Reflection of Dreams
Squall Morpheus Leonhart

I dream of times long forgotten
Times that I have only remembered in dreams
Like the touch of your lips
The feel of your flesh
But you don't see me
You never have and I don't you ever will

A lion of Balamb is what they called me
But is it truly true?
I don't think that the path of lions is one I take
I think of it more as a wolf's
Yet, the thought of it comforts me
To know that people think me brave
When in reality I am the weakest of them all

Did you ever thought that I would be here
Saving the world, I mean
Ask me a year ago if I would do it
I would probably say no
I'm not the hero everyone thinks I am
I'm more of an antihero
Someone who only does it for duty not pride

My life is different now
I'm reunited with old friends
Or at least I think I do
I have a girl who clings to me
Probably just wants to go out with me
I don't really care but
I just want you

You take my heart away without me realizing it
How could you do that?
I would think that you at least would tell me first
Maybe you just didn't know it
Do you remember the time at the cliff?
When I fell off and you grabbed my hand
You told me not to let go that I had something to live for
Do you think of me weak, then?
Do you think that of me now?

I wish I knew
But I'll live life as it comes
Only for duty
But maybe, just maybe
You would return and tell me different
That one day you would come to me
And then say you love me

Maybe I'm just imaging things but is that you there
Just outside my door watching me
Like you always did when we were alone
Like you did when we were surrounded by friends
Maybe it is just some wishful thinking of me
But are you here to say that you care I hope you are but
I know not to think that but
A man, no a lion, can dream right?

A lion
I think I like that name
Somehow it suits me
A lion
Maybe that's who I am
Maybe that's my destiny...

Author's Notes: This is a poem in Squall's POV and I hope he is in character but who knows. Just some wishful thinking on my part but I do not know who is thinking about. Surprising, huh? I wrote and I don't know who it is but why don't you tell me what you think.
Disclaimer: I don't own FF8 or its characters just the writings done here thank you.
2nd Author's Note: I think I meant this to be a Yaoi but somehow Quistis works to.

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A burden may be lifted in the arms of love and care
Squall Morpheus Leonhart