Omnia Permutare Chapter 1

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"I have to go back, haven't I?" Harry asked

"Oh, that's up to you" Dumbledore replied

"I have a choice?" Harry said disbelievingly

"Oh yes. We're in Kings Cross, you say….. I think, if you so desire, you could board a train"

"And where would it take me?"


There was a pause and Harrys mind whirred as he made his decision,

"Sir, could it take me back?"

"Well, it depends how far…"

"To before it went all wrong"

"The destination of a train journey can always be changed"

"So, how do I get there?"

"Why, my boy, just board the train"

Dumbledore stood and disappeared into the distance leaving Harry on the bench. He sat still for a moment and then stood suddenly. Out of the white mist a train approached the still figure. Without a sound, he stepped aboard, and disappeared.


A boy with shoulder length blond hair rapped on an ornate door sharply.

"Antonio Malfoy, get out here right now!" He whisper-shouted, "Father says all the guests are gathered in the main ballroom, so you'd better hurry up! You can't be late to your own party!"

"Yes Lucius, I heard you the first time" A voice came from inside, "I am on my way. You can tell father his worries about me not being proper enough for his guests are completely unfounded and I will be out momentarily"

"Good." Lucius replied. "As my younger brother, you mustn't let the Malfoy name slip by being late!" He said imperiously, "You are now eleven, so there is no excuse for any imperfections"

The doors were opened and a young boy stepped out. He was dressed in a beautifully decorated emerald-green robe that made his slim figure look ethereal. His long platinum blond hair mirrored his brothers; the only difference in appearance was his stunning eyes. The deep green sparkled with amusement as they settled on his brother's irritated face.

"Honestly Lucius, there's no need to get snappy. I am here, am I not" He stepped forwards and they made their way down the marble stairs.

"That's another thing which I do not understand. How can the duration of a day make any difference to one's character?"

"I don't know what you're talking about" Lucius replied snootily

"Once I am eleven I must be perfect. Does that mean when I am ten and 363 days old I am allowed some leeway?" Harry said cheekily

"Don't be pretentious Ant, it doesn't suit you" Lucius huffed

"It was a legitimate question" Antonio stuck his tongue out and skipped off down the corridor.

"Antonio!" Lucius hissed, "Don't run in the halls! And Malfoys don't stick their tongues out! It isn't becoming"

"For goodness sake Luc, what are you, fifteen-going- on-eighty!" Antonio said

Lucius swatted him over the back of the head and then proceeded to fuss over his slightly mussed hair. They reached the end of the hallway and could hear the murmurings of people in the distance.

"Well, this is it" Ant said "I can't wait to be examined by old women and their creepy husbands"

"Antonio! Those 'creepy' people you are talking about are fine upstanding purebloods who are extremely important in society" Lucius reprimanded.

They both paused at the entrance into the ballroom and then made their way through the throngs of people towards their father. He was obvious in the centre as there were many beautiful women surrounding the tall man with a beautiful sheet of blond hair.

"I don't know why they bother" Ant whispered into Lucius' ear, "Since mother died, father isn't, and will never be, interested in anyone else"

Lucius shot him a look as they stepped up to the man in question

"Ah, ladies, I must leave you. My sons have arrived" The man said smilingly.

He side-stepped the group of ladies and smiled down at the two boys in front of him.

"Hello Lucius, Antonio, it's nice to finally see you both here. I've been needing to get away from those horrendous women" The man said.

Before either sons could answer an old man with a pot-belly interrupted, "Abraxas! Lovely to see you old chap" He said

"Ah, Horace, it is very nice to see you again also" Abraxas said with a pleasant smile on his face.

"I am very much looking forward to seeing your second son at Hogwarts – another Slytherin I hope!" Horace Slughorn said genially. "Ah yes here he is. A carbon copy of Lucius, but with such interesting eyes! Not like yours or Cecilia's, Abraxas" He said.

Abraxas' face fell slightly at his deceased wife's name, but covered it up quickly with another smile, "Yes, Antonio is a definite Slytherin, there's no denying it" He said.

Antonio smiled and held his hand out to the Potions professor. "It is lovely to finally meet such an esteemed professor"

"And so polite!" Horace beamed

"Well, we really must be going. It was lovely to see you again" Abraxas said. He stepped forward and motioned for the boys to follow.

They moved through the group of people drinking champagne and talking loudly to each other. Once at the front of the large room, the three stepped onto a platform. Abraxas put his wand to his neck and clearly spoke, 'Sonorus'.

"Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is delightful to see you all. As you all know, it is my second and youngest sons eleventh birthday today and we are gathered in order to celebrate this special day. I hope you are all enjoying the party and continue to do so"

He turned to his sons and nodded to them both, "Enjoy the rest of the night, but you must be in your room by eleven. Don't drink and don't make a fool of yourselves."

They both agreed and left.


Lucius and Antonio walked through the guests and stopped by a group of Lucius' friends.

"Hello Rosier, Greengrass, Black. It is lovely to see you all again. Let me introduce you to my brother, Antonio"

A skinny boy with brown hair and a twisted face put his hand out, "Evan Rosier. How…delightful to finally meet you" he said.

Antonio immediately disliked the boy but shook his hand anyway.

The other two stepped forward and introduced themselves as Zacharias Nott and Ewan Greengrass. Nott was a serious looking teenager, but emanated a calmness that Antonio felt automatically relaxed by. Ewan was a bright, happy boy who Antonio immediately felt at home with. They were all conversing about the year to come – the four teens 5th and OWL year – when Evan chipped in. "The new Senior Undersecretary Riddle is an interesting man, isn't he. What do you think of his policies?" he questioned the other purebloods.

"Ah yes, of course. My father is rather pleased with his appointment. They went to school together you know and he was the most intelligent young man in their year" Lucius said confidently

Antonio blushed at the mention of his crushes name. He had seen Tom Riddle once in his life after one of his father's prestigious parties. He had left his room to see the beautiful men and women and had seen the most beautiful of them all. Tom Riddle was a truly beautiful man and they'd made eye contact for just a second before he had left. From then on, Antonio held a flame for the older man. His name should have meant something to him, but for the life of him he couldn't remember. No matter, the man's gorgeous face and deep blue eyes were imprinted on Antonio's mind forever.

"Goodnight Ant" Lucius called as he stepped into his room

"And you, Luc" Antonio replied.

He opened the door to his lavish room and, after undressing from his robe, he crawled under the fine duvets and closed the beautiful hangings surrounding him. As he laid back he thought of the life he used to lead, this one – so different. Every night he tried to remember faces, details, anything…. But the small facts escaped him. He knew he had to prevent the rising of a Dark Lord, but who the Dark Lord was and is, he was not sure of.

He would wait and see what came his way. It would not matter whether or not he knew whether or not what he was doing would be the right thing to do, but he still had his morals and he'd stick by them – hopefully changing things for the better.


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