Chapter One – Plans go wrong

Dipper Gleeful strolled up the path which ascended Scraggle Tooth Peak; the ever present Journal 2 in his left hand, while his right clutched a small sack. His eyes darted back and forth occasionally, determined to be sure of his privacy. The wind rustled against his teal magician's outfit and caused his navy blue cape to flap behind him as he grew closer to the summit. He listened to the tweeting of the birds, the scampering of the squirrels in the bushes.

He smiled with the knowledge that once the ceremony was complete, this entire forest would burn with the might of a thousand dying sons. While this might have disturbed some twelve-year-olds, Dipper Gleeful was not the average twelve-year-old.

Neither was his sister, who was less of a mini-Moriarty and more of a sadistic pixie girl. Both were proficient in hand to hand combat, as well as the dark arts, and both had been traumatized too many times to allow the world a second chance.

The meek will rise, and they had hit the top. Now it was time to send the whole goddamn ceiling caving in on everyone below them.

This was because Dipper intended to sacrifice this world to demons in exchange for utmost power. He and his sister had spent the last year moving around the country in search of the first and third journals, so that they could complete the ritual to do just that, and once they finally located Gravity Falls, they had assumed that the rest would be easy. Instead, they had been met with the resistance, and from the least likely of places. First, in the form of the nosy nine-year-old known as Gideon Pines, and second, in the form of the spoiled brat Gid called his friend, Pacifica Northwest (or "Paz" as he referred to her).

Now, they had found the right spot, the correct date, and the necessary items to make sure their plan came to unique levels of fruition.

Nothing could stop them now. Not the Eye. Not the old man. And definitely not the mouth breather duo. Although, he had been forced to waste valuable time and energy summoning monsters to fight them, it had paid off in the end. They were defeated, and his sister now had the first and third journals.

Well, it didn't matter anymore. After today none of it would matter. He smiled, he would be able to gaze across the higher plane and watch as they suffered. He would be God, and he would finally know everything.

When he entered the cave, Dipper was surprised to find his "enemies" tied up and struggling. Gideon and Paz had been severely bruised (the former knocked unconscious). The last thing he had expected was for them to locate where the ritual would take place and try to disrupt it in some fashion.

He nearly slapped himself for giving the idiots too much credit.

Dipper smiled with understanding and glanced into the darkness, before calling out in his best 50's dad impression. "Oh, HONEY! I'm home!"

There was no response, but he knew that his sister would be back soon. He bent down on his knees and peered into Gideon Pine's eyes. He reached forward and ruffled Gid's normally immaculate hair, smiling at the scowl this motion produced.

Continuing the charade, he put a hand on his knee and leaned down with devilish eyes. "So, did you have a good day at school sport?"

As he did so he noticed the cut on Gid's left cheek, and his smile widened. His sister had already started on the meal.

"Oh, he got in taken to the principal's office for spying…"

Speak of the devil.

He turned, and found that his sister looked crueler than ever. The pendant under her neck, glowed with soon to be unlimited power. She was wearing a costume much like his, silk shirt, black slacks, and rough cape, but of course, she had designed them. Mabel had always been better at endearing people, as everyone they had ever met fawned over her the moment she said something in that huggable voice of hers.

Of course, he knew better. He knew what she did to small animals on a regular basis, and what she could do to people if she really cared. Her lipstick only served to draw out how pale her skin had become as a result of the two of them not often entering the sunlight. She had permed her hair for the occasion, and, had she not been holding a knife in her left hand, she would have looked just as innocent as the world viewed her.

She moved over to Paz and sat down, pressing a knife against the throat of her victim. Her honey brown eyes became vacant of life as she looked up with the hint of a smile and with that perilous breathlessness in her voice. "I think that this one is a bad influence…"

Dipper stood, still playing along with the same sit-com-husband voice, "Honey, are you suggesting that we suggesting that we get rid of her?"

His face the picture of false shock, he was unable to stop an involuntary snicker when he saw the fear that crossed Paz's face. Oh, she was a big girl until shit got real, then she turned into a scared kitten.

Mabel's already unsettlingly large smile extended and she nodded as she responded in a sing song voice "You know me so well."

She lifted the knife into the air and with anticipation in her eyes she swung it down.

Instantly the joke was over. He grabbed her hand inches above Paz's sweating face, and brought it to her side.

She crossed her arms and pouted, "Your no fun!"

Dipper ignored the childish response, and removed the knife from her hand. He examined it for a few seconds, before tossing it back to her. She caught it without even looking, her knife throwing skills far better than his. He turned away from the hostages, focusing on the cave wall and the ancient markings upon it as he spoke in his normal, smug air.

"Don't fret dear sister, they will perish at our hands. Just not right this second. Once we transcend this reality, and exchange places with the demon, these two, along with everyone else on this god forsaken world will burn, freeze, and putrefy for the next million years."

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Let them live now, and they will suffer later."

His eyes locked onto theirs as he said this, and the fear doubled. It was delicious, the power which he held over them.

Mabel looked down at her prisoners, and giggled at their distress. Turning back to her brother, she recovered and spoke in her regular flirty tone, "You sure know how to get a girl riled up, Dippy."

He rolled his eyes at the nickname, and told her that they should get started if they wanted to perform the incantation in time. He cast one last look at his pathetic foes, gave them the "ta-ta" gesture and then made for the area where the enchantment would take place.

Mabel one the other hand, waited until she was right next to the tunnel and blew a kiss Gideon and Pacifica's way, before skipping off into the darkness. He believed that she was whistling "London Bridge is Falling Down" and found his own smirk grow.

Quickly he turned his thoughts to the ritual. Recess was over. It was time for the final exam and he literally could not afford it if something went wrong.

Dipper Gleeful flipped all three books to page 333 and placed them each on one of the three stones which lay in front of the bonfire. He then opened the sack he had been carrying and tossed the purple dust contained with, into the flames. Tingles ran down his spine as the dust caused the fire to turn blue and form the faces of screaming souls.

For a moment the sadistic twins watched in slight awe. They had seen things which would make lesser minds outright collapse, but this was a once in a lifetime sight. Yes, they had performed ceremonies before, but after years of sacrifice and clawing to get the necessary information, they wanted this moment to gloat.

The sweet feeling of deliberation began to engulf them, causing the twins to almost forget to perform the next step. They glanced at each other, before joining hands. Dipper used his left hand to hold their amulets of power, and made sure that his sister did likewise before continuing.

"You don't have to coddle me, this isn't my first demonic evocation you know."

Dipper did most of the rituals, while Mabel was more geared toward influencing public opinion and getting information through any means necessary. Nonetheless, his holier than thou attitude grated on her nerves (as did most of his habits).

Had he been anyone else, she would have killed him for that alone.

He rolled his eyes though, and started the chant. She continued with the second verse, stumbling slightly on the Latin recitation. Again he grew exasperated, and she considered pushing him in the fire to make him quit sighing. Instead she waited patiently as he recited the third and final verse.

The fire pit rose and heaved, growing with the repetition of the chant. It changed color and widened, before swirling into a tunnel. The gate began to open, and gravity around them began to reverse. The journals which they had stolen, killed, and tortured to get their hands on, lifted slightly into the air, and began to burn lightly. Air began to suck into the portal, an invisible hand pulling the twins towards their just desserts.

Their interlocked fingers began to hum with conflicting energy, as their eyes glowed with the blue energy of the cosmos. Bands of light circumnavigated their small forms, causing all of their scars and birthmarks to glow brightly and burn against their skin. For a brief moment they heard someone whisper Dipper's name and then they saw two bodies toppling through the tunnel towards them. Before they could react they were pulled inside and blinded by the light.

It was like falling through a twenty story kaleidoscope, with every color of the spectrum being beamed at them, all at once. Dipper couldn't see anything except himself, wriggling as he fell towards himself. His mind splintered as he cascaded through and infinity and then regrouped in a fashion to please the multiverse. His legs kicked the streams of energy with tore through him, and like a fly caught on a net when a storm begins, he fell free and came to a crashing halt.

His stomach revolted against his form, as his chest burned with the reintroduction of oxygen. Snot poured from his nose as he attempted to sit up. His ankle hissed against the dried grass, and he realized that it had been twisted at best. He glanced over at his sister, to find her standing. Her nose had been broken, and she looked a tad woozy, but she was otherwise in a better state than him. She spat out a tooth, and rubbed her bloody lips.

After a moment of waiting him to stand, she rolled her eyes and lifted him to his feet by his shoulder. Groaning and rubbing his head, he quickly recognized the woods of Gravity Falls. A great hole in the ground lay right in front of them, with the words "BOTTOMLESS PIT" inscribed in red paint upon a splintery sign which someone had hammered into the ground. She tapped his shoulder, and he turned the way she was looking. What appeared to be an abandoned house with the words "Mystery hack" atop its roof, lay just a few yards away.

She turned to her brother with burning eyes as she spoke, "Where the hell are we?"