Dearest Reviewers,

It is with a heavy heart that I officially end production of this story which was my very first attempt at writing and without a doubt one of the smartest challenges that I ever took up after being disappointed by the official Ocarina of Time book. My writing has evolved to a great extent in the passing years and it has become apparent that I will never be able to finish this and actually enjoy myself at the same time. There is so much in the story that needs to be fixed and the original elements I have added don't do much to push me forward.

There are a great many other novelizations of Ocarina of Time out there and I feel that the story itself has been done to death, even with my added elements it still feels dated and overdone. Arxane's version for one is truly wonderful and something that I do not want to try to compete with, but that is not my reason for halting. I stop because there is so much of this story that does not inspire me and I feel it appropriate that I officially stop this and continue with my other projects.

For the sake of the fact that this was my first true devoted writing I will not remove it from the site and will leave it up. My other current projects with remain active and hopefully inspiration and time will allow me to work them to completion. Zelda is a truly wonderful series but I have complicated my own version to the point that I cannot easily continue it. For those that wish to know how things turn out I will be including a prologue in my next project which will essentially explain the final results. Essentially it will serve as the backstory.

My next project is of course something I have been wanting to do for the longest time, but was restricted due to the information that had to have been given in my version of Ocarina of Time. Within the next week I will be starting production on my own version of Majora's Mask which I am currently planning out. It will be a much darker and violent counterpart to Ocarina of Time and it will involve a collection of my own personal touches.

Again I am truly sorry that I have to indefinitely suspend this story but I really want to move on to the sequel while inspiration is still grabbing at my soul. Link will be around the age of fifteen in this next story and has basically ventured out to see the outside world, having grown bored of Hyrule. He will also run across a collection of original characters in Termina, a few of which serve as allies and a great many serve as enemies. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best way to move on.

I look forward to your support and if you must express it, your spite.

Biohazard 101