This is my first real story, so if it sucks, I will accept the hate :P (Placed after Unauthorized Mission and is better)

Chase's P.O.V

Sebastian and I were fixing up the Training Simulator, or at least trying to. It'd been hour and we couldn't find a single problem wrong, there was no proof that it had been rigged either. "What do you think happened with it?" I asked Sebastian, he didn't exactly answer me with much of an answer.

Sebastian muttered under his breath "Glitch probably." He really didn't act like he was surprised when Mr. Davenport flew into the air. Of course, nobody got close to the Training Simulator except Adam, annoying us. Sebastian was acting suspicious now, after I told him about Krane. "Hello? Earth to Chase?" I realized Adam and Sebastian were trying to snap me out of my thoughts.

"What now Adam? Are you going to help us break the simulator?" I guess he would probably be good at that. He stumbles back a little as if he didn't expect that from me. As Adam starts shifting towards the hallway, he glares at me and goes off. In the corner of my eye I see Sebastian, smirking at him waddling off. Before I think all I could say was, "What are you smiling about? I just startled my own brother!" Sebastian looks at me for a minute, examine me like I'm a dog. What's going on with him?

Sebastian's P.O.V

He could join me, or he could sell me out. All I could so now was try to get myself caught. "I'm sorry, I was thinking about something funny."

"Why were you staring at me then?" Oh no.

"Maybe we should take a break. I'll be right back." I super speed out, my back facing the wall, falling. I need an ally. I sweat, nervous for what's next, ahead of me, and maybe my new ally.

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