For Caesar's Palace Shipping week! - Finnick/Annie
Inspired by Hyperballad by Bjork.


Bright eyes watch the green glass fall to the rocks; it shatters before being swallowed by the waves. She counts the seconds and listens. Would she sound like the drift wood flung from the cliff, or the rusty barrel that took her all morning to transport up the hill? It's only a passing thought that comes with the small destruction.

He is still asleep when she returns, soft and warm in their small bed; curled in the stiff sheets dried by the wind, his soft snoring reflects his content. She balls her fists at her side, angry at the Capitol, angry that he will leave again, angry at everything. Her fingers relax when she remembers she threw all that away over the cliff.

Nestling beside him, warming her salt-kissed skin against his, makes it all worth it.