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Chapter 6

"The Weasley Twins?" Harry asked as he parroted his elder brother, even in his mind he knew that it would take some time to get used to calling the newly discovered Havyn by his family title. "They are all under Dumbledore's thumb! If you are really in my mind then you'll know what I overheard earlier today between Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger!"

"While they and most of the Weasley family are under Dumbledore's control Mr. Weasley, Percy and the twins are not," Havyn replied with an understanding smile on his face. "I am not sure about the eldest two Weasley children as we have only met them once or twice. Why do you think that you have been getting a little voice in the back of your head giving you hints about their true characters for?"

At Harry's pointed look Havyn let out a sheepish laugh and continued talking.

"Right, well the main goal of my plan is to get revenge on Dumbledore, make old Snake-face pay for everything his has done to us and find somewhere we can truly call home. Be it in this country or another one," Havyn finished as he looked to Harry for his approval. "But to do that we need to break down our master plan into bite size stages."

Harry raised one of his eyebrows. "And how will involving the Weasley Twins do any good? Would it not be better to talk with Mr. Weasley and Percy as they work in the Ministry?"

"That is a good idea...one that I have never thought of," Havyn said, his smile growing as Harry glowed under his small amount of praise. "We could write them a letter with Hedwig and see how it goes from there while we see if the Weasley twins would be willing to help us out with the first stage of my plan."

"And are you going to tell me just what this stage one of your plan is, possibly newly found twin brother of mine?" Harry asked as he folded his arms only to brush aside Havyn's slightly hurt look. "You might of been in my mind long enough to easily read me but until I get the confirmation from Madam Promfrey I am not going to fully trust you. Now tell me this stage one of yours."

"It is simple, it will be classed as a few things go missing at first only for people to take notice when they realise just how much has gone missing then hopefully afterwards they'll realise that something's have to come in pairs, like us twins," Havyn said as he did his best to ignore the true but blunt comment from his brother. "We will get the Weasley twins to work their prankster magic and make one out of a pair disappear."

"One of a pair? Like one glove? Or a sock?" Harry asked in surprise only for it to turn into confusion when Havyn nodded his head madly. "What good would that do? Wouldn't it only make people hate us even more?"

"Maybe, while it is a possibility if we do it right then they will see the message that we are trying to get across, especially to Dumble-goat," Havyn answered as a serious look crossed his face. "Something's like socks and gloves are meant to come in pairs...like twins."

"I understand," Harry said slowly as he mulled things over. "But how will we know that everyone will get our message? What if they just misunderstand it? Then what should we do?"

"It won't because that is where the great big closing scene to my first stage comes into play. We will leave them with a message in the Great Hall telling them that something's are meant to be in twos," Havyn explained only to pause and give Harry a serious and dark look. "And while Dumbles and his group are busy trying to work out what is going on and not paying any attention to us we will take on Voldemort. Remember I told you about the Horcux that I unknowingly destroyed?"

Harry slowly nodded his head.

"While I researched them I found out several interesting things, like how old Snake-face is most likely to have more than one," Havyn said with a wicked expression on his face. "The first step in destroying Voldie is to destroy his Horcux's. To do that we must go to a special room I found several House Elves using. I overheard them calling it the Come and Go room."

Harry paused and thought for a moment. "I know what room you are talking about, it is the one that Neville showed me last year, do you think that room is even usable after what happened last year?"

"Yes, and Hogwarts would not of let that area of all places stay damaged for very long," Havyn replied seriously with a nod of his head. "The Room works like it does because Hogwarts is much more aware and alert then we give Her credit for. She knows what is going on and she knows what people need. The Room is simply her giving us the help that we need, not what we want."

"Alright...if your sure. So the plan is to go to the Room and ask Hogwarts to get all of the real Horcux's inside the room from where ever they might be so we can destroy them?" Harry asked slowly, at Havyn's grinning nod Harry continued. "Okay...so we have a plan of how we are going to start getting our revenge on Dumbledore and how we are going to destroy Voldemort's Horcux's but how am I going to get out of here? How am I going to meet up with you again?"

"That is the simple part as I have been doing it myself while taking control of your body and moving about in your mind," Havyn answered with a brotherly grin on his face. "All you have to do is picture in your mind where you want to be. For example, if you want to speak to me face to face like we are doing again just picture this room and you will find yourself back here. If you want to leave then just picture the place that you are outside of your mind."

"Okay...is it possible for me to explore my mind more? Like that big meadow like place I was in when I first got here?" Harry asked as he allowed the information to absorbed into his mind.

"Yes, and we can do that together at a later date as your mind can be a dangerous place," Havyn answered with a nod of his head. "Now get going and destroy those Horcux's."

"I will, thank you," Harry replied and with one final last nod of his head he closed his eyes and followed his newly found twin brother's instructions. As he did so he missed Havyn's soft smile full of botherly love.

A few seconds later Harry opened his eyes, expecting to see his twin brother still standing in front of him only to find himself proven wrong. Instead he was sitting in the same position as before on his bed, the only difference was that it was darker than before.

'I must of been inside of my mind for longer than I thought' Harry thought to himself with a frown as he pulled back his bed's curtains only to find that the dorm was now filled with his sleeping roommate's. 'I did not realise that it was that late. I guess that it is best to carry out the plan tomorrow when I do not have to worry about being caught out after curfew.'

With his mind made up Harry quietly climbed out of his bed and began to get ready for bed. As he did so his mind swam with the information that he had just learnt from his newly found twin. Lost in his own thoughts and planning Harry never noticed a pair of glowing yellow eyes watching him in the darkness until the owner let out a soft but sharp hoot.

"What- Hedwig!" Harry said in surprise as he quickly turned around only to find his favourite owl perched on the ledge of the open window. "The...ah, the Fat Lady...sorry girl, with everything that has happened today everything sort of got a bit ahead of me. Forgive me?"

As Hedwig let out a soft hoot and bobbed her head up and down to show she was not upset an idea came to Harry. Out of the corner of his eye Harry glanced at the scrap piece of parchment and quill that was laying half stuffed under his bed from his earlier attempt at homework.

"Hey, Hedwig, do you think that you could take a letter to Madam Promfrey for me? It needs to be delivered in the morning but not while Madam Promfrey is eating in the Great Hall. Think you can do it?" Harry asked only to get a 'of course I can, what sort of owl do you think I am' look from Hedwig. "I know girl, you're the best at what you do. I promise you that I will not take long."

With that Harry quickly grabbed the scrap piece of parchment, his mind pouring out though his hand the words that Havyn said earlier about Madam Promfrey having proof. By the time he had finished the quick letter Harry found himself battling sleep.

"Thank you for this girl," Harry said as he allowed the ink to dry before rolling it up and attaching it to Hedwig's willingly held out clawed foot. "I do not know about you girl but I am ready for bed, today has been one long and full day."

Hedwig gave another soft hoot as she watched her master tiredly finish tieing the letter to her claw. Once he was done she gave a gently tug of his messy black hair in a fond farewell before turning and flying out of the window. As she silently flew Hedwig could feel her master's gaze on her, it always warmed her heart to know just how much the master she viewed as her own hatchling cared about her.

With a quiet promise to herself Hedwig turned around one of many towers of the castle. She would return in a few hours time to make sure her master did not need some comfort from her because of his night terrors.

To Be Continued...

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