Hatch Day

OK boy, I hatched today. Let's go explore the world. The first that I noticed is that my Mommy and Daddy are nowhere in sight. Am I orphaned? I saw five creatures staring at me. One had wings and a yellowish beak. Another one was greenish and short. Another had one horn and was kind of orange. One was dark green and kinda chubby. Another was brownish and had a long neck.

They said "It's...a" and then they all yelled "Sharptooth!" and ran. What is a Sharptooth. I hope it doesn't get me. I only just hatched and don't want to get hurt by this mysterious "Sharptooth".

That one guy with the long neck got caught on some kind of long vine like thing. He got pulled down. He stared at me and yelled "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" and then ran. I'm wondering if I am the mysterious monster called "Sharptooth" that they are afraid of.

Ah, the Longneck has come back. He said that I'm not dangerous. I don't know why I would be. I wish somebody would tell me what is going on.

I sure feel hungry. Maybe Mommy and Daddy will show up soon. This Longneck must be a weird daddy!

He taught me how to walk. I tried and overdid it and fell over. He scolded me and I cried. He just wanted me to be safe.

I smell something yummy! A bug! CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP! I'm going to get it! CHOMP! Got it! Delicious!

The Longneck says I must be hungry. He said "I know what Sharpteeth eat." and he grimaced. What do I eat? What is he so alarmed by?

He tried to feed me green food. I tried it. However, it tasted just plain AWFUL. I don't know why. That bug tasted better. My snapping has caused my Longneck guardian to name me "Chomper". Sounds like a cute name. I'll keep it.

He went somewhere. I wish he wouldn't abandon me. I've just hatched and really love company. He told me to stay put. I promised I would.

MMMMMM, I see a bug. My Longneck father forgot to feed me. So hungry! And that bug is getting away! I must go after it! I hope my Longneck guardian doesn't mind.

Ohhhh, the bubbling sand looks cute. That buggy is going across it. I'll get it. CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP! Look, it's my Longneck father. He looks mad! He told me to come back. I did. He scolded me again.

Ut oh, looks like there is trouble nearby. He's running up a hill. There are these two ugly looking green guys at the top of the hill. They are chasing those others I saw earlier toward a cliff.

The Longneck had told me to stay put, but it looks like one of those guys is going to hurt him. I'll come and help. Wow, I make a scary shadow on the rock wall.

Those two goons saw my shadow and jumped off that cliff. They sure are dumb. My poor friends are all cowering. Ahhh, they see me now.

They are thanking me now. Guess the others didn't know my name was Chomper. They are singing this neat song called "You're a Family and You're One of Us Now." They sure are being nice to me. I'm glad to have friends.

I feel kind of hungry. That Threehorn looks yummy. CHOMP! Her tail tastes awful! YUCK!

She sure is mad. The Longneck is upset with me, though he's defending me. Apparently the Flyer is named Petrie and the Swimmer Ducky said that I must not eat him. Eat him? Why would I do that? Why did I bite the Threehorn Cera? What happened? Why did I attack my friends? I'll never do that again! That's for sure!

Cera said that I'll never be one of them and that I have to go. Littlefoot said I should stay. The Longneck and the Threehorn got into a fight. The Longneck told me that I can't be a Sharptooth and that Sharpteeth aren't allowed in this valley. I took off. My feelings are so hurt. I see another yummy bug.

I came down the mountain. The air was getting kind of hot anyway. That Egg Stealer said that Sharpteeth don't have any friends. Is it true? Littlefoot said that it's not true. It looks like my friends are in trouble again.

YIKES! The mountain is spitting fire! I'd better move away from it. My friends are now being chased by liquid fire. I hope they get away.

My friends are trapped between the liquid fire and the Egg Stealers! I've got to do something! CHOMP! Take that Egg Stealer scum!

My Flattooth friends like me again! HURRAY! That Egg Stealer sure is mad now! He's going to get us! Luckily, Littlefoot found a way for us to get across. That log broke when the Egg Stealer leader was on it. He fell. His crazy partner jumped after him. They aren't that bright if you ask me.

Cera said "If this were a game, I'd never want to play it again!" No kidding! But wait, what are those huge fanged things? Whatever they are, Petrie just said "Looks like we still it!" and Littlefoot said "Run!". I guess I should run, but, somehow, I feel safer around those things. I don't know why.

Holy smokes! Those things just tried to eat my friends! They ate green instead and spat it out. Guess I'm not the only one who doesn't like green around here.

Those big things can smash trees! I wish I could do that! The things went off a different direction.

My friends are worried about the things that got in. They said that they caused a rockslide that made a hole in the Great Wall. What is the Great Wall? Whatever it is, those things were able to get in through the hole they made.

Oh no! It looks like the female one of those huge fanged things is attacking the grandfather of Littlefoot. He's gone off to help him. Maybe I should join. Yes, I shall. I don't know why, but something in me doesn't want either the big Longneck nor the female fanged creature to get killed.

That big fanged one almost one but then a Flyer distracted her. Littlefoot and I tripped her. I looked at her and a strange thought just crossed my mind. I think...I think she's my Mommy! Weird thought, huh?

Those things are called Sharpteeth too. The grownup Flatteeth have chased away them. I have to find them. I MUST know for sure if they are my Mommy and Daddy!

I found Littlefoot. He says that he's glad that he found me. The fanged things are coming. Littlefoot has gotten himself stuck in a log. He told me to save myself. The things are coming.

I must know. I'm going to see them. They've got me. They kissed me. They ARE my Mommy and Daddy! I'm so happy. They're taking me with them.

We are almost out. However, Littlefoot is in trouble again. It's those Egg Stealers again. I have a plan to stop them.

I'm going to rescue him. Oh no, they got me! I'm in trouble!

AHA, Mommy and Daddy came. They chased those Egg Stealers off. Littlefoot says I must go with Mommy and Daddy. Part of me wants to stay here in this Great Valley. I feel that it's my home. However, I know I must go with my parents.

I won't forget my Flattooth friends. I hope we can meet again.

- Chomper (My Hatch Day)