The Rift was 21 minutes and 12 seconds away from closing when Wendy picked up and began to carry the injured Gideon, and when Soos and Robert helped move the unconscious Stan. Once the band of misfits got into town, people began crowding around them, blaming them for the storm and the pillars of energy that kept slamming into the sky. Mabel, who was bone tired, reverted to her "Stan voice" and started yelling at everyone nearby to "move out of the way or help us move these fatally wounded people!" that ruse was convincing enough that Sheriff Blubbs and Deputy Durland lent them their car, which they found handcuffs and a gun inside. After packing into the car like sardines, they handcuffed the evil Dipper's arms and legs, and began to explain to Wendy and Soos (who was the one driving) why there were evil versions of them, why Robbie was dressed like a college professor and used words like "astonishing!" and why Gideon was with them and was not insane. While in the backseat, Gideon had told his companions to return to the Bottomless pit, the knowledge that the rift would soon close weighing heavy on his mind. But Pacifica was adamant about staying with him (which put a smile on the white haired boy's face), and Robert refused to leave the two of them unprotected in a "strange, and bizarre" dimension.

The evil Dipper woke up just as they arrived and began screaming and rolling about on the floor. Dipper noticed that Wendy regarded his counterpart with disgust, and, despite knowing better, he felt a tiny bit hurt by it. But he pushed hat from his mind, and asked Soos to stay in the car and make sure that his doppelganger didn't escape. Everything was a blur after getting inside, orderlies lifting Stan onto a gurney, a woman asking who Gideon's parent's we putting Stan down as Gideon's legal guardian, Manly Dan rushing in and hugging his daughter with all his might. Helping Wendy come up with a logical story about why she couldn't have called and why she was covered in bruises, hugging each other because they had been through so much in the past three days that they were exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally. And then Stan woke up, and they were allowed to enter his room.

If the poor old man was looked anymore bent out of shape then he would have been a piece of modern art. Bandages were wrapped around the right side of his face, and around his chest, and his torso. He gave them a weak smile upon their entering but it was interrupted by a series of violent coughs. They sat down on the bottom of the bed, and Mabel and Dipper both gave him a firm hug as he recovered from his coughing fit. "Woah, easy their kids, you're going to hurt me more than Bill did!" That was meant to be a joke, but even its owner couldn't find it in himself to chuckle. Once the hug had ended he licked his lips and leaned forward, "Now I want you two to know that I'm not angry, I'm just happy that you're both alive. But can one of you please explain to me what you've been doing over the past few days?"

The twins shared a look, then Mabel nodded (since she didn't understand this nearly as well as her brother seemed to) and Dipper began to explain about the portal, the alternate reality, the Gleeful's, returning and escaping only to find that Bill had tricked their alternate selves and was godlike in power and stature. During the story Stan's face turned from skepticism, to surprise, and eventually to pure confusion. "So wait a second, you're telling me, that people you both hate, one of which has tried to kill you multiple times, were the ones who brought you back here?" Dipper and Mabel nodded simultaneously. Stan took a second to process this, and then he nodded. "Alright, I believe ya'."

Dipper glanced at the floor and then back up at him, "Now that we've explained everything, maybe you could clear a few things up for me." Stan's gaze shot up, and a single thought ran through his mind. Uh-oh. "How come you knew about Bill? How did he know you? We never told you about him until today, but he acted like he knew you while he was beating you up." Stan licked his dry lips and looked ready to speak, but then hesitated. "And why were you inside that portal thing? Who built that thing anyway? It just seemed to come out of nowhere…" Stan seemed to be contemplating leaping out of the window. Mabel leaned forward revealing her own questions, "How come you had that rocket thingy and you didn't share it with us?" The shyster took a deep breath and prepared himself to speak. C'mon, this is your chance, tell them everything, they deserve the truth. "I ran into Bill a few times…" Dipper frowned, "I told you guys I knew about the mysteries of this town, and uh, well I maybe tried to control a few of them when I was younger. And I ran into Bill, and I stopped messing around with that stuff not long after. I never knew that you guys had met him."

His self resentment grew considerably.

Dipper and Mabel seemed to buy that, the boy was about to ask a question when Stan continued. "Bill knew I was going to try to stop him, so he threw me inside that portal–machine-thingy. As for who built it, I uh, I really don't know. And the reason I never used the rocket was because, well, I had McGucket add that to the car a while ago, when I was younger, but now I'm too old to use it, and it costs too much to get the fuel. Is that uh, all your questions?" They glanced at one another, and both nodded. "Well I'm really tired, so could you two let me get some sleep?" Dipper nodded, Mabel looked a little hurt (which broke his heart) but she got off the bed as well.

Just as they reached the door, the twins turn back to him, and Mabel spoke. "You know how we said that the Gideon from the other universe helped us get back and fight Bill?" Stan nodded, he could tell how nervous his great-niece was due to the fact that she was avoiding eye contact, "Well he uh, sorta got hurt…and now he's stuck here…" The senior realized where this was going. "He needs a place to stay, and so does the other Pacifica and Robbie." The old man raised his hands, "Uh-uh, no way…not gonna happen!" "But they need somewhere to stay! And it'll only be until we can figure out a way to send them back."

"NO! My house is already totaled, there is no way that I'm going to be able to have it repaired AND harbor three more people in my house." Dipper spoke up, "They sort of saved our lives, multiple times over, so um, we kinda owe them." The elder groaned and placed a hand against his face, "Fine. They can stay for two weeks. After that, they're on their own. Kapeash?" They nodded, and opened the door. However, just as they were exiting the room Mabel spoke. "We also put Gideon's medical bills on your bank account." Then the door slammed shut, leaving an incredibly angry Stan to shout "YOU DID WHAT!?" at the top of his lungs.

Gideon Gleeful felt like the happiest nine-year old in Oregon, and most likely was. He had just been let out of Juvenile Hall, and was being returned to his hometown, Gravity Falls, in this father's car. He looked out the window at the forest with a wicked smile on his face. Soon revengeance shall be mine. I shall smite the Pines family, and rule the town with an iron fist. He giggled at his tyrannical plans, and his father asked him what was so funny. "Oh nothin' father, I was just thinking of the looks of on my friends' faces..." He looked out the window at the full moon in the sky, the moon stared back greedily and Gideon noticed his old friend. "...when I surprise them with ma' return."

Dipper and Mabel were sitting outside Gideon's room; Pacifica exited the room and gave them a small smile, before speaking. "He's gonna be fine. He'll need crutches though..." Dipper spoke up, "We convinced Stan to lodge you guys for two weeks, or until we find a way to send you back." She sighed in relief, and sat down to the left of Dipper. "I uh, never properly thanked you, for saving me." Dipper blushed, "It was just the right thing to do." She shook her head, "No. The right thing to do would be to run, try and save yourself. But you...you stayed and fought against something a thousand times better." She bit her lip, and he all of a sudden the junior detective noticed how closely she had leaned against him. Mabel said something about the water fountain (Dipper wasn't really listening), and Dipper watched her leave but turned back, and found himself mesmerized by his friend's deep blue eyes. "Not to mention...you were never rewarded." She leaned close enough that her lips almost touched his, and he felt his heart begin to race.

Then he heard Soos shout his name, and he turned to see the handyman was running towards him. Pacifica pulled back, and closed her mouth, he could see the pink rising on her cheeks, and she turned to Soos, refusing to look at her. He rose, and avoided eye contact as well, just as the man-child reached him. "I'm really sorry dude, I tried to stop him but he grabbed the gun, and now I don't know where he is-" Dipper raised his hands, "Woah, calm down dude...what happened?" His dough faced friend looked almost ready to cry, and Dipper sighed, "It's okay dude, take a few deep breaths." Soos nodded, took a few deep breaths, and then he spoke. "The evil you broke out and said "never tie up an escape artist" then he grabbed the gun and made me give him the keys. Then he drove off, and he was really good at driving for a twelve year-old. All though he was speeding..." Pacifica shot up like a bolt, "Are you saying, that Dipper Gleeful is out there, and is twice as psychotic as before?" Soos nodded, ashamed. Pacifica turned to see that Dipper he was just as worried.

"So I wipe these people's memories, and in return you give me mine back?" Fiddleford McGucket stared up at the floating rectangle, still in slight disbelief. However, he had spent the last two days stumbling around in a haze of amnesia, and at this point he didn't really care how untrustworthy the rectangle seemed. He just wanted something, anything, to remember. The rectangle, named "Bill" (a silly name for a rectangle according to Fiddleford) nodded as best he could and stuck out its hand. "You're only supposed to erase their memory of these specific kids." Bill said while handing him a picture of a young white haired boy, a slightly older, enthusiastic blonde, and a well dressed teenage boy. Bill handed him a second photo, it was of remarkably similar two children of different genders dressed blue, both smiling for the camera, the boy was wearing a strange looking pendant. The demon handed him a second pair of photos, this one was the people he was supposed to wipe the memories of these children from. "Why these kids? Did you kill them?" The rectangle told him it was a dream demon, and Fiddleford didn't know much about demons, but he wouldn't put it past one to kill a bunch of innocent children.

"No, I didn't kill anybody! These kids just went missing, and there not coming back anytime soon, so, I want you, to erase all those bad memories. You think you can do that EyeScar?" The man licked his lips, he did not like that nickname, and he did not like what this could be entailing. He knew that this every sense of the word. However, his want for memories, for family, for personality, for something (anything) to cling to, was much too great to be impeded by "logic" or "morals", things that humans rarely if ever based decisions off of. "Deal." He extended his hand, and shook the demon's.

It felt cold and lifeless, not to mention that the texture was unlike any material he had encountered (the subconscious memories of what things felt, tasted, and smelled like, would stay rooted in the back of his mind).

Then golden fire exploded forth and began crawling up his arm. At first he screamed and tried to let go of the demon's hand. But Bill's grip was far too strong, and he calmed down when he realized that the flames did not burn, rather, they seemed to be icier than their master's touch. The fire dissipated into the air, and Fiddleford could just picture the smug grin that Bill would have been flashing him right now, if he had a mouth. The demon let go of him and began to float into a spinning beam of light, speaking louder and faster than before.


Dipper glared into the pouring rain which slammed into the windshield. He spoke to his passenger in a low tone, the tears which ran down his cheeks the only thing that revealed any emotion. "Don't worry...I'm gonna fix this, one way...or another..." he glanced over at the corpse of his sister, "...I'm going to get my sister back."

He turned on the radio and smiled to the tune which played. As the young magician sped forward Dipper Gleeful began to hum to the song which played, the melody drowning out the sound of the rain which pelted his vehicle. "You are my sunshine…"



Trailer for sequel:

Welcome to your life Dipper drops a black fluid onto the corpse of his sister.

There's no turning back Mabel steps into the portal, chains wrapped around her waist.

Even while we sleep Gideon wriggles around in his bed, clearly distressed.

We will find you Pacifica tries to scream, but a tentacle wraps around her mouth as a needle presses against her neck.

Acting on your best behavior Stan where's a yellow eye patch, and walks with a cane, showing of bits of scrap and glowing stones.

Turn your back on Mother Nature Robert begins to cut a Gompers the goat, watching as the blood spills around the picture of an eye.

Everybody wants to rule the world Gideon stands atop a tower, a knife against Mabel's neck.

It's my own design Dipper creates a triangle from candles

It's my own remorse Mabel stares down at her glowing hands and sobs

Help me to decide Stan watches as Bill raises Dipper and Mabel in the air

Help me make the most of freedom Dipper dances with Wendy, his feet stand on her boots.

And of pleasure Pacifica kisses Dipper

Nothing ever lasts for-ever A massive explosions shakes the entire valley, and makes the sky open up into a dark void

Everybody wants to rule the world Bill sits a throne surrounded by horrifying monsters

There's a room where the light won't find you Ten people in hoods stand in an ancient room, around a triangular portal

Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down The temple crumbles to the sound of high pitched laughter

When they do, I'll be right behind you Mabel stands behind her brother, with an axe in her hands.

So glad we almost made it Stan reaches forwards, but a clawed hand pulls him back into the darkness

So sad they had to fade it A humanized Bill smiles down at Dipper and removes a business card

Everybody wants to rule the- Gideon Gleeful and Dipper Gleeful duel on top of a burning roof

Everybody wants to rule the- Reverse Bill floats above two adults in a large bedroom

Everybody wants to rule the- An army of horrific monster stampedes towards an army of shoddily dressed people

The...World... Dipper's eyes glow yellow, his skin is diamonds, and his breath is flames




The wax head of Larry King hops out of the rumble of the shack, and turns to the camera. He clears his absence of a throat, and speaks. "Hello my friends! I was supposed to interview The Infamous Fly but unfortunately he's been kidnapped by a flock of gargantuan Prussian ibis, so he left note that I'm supposed to read..." He positioned himself so that it was easier to read."The sequel should be out in late April or early May (Sorry for the wait, but I don't want this one story to consume my life, and I want the sequel to be perfect). If you liked this, then check out my other stories and follow me (There will be a teaser trailer for the sequel released eight days previous to when I release it). Thank you for all your positive feedback, and for looking below the surface of my work, it inspires me to write better and care more, because I am doing this to try and improve my writing, I want to be a good writer, I want to bring happiness to the world, and I want to do the greatest thing a writer can. Leave you wanting more..." Wax head-of-Larry-King reads a little more to himself. "Ahh, who writes this mush? I could do better in my sleep!" Just then Agent Trigger picks up the head, and stuffs it in box labeled "Government property" despite the enchanted dummies' protests. He turns to the camera with a glower, "You're never gonna find out how that Author note ends unless The Infamous Fly put us in his story!" "TRIGGER! Just turn off the camera!" Trigger glances over in the direction of the shout, and sighs audibly. Then he glares up at the camera and punches it as he yells. "CENSORSHIP FOREVER!"