one. And, only Takeru was able to hear the strange voice. What surprising things could come for the new hero in the story?

To be continued...

Takeru's Team:

Riolu: (M): (Force Palm, Blaze Kick, ThunderPunch, Dig)

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