A/N: Just watched Carrie! The old version that is, and then the newer one, which I preferred. A wonderful movie to be sure, if a bit old. By the end, I actually felt a little sorry for the poor girl by the end. She just wanted to be normal. To have a life if you will. Given how cruel the world was to her, and what happened...well, if you don't believe me, watch both movies for yourself. Anywho, I watched the movies. Both of them. And then I had the most curious dream. And no, before you say anything, I'm not crazy! Well, not much at any rate.

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"The hell're you looking at, eh?!"


Blank Space

"Oi, is this seat taken?"

Five words.

Five little words, but they were enough to shake Carrie White out of her complacency. To make her look up from her book. She hurriedly slapped a hand over the cover, blocking the world telekinesis with her palm. Not a moment too soon, as a shadow fell over her.


Carrie hazarded a hesitant glance upward from the lunch table and immediately regretted it, trying not to flinch as she laid eyes on the one who had spoken. Bright blue eyes stared back at her from a deceptively frail-looking face, framed by whiskered cheeks and a mopp of shagy blond hair. Those cheeks were currently quirked in a small smile, those depthless azure orbs dancing with some small, unknown amusement. Hand in the pocket of his faded black jeans, an outrageous orange coat sheltering the stranger's broad shoulders and blue shirt beneath. Belatedly, it occurred to her that she knew this boy, at least in passing.

Uzumaki Naruto.

They'd introduced him to everyone just the other morning; a transfer student from Japan, harsh-spoken, an outcast, someone who only talked when he wanted to. Some said he dyed his hair. He was part of her english class...and that was as far her knowledge went. Until now he'd paid almost no attention to her, just as much as any other student would. Why was he he here now, then? What did he want?

She stared up at him for a long moment, painfully aware of the other students staring-laughing!-at her. If Naruto notice them, he certainly didn't seem inclined to say anything. Carrie did. Their words cut into her heart like poisoned knives. Their eyes leering at her; cruel shards of malice and scorn stabbing at her very soul.

I want it to stop.

More than anything else she wanted it to stop. They always poked and provoked and prodded at her and she hated them so much-

"OI! What the hell?!" The harsh bark of the blond's voice suddenly filled the cafteria, snarling obscenities and causing her to jump. She jerked around to see Naruto glaring bloody red daggers not at her, but, at the rest of the assembled student body. His teeth flashed a bright, pearly white so much like her namesake as he hurled profanities at them. "The fuck're you assholes laughing at huh?! Me? Or her?! You think this shit is funy?! It ain't!" No, it wasn't a bark anymore; it was a fullthroated roar, fierce and feral. "I'll fucking kill you little shits if you look over here again, dattebayo!"

The looks on their faces. Priceless. Some small, primal dark part of her gloried in their expressions of fear and raw panic in their eyes as everyone endeavored to look anywhere but at the two of them. They were afraid of him. Of Naruto. A sudden epiphany took her. Naruto was an outcast like her, someone scorned and reviled by the school students as a whole. And yet, he had done to them with a glance and a few harsh words what she would never be able to accomplish unless she used her burgeoning psychic powers.

He made them afraid.

"So, can I sit or what? he asked, turning back to her, those harsh chips of blue diamond regarding her with thinly-veiled amusement. "Getting kinda tired of standing here." Carrie found herself fidgeting beneath that old stare, the intense gaze of someone who wasn't accustomed to waiting.


"Thanks." In response he sat, the seat creaking slightly with his weight. Without so much as anothr word, he began to devour his lunch. She tried to ignore him, hoping he would go away. He did not. When she glanced up he was stoically eating his lunch, slurping down a packet of noodles, to her great dismay. She tilted her head, regarding the cup curiously. Ramen? What was ramen?

"Ramen is the food of the gods." he replied glibly. "You should try it sometime. Oh, but this school doesn't serve it...

They sat in stoic silence for a moment longer; Carrie steadfastly fastening her eyes to the table, Naruto devotedly devouring his food. It was an uneasy, unhappy medium, and she knew at once it wouldn't last. Alas, the brief reprieve was indeed, only too short.

"I liked your poem, by the way." Naruto said between bites, suddenly exceedingly civil. "Very insightful."

Carrie's head snapped around.


"The one you read in class, remember?" he laughed quietly, quoting her words:

"This unfrequented place to find some ease. Ease to the body some, none to the mind. Times past, and what once I was and what am now, O whereforth my birth from Heaven foretold twice by an angel who at last in sight of both my parents in flames...ascended. Samson Agonistes: Lines 1-249. John Milton. 1909-14. ..

Under each world, she felt her face darken. She didn't know how to handle this. Boys. Him. This...feeling. She needed to get away. Here. Now. Jerking upright, she gathered her books into her arms and made to leave, desperate to put this strange boy from her mind. Right! Now!

"I-I should go!"

"I'm afraid I can't let you leave just yet."

Without warning, his hand locked around her wrist. Before she could protest, he yanked her back down to the table. Something in those eerie blue eyes kept her from protesting at first; as did the sheer strength of his grasp-a veritable band of iron locked around her wrist. Then he smiled, and the moment was broken. Something broke inside of her. Why was he touching her? What did he want? Was he trying to trick her? He had to be, had to be; because she couldn't bear the thought that someone was actually trying to be nice to her. Yes. A trick. Had to be. Why were they always always alwaysalwaysalways trying to trick her?! She saw red.

Inexplicably furious, her arm swung forward, her palm blurring-


Naruto's head snappd backwards, recoiling from the sudden strike. The sound of her open-palmed smack filled the cafeteria. Time seemed to slow before her very eyes-crawling to a halt as she drew her arm away. Still, he didn't let go. If anything, he squeezed her arm even harder. She glared down at him, anger still coursing through her in a heady wave...until the blond lowered his gaze, and looked her in the eye. Carrie froze. When she met him, glare for glare, all that confidence drained away.


Because his eyes were red. Scarlet. The color of blood. Eyes of the devil.

And then time was moving again.

"Whoa...that was some slap, huh? You're...angry." he closed his eyes with a sigh absently rubbing his cheek with his free hand. "Good. We can use that." When he opened them again there were that same clear, crystal blue as before. Had she imagined it after all-eep! Abruptly he jerked her forward, until their foreheads touched. Carrie flushed.

"W-W-What are you doing-"

"I saw what you did with the flag today." he answered in a hissed whisper, his words overlapping hers before she could bolt again. "That's what I came here to talk to you about."

A knot of dread tightened in her stomach. "What?"

"The flag." his expression didn't change, that surreal smile never once leaving his face. "I would've thought it was the wind, but the branches weren't moving, and you lit up my senses like a solar flare. Pretty neat gift you have there. You know," he leaned just a little closer, a small, dark little smile pulling at his lips. "I've only ever seen one other person do that. And he couldn't sustain it for more than five seconds. You're probably not as strong as him, but then again, no one's really pushed you to try, eh?"

Panic seized her mind. No. No one should know abou that! No! Leave. Run. Flee! More than anything else. Looking at him was like looking at a blank space; she couldn't tell what he was thinking, what he was planning, if he meant her ill or-

"Oi, oi, relax. I'm not so normal myself. Look."

Naruto pushed his hands together fingers forming a cave as he exhaled softly. A breeze stirred between them. Not enough for anyone else to notice, but just enough...there. A tiny curtain of wind formed, blurring like a veil, tugging at her tresses, tickling her nose. When she realized what, exactly, she was looking at, the young psychic felt her eyes bulge. A hurried glance confirmed that no one was looking in their direction. Scooting a tiny bit closer, she whispered:

"How are you doing that?"

His mouth curved into a wolfish smile. "You're not the only special one, Carrie. Many-many-many years ago there were others like you. Men and women capable of great things. Terrible things." At her questing gaze, he continued to speak, his fingers still playing with the tiny breeze trapped in his palm. "They were called shinobi. Ninja, if that's a more familiar word to you. They existed a long time ago...as fo me, I guess you could say I'm a special case. I got myself blasted here last

"I was really surprised when I saw it, myself." He looked up, the air in his palms slowly whispering away, trickling across the cafeteria while he gazed at her. "Seems there's still a bit of the old way left in the world...and you're not the only one who can push or pull." A thrill of excitement surged through her at that, one she desperately tried to suppress.

"What do you mean?"

For a moment, just a moment, his right eye flashed purple. How...odd?

He grinned cheekily; the expression made him look oddly foxlike.

"I wonder..."

"Ah." he murmurred, his gaze locking on one of her tormentors, one of the girls who'd done...that in the locker room. "She'll do...Shinra Tensei." A hard wave of force erupted from his hand, extended ever-so-subtly on the table, shooting for her as she made to rise. Carrie braced herself, half-expecting something ghastly; imagine her surprise then, when the girl simply stumbled and fell on her ass, earning a few halfhearted laughs of her friends and fellow students.

Then she saw Naruto's smile. "Now...Bansho Ten'in!"

With a hard yank her tray went flying and smacked her in the face, spattering the poor girl with applesauce and milk. More cries, accusations of someone shoving her. Naruto was physically shaking now with an effort to control himself, one hand stifling his mouth. Despite her best efforts, Carrie found herself smiling as well. That smile blossomed into a grin when he bound the shoe-laces of three boys together, causing them to trip and tumble over one another, over the girl and then each other, elicting still more shouts and swears.

"How are you doing all that?"

"Meet me in the old abandoned factory park after school. You know where it is? Go there."

She nodded. "Why?"

"Why?" A blink. "So I can teach you, of course. You don't have a very good handle on this gift, yet."

"I can't-

"Yes. You. Can." the bite returned to his voice with force. "You're special, Carrie. Don't let others control you. Never let others control you." his eyes flashed with something dismal, as though he were experiencing some sort of horrid flashback, but it was gone before she could speak. "If you do that, I'll be happy to help you."

She eyed him speculatively, not trusting herself to speak.

"There's just one catch." he continued, rising from his seat.

Carrie gulped. "And that is?"

He smiled, reaching across the table to take her hand. Then that hand rose, carrying her knuckles to his lips. What he said next threatened to send steam shooting out of her ears. He walked away, leaving her mind in a tizzy; her head spinning, stomach fluttering with a dozen-hundred-thousand butterflies.

"Go to prom with me."

Five words.

A series of tiny, seemingly inconsequential syllables. Words from one outcast to another; spoken by a boy she barely knew. A boy, who, if Carrie was completely honest with herself, actually frightened her a little bit. He was everything she wasn't, and every act only confused her more. He'd defended her. Called her special. Five words. She shouldn't have been so taken by them.

And yet...

...they changed everything.

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