I thought it was a funny word
Ostracism—being kicked out of a society
But soon I saw it was no longer funny
When I realized I'd been ostracized

I watched them all from a cliff side:
The leader, the veterans, the enemy reformed,
The computer expert, and the sensible one
Ostracizing me from their battle

I knew I could fight and help them win
But ostracism reared its ugly head,
Leaving me there on that cliff side
While the others fought to save the day

I know it is an ugly word:
Ostracism—for me, being one of them at the same time not
But as long as I live, I'll fight to join them
Till ostracism can finally end

Hope you like it, Soul of Fyre. Review, people. If you don't like it period, don't review; I'm sick of flames, spam trying to pass off as flames, and spam trying to pass off as flames only looking like a drunk monkey wrote it. If you find something wrong mechanically, like spelling errors or grammar errors, then you can critique it.