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Title: Just Desserts

Pairing: Yami x Mahaado/Dark Magician (Loyaltyshipping)

Rating: R

Summary: Marik banished Pandora to the Shadow Realm as a price of his failure. He seeks sanctuary.

Warnings: Shonen-ai, possible OOC

Timeline: Manga-verse, post-Battle City but pre-Memory World arc

Chapter 1

The voices. They just wouldn't stop… They howled in his ears and dragged skeletal fingers through his short hair, pulling at his clothing and shrieking ungodly curses in a language dead for millennia.

They babbled and screeched, and often, he wished he were mad.

It would be just so easy to fade into madness. But he couldn't do it. He had to stay strong… and he had to find a way to get out of this hell and return to his precious Catherine.


What a fool he had been, to trust in Marik. What a fool…

Now, he was paying the price.

But did he not deserve this insanity? For he had failed!

That was all he was after all. A failure…

The voices continued to scream.

No wonder humans went mad in the Shadow Realm.

Mahaado stifled a sigh as he heard a loud banging on the doors outside. It was odd. The other monsters usually stayed away from the Castle of Dark Illusions. Few lived here, save for he and his apprentice… the only ones who could truly be considered human in Pharaoh's deck.

It had to be Karim – or half of him. For some reason, he had split into Celtic Guardian and Curse of Dragon. Well, it mattered little…

"He says that there's a human outside, teacher!" Mana called from below. Mahaado closed his tome of dark magic and stood, the linen of his robes rustling slightly as he did so.

This might be interesting. Few humans survived the Realm for long. Usually, the monsters devoured them quickly, or they would leave, their souls shredded in the gloom of the card graveyard.

His golden sandals clicked lightly against the polished marble floors as he walked downstairs, gesturing to his apprentice, Mana, to follow, and opened the door.

There, he spotted a figure he would have never thought possible.


Mana twitched. She recognized this man as well. Celtic Guardian frowned and dropped the stranger on the ground.

"He pled sanctuary."

"Curse the fact that I was a Priest…" Mahaado sighed. "We cannot refuse a direct request, I suppose?"

"No, unfortunately, we cannot."

"I'm a Priestess too!" Mana piped up.

"Yes, yes, I was not slighting your talents." Mahaado cursed fluently in Egyptian for a second, then nodded. "Very well. Bring him inside."

Several other monsters had gathered outside the castle, hissing and spitting. They had also recognized the intruder, but by the laws of the Realm, one could not deny even an enemy Sanctuary, if it was requested with a pure heart.

How odd that this man would have a pure heart, Mahaado thought, as he called for one of the other monsters to take care of him.

He had to contact the Pharaoh quickly.

Yami groaned as he rolled over. He was finally getting some much-needed rest after his duel with Malik, and fortunately, the evil side of the Tomb Keeper had been banished to the Shadow Realm…

However, if someone were calling him from the Shadow Realm, it ought to be important… he rubbed his eyes as a form materialized in front of his bed.

"My Pharaoh…"

"Dark Magician." What was the monster doing here? He knew that Dark Magician could come and go as he pleased, but…

"My Pharaoh, I did not wish to disturb you, but, to put it in the modern terms they use now, 'something was come up'."

With a groan, Yami slid out of bed, causing Mahaado to blush and hastily look away as he got an eyeful of his Pharaoh in nothing but a pleated linen kilt. Yami watched as Mahaado blasted him with a wave of magic, causing his clothing to change into… ah, that looked familiar.

It looked just like what he wore on the Stone Tablet of Memory.

"Lead the way."

Mahaado nodded, and the portal to the Shadow Realm slid open. It was lucky Yuugi was at school and busy. He doubted his other half would need him for several hours. Besides, it was high time Yuugi leaned to Duel by himself.

They materialized in a castle with a distinctly Egyptian theme on the inside, and Yami heartily approved. It was much like home, but then again, Mahaado, reminded him of home.

He honestly had not known about his Dark Magician's humanity until after the duel with Pandora. They had been …Well, as he often sought the Dark Magician out for comfort. That was one thing Yuugi could not grant him.

He could not bed children, nor would he wish to destroy their friendship. Also, Yuugi was head over heals in love with Anzu.

That … he hadn't known his Dark Magician could speak, but they had both been stressed after the Duel – who wouldn't be – and, perhaps neither of them had realized the impact of the truth when Mahaado had called him Pharaoh.

And he had remembered.

Oh, not everything, much of his memory was still a blank slate, but he remembered his friend and his loyal Priest of the Sennen Ring.

"So what is it?" Yami shivered. "Is it Malik's dark side? Is he attacking my city?"

Mahaado shook his head. "Nothing like that, my Pharaoh. I believe this is a man you will remember defeating."

That narrowed the list down… not at all. Yami glared while Mahaado smiled.

"It was simply meant as a jest, my Pharaoh. Ah, here we are…"

Oh yes, Yami recognized this madman. He felt crimson lightning crackle about his fingertips. "This is the one who has requested sanctuary?"

"Yes, my Pharaoh."

It was such a pity that he was bound to the laws of shadow. "Very well. We shall provide him food and shelter, if he so desires it."

The monsters assembled growled, they were none too pleased, but they were also bound to obey, both their Master's command and the law of Shadow.

Mahaado dropped a low bow, and Yami nodded. "Come with me."

The Magician padded after him as Mana dragged Pandora off to the bathing chambers. He stank of filth and decay and hopelessness.

"My Pharaoh?"

"I do not suppose we could make him a creature of shadow?"

Understanding flashed in blue eyes. "I hear and obey, my Pharaoh… but it will take time."

"I do not care how much time you need. I will not have that filth polluting my Deck." Yami swore. "I would crush his mind were he not already punished. It is a pity Malik did not shred his soul."

Mahaado nodded. "I wish we were not bound to grant Sanctuary."

"It matters little now." Yami's smile turned vicious. "My Deck will be no Sanctuary for one such as he."

As his Pharaoh pulled him into a greedy kiss, Mahaado pushed thoughts of Pandora to the back of his mind. Let the other monsters deal with the intruder.

End Chapter

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