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Ocarina of Time: Rebirth

Chapter One: The Hero's Awakening

In the beginning when the universe was very young three golden goddesses from heaven descended upon the chaos the was the Planet Hyrule: Din the goddess of Power, Nayru the goddess of Wisdom and Farore the goddess of Courage. Din, with her strong flaming arms cultivated the land and created the red earth and lush green valleys. Nayru the goddess created all legends and laws for the land to follow. Farore the leader created all races that would uphold the law. With their task completed they vanished back into the sky leaving the divided treasure of the sacred realm The Triforce that would be entrusted to the Triforce Guardians sometime in the future. But there is a great evil that will soon descend upon the land and there are only three people that can stop it who will start their journey. The Triforce will soon reawaken and one of the greatest legends in Hyrulian history will be written. That journey starts now.

The Kokiri Forest: The mystical and sacred forest of youth where the race of the Kokiri lives and thrives. Each Kokiri remains a child for all their life never age, most remain in the forest due to the history of wars in the land of Hyrule which has convinced them leaving results in death. Therefore each child of the forest is entrusted with a guardian fairy that will be their partner for the rest of their lives. However, there is one child who has yet to receive a fairy of his own, therefore he is one with few friends. But unknown to him he is the smartest, strongest and most powerful of the children and has been feeling a very terrible feeling in the air. And he is positive that there is something wrong as he is continually plagued by nightmares involving himself, another young man, a young blond girl, a large castle and a very fearful and powerful man. This is a sign of the journey he will soon be made to face.

The Deku Tree, the guardian spirit of the kokiri forest is one of the few who has felt the uncomfortable felling in the air and has taken noticed that the boy has also been feeling this. Due to this he has called a fairy called Navi to be his partner. As the fairy appeared from the fairy fountain before the Deku Tree the great one spoke "Oh Navi. Something terrible is happening to the forest, along with the rest of Hyrule. I am sure that it is time for the boy without a fairy to awaken to take up his quest." the great one spoke through the fairy's mind.

The fairy known as Navi knew all the legends of Hyrule and knew this day would come. The Deku Tree spoke the final orders "Time is short Navi. You must find him, and guide him to me. Fly Navi, fly! The fate of the forest, no the whole world depends upon him." the small blue fairy without a second thought took off into the village. Unfortunately she didn't take the time to notice the stranger in black armor approaching behind the Deku Tree, a man with an agenda of his own. This is where the whole legend starts.

Navi flew through the forest going down the long trail to the Kokiri forest eventually running across the informative Know-It-All Brothers. Navi quickly asked where she could find a guy with no fairy. They said they didn't really know where he lived and Navi shrugged and continued her search. She eventually got the information from one of the Deku Tree's most loved children, Saria who knew Link quite well. Navi flew up a ladder finding a home carved into a large tree, this had to be Link Master's House.

The glowing blue dot known as Navi flew through the doorway that was covered by thick sheets to find a rather unexpected sight. Most the Kokiri could be childish with dolls and toys but this place was completely barren of those kinds of things. There was some farming equipment and a records chart but that seemed to be it. Then she spotted him sleeping on a home made bed that rested under an open window. The bed was bare though. No pillows, no blanket and no sheets. Weird but this was evidence enough that he could take more than the other Kokiri.

Navi flew up to the sleeping child who seemed to look different from the other Kokiri children. Most of them seemed to stop aging at the age of ten but this boy seemed to be the Hylian age of twelve. He had dirty blond hair that seemed to reflect in the sun, he wore the same as a Kokiri child though. A standard green kokiri tunic with matching shorts and hat, and a pair of brown leather boots that seemed to be made for alot of walking but they seemed to be new. Navi nodded as he would be needing them.

Navi flew down to his ear and spoke "Hey Link. The Deku Tree asked me to be your partner from now on, so nice to meet you. The Deku Tree also wants to see you right away, so get up." Link slightly rolled over to see the fairy. But instead of jumping up he rolled back over to sleep. Navi didn't take this in a positive way "Hey come on. Can Hyrule's destiny really depend on such a lazy boy!" Link rolled back over sitting up wondering what her crack about Hyrule's destiny ment.

He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked up at the fairy "Sorry, thought you were Mido's fairy. Sent to annoy me. Sorry for being cranky, but it isn't every day I manage to run across a good dream. At least not as of late." Navi flew down landing on the nightstand and brushed herself off "Well the Deku Tree wants to talk to you about that. It isn't in your mind, it is actually very important. So lets get going!" Navi ordered.

Link nodded standing up easily recognizable from the other Kokiri. For example he had the most perfect dark blue eyes that no other kokiri seemed to have and he seemed to be built up, in fact the Kokiri had mostly green eyes. Then she remembered a rumor about an anti-social child in the village that was intrested in foreign combat arts as well as basic fighting and exercised often. He was without a doubt the one the Deku Tree was talking about.

Link decided to gather up some stuff just in case he ran into some of the monsters running around the forest. He grabbed a utility belt as well as his fairy slingshot and a supply of deku nuts and sticks. The utility belts compartments were useful for storing things such as Deku Nuts and Deku Seeds for quick access, but something like bombs and explosives couldn't be helped without a special pouch. Link well prepared left the building he called his home.

Link stepped out to find that it was a beautiful day and noticed somebody running toward his house. It was his next door neighbor and best friend, Saria who was about a month older than he was, in Hyrulian years. Saria had noticed that she looked a little older than other Kokiri too. She wore a long sleeved shirt under a green tunic along with green boots. She also had strange emerald green hair that rivaled the leaves of the trees.

Saria ran up to the house waved "Yahoo! Hi Link!" Link smiled and descended down the ladder to meet his friend. She seemed overjoyed "Wow! You finally have a fairy of your own. Your a real Kokiri now!" Link scratched the back of his head a bit embarrassed.

Link told her about how the Deku Tree was waiting to see him she was surprised by this "That's great! You'd better be on your way then." she pointed down the dirt street "Go right down this street past the item shop, and then up the forest trail. You can't miss it." Link nodded and they clasp hands. Link then ran down the trail but he would run into even more delays that he could stomach.

The village bully scoffed as he saw Link approaching and held up his hand forcing Link to stop "Hey where do you think your going Mr. No Fairy? Your house is that way." Link groaned at Mido's words. The thought that this little prick had actually been voted the boss of the Kokiri made Link struggle to decide to laugh or vomit, for the guy was both a joke and a desease. Link tried to push past Mido glaring daggers at him "I've been called to see the Deku Tree. Get out of my way." Mido laughed at Link's words pointing at him as his ribs ached.

Mido spoke again to Link who was getting more annoyed every second "Without a fairy your not even a real man. Hahahahaha!" Navi made her presence known by kicking Mido in the forehead and announcing she was Link's fairy. Mido had another good excuse only it was more authentic and true and had nothing to do with his personal grudge against Link "Also. The forest has been changing alot lately, so I can't let you through unless you have a sword and shield." Mido announced.

Link gasped at this grabbing Mido by the collar "Get out you idiot. You know damn well there hasn't been any weapons around here for the past ten years." Link shouted. Mido held up his hands in defense "Hey, I'm just following orders. And for your information Masters. Some guy came the other day and found both a sword and shield. And another was here earlier this morning. If you can find at least a shield and any kind of blade you can, it can be a knife for all I care. I'll let you through." Link released Mido and headed back to his house hoping Saria had a better idea.

"What? Mido won't let you past!" Saria gasped as Link told her the news. Saria brought her hands to her hips groaning "Oh that bum. I don't know why he has to be such a jerk to everyone." Link nodded as he leaned against a fence. "But what he says is true. The forest has gotten dangerous with the local moblins and monsters. One has to be on his guard. The shop sells Deku Shields but I don't know where you can get a sword. There is a strange cave near the training center, that I saw somebody inspecting earlier. Try that." Saria suggested, Link nodded and headed off, not really knowing why he was so important.

It didn't take long for Link to find around a hundred rupees laying around his home, but that was all he could hold with his standard wallet. But Link wouldn't gripe, as this was more than enough to buy a Deku Shield with but still he wanted to check out this cave Saria spoke of. Navi meanwhile was secretly watching his skills in solving these problems, she was assuring herself of his worth.

Link found the small cave and crawled through to find a cave crawling with deku babas and rolling boulders. Link found it easy to dodge the weak minded plant monsters and the rolling rocks until he found a large chamber. He saw a pair of switches on the ground and decided to step on it, he noticed when he stepped off that it would lock back in place. He quickly rolled a large rock on the switch in his place and hit the other one.

Suddenly with a rumble a strange podium emerged from the ground. It contained just what he was looking for. A single shimmering shield that was green in color was before him, it was the classic shield shape with the Kokiri emblem engraved in gold. He took it and the platform swiftly dropped back into the ground. He noticed that the other two existing Kokiri shields were missing as well. He looked down to see fresh tracks that weren't his own "These must have been the one Mido spoke of from this morning." Navi stated. Link nodded and headed out of the cave.

Link looked up as he climbed out of the cave to see one of the workers at the training center. He quickly interrogated him "Hey Trev. Did you by chance see another come out of that cave today." he nodded saying a Hylian girl left with a shield like his only it was blue. Link sighed and decided to forget it, at least he had a shield made of steel instead of a wooden one. He decided to search for the blades.

He asked around the village eventually learning that somebody from outside the forest entered the abandoned rupee mine near the edge of the lost woods. Link knew the dangers of the lost woods but had no time to be scared and headed for the lost woods ready to take on the monsters lurking around there. After about an hour of searching Link Masters found the old cave that was cleaned out long ago. Not listening to Navi's warnings he entered with his shield ready.

Link Masters found tracks of hylian boots upon entry, he knew they were a few days old. Mido said the guy left with one of the Kokiri blades he knew if he followed the tracks he would find what he was looking for. Link explored the old mine finding quite a few skeletons of dead Hyrulians. But that didn't catch Link's attention but something in the middle of the room did.

He found a combat knife against another strange podium, it was one of the legendary Deku Daggers used by the trio Deku Knights who helped defend the forest from intruders during the war about ten years ago. They were hidden away in the forest after the war ended much like the sheilds. He took it off the podium and suddenly it began to sink and he knew he did something wrong.

Then there was a noise like the rattling of bones. He turned slipping the knife into his belt and brought up his shield and the dagger. He couldn't believe his eyes the remains of the Hylians were rising to their feet and picking up their swords. Navi buzzed to life "Their the Stalfos. Anybody who dies in the lost woods becomes one. These guys seem to be common explorers. Watch out!" Link looked up to block one of the skeleton's rusty swords. Link quickly grabbed the dagger and plunged it into the monster's head killing it instantly.

He then grabbed the heavy sword as the other approached him, he dropped the shield as he picked up the sword. The monster swung and the two rusty swords broke on one another sending shrapnel flying. The Stalfos was struck in the head and killed instantly. Link raised his arm in victory as the room began to shake suddenly.

Once again another platform rose from the earth only this one was made of pure crystal. Link couldn't believe what he saw nor could he believe his luck. Before him were two of the legendary kokiri blades. One with a green crystal in the hilt and one with a blue crystal in the hilt. They were the kokiri sword and kokiri calibur.

The sword was a basic double sided sword while the calibur had a thinner blade for quicker cuts. Both were made from a special metal and were unbreakable. Link slipped the Kokiri Sword onto his back and placed the other one on his belt giving him access to both of them. With these weapons he headed back to the Deku Tree's trail to get past Mido and get to the Deku Tree.

Mido was at a loss for words when he saw Link approaching him "Wait is that one of the Kokiri Shields? And is THAT the Kokiri Sword and Kokiri Calibur. Good grief! Well, even with all that stuff your still a wimp." Link groaned "I will never accept you as one of us..." as if Link cared "And your not going through, unless it's through me." Mido stuck his chin up and that was it for Link's patience as he delivered a strong push to Mido's chest dropping him to the ground. Link walked over him and then broke into a run down the trail.

This was only the beginning of the young boy's adventure. For rather he knew it or not that sword would not be returning to it's pedestal anytime soon as he would soon find out who he truly was and the meaning of his existence.
Next Chapter: The Great Deku Tree

Link meets the Deku Tree and learns that he has been cursed. He enters the tree to fight off this curse but ends up wishing he had just stayed in bed. Also somebody appears to help him, who is this. And Link goes into the battle with the monster known as Queen Gohma.