Squall Morpheus Leonhart

I'm falling into an abyss
Could you stop my fall?
Will you?
Or will I keep on falling?
Falling into my sorrow of winter's nights
Falling into the blackest of woe

Could one day, I will see your light
And find myself in the white of day
The heaven that I have imagined
The haven that I wanted
Will I be there one day?
In the embrace of your arms?

Yet, my sorrow doubts it so
I am beginning to think I will always fall
Fall into the abyss of woe
I have pushed you away
And when I need you most you do not stay
My pride won't keep you here
Neither will my heart

One day I will fall
But am I falling now?
What is this light that I see?
What is this haven you have brought me?
Is this the heaven I have dreamed?
Thank you, thank you
You have saved me

But what is this?
You want to help me
You want to free me from this abyss
You want to love me
If you can make me feel
You can do as you wish…

Disclaimer: I don't own FF8 or its characters.
Author's note: What was I thinking?!?!? Damn that was good… Oh well, guess who saves him and no it ain't Rinoa.

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In the Darkness, Light will be there if only a glimmer
Squall Morpheus Leonhart