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************* Colors: A Prelude to Death-White *************

It was the fall of 2004 when it all started. September eleventh, three years after that tragic terrorist attack against the United States. Although not forgotten by the American people, it has been put aside as we might say, for them to live normal lives. Unfortunately, there are those that are not blessed with a normal life.

It was the time of year when teenagers were returning to school. Some have been in for almost a month, some haven't even been to school yet. It was a time when friends meet old friends, and new ones. But this is only "a boring life" as they call it. "Nothing exciting ever happens to me," they might say. I envy them. I am.was one of those teenagers like them. My story begins months after September eleventh, but it all began on this day.

School had started a week earlier, and you know how all the kids are when they return to school, bored, tired, and exasperated. Waking up at six- thirty in the morning is no easy feat, trust me, I know. I led a sheltered life, but it was a good one. I didn't have many friends, a couple here and there, not to mention the occasional "nice" girl, as I like to call them. You know what I mean, the kind of girl who doesn't care who you are, or what you did, you're still a person, and you deserve respect and kindness, that kind of girl. I had a crush on one of those girls. She was beautiful, golden hair, smooth skin. She was what was considered the perfect girl. But like most "perfect girls" she did have a boyfriend. He was one of the school jocks, a football bully. All-star defensive linebacker and fullback. All the girls loved him, he had muscles like you wouldn't believe, but was as dumb as a brick, as most stereotypical jocks are. I didn't have a problem with jocks, the ones that didn't think they were better than everyone. He was not such a person. I actually lost ten dollars of lunch money to him in the past years. I don't care, stuff like that never really got to me, until now.

Our school was holding a party today, in honor in all those that gave their life to rescue as many people two years ago. It was lunch period, and I was sitting in the cafeteria. As usual, I was sitting alone.nearly. The only other person at my table was Jack, my best friend, who was even more ornery than a jock.

"So what you do," he told me, "You go out to parking lot, don't worry, I'll be there too.."

"I told you Jack, I'm not doing anything to his car!"

He spread his arms out, "But I got the bologna! A-And nothing gets somebody angrier then wiping."

"Shut up, shut up, shut up," I hissed at him. I knew better than that, I was raised to respect other people. That, and nobody else is stupid enough to do that to HIS car. As much as I didn't like him, I knew I could never beat him one-on-one, hell I couldn't even beat him if Jack were to aid me. I was about to leave, when I felt the crushing weight of a palm pressing down on my head.

"Hey wimp, what were you thinking about doing to my car?" His ominous voice echoed in my head. Even through ignoring his horrific BO, I could feel the presence of other jocks.

"Nothing Milfred," I mumbled.

He sat down in the seat next to me, and I felt his large hand grip around my neck.

"Now, the only reason I'm not going to do anything to you," he tells me, "is because Sarah is on the other side of the room." We look across the room to where Sarah was sitting. She was the figure of perfection. Her skin was smooth as silk, and her hair was as golden as an eagle. As a joke, I always called her "angel." She would giggle and blush, and I would blush back. But you gotta be careful when you flirt around her, one slipup and you're looking down the fist of a two-hundred and fifty pound bag of muscle. Hold the brains.

"But if I find one tiny scratch on my car, your face will be meeting the.the."

"Concrete," sometimes you have to finish sentences for him.

"So if you want to keep what's left of your head," he pointed his finger at me, the usual symbol for anger, "Keep your hands off my car." As one more symbol of 'anger,' he took my milk and poured it on my pants. He laughed, smacked my back, and left.

I glared over at Jack, who just glared as Milfred was walking away. When his eyes met mine he looked surprised.

"What?" he asked. I continued to glare at him until I got up, although he got up with me. As I walked over to the garbage can, I heard the loud clatter of metal with the grunting of pain. I turned around and looked over to the doorway. Milfred stood with about five different foods stained on his shirt. On the floor was the food that wasn't on his shirt, and one lunch tray. About ten feet away from him, was Drake Marshall.

Drake Marshall, the weirdo of our school. I would say freak, but that's a little rude, even for him. He's fairly new here, about a year. He always isolated himself from everyone else, always walked home from school, never got close to anyone. But besides for his jet black hair, nothing was that odd about his looks, I've even heard women say he's handsome. Unfortunately, he was about to get REAL close to Milfred's hands.

There was that awkward silence again, Milfred just looked down at his shirt and pants, it was a mess. Then he glared up at Doug, he had some food on his shirt as well, but not nearly as much as Milfred had. What happened next wasn't very surprising, as Milfred grabbed Doug by the collar of his shirt and slammed him against the wall. His face was red with fury.

"Okay twerp, having trouble watching where you're going? Cause I can fix that for you." He said, holding up his fist to Drake's face. The rest of the cafeteria were in a five foot radius around the two, we were all expecting that Drake's face would have to go through major surgery. But what we caught surprising..

"Get.your of me." Drake hissed at Milfred. The entire cafeteria fell into dead silence, NO ONE dared to talk back at Milfred for two reasons. One was three inches away from Drake's face, the other..

"MR. MARSHALL!" A booming voice exploded from behind the crowd. Our principal, Harold Vanderby, who, yes, was Milfred's dad. "Mr. Marshall! I see you've resorted to food fights now, huh?" He put his hands on his waist and looked around in an agitated sort of way, Milfred dropped Drake and rubbed his wrist, as if to tell his father that he hurt him, but we all knew better. "You two, see me in my office."

I was walking out of the school building with Jack, Sarah, and her friend Tayliana. I never tried to make eye contact with her, she was impossible to talk to, but only because she.well.she had a rack that a seventeen year old shouldn't have, can I say that? This was a big risk for me and Jack, especially with No-Neck lurking around.

"I'm telling you girl, you should dump him before something happens to you." She told Sarah.

"Oh, he's not a bad guy, once you get to know him. I'm sure if you just talked to him you can see my point of view." She answered, her hands carrying her trapper at her waist. Sorry, when you're hopelessly in love, you tend to notice these things.

Jack answered to that, insulting Milfred all the while, "Well we tried but he only answers in bursts of short and low grunts." I smiled, heard Tay laugh, and saw Sarah glare at Jack, who just put his hands behind his head. Tay, as beautiful as she was, also wasn't the nicest person, especially to Jack. But me and Sarah knew how she really felt.

"What do you think Jessica?" Her little nickname for me, being as my name is Jesse. Cruel joke by my mother. I just blushed, then looked down at the ground and said, "Well, I uh, I don't think that much of it.I mean, it IS Sarah's choice." I looked up to see Sarah smiling at me, but I also saw what I thought to be disappointment in her eyes. We just stepped outside, as two of our female classmates walked by us.

"Did you hear? Drake got a whole week of suspension, but Milfred only got ONE DAY of detention!"

"Yeah, but he is real cute though. I don't think Sarah knows how lucky she is."

If I was any less or more of a man, I would have stood up to that comment, but I felt not to. Then.all of our lives changed.

We heard the commotion before we saw it. The shouts of fellow students jeering or gasping in shock. The grunting and muffled sounds of the two involved in it all. We all knew who they were, even Sarah who just started to walk faster and looked away from the crowd. The rest of us, even me, wanted to see at least a glimpse of the action. But few things could have been more shocking.

Drake was showing no mercy to Milfred, and each punch seemed to sound louder and louder, almost bone shattering. Milfred didn't have a chance to fight back, as each punch continued to drain any remaining amount of energy left in him. Everyone, unlike in the cafeteria this morning, were scattered, and not huddled around like before. We were able to easily fit in there, and saw Drake just tearing into Milfred. He grabbed the shoulder of his shirt, and threw his knee into Milfred's jaw, sending him backwards. He stumbled on a car hood, wiping some blood off of his mouth, however, it didn't really since his entire lower face was covered with it. Drake slowly began walking up to Milfred, until two of Milfred's friends grabbed Drake by the arms and held him tight. He was a little startled, look back and forth between the two other jocks, then just let his arm go and glared at Milfred.

"Looks like you fucked up, you little fuck," he yelled at Drake, "Not such a big.." His words caught in his throat as both of his friends slowly let go of Drake. They both looked frightened for their lives, as they backed away into the scattered crowd, hiding behind a couple of people. Milfred himself was looking fearful. Drake slowly began walking towards him again, and I could have sworn I saw his muscle instantly bulge. Milfred backed into a car, then tried to scramble in between them but met a forceful blow to his ribs by a fist. He gripped his shirt tightly and gasped for breath. Drake then slapped his chest with such a blow, everyone knew he broke a bunch of his ribs. Milfred went flying backwards, crashed off a parked car, and, amazingly, landed on his feet behind the car. What happened next was totally unexpected, as one of the driving students clipped Milfred in the side, causing him to twist in the air and land with a hard thud on the ground. Everyone thought he was dead, that is, everyone except me, Drake and Jack. We saw him start towards his motionless body, and we knew he was going to add injury to injury. We rushed to him and grabbed both of his arms, and we felt him struggling to break free. Then we felt something odd, it was like a dark, deep force was struggling it's way into our hearts. We both felt it, we were scared, but we shook it of, and held tightly to his arms. Then we felt something else, this was more weird than frightening, being as our feet were dangling a couple feet off the ground. We swung our feet wildly, and tried to force his arms down. I continued to put downward pressure on his arm, then I noticed his face. He brow was furrowed, and he grit his teeth, as if struggling to keep us up. Then he smiled.wickedly. He slowly set us down on the ground, we let go of him, and began to circle the large group huddled around Milfred's body. Jack couldn't care less, and at the moment, even _I_ felt less sympathetic towards the school bully, but I saw the top of the golden-haired goddess near the center, and I felt compelled to try and comfort her. I am a man after all, and I never had a date, so what can I do?

It took a lot of shoving, but I made it to the center. I knelt down the opposite side of Milfred that Sarah was sitting. I heard a lot of things. Screaming. Yelling. Crying. But I didn't care, I only focused on Sarah and her tear-streamed eyes. She was gasping her tears back, and I knew that if I said anything to her she would burst out crying. I was filled with a lot of things, grief, cause I knew that Milfred was going to die, jealousy, because Sarah was showing this much emotion to some thick headed, muscle brained jerk whom she only knew for about a month, (they started dating over the summer) and compassion because I wanted to do everything in my power to make Sarah feel better. I looked into her eyes, and I felt my heart skipped.she looked back. Her eyes, filled with so much sadness, I felt my heart sink. That's when I knew it, I was in love. I was in love with a woman whose heart appeared to have belonged to someone else. 'So this is what love feels like.' I thought.

I looked deep into her eyes again, I had no idea what she was thinking. Then I saw her try to speak, but she stopped. She looked down at Milfred again, and held out her hand. I was still clueless as to what she was doing. Then it happened. It was small at first, like a little firefly, a small glowing light. It began to grow, soon it was about the size of softball, maybe a little bigger. I was stunned, yet amazed at the same time. I noticed the entire crowd going silent, all of the kids backing away from her, all except for me and Tay that is, who was was left the closest to Sarah, next to me. Sarah lowered her hand closer and closer, and the small ball of light went passed straight into Milfred's body. She kept her hand at a good inch or so away from his chest, and Milfred's body began to glow the same color of the ball. It only lasted for about ten seconds, then it was gone. Then Milfred sat up, and everyone gasped. There was not a scratch on him, he looked around, and noticed everyone looking at him. He looked at his hands, he knew what had happened, but he did not know why he was alive. In a typical fashion, he shoved me away, and bolted upright, Sarah following in a slower fashion. He tried to talk, but nothing was coming out, but we all knew what he wanted to know. No one talked, no one, but we all stared, even me and Tay. He turned to Sarah, and she was looking down, her eyes red from the tears.

"I.I'm sorry." she said, "I don't.know.what.." She couldn't finish, she just walked off, the crowd of stunned teenagers backing away as if by a force field. Milfred didn't know what had happened, he looked around, and his eyes stopped at me. I was too busy staring at Sarah to notice him staring at me, much less care about it. I looked up, he was glaring at me with a hatred I have never seen. He snorted, and went off after Sarah, pushing the closed gap of kids out of the way. It took a while of recuperating, but everyone eventually slid off the huddle. I walked over to Jack, who was standing next to Drake, smiling serenely, Jack's mouth was gaping wide open.

"That was certainly an interesting spectacle." I heard Tay say.

"What.happened back there?" I asked, not expecting an answer.

"Well, I think that our little Sarah is hiding something," Tay answered, putting her hand under Jack's chin and slamming his mouth shut, "As her friend's we should go see what the problem.."

She stopped, we heard a sinister chuckling coming near Jack. It was Drake.

"He got what he deserved. I'll see you guys in a couple weeks." And he left. I noticed Jack and Tay glaring at him, but I wasn't. I was astounded by his strength and his almost sinister chuckling. But most importantly, I was astounded at the feeling. I felt it, me and Jack both did. We felt our hearts shrink when we tried to hold him back, like they didn't want to even look at him. We were frightened, we complete terror.

I should have known then. I should have figured that SOMETHING, was going to happen. But I didn't. Love and my immaturity blinded me otherwise.