Any text you recognise is from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Dæmons are from Phillip Pullman's Northern Lights/Golden Compass. If you haven't read his stories then you will NOT be at a disadvantage, I'm not using any of his characters or plot. I'm only using the concept of dæmons and how they work, which I will explain throughout the story as we go.

"Mrs Dursley, I'm so glad you could make it," Mrs Gordon smiled as she opened her office door. "Would you like some tea?"

"No, thank you," Petunia said stiffly as she perched herself down on the opposite side of the headteachers desk.

"You said you've had some problems with Harry?" Petunia said.

"Yes, unfortunately," Mrs Gordon said, her smile faulted as she took her own seat. "I'm sorry to say, but many of Harry's teachers have expressed concerns in his behaviour recently."

Petunia didn't say anything as she pursed her lips tightly, eyes narrowing.

"Do you have any problems with Harry at home?" Mrs Gordon asked as she picked up her own mug.

"No, " Petunia said, lips thinning.

There was an awkward pause as Mrs Gordon opened her mouth and closed it again as she weighed up her next choice of words.

"It's just that Harry seems to have trouble cooperating with the other children," Mrs Gordon said. "The school doctor was very alarmed-"

"I don't think see how any of this has to do with the school doctor," Petunia said tersely.

"No," Mrs Gordon agreed, before continuing slowly. "I know you don't want to hear this Mrs Dursley, however, I need to speak to you on a very serious matter and it's related to Harry's mental health."

"Excuse me?" Petunia said, her fingers tightening around the top of her handbag.

"I'm afraid our doctor is very concerned for Harry's well-being. He has take action to assign Harry to a higher authority," Mrs Gordon explained.

"On what grounds?" Petunia snapped. "Harry is of no problem at home and I find this whole thing very offensive."

"I'm sorry this is a shock to you Mrs Dursley," Mrs Gordon said. "But our doctor is absolutely convinced that Harry is talking to himself."

Petunia sniffed her nose. "All children talk to themselves."

Mrs Gordon paused, seemingly not convinced by Petunia's flippant response.

"You know that's not what I mean. Harry is absolutely convinced that someone else is talking back."

Petunia stood up, snatching her handbag from the desk.

"Mrs Dursley," Mrs Gordon said, jumping up as well. "Please understand, as a school representative I must place Harry's health first and foremost and I've been advised that this must be investigated further-"

"No," Petunia said as she gathered up her coat. "Harry is fine, he's a perfectly normal 10 year old. He doesn't need any medical attention-"

"I have already filed this with the school board," Mrs Gordon stated. "You must oblige in sending Harry to a doctor, he is not well."

However Petunia wasn't listening as she made her way firmly towards the door.

"Mrs Dursley," Mrs Gordon interrupted firmly, stepping up beside her. "If you do not seek out medical help for Harry then I will have to contact social services."

Petunia paused, shooting the headteacher with a very cold stare, before she left with a slam of the office door.

"What did I tell you?" Uncle Vernon snarled, as he dragged Harry into the hallway.

"Let go of me," Harry demanded, struggling against the brutal force as his arm burned. "I haven't done anything-"

"Like hell you haven't boy," Uncle Vernon fumed, his face going a distinctive horrible shade of purple as he dragged Harry towards his cupboard. "Your Aunt was called in to meet your headteacher this morning."

Harry stilled at once, eyes widening in surprise.

His uncle turned on him furiously.

"Do you know what it was about?" Uncle Vernon demanded, spit flying into Harry's face.

Harry bit his lip, he could guess exactly what had happened.

"I have warned you about letting out your horrible little secret," Uncle Vernon snarled, his face moving right in front of Harry's.

"I didn't do anything."

"Then how do you explain your referral to see a psychiatric doctor?" Uncle Vernon demanded.

Harry drew back, trying to pull free.

"I didn't mean too-"

"Nonsense," Uncle Vernon roared as he pulled open the tiny cupboard and forced Harry into it.

The door slammed shut and Harry scrambled around wildly, slamming his fists into the wood in desperation as he was enclosed in darkness.

Harry switched instantly into fear.

"No please, open the door. Tom is still outside," Harry said, frantically clawing at the door as if this would somehow change his Uncle's mind.

However this wasn't to be.

"Good," Uncle Vernon snapped as Harry heard heavy footsteps retreat. "Perhaps you'll learn to hide your freakishness."

Harry continued to bang feverishly on the door, he didn't want to be trapped in here alone.

"Please," Harry yelled, sickness rising. "Please, just let Tom in-"

"Harry," a voice instructed loudly from the other side of the door. "Calm down."

It was an order, a demand to settle but Harry wouldn't as he hammered on the door.

"Please, Harry," Tom said. "Uncle Vernon has gone, so calm down."

But Harry wasn't listening, he didn't want to be trapped without Tom, he didn't want to be on his own.

And then Tom spoke again.

"Let me deal with this."

Harry fell back down on his bunk, head in his hands as his body shook with tremors. Even Toms reassurances weren't enough, they could be separated for hours with no care of either his Aunt or Uncle.

His relatives didn't know what it was like to be connected to anything and in turn be trapped apart. It was unbearable, as if his very being was incomplete and alone.

Harry felt Tom move away, and it wasn't long before he heard a petrified scream from upstairs.

No more than a minute later the cupboard door was wrenched open and Harry was greeted by Uncle Vernon's fury.

"What did you do?" Harry asked as Tom slipped into the cupboard, arms wrapping soothingly around him.

"Precious Dudley was upstairs," Tom grinned.

"Keep him under control," Uncle Vernon spat. "I swear if Tom threatens Dudley one more time, I will cart you off to an asylum myself. Do you understand?"

"I understand," Harry said coldly.

The door slammed in his face and he heard the lock click shut. Harry turned at once to Tom who was watching him carefully.

"What did you do to Dudley?" Harry asked warily, any repercussions would surely make it back to him.

Although he couldn't see Tom in the darkness he knew he was grinning.

"I was going to break his hand," Tom said as he ruffed Harry's hair.

Harry scowled but didn't draw back. "Great, so we'll be in here for days."

Tom pulled Harry round so they were sitting more comfortably on the small cot, legs tangled up in each other.

"You heard Uncle Vernon," Tom said, his voice dropping dangerously in the darkness. "The school knows. I doubt he would've let you out any time soon. Better we're in here together."

Harry shifted. "So what happens now?"

"I imagine we'll be seeing some doctor in the next couple of days," Tom said.

Harry stilled. "I don't want to see some doctor. "There is nothing wrong with us."

Tom didn't reply straight away.

"We're not normal Harry," Tom said. "We never will be."

"I still don't want to see some doctor," Harry grumbled.

"We're special and I for one will not be ignored. This is our chance to be noticed-"

"You're being naive," Harry interrupted. "We'll just get locked up in some padded cell."

"Because that's so much better than this," Tom said, prodding Harry in the darkness. "Anyway, you know we're capable of proving my existence. We can actually make something of ourselves."

"I don't want to be anything," Harry mumbled. "I just want to get away from the Dursley's."

"This is our way out Harry," Tom moved, arms pulling Harry closer as he stressed. "We will get away from the Dursley's, from this life."

"I don't want to share you," Harry whispered. "With doctors or anyone."

This time Tom didn't reply, too held up in his own thoughts to comment.

It was only a few days later when the doorbell rang. Harry at the time had been cooking Dudley's birthday bacon when Aunt Petunia hushed him away.

"Sit down," she said, now depositing bacon in front of Harry.

Dudley looked furious.

"That's mine," he demanded, half way from tearing open his new console.

"Shh," Aunt Petunia said as she placed some bacon in front of Dudley as well.

Harry was so surprised that he only stared at his plate stunned. Beside him Tom observed silently, eyes narrowed.

From the hallway they could now hear an unfamiliar voice mixed in with Uncle Vernon's.

"I believe the school have had some concerns," a woman was saying.

"So we have been informed," Uncle Vernon replied gruffly. "Harry just struggles with the other children, but he's perfectly happy at home. He has a cousin his age and they've never had any problems with each other."

Tom scowled at this as Harry lent closer.

"Social Services," Tom said.

Now Harry understood why he now had a decent breakfast. Dudley too seemed to have understood, as he stabbed a knife into his food in silent fury.

"Can I meet Harry?" the woman asked.

"We were just having breakfast, it's my son's birthday," Uncle Vernon said as the voices approached. Uncle Vernon voice sounded friendlier than Harry had heard before. "We're going to the zoo."

The kitchen door opened and Uncle Vernon appeared followed by a short dark haired woman. She was smiling brightly and her eyes flicked vacantly over Tom, before she greeted Harry.

"Hello Harry, I'm Emily. I'm from social services," Emily said.

Harry didn't know what to say to this so he only nodded silently.

"Are you going to the zoo as well?" she smiled.

As far as Harry knew, he was going to be spending the day with Mrs Figg as usual. So it was a surprise when Uncle Vernon nodded behind her back.

"Yes," Harry said, forcing a fake smile onto his face. "The zoo is my favourite."

Tom rolled his eyes and made a gagging noise. It was hard not to laugh, it took all Harry's effort to remain serious.

"It's just an initial visit today," Emily said. "I've only popped over to say hello."

If this was going to force the Dudley's to be nice to him, then Harry really couldn't complain.

"I hear you have a friend you talk to? Someone I can't see," Emily asked, getting straight to the point.

Tom looked like he was eyeing up Dudley's freshly unwrapped toy, as if debating which one to smash.

Harry shrugged. "He's not real."

Tom glared at him, but Harry didn't care. If he was allowed to go to the zoo, then this was certainly worth it.

Emily nodded as she knelt down to his level at the table.

"Some of your teachers seem to believe you think otherwise?"

Harry shot her his best smile, tilting his head to the side like Tom used to do.

"It's just a game, it's not my fault if they believe it, is it?"

"Of course it's not your fault," Emily said, completely taken in by his act.

Dudley was staring at him, bacon hanging from his mouth.

And so Harry earned a trip to the zoo. Uncle Vernon seemed to begrudgingly agree that Harry's performance had saved them some time, even if Harry's first appointment had been arranged regardless. Tom has been pleased by this, any excuse to mess up the Dursley's lives was worth it. Harry however, didn't want anyone probing around in his head, or getting close to Tom.

The zoo was actually quite good, and it was sometime later in the afternoon that Harry and Tom made it into the reptile house.

Dudley and his friend Pier's were flicking between animals with very little interest. Harry however paused by the side of a large glass case, Tom stood beside him.

"You could have told her," Tom said.

"It wouldn't have achieved anything," Harry shrugged.

"It would have," Tom countered. "The Dursley's abuse you. She could have stopped it."

"And then what?" Harry asked, as he watched a large boa pull its head up as if vaguely interested. "We'll still get carted off to some some doctor."

The snake hissed.

Tom suddenly looked distracted, before a frown crossed his face and then he opened his mouth.

He started hissing back.

Tom's voice was foreign, like it shouldn't be capable of making such noises. Harry watched confused as the snake seemed to respond to the eerie sounds.

"You're hissing," Harry stated, looking at Tom oddly before scanning his eyes around to check where Dudley had gone.

"He can see me, the Boa can see me," Tom said excitedly as he pointed towards the large reptile which was watching Tom with rapt attention.

The serpent hissed again, its tongue flicking as Tom seemed to laugh in response.

"You mean like the cats can?" Harry asked.

This was the weird thing, Tom was hidden to almost everything. No one could see him but for Harry and the neighbours cats.

Tom nodded still elated. "And he was speaking to me."

"You can understand him?" Harry asked with a frown.

Tom shot him a look. "Of course I can, weren't you listening?"

"Yeah," Harry answered. "Hiss to you to."

Tom regarded Harry carefully before pointing at the snake,

"He was saying he's never been to Brazil."

"Now you're just making this up," Harry stated, rolling his eyes as he crossed his arms.

At Tom's annoyed frown Harry elaborated.

"You weren't speaking English."

"I wasn't?" Tom blinked, before turning back to the snake with a look of deep interest. "How is that possible?"

Harry shrugged. Odd things often happened around him and Tom, they always seemed to be drawn to it.

"So why can you speak to snakes and I can't?" Harry asked.

"Maybe snakes like me better," Tom replied with a lopsided grin.

Harry watched as the snake swayed back and forth.

"Mum," Dudley's annoying voice suddenly rang out behind them. "Harry's talking to himself again."

Harry spun around, and came face to face with a very smug Dudley. Uncle Vernon however, looked furious.

"What did I tell you boy?" Uncle Vernon hissed under his breath, beady eyes glancing around for any other nearby families.

Harry kept his gaze away from Tom's as he forced himself to face his Uncle.

"Not to speak to Tom in public," he bit out.

"And don't you forget it," Uncle Vernon hissed madly.

Harry knew his cupboard was waiting for him when they got home.

The incident at the zoo certainly did earn Harry a long time in his cupboard. It wasn't until the summer holidays had started when he was finally let out.

It was one morning however, when Harry was about to go into the kitchen for breakfast that he halted. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon were inside, talking in hushed, desperate voices.

Tom lent his ear closer to the door.

"Vernon," Aunt Petunia was whispering. "We have to do something, they're going to find out. Harry's appointment is coming up and the doctor-"

"Nonsense Petunia," her husband replied. "The boy will keep quiet."

"Harry will, but Tom won't," Aunt Petunia hissed under her breath.

Tom shot Harry a very pointed glance at this as Harry rolled his eyes. Although Tom couldn't speak directly to anyone else but Harry, he could still interact with objects. Smashing the Dursley's things had always been Tom's most effective way of getting what he wanted.

This comment seemed to have stumped Uncle Vernon as he didn't reply immediately.

"If social services get involved they will take Dudley away as well," Aunt Petunia said frantically.

"I won't let that happen."

"Then let them deal with the boy," she stressed. "This whole problem will go away."

"I won't have one in the house Petunia," Vernon snapped coldly as he slammed his fist down with a large bang.

Now Harry was completely confused. He had followed his Aunt and Uncle up until this point, but now they seemed to be talking in code.

"We'll only have to deal with him during the holidays," Petunia stated stiffly. "Tom isn't going away otherwise and he'll only cause trouble."

"No," Uncle Vernon seethed. "I will not allow it."

"Please Vernon," Aunt Petunia said. "You know there is noting wrong with Harry."

Harry thought he had misheard. Tom too looked startled. The Dursley's had always been telling him he was unnatural, that Tom was wrong.

"That boy and his thing are freaks," Vernon hissed madly.

"And we can be rid of them both," Aunt Petunia stated. "Dudley will be safer."

Harry tuned out, turning to Tom in confusion.

"Nothing wrong with me?" He asked, this was certainly different.

"Aunt Petunia knows something," Tom answered.

Harry nodded before adding.

"She's afraid of you."

Tom paused for a moment.

"So she should be."

Although the threat was subtle, Harry knew it to be true. Tom was dangerous and Aunt Petunia was right to be cautious.

Harry and Tom didn't have to wait long to find out the context of Aunt Petunia's and Uncle Vernon's secret discussion, as it was only a couple of days later when Harry found out what was really going on.

"Boy, get in here," Uncle Vernon yelled from the kitchen.

Uncle Vernon was placed at the table his beady eyes glaring at Harry with such hatred.

"There is a matter that your Aunt and I have been discussing."

Harry raised his eyebrows surprised, Tom only shrugged at him.

"It is in regards to your schooling," Uncle Vernon said.

Harry blinked, that certainly wasn't something he had picked up on from their frantic whispers.

"I'm attending the local comprehensive school?" Harry said carefully. His Aunt and Uncle were in very temperamental moods today.

For a fleeting horrible second he thought they might be considering sending him to Smeltings with Dudley.

In response Uncle Vernon only jerked his head to a letter which was sitting on the counter.

Intrigued Harry stepped forwards.

Mr H. Potter

The Cupboard under the Stairs,

4 Privet Drive,

Little Whinging


"What's this?" Harry asked. It was addressed to his cupboard and made of thick yellow parchment. Harry turned the letter over and noticed the odd wax seal on the back had been broken.

"It is an invitation to attend the school your mother and father went to," Aunt Petunia said stiffly.

Harry looked up, mouth falling open. The Dursley's never spoke about his parents, let alone any school they went to.

"I don't understand," Harry started. "Is this some sort of scholarship?"

It seemed like his aunt and uncle had already lost patience with his questions. Tom perched his chin on Harry's shoulder as he peered down at the thick letter.

"Open it," Tom insisted.

Harry's turned his attention to opening the letter. More thick parchment spilled out as he stared at the title.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry read it but the words washed over him. Was this some kind of joke.

If it wasn't for the seriousness and purple face of his uncle he might have automatically dismissed it.

Tom however had the complete opposite reaction.

"I knew it," Tom breathed, his eyes wide and alight in wonderment as he gripped Harry's arm. "I knew we were special."

Harry's head was spinning.

"My parents-" he whispered as he tried to piece everything together. "They...they were a witch-"

"Don't you dare say it out loud boy," Uncle Vernon snapped, face turning red.

"You knew?" Harry demanded, feeling a wash of anger running through him. "You knew there were others like me?"

His aunts expression sharpened in response.

"Knew, of course we knew," she snapped. "How could my perfect sister not be the freak that she was."

Harry stilled. His whole life had been a lie.

"And Tom?" Harry asked trying to keep his voice steady as Tom squeezed his hand in turn. The Dursley's usually tried to ignore the fact that Tom was there, as if he was only a figment of Harry's imagination.

Aunt Petunia looked at him with complete distaste.

"Oh my sister had a dæmon," she sniffed the word. "I never saw it of course, but it was always there."

Harry could barely breath as he felt Tom still, cold eyes darting from the letter to glare at his aunt.

"Tom...Tom is normal?" Harry whispered.

Petunia laughed coldly at this, almost hysterically. "Normal? Lily was always muttering away, chatting to her...her thing."

"She called me a dæmon," Tom said. "Ask her what that is."

Harry nodded quickly.

"What's a dæmon?"

Aunt Petunia glare was deadly but she still answered, as Uncle Vernon's face seemed to go a darker shade of purple.

"From what I understand, it's part of your soul, only it lives outside of your body. Now stop asking questions." she snapped.

Harry would have asked more but his head was already overloaded, thoughts buzzing with information as he looked towards Tom.

His soul, that's what Tom was.

Tom's expression had darkened, his eyes only cold and empty. It wasn't obvious if he was taking this information badly or was just thinking things over.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked, ignoring the Dursley's as he gently pulled on Tom's sleeve.

Tom stirred as his eyes flicked to meet Harry's own.

"Ask them how your parents died," he stated quietly.

Harry's own eyes widened as his heart rate quickened.

"If they were powerful. If your parents really did have magic then they certainly didn't die in something as stupid as a car crash," Tom said.

The question died in Harry's throat however as Aunt Petunia continued.

"We have already contacted the school," Petunia said tersely. "A representative will be taking you into London on your birthday to buy supplies."

Harry gaped at this, distracted from Tom's question.

"You're going to buy me supplies to study magic?"

Uncle Vernon exploded. "Don't you dare say that word boy."

"What?" Harry blinked. "Magic?"

Uncle Vernon lost it, as he advanced and grabbed Harry firmly on the arm.

Harry winched as he struggled.

"Let go," he demanded.

Uncle Vernon ignored him completely.

"While you live in this house you are still to obey our rules," he spat.

Something smashed causing both Harry and the Dursley's to jump alarmed.

Tom was standing by the china plates, glowering murderously at Vernon.

"Tell him if he doesn't let you go now, I will snap Dudley's precious little neck," Tom hissed.

Tom smashed another plate.

"Tell Tom to calm down," Petunia snapped furiously. "This does not concern him."

Now it was Harry's turn to be angry as the lights flickered. Barely registering that was something to do with him.

"Of course it involves him," Harry retorted. "He is apart of me whether you like it or not. After all these years where you've told us we're not normal. When there are plenty of others out there who can do what we can."

Uncle Vernon however had clearly had enough as he jerked Harry off his feet.

Tom had no time to react as Harry was forced back into his cupboard and the lock clicked shut.

"No," Harry yelled, banging against the door.

"And Dudley will be staying at Pier's for the weekend, so Tom can't lay a finger on him," Uncle Vernon declared wildly. "And your aunt and I are leaving too. We'll be back Sunday night."

Harry froze, hands curling into fists against the door.

Tom couldn't go far from him, maybe from Harry being trapped in the cupboard he would be able to reach the lamppost across the road, but that would hurt at a stretch.

Tom was screaming, protesting loudly but of course the Dursley's couldn't hear him.

Harry zoned out, he had often been locked in his cupboard for days, but that wasn't the problem. Tom wasn't going to be with him, they were going to be separated by a thin piece of wood locked tightly and that made all the difference.

"And Tom better not destroy anything else," Uncle Vernon spat. "If I come home to so much as a broken teapot then I will leave you in there until that freak comes to collect you."

There was a slam of the front door.

Harry felt himself go hollow. The Dursley's had planned this, almost as if Uncle Vernon had known he wouldn't be able to cope with the situation and in turn Harry's reaction.

Apparently throwing out all the information without facing any answers had been the solution and now Harry was sitting panicked, alone in his cupboard.

"I'll get something to smash it," Tom hissed, barely containing his anger.

Harry heard Tom move away hurriedly, he was probably seeking out Uncle Vernon's tool kit. Only Tom returned not more than a minute later.

"He's taken it with him," Tom said, fist slamming on the other side of the door.

Harry deflated, almost curling in on himself. He hated being without Tom.

Tom too seemed restless, Harry could hear him pacing back and forth, probably thinking of a way to break the lock.

"Are you really part of my soul?" Harry finally asked.

Tom hesitated, pausing in his pacing.

"I guess."

Harry knew this wasn't a good thing, something was bothering Tom already. He always had an answer and he wasn't satisfied with Aunt Petunia's explanation.

"I can't believe magic is real," Harry said in response, head leaning back against the wooden door. "Tom?" Harry pressed when the other side of the door remained deadly silent.

Harry heard the rustle of what must have been parchment. Tom was reading the letter again.

When Tom did finally speak his voice was deadly cold.

"I swear to you Harry, when we are stronger and have know magic the Dursley's will suffer for what they have done to you."

"Tom-" Harry began. "Don't say that."

"I promise it," Tom hissed, his voice furious. "You never deserved this. We are better than them, they are only filth like the rest of them."

"The rest of them?" Harry asked confused.

"Those that aren't like us, the people who can't do magic."

"Not everyone is like the Dursley's and you know it." Harry countered.

Tom ignored his comment.

"They are incomplete. They don't have dæmons."

"Just because no one can see them doesn't mean they don't exist," Harry replied.

"Stop making excuses for them," Tom hissed. "They are worthless."

"I'm not," Harry countered. "Stop trying to find reasons to hate them all just because they're different from us."

"People will always hate what is different from the norm, and that includes us, why should we act any differently towards them?" Tom replied coldly.

"That doesn't make it right," Harry argued.

"You're being naive Harry," Tom stated.

Harry sighed, maybe he was.

Chapter one updated April 2017

Dæmon's are usually animals, so people's daemons are going to correspond to their corporal Patronus'. For example, Hermione's dæmon will be an otter.